Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hard To Swallow

Hard To Swallow killer compilation, 1995/1997
Fans of fat thrashcore awake! If the invocation of names like Septic Death, Rose Rose and Rorschach has the effect to inflate your favorite blood vessels, stop here and get a condensed fix right now with this bomb of a thrashcore compilation from an expert band in the field of skull crushing. But Hard To Swallow do not only try to deteriorate your hearing, they know how to craft memorable pieces of music and are just plain awesome. Fuck yeah!!!
This immense CD contains the split 7" w/Underclass, split 7" w/Manfat, their tracks from To An End Comp. LP, Strictly Ballroom Comp 7", Wear Your Smell Comp. LP and the Demo '95.


private hell, 1989
abominations, 1990
At one point the dudes in Half Off wanted to try something that was not 198 mph hardcore, and Haywire is their heavy/sludge/metal testcase. The first album is still very much mid-tempo hardcore, but darker in a Verbal Assault manner, and the second album is the full progression into fresh-out-of-the-swamp slow core in the fashion of the Scam on metal | late Verbal Assault | 1st decade of Melvins. Miam!
CD rip & LP rip from

private hell:
1. So Good 02:26
2. Sword Swallower 02:58
3. Winding 02:27
4. D.T.E. 02:23
5. Bring The Power Down 05:36
6. Private Hell 05:41
7. Pain 02:48
8. Looking Down 02:26
9. Bomber 03:38
10. Body Politic 03:02

yeah, "Bomber" from Motörhead! Zer.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grind Madness at the BBC

disk 1 : Napalm Death + Extreme Noise Terror
disk 2 : Carcass + Bolt Thrower
disk 3 : Godflesh + Unseen Terror + Heresy + Intense Degree
track 46 on disk 1 UPDATE
The 80s were this dark place where porn was not free, but it was also the unbelievable beginning of grindcore, zer! I vividly remember this summer day of 1988 when I received a tape from a penpal recorded from the BBC with the 1st Napalm Death session... I pressed "play" and I would never recover. This was the most insanely brutal shit I had ever heard and at this time I had already been for years on a steady diet of S.O.B., Lärm, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht, Possessed, Sodom and everything that is the juice of life.


Even if you already own most of these sessions in their original vinyls or CDs, this triple CD reissue is really worth getting because I think some of the best stuff here from Heresy, E.N.T. and Napalm Death has not been available so far. Plus it was all remastered and the tracks are split (no more bunches of 3 or 4 songs per track like on the original CD versions). And the price is nice, as the package and the long Mick Harris interview. And zer.
If you need me to complain, let's say the 110% perfect release would have also included the sessions from Electro Hippies and
Prophecy of Doom. Still an infinite supply of zer as it is!!!
1987/1990 overkill!!!!!

1. Napalm Death - The Kill
2. Napalm Death - Prison Without Walls
3. Napalm Death - Dead
4. Napalm Death - Deceiver
5. Napalm Death - Lucid Fairytale
6. Napalm Death - In Extremis
7. Napalm Death - Blind To The Truth
8. Napalm Death - Negative Approach
9. Napalm Death - Common Enemy
10. Napalm Death - Obstinate Direction
11. Napalm Death - Life?
12. Napalm Death - You Suffer Pt.2
13. Napalm Death - Multi National Co-Operations
14. Napalm Death - Instinct Of Survival
15. Napalm Death - Stigmatised
16. Napalm Death - Parasites
17. Napalm Death - Moral Crusade
18. Napalm Death - Worlds Apart
19. Napalm Death - MAD
20. Napalm Death - Divine Death
21. Napalm Death - CS
22. Napalm Death - Control
23. Napalm Death - Walls
24. Napalm Death - Raging In Hell
25. Napalm Death - Conform Or Die
26. Napalm Death - SOB
27. Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate
28. Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered
29. Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration
30. Napalm Death - Suffer The Children
31. Napalm Death - Retreat To Nowhere
32. Napalm Death - Scum
33. Napalm Death - Deceiver
34. Napalm Death - Social Sterility
35. Extreme Noise Terror - False Profit
36. Extreme Noise Terror - Another Nail In The Coffin
37. Extreme Noise Terror - Use Your Mind
38. Extreme Noise Terror - Carry On Screaming
39. Extreme Noise Terror - Human Error
40. Extreme Noise Terror - Conned Through Life
41. Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music Part 2
42. Extreme Noise Terror - Take The Strain
43. Extreme Noise Terror - Murder
44. Extreme Noise Terror - No Threat
45. Extreme Noise Terror - Show Us You Care
46. Extreme Noise Terror - Propaganda
47. Extreme Noise Terror - System Enslavement
48. Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music Part 3
49. Extreme Noise Terror - Work For Never
50. Extreme Noise Terror - Subliminal Music (Mind Control)
51. Extreme Noise Terror - People Not Profit
52. Extreme Noise Terror - Punk Fact Or Faction
53. Extreme Noise Terror - I Am A Bloody Fool
54. Extreme Noise Terror - In It For Life
55. Extreme Noise Terror - Deceived
56. Extreme Noise Terror - Shock Treatment

