Sunday, June 30, 2013

Skin Yard

Skin Yard - Skin Yard 1986
Skin Yard - Hallowed Ground 1988
Skin Yard - Fist Sized Chunks 1990
Skin Yard - 1000 Smiling Knuckles 1991
Skin Yard - Inside The Eye 1993
01. Skin Yard - Skin Yard, 1986 CD
     C/Z Records - 90003-2
02. Skin Yard - Hallowed Ground, 1988 CD
     Toxic Shock - TXCD-15
03. Skin Yard - Fist Sized Chunks, 1990 CD
     Cruz Records - CR-CD009
04. Skin Yard - 1000 Smiling Knuckles, 1991 CD
     Cruz Records - CR-CD017
05. Skin Yard - Inside The Eye, 1993 CD
     Cruz Records - CR-CD027
Another old request finally rezerred, the one and only Skin Yard. Along with Melvins, these dudes invented what would become the grunge thing, without the whining. This is hard rock: heavy riffing, haunting vocals, classic groove, awesome compositions - featuring our triple zer master Jack Endino. Skin Yard deserved the sky and its suburbs. But they probably did not whine enough, or wear the right slogans. This is hard rock!
!ZER Skin Yard ZER!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Blood

The Blood - False Gestures For A Devious Public CD 1982
The Blood - False Gestures For A Devious Public 1983
The Blood - Se Parare Nex 1985
The Blood - Smell Yourself 1996
The Blood - Spillage 1999
01. The Blood - False Gestures For A Devious Public CD, 1982 CD
     Harry May Record Company - MOG CD 008, Compilation
     1-8: 7'' tracks, 9-19: album, 20-21: outtakes
02. The Blood - False Gestures For A Devious Public, 1983 LP
     Noise Records - NOYZ LP 1
03. The Blood - Se Parare Nex, 1985 LP
     Landslide Records - LAND LP 104
04. The Blood - Smell Yourself, 1996 CD
     Blind Beggar Records - BEG CD 001
05. The Blood - Spillage, 1999 CD
     RnB Recordings - CDRNB002
Extra dimensional punk rock super classic gold medal: False Gestures For A Devious Public. One of my all-time favorite records, British punk at its best, and featuring Warfare's Evo on drums. This record has all the raw dirty grit necessary to qualify as "punk" and "classic", plus incredible choruses that stick forever on your neuron and that award it adjacent superlatives and totemic adulation. The other albums aren't as exceptional but still deliver a great deal of good hard rocking punk. For Trivial Pursuit evenings, you must know Se Parare Nex also features the Tank drummer and was produced by Cronos - and wins the "most crackling piece of vinyl" award in my entire collection, you might need a cleaner rip from somewhere else. Also, the False Gesture CD rip has one awful click, sorry. That being said, let's play False Gesture another million times. Have a nice fucking day.
!ZER The Blood ZER!
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More punk rock history:

- A reliable torrent
- Subtitles that work (needed by us linguistic ignosauruses for the parts in Polish)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Coroner - R.I.P. 1987
Coroner - Punishment For Decadence 1988
Coroner - No More Color 1989
Coroner - Mental Vortex 1991
Coroner - Grin 1993
Coroner - Coroner 1995
01. Coroner - R.I.P., 1987 CD
     Noise International - N 0075-2
02. Coroner - Punishment For Decadence, 1988 CD
     Noise International - N 0119-3
03. Coroner - No More Color, 1989 CD
     Noise International - N 0138-2
04. Coroner - Mental Vortex, 1991 CD
     Noise International - N 0177-2
05. Coroner - Grin, 1993 CD
     Noise Records - N 0210-2
06. Coroner - Coroner, 1995 CD
     Noise International - N 0212-2ux, Compilation
     Unreleased material from 1987/1995
The Swiss black beauty is back and rezerred. In Eternal Zer Top Ten city, Coroner drives the coal locomotive on the infinite loop of the thrashonosaur from the future. Every time I play one of these discs, I am amazed by all the riffing wizardry and the superior class of it all. It is the compact fantasy of the true metal lover. Try this at home. They don't make it like that anymore nowadays... ah yes, the mighty Vektor might be seen as carrying this torch. Coroner, we salute you!
!ZER Coroner ZER!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Nihilistics - Nihilistics 1982
Nihilistics - Nihilistics E.P 1982
Nihilistics - Nihilistics LP 1983
Nihilistics - Bad Dirty Hate 1989
Nihilistics - Fuck The Human Race 1990
01. Nihilistics - Nihilistics, 1982 7''
     Visionary Records - SEE 0101
02. Nihilistics - Nihilistics E.P, 1982 CD
     Visionary Records - DEI2013-2
     Ripped from 13th Anniversary 1992 CD reissue
03. Nihilistics - Nihilistics LP, 1983 CD
     Visionary Records - DEI2013-2
     Ripped from 13th Anniversary 1992 CD reissue
04. Nihilistics - Bad Dirty Hate, 1989 LP
     Visionary Records - V-0003
05. Nihilistics - Fuck The Human Race, 1990 LP
     Visionary Records - V-0004-1
Per request, sleazy hairy punk rock day. Summer has brought its merciless hammer of wetness on our lost unshaved souls, let's listen to the Nihilistics records! Another time machine for the nostalgia machine... blood sweat & tears! Rock til you drop!
!ZER Nihilistics ZER!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sam Black Church

