Monday, November 24, 2014

Filler: Bad Brains, Church Of Misery, Clown, Dehumanizers, Raven

Raven - Stay Hard 1985
Raven - The Pack Is Back 1986
Church Of Misery - The Second Coming 2005
Clown - Livestock World 2007
Dehumanizers, The - A New World Odor 2010
Bad Brains - Rebel In The City Unknown
01. Raven - Stay Hard, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Atlantic - 781241-1
02. Raven - The Pack Is Back, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Atlantic - 781 629-1
03. Church Of Misery - The Second Coming, 2005 CD Album Reissue
     Rise Above Records - RISECD135
     Reissue from 2011
04. Clown - Livestock World, 2007 CD Album
     MCR Company - MCR-224
05. Dehumanizers, The - A New World Odor, 2010 CD
     PIG RECORDS - 884501328258
06. Bad Brains - Rebel In The City, Unknown Vinyl LP Unofficial Release
     Crustafar-I - none
     Live at Max's Kansas City, New York 02/79
Filler to complete missing parts from previous posts. The 1st marvelous Clown album was sacrificed in the first file-sharing holocaust, requested and well deserving of a lossless repost. Its title is a reminder of the human farming process, and its music fulfills our constant craving for Japanese hardcore of the Paintbox | Forward | Tetsu Arrey branch. A punksterpiece. The 2 Raven were left out of the Raven post for a reason I forgot, and they are not their best (their worst is more appropriate), but not that bad after all. The Dehumanizers CD is an excellent, no, amazing super rocking return with a few more metal riffs (but not too many, just enough to piss off the punkistocracy). The Deep Throat songs are 100% punk rock for NoFx addicts, with a perfect ode to Burzum. And the Bad Brains bootleg is a horrible live recording, interesting only for its documentary value. I promise you will not listen to it twice. And since the Church Of Misery slipped the draft of the previous post, here is its glorious entirety of noisy stoner sludge, yesss!
Now 80s crossover/thrash fans should go and buy new underwear because the next post will possibly be the cause of some irreversible damage.
!ZER Clown ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [complementizer]
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  1. Aaargh, this post is a pain in the butt...well, kinda...and I will explain why.^^ It reminds me of not getting the "Human in Confusion" release of Clown in time. I was about to dl it one day (among other stuff) and on that very day all links were down due to known reasons (Opendrive and such). I haven't been able to get it anywhere else until today...too bad you didn't include it here with Livestock World. Yeah yeah, filler post and stuff. I got that. :)) Well, anyways...looking forward to the next post, sounds very promising. Cheers mate

  2. Let us not be too religious about the rules of non-reload... Japanese things deserve a reload.

  3. Wowza, thanx for the Clown, Dehumanizers and that great Bad Brains LP (it actually isn't bad at all!!). So if I'm guessing right about the next post, I've already bought 2 pairs of scivees.and have friends on standby for a hospital run!

    1. Yeah but there are so many great Bad Brains live recordings that this one can be skipped... but I agree I exagerated its rawness,

    2. early bad brains, when they were playing slow music..... there is 2 moving picture things that go along with the music from that gig, even tho i'm not sure the footage is from that actual gig.... and yes the speeding up flaw is there here too. it is rumored that all existing copies are like that.

  4. I can't download Ravens' albums. There is 404 - Not Found error.

  5. HOLY SHIT DUDE!! THX a million for the extra mega special post of "Human in Confusion". Breaking your own rules and stuff...I don't know what to say. I owe you, I mean...really. If it wasn't for the 10,000 miles distance between us, I would drop by and mow your lawn, wash your car, take out your dog, cook you a name it. ^^ CHEEEEERS

    1. Consider it done. ^^ But I'll say it backwards of course, hehehe. I hope that's how you would like me to do it. ;-) Cheers again, mate.

  6. AAAARGH! YES! Clown!
    That Bad Brains record used to be one of my favourite bootlegs. I think my LP has a different cover...
    I skipped those 2 Raven Records back in the day, because everyone said they're bad. Now that I've heard them, they're actually quite good. Not the earlier Raven good, but better than their reputation.

    Merci beaucoup!

    1. Yeah I hated these Raven, they were almost an insult after All For One and Live At The Inferno. But 30 years later, they're actually ok :-)

  7. Hearty thanks for the Bad Brains post. Didn't know this one existed. Hartelijk dank.




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