57. Carcass - Crepitating Bowel Erosion
58. Carcass - Slash Dementia
59. Carcass - Cadaveric Incubator Of Endo Parasites
60. Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction
61. Carcass - Empathological Necroticism
62. Carcass - Foeticide
63. Carcass - Fermenting Innards
64. Carcass - Exhume To Consume
65. Bolt Thrower - Forgotten Existence
66. Bolt Thrower - Attack In The Aftermath
67. Bolt Thrower - Psychological Warfare
68. Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law
69. Bolt Thrower - Drowned In Torment
70. Bolt Thrower - Eternal War
71. Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos
72. Bolt Thrower - Domination
73. Bolt Thrower - Destructive Infinity
74. Bolt Thrower - Warmaster
75. Bolt Thrower - After Life
76. Bolt Thrower - Lost Souls Domain

77. Godflesh - Tiny Tears
78. Godflesh - Wound (Not Wound)
79. Godflesh - Pulp
80. Godflesh - Like Rats
81. Unseen Terror - Incompatible
82. Unseen Terror - Burned Beyond Recognition
83. Unseen Terror - Oblivion Descends
84. Unseen Terror - Divisions
85. Unseen Terror - Voice Your Opinion
86. Unseen Terror - Strong Enough To Change
87. Unseen Terror - Odie's Revenge
88. Unseen Terror - It's My Life
89. Heresy - Flowers (In Concrete)
90. Heresy - Belief
91. Heresy - Network Of Friends
92. Heresy - Sick Of Stupidity
93. Heresy - Too Slow To Judge
94. Heresy - A Sense Of Freedom
95. Heresy - Consume
96. Heresy - Face Up To It
97. Heresy - Into The Grey
98. Heresy - When Unity Becomes Solidarity
99. Heresy - The Street Enters The House
100. Heresy - Cornered Rat
101. Heresy - Open Up
102. Heresy - Everyday Madness Everyday
103. Heresy - Break The Connection
104. Heresy - Ghettoised
105. Heresy - Network Ends
106. Heresy - Release
107. Heresy - Genocide
108. Intense Degree - Hangin' On
109. Intense Degree - Vagrants
110. Intense Degree - Skate-Bored
111. Intense Degree - Intense Degree
112. Intense Degree - All The Guys
113. Intense Degree - Daydreams
114. Intense Degree - Take No Chances
115. Intense Degree - Future Shock
116. Intense Degree - Politician
117. Intense Degree - Allegiance
118. Intense Degree - Bursting

Grind Madness on MySpace
Buy this monster compilation!!!!!