Sam Black Church - Unincorporated 1989
Sam Black Church - Let In Life 1993
Sam Black Church - Sam Black Church 1993
Sam Black Church - Superchrist 1995
Sam Black Church - That Which Does Not Kill Us... Makes Us Stronger 1997
Sam Black Church - The Black Comedy 1998
01. Sam Black Church - Unincorporated, 1989 MCD
     Wonderdrug Records
     original 7'' with 3 extra tracks (89/91) and an interview
02. Sam Black Church - Let In Life, 1993 CD
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 77
03. Sam Black Church - Sam Black Church, 1993 MCD
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 76
04. Sam Black Church - Superchrist, 1995 MCD
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 105
05. Sam Black Church - That Which Does Not Kill Us... Makes Us Stronger, 1997 CD
     Untangled Records - 3825-287847
06. Sam Black Church - The Black Comedy, 1998 CD
     Wonderdrug Records - WD21002
Upon request, today we celebrate the Sam Black Church rezer, because Sam Black Church ruled. Wild crossover - did anyone mention a slayerized Bad Brains ? - and beta-groove for you to bang your head to! One of the very best Boston second generation band, an awesome display of song writing and endless energy - Sam Black Church deserved the golden crown. Awesome SBC!
ZER Sam Black Church ZER!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Enrage - Empty 1995
Enrage - Still Not Down 7'' 1997
01. Enrage - Empty, 1995 MCD
     Phantom Power Records - PPR-0001
02. Enrage - Still Not Down 7'', 1997 7''
     Bed Of Nails Records
Upon request, rezer of this fragment of the Enrage discography. It is excellent, dark and groovy metallic hardcore, or the beginning of what the youth of today simply calls hardcore. Crown Of Thornz & Deadzone fans enjoy massively, triplazer!
!ZER Enrage ZER!
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Friday, June 21, 2013