Recipients of Death - don't buy the CD!

s/t + final flight, 1988/1990
I was very happy to find the CD reissue of these 2 classic mini LPs of first grade thrash metal. But this is another case of lame vinyl-to-cd where they (Black Cobra Records) used a dirty needle on used records and didn't even listen to their rip before shipping it to the pressing plant! It is all distorted and fucked up. I never heard such a horrible rendering. Try my own vinyl rip and compare.
Shitty CD rip (brand new CD for sale! only played twice!).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Eu's Arse

LP 1981-1985
Classic rawer-than-your-last-steak hardcore from Italy the way we all grew old and fat to love so much! This reissue contains both the 7" and some extra live noise.
Vinyl rip.
Eu's Arse on Wikipedia
Eu's Arse on KFTH

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


hardrocker, 1995
king of the sidewalk, 1996
decibel rebel, 1997
Global warming Venomotörhead mega worship!!! Also for the old fans of classic Bulldozer|Backwater or the new league into Malignant Tumour|Pistons and all the sonic grease that makes life a happy moment (within the ocean of death). Fast, loud and dirty thrashing killer hard rock! Sex, drugs and Gehennah!!!
CD rip.

Friday, January 15, 2010


black seared heart (demo), 1993
first spell, 1994
seeing through the veil of darkness (second spell), 1995
malice (third spell), 1996
adimiron black, 1998
murder, 2000
ww, 2005
I think the balance between straight-edge hardcore and its moral contrary black metal is a bit in favor of the SxEx on this blog, so here is a fat dose of evil black metal! Corpse paints, pentagrams and a full-throttling Bathory revisitation! This is first class stuff at the level of Satyricon. Despite the exagerated keyboards, "malice" is my favorite for the doctorate it earns in the science of infinite groove (ad arma ad arma!!!), or maybe the very violent "ww", I have to run another comp test. "murder" and "adimiron" reek of dry death, death and more death (no keyboard!), the first 2 spells are classic 90s blackness, while "ww" returns to straightforward non-stop blacker bathoriesque sledgehammering blast beat mania: this record has quasi hypnotic qualities, fuck yeah. Forests, castles, orgies, satan!
CD rip.

Gehenna website
Gehenna on MySpace
Buy Gehenna CDs!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 top aural sects abuse

Oh, I forgot the "Top of the year" tradition, so here we go (in no special order, but capitals count double):

Zer 2009 Top 13:


Japanische Kampfhörspiele + Eisenvater - split mcd
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - living for death, destroying the rest
Cripple Bastards - Variante alla morte
Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It
The Accused - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead
Artillery - When Death Comes
Slayer - world painted blood
Bulldozer - Unexpected fate
Raven - Walk Through Fire
Discarga - Musica Pra Guerra
Sacrifice - the ones I condemn

But since a top 13 is dumb, here is a Top 45:

Black Elk - always a six, never a nine
Heaven & Hell - the devil you know
Deströyer 666 - Defiance
Metalian - wasteland
Saxon - into the labyrinth
Satyricon - the age of nero
Whiplash - unborn again
Avskum - Punkista
The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky
Onslaught - live damnation
General Surgery - Corpus In Extremis- Analyzing Necroticism
Out of Tune - discontent producers
0DFX - zero defex
Death Angel - sonic german beatdown
Artillery - One Foot in the Grave, The Other One In The Trash
Blunt Force Trauma - hatred for the state
English Dogs - tales from the asylum
Discharge - war is hell
World Burns To Death - the graveyard of utopia
Thanatos - Justified Genocide
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Live in Trier
SUNN O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom
Extreme Noise Terror - Law of Retaliation
Discharge - Disensitise
Lethal Aggression - ad nauseum
Egoist - Ultra-Selfish Revolution
Birdflesh - the farmers' wrath
Legion of the Damned - Cult of the Dead
Candlemass - Lucifer Rising
Fistfuck - rock'n'roll nightmare
Dishammer - Vintage Addiction
Dr Know - killing for god
Geriatric Unit - Permethrin Blues
Hirax - El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face of Death)

Averagely pleasing:

Defeatist - Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds
Gama Bomb - Tales From The Grave In Space
Atomizer - caustic music for the spiritually bankrupt
Mastodon - Crack The Skye
Benediction - Killing Music
Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da

Top disappointments:

Municipal Waste - massive aggressive
Evile - infected nations
Tankard - thirst (ah, it's from 2008 actually)
Mumakill - Behold the failure
My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire

Pardon my sloppiness if some of these records were not actually released in 2009.

Top 48 or 49 of downloads from this blog since July 2008 (total downloads = around 160,000):

Slayer - World Painted Blood (now removed)
Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk
Prophecy of Doom - confusion master + eps
AMQA - mutant cats from hell
Final Conflict - ashes to ashes
Primus - Madhouse
Heresy - 1985-87
Bomb Disneyland - why not
Faith + Void - split
Leeway - Adult Crash
Prong - primitive origins
The Accüsed - the return of martha splatterhead
24-7 Spyz - Strength In Numbers
Rogers Porn Collection - Under My Skin
Hüsker Dü - metal circus
Rich Kids On LSD - Rock 'N Roll Nightmare
Adversity - lost it all
The Iceburn Collective - Meditavolutions
Paranoïa - the many faces of
RKL (Rich Kids On LSD) - Reactivate
Hüsker Dü - Everything Falls Apart
Benediction - Killing Music
RKL - Riches To Rags
Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal
Verbal Assault - trial + tiny giants
Civil Dissident - menzie's crack
RKL - live
Screaming In Churches
Plasmatics - Maggots- The Record
Cerebral Fix - life sucks and then you die
Swiz - No Punches Pulled
Dr. Know - Killing for god
Jerry's Kids - kill kill kill + is this my world
Quicksand - Slip
Plasmatics - Coup d'État
Metal Virgins - Animal People
Stupids - jesus meets the stupids + van stupid
Negazione - muccho savagio+ep
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness
Suicidal Tendencies - Join the army
Plasmatics - coup de grace
Stupids - Retard Picnic + Feedback Session + Stupids Flexi
Fear of God - discography
Plasmatics - New Hope for the Wretched + Metal Priestess
Dr Know - plug in jesus + burn + original group
Nasty Savage - Cleveland '87 (Official Live)
24-7 Spyz - Face The Day

And the random list of non-2009 bands I listened to like an obsessed hog in 2009 (= twice a day or more for uninterrupted weeks):
Chateaux, esp. the unmatched "chained and desperate" WTF!!!! ZERRRR!R!R!R!R!RRRRR!!!!
Proudflesh! Proudflesh! Proudflesh! Proudflesh! Proudflesh! Proudflesh! Proudflesh!, FORCED ENTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, SACRED REICH!!!!!!!!, Spaceboy, Mörser, Nasty Savage, Atrophy, The Neighbors, Massappeal, Exciter, Gammacide, Avenger, Tysondog, Warfare, Hallow's Eve, Satan, Warcollapse, Hellshock, Guided Cradle, Heresy, Living Death, Holy Moses, Bl'ast!, The Exploited, Nomeansno, Golers, Rattus, Whiplash, Hard Ons, Girlschool, Flag of Democracy, Extinction of Mankind, Death Angel, Dark Angel, Messhugah, Rose Rose, Voetsek, Sacrilege BC, Total Fucking Destruction, Rotten Sound, Fearless Vampire Killers, Victims Family, Ratos de Porao and a couple millions more. Fuck yeah.

best shows of 2009: Brutal Truth (4 times - top performance : Québec), Bëehler (Exciter), Metalian, Ultra Vomit, Mudlark
Ok, enough, I won't do the decade recap. Time to smoke.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


dee.p., 1994
trigger happy trespasser, 1995
While we're enjoying Italian bands named Crunch, let's try this one. No more fast hardcore thrash but rather some heavy dissonant rock that will increment the rejoicing level into fans of Helmet and late Pittbull. Very groovy, very excellent!
CD rip.

1 crunch
2 freeze deep inside
3 intimation of murder
4 fucked prophilax
5 cyber sabotage

1 Shift' Clash
2 In A Split Of Second
3 Free Thinking Vacant Bullet
4 False
5 To Luke
6 Monoeurope
7 Easy Butt
8 Urban Safety Book
9 Pea Brain And Cooked Dog
10 Slug
11 School

Yes, "School" is the Nirvana song and this cover is excellent.