M.D.C - More Dead Cops 1981-1987 1981/1987
M.D.C - Millions Of Dead Cops 1982
M.D.C - Millions Of Dead Cops 1982
M.D.C - Smoke Signals 1986
M.D.C - This Blood's For You 1987
M.D.C - Elvis In The Rheinland 1989
M.D.C - Metal Devil Cokes 1989
M.D.C - Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours... 1991
M.D.C - Shades Of Brown 1993
M.D.C - Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn't Want 7'' 1993
M.D.C - Magnus Dominus Corpus 2004
01. M.D.C - More Dead Cops 1981-1987, 1981/1987 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 3-033-2, Compilation
     1-2: John Wayne Was A Nazi 7'', 3-6: Multi Death Corporations 7'', 7-9: Millions Of Dead Children 7'', 10-11: from Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2 comp, 12-13: exclusive tracks
02. M.D.C - Millions Of Dead Cops, 1982 LP
     R Radical Records - MDC 1
03. M.D.C - Millions Of Dead Cops, 1982 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 3-109-2
04. M.D.C - Smoke Signals, 1986 LP
     R Radical Records - MDC 4
05. M.D.C - This Blood's For You, 1987 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 3-022-2
06. M.D.C - Elvis In The Rheinland, 1989 CD
     Destiny Records - EFA 05147 2
07. M.D.C - Metal Devil Cokes, 1989 LP
     R Radical Records - MDC 7
08. M.D.C - Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours..., 1991 CD
     R Radical Records - MDC8-2
09. M.D.C - Shades Of Brown, 1993 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 3-112-2
10. M.D.C - Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn't Want 7'', 1993 7''
     New Red Archives - NRA 41
11. M.D.C - Magnus Dominus Corpus, 2004 CD
     Yellow Dog Records - YD043
Massive Deadly Coronary! Requested rezer of the one and only legend. The 1982 album is among the hottest genre defining records to come out of the post-John Wayne years. It is the maximum classic, the tallest banger, the very shiniest prototype of the whole hardcore taxonomy. Of course the other records are good and great too, absolutely do not miss the EPs comp, the live album and This Blood's For You. Triplazer. I will never brag enough about my old band opening for them in 1990 (the year after we had opened for Scream, Dave Grohl era. Fuck yeah. Too old, too cold). Now we need someone to write a song "Will Smith was a cretin". And "Bruce Willis was a flatulence". PS: yeah I will reload the Submissives album too if you need it. You need it. Maximum Disruptive Complimentary rezer!
PS2: high volumes of download today, maximum bandwidth to be reach very soon, then wait until 3 PM EST to have it reset. Sorry.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A.R.G. - Entrance 1989
A.R.G. - One World Without The End 1991
01. A.R.G. - Entrance, 1989 LP
     Megamania - MGM 2024
02. A.R.G. - One World Without The End, 1991 LP
     Black Mark Production - BMLP 15
I'm satisfying today my own request with this A.R.G. rezer, I was in dire need of evil speedy thrash metal (like every other day...). From expert Holy Moses | Kreator | Sodom pummeling on the first to the more elaborate & sophisticated invasion of the second record, the Ancient Rotten Graveguards deliver two ruling metal beasts of classic manufacture. Truly awesome and not replaceable by a Century Nuclearapse Earache release. Commending and megazer!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Instigators - New Old Now

Instigators - New Old Now 1989
01. Instigators - New Old Now, 1989 LP
     Peaceville - VILE 14
Partial request satisfaction: they were great, but his is the only record I still have. Time is an old dissolving whore.
!ZER Instigators ZER!
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Monday, June 17, 2013


Rytmihäiriö + Amen - The End Of Evolution... ...Is Round The Corner 1992
Rytmihäiriö - Surman Vuodet-The Homicide Years 1991/2002
Rytmihäiriö - Saatana On Herra 2005
Rytmihäiriö - Seitsemän Surman Siunausliitto 2006
Rytmihäiriö - Sarver, Sorkat, Salatieteet 2008
Rytmihäiriö - Surmantuoja 2010
Rytmihäiriö - Todellisuuden Mestari 2013
01. Rytmihäiriö + Amen - The End Of Evolution... ...Is Round The Corner, 1992 Split LP
     Spinefarm Records - SPI 10
02. Rytmihäiriö - Surman Vuodet-The Homicide Years, 1991/2002 CD
     Mörri Records - Mörri-036, Compilation
     1-16: Surman Siipien Havinaa LP 1991, 17-21: Ihmisiä Kuolee 7'' 1990, 22-31: Surmatyö 7'' 1990, 32-41: ?
03. Rytmihäiriö - Saatana On Herra, 2005 CD
     Sakara Records - SKR-666
04. Rytmihäiriö - Seitsemän Surman Siunausliitto, 2006 CD
     Sakara Records - SKR-011
05. Rytmihäiriö - Sarver, Sorkat, Salatieteet, 2008 CD
     Sakara Records - SKR-016
06. Rytmihäiriö - Surmantuoja, 2010 CD
     Sakara Records - SKR-028
07. Rytmihäiriö - Todellisuuden Mestari, 2013 CD
     Sakara Records - SKR-037 DLX
Requested and rezerred with prime delicious motivation, here comes again the top Finnish thrash beast. After the extreme noise terrorizing hardcore of the early days, Rytmihäiriö have delivered for the past decade the best aural thing you can think of: crossover thrash metal at the speed of grindcore. You really have to go into Totenvater territory to beat that. Soundgasm of the highest order! Rezer Rytmihäiriö forever!!!
!ZER Rytmihäiriö ZER!
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