Track 1 on "trigger" :

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crunch - bubba bubba bubba

Crunch - bubba bubba bubba, 1997
First class tight as a nun and fast as a shark ritalcore!! If you need a little change from you daily Declino | Discarga | Ifix Tcen Tcen diet, try the very amazing speedpunkthrash-almost-powerviolence of Crunch! This is a combined record of their first 3 eps from the early 90s. IMHO this is much better than a lot of things in the style, including the previous Infezione post. Killer zer!
I NEED these, please sell:
Bubba bubba bubba (all 4 7" compilation, CD, 1998)
Rock'n'roll doping (7", 1999)
Doping (CD, 2000)

Vinyl rip:
01. Subito
02. Zot
03. Vortice
04. Ritorno al nuovo
05. Oggi è sempre
06. Contro i muri
07. Ran-core
08. Di fronte al bivio
09. Poesie dal prato
10. Macchinetta
11. Furioso zapping
12. Collari
13. Tre
14. La soluzione
15. Mondo F
16. Uolc laik
17. Treno
18. So(n)no disturbato
19. Bisognino
20. Dispregio
21. Contratto
22. Wurstel
23. Benvenute persone
24. Pianto di rassegnazione
25. Sigla

From the excellent Rockin'Noiz blog:
Nice done (particularly about the artwork scan)!
I'm Marco, ex-singer of the band. [...]
Feel free to upload also other material, if you have it, this is the complete discography:
Ran-core (7", 1994)
Yepa! (split 7" with The Sickoids, 1995)
Benvenuti persone! (7", 1995)
Estrema-mente (7", 1996)
Bubba bubba bubba (first 3 7" compilation, LP, 1997)
Bubba bubba bubba (all 4 7" compilation, CD, 1998)
- line up change -
Rock'n'roll doping (7", 1999)
Doping (CD, 2000)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


chiediti il perché, 1989
religione oppio dei popoli, 1991
The first album delivers your typical, excellent Italian hardcore fest in the vein of Wretched|Impact, while the second is more melodic and full of rock, maybe a bit like Kina. Great stuff, but not matching the super classics like Negazione, Declino, CCM etc.
Vinyl rip:

chiediti il perché:
A1 Per L'Anarchia
A2 Chiediti Il Perché
A3 Possiamo Vivere Di PIú
A4 Istituzione "Macho"
A5 No Al Quietismo Reazionario
A6 Dimensione Progresso Dimensione Regresso
A7 Condannati A Morte
A8 Vivisezione
A9 Morte Umana, Morte Animale
A10 Media Show
B1 Tutti I Divi
B2 Mai PIú Un Dio
B3 Invasione Bianca
B4 Costrizione Educativa
B5 Grandi Corporazioni
B6 Solo Se Accetterai
B7 Manca L'Onestá Manca L'Anarchia
B8 Terrorismo Legalizzato

religione oppio dei popoli:
A1 Lotta
A2 Nulla E' Cambiato
A3 Non C'E' Posto Per Voi
A4 5° Non Uccidere
A5 In Nome Di Dio
A6 12 Ottobre
B1 Religione Oppio Dei Popoli
B2 Dio E Stato
B3 Etica Di Oppressione
B4 Amore Libero
B5 Ecologia Mentale
B6 Siamo Atei

Oui c'est bien le 2e LP que Roger a utilisé sans remords pour faire la couverture du numéro dix en mille neuf cent quatre-vingt treize:

Le split zine avec les Faux Fils de Thrash Bourrent! ZER FFTB!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ripping Corpse | Dim Mak

Ripping Corpse - splattered remains (demo), 1989
Ripping Corpse - dreaming with the dead, 1991
Dim Mak - knives of ice, 2006
Fuck yeah! On saturday, in a used CDs bin doomed to be trashed, I found a cheap green CD released by Willowtip, with an ugly front cover that reminded me the ugliness of Morbid Angel's "Domination" artwork. So I just bought the disc, I enjoy blind-buying a lot, especially when I hope on some Morbid Angel stuff. Going home, playing the CD, spending the rest of the day drooling. This shit is the most insane stuff I've heard in years!!! Well at least since the latest Brutal Truth album... Lightning fast crazy death metal!!! Extra big ass thrashing death complete destruction!!!! And with a high level of variations and the immense talent of making it all memorable and singable in the shower, incredible! You can hear they're first here to make great songs, not just to win the olympics of metal (although they do anyway!). Then the voice and riffs reminded me of something; I did the research and bam, these guys are ex Ripping Corpse. No wonder why Dim Mak is so great! I now have to check out the other two Dim Mak discs.
I'm taking this opportunity of joyful metallic happiness to re-upload some Ripping Corpse. In 91 I discovered 2 corpses in a single week. I quickly dismissed the Cannibal as boring and flat, but to this day I am still hooked on the Ripping!! Legendary thrashing death with a unique sound of total zer!

CD rip except vinyl rip of the demo:
1. Rift Of Hate 02:59
2. Exhumation Day 02:44
3. Anti God 03:08
4. Deeper Demons 01:58
5. Sado-Masochists From The Grave 03:15
6. Stone Garden 02:55

Ripping Corpse on MySpace
Dim Mak on MySpace
If you're not a poser, buy the Ripping Corpse CD!!!
Buy Dim Mak CDs too!!! KNIVES OF ICE!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Skeletal Earth

eulogy for a dying fetus, 1991
deevolushun, 1994
Here are 2 zerxcellent albums of groovy death|thrash metal with a (80s) hardcore touch for fans of F.U.C.T. and Energetic Krusher and all that is heavily greasy. Short songs, high energy, a "you really got me" cover, zer.
CD rip.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Karoline, 1980
Zer! Du super AC/DC de luxe! L'énergie est intacte après le voyage dans le temps, ça décoince sous toutes les coutures et les solos déchirent ta mère et le chanteur tue sa race et on n'oublie pas le bassiste et le batteur qui bourrasquent tout ça zer. Pur hard rock des transpirations primordiales avec les textes du même métal ancestral. Putain que c'est bon comme Océan, j'ai bien fait de fouiller dans les vieux disques hier.
Extraction de vinyle rouge qui craque:

1. couche-toi sur mes rêves
2. sniff l'odeur des camions
3. compartiment nana
4. sexy baby
5. biftons (si t'as pas d'fric j'ai pas d'trique)
6. gueule de bois (je frime)
7. accroche-toi
8. rockaroline
9. rock'n'roll star

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chain of Strength

the one thing that still holds true (both 7" + 1 comp track), 1989/1991
Among the handful of survivors of the straight-edge records in my record collection (you need to purge now and then!), here are, upon request, the young and healthy Chain Of Strength. Pretty solid, fast thrashing hardcore that I enjoy much more than the NYHC division! Very good indeed and passes the test of time very well.
CD rip.
Chain Of Strength on MySpace
Buy this record!

The Grim

getting revenge in 'merica, 1984
face of betrayal, 1988
2010! Zer! A heavy new year and a happy zer year to everyone and everything! Zer.
As starters for 2010, let's indulge into the mega great records of The Grim (no I don't have the 7", anyone ?). The first 12" (13 minutes long...) is one of these 80s US HC pearls - nardcore branch in excellent snot fashion. Then "face of betrayal" turns metal and sits on your face with plenty of superb groove and awesome guitar solos. There is a touch of the Melvins and Excel in this amazing load of heavy metal.
Vinyl rip:

getting revenge in 'merica:
1. Walls of Hope
2. Sunday School
3. Old Enough
4. Old Towne Mall
5. No Respect
6. Saipan Death March
7. Parents
8. Suicide

face of betrayal:
1. Mannequin Factory
2. Live to Die
3. Bald Chicks in Bondage
4. The Stranger
5. Counterparts
6. Ritual of Gears
7. 93 Days
8. Nothing But Needles
9. Painted Ladies


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