Friday, May 30, 2014

Boneless Ones + Hell's Kitchen

Boneless Ones, The - Skate For The Devil 1986
Hell's Kitchen - If You Can't Take The Heat... 1989
Hell's Kitchen - Fistful Of Chicken 1990
Hell's Kitchen - Live 1990
01. Boneless Ones, The - Skate For The Devil, 1986 Vinyl LP
     Boner Records - BR05
02. Hell's Kitchen - If You Can't Take The Heat..., 1989 Vinyl LP
     Weird System - WS036
03. Hell's Kitchen - Fistful Of Chicken, 1990 CD
     Weird System - WS039YS
04. Hell's Kitchen - Live, 1990 LP
Time to get back to the request log. Today we will enjoy the most greatest hard rocking crossover of the Boneless Ones and Hell's Kitchen (who involves B.O. members with people from Fang, Verbal Abuse etc.). This stuff kicks major ass through classy groove, killer riffs, ironic lyrics and fist in the air! Heavy metal punk at its zerrest! Don't miss this festival of awesome rocking fun.
The Hell's Kitchen live LP is an excellent soundboard recording and features a couple of Boneless Ones songs.
!ZER Boneless Ones & Hell's Kitchen ZER!
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Monday, May 26, 2014


Unholy - From The Shadows 1993
Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power 1994
Unholy - Rapture 1997
Unholy - Gracefallen 1999
01. Unholy - From The Shadows, 1993 CD Album
     Lethal Records - LRC 003
02. Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power, 1994 CD Album
     Avantgarde Music - AV005
03. Unholy - Rapture, 1997 CD Album Reissue
     Peaceville - CDVILED345
     Reissue from 2011 - includes two live bonus tracks
04. Unholy - Gracefallen, 1999 CD Album
     Avantgarde Music - AV036
It is disappointing, the turnout to European elections was slightly higher than before (%43.1). Poor bastards. What does it take to stop this voting circus? More corruption, war and poverty? A trip to 2505? Fucking abstain!!! So the collective neuron shrunk again, and so it is very appropriate to have a funeral doom soundtrack today. Let us get devoured by Unholy's death march. Unholy were the very welcome successors of Paradise lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema at a time when these early heroes of the doom metal aristocracy started to explore lighter things that were not very satisfactory to us, the consumers of death doom in need of more death doom, not less. Unholy were death doom experts and their albums are eternal classics of death and doom, their first two releases closely matching the first two Paradise Lost masterpieces. Thank you very much Unholy for all this doom and all this death. I think Rapture is my favorite for its sheer accomplishment in doom and death, but I am not certain. Only death and taxes are certain.
!ZER Unholy ZER!
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Drop the screen! Read a book!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Morbus Chron

Morbus Chron - Sleepers In The Rift 2011
Morbus Chron - Sweven 2014
01. Morbus Chron - Sleepers In The Rift, 2011 CD Album
     Pulverised Records - ASH 082 CD
02. Morbus Chron - Sweven, 2014 CD Album
     Century Media - 9111-2
Absolute marvelizer! I don't know how popular Morbus Chron are, but they deserve to occupy the highest step of the new metal bands pyramid. The first album is a cancerous tree of delicious Abscess inspiration. It is a magnificent and ugly mid-tempo sonic bleeding. It might be called death metal, but it is better than that. It fills me with the happiness that the eternal Korpse can provide. Then there is the new album, and this is where we touch the heavens of maximum zerism. Sweven is a complete masterpiece of progressive death, but not of the cheesy sort that this phrase might suggest. The brilliance of Sweven can only be experienced, not described. It is going to be among the best three metal album of 2014 (the other two are Triptykon and Japanische Kampfhörspiele, I get my predictions from black hole astrology, beware). Listen to Sweven, buy it twice, buy all their releases!!!
!ZER Morbus Chron ZER!
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Monday, May 19, 2014


Pentagram - Pentagram 2000
Pentagram - The Malefice 2013
01. Pentagram - Pentagram, 2000 CD Compilation
     Picoroco Records - PCO 011-2
02. Pentagram - The Malefice, 2013 CD x 2
     Cyclone Empire - CYC 125-0
Total thrashing madness! It took 30 years for this killer Chilean band to release an album, but at last here it comes as a masterpiece conflagration of early Slayer | Sepultura | Holy Moses. Some of the best thrash to have graced these old ears these past years! Totally awesome! Completely suprazer! Bang your head til the next morning!
The 2000 CD is a compilation of 80s demos.
!ZER Pentagram ZER!
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Watch this purulent vomit:

Those ugly bastards used again some victims of genocide to advance the pseudemocracy agenda. It is disgusting. Voting is immoral. If you vote, shut up and don't complain. If you vote, you endorse poverty, racism, abuse, disease, corruption, crime, war, radiations, and many other things that fill thrash metal albums. Don't feed the Beast. Never vote, always abstain. Anarchy!

Don't vote. Don't rise the leeches to power. Read a book:

Stop the madness.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Die 116

Die 116 - Damage Control 1994
Die 116 - Dyna-Cool 1995
01. Die 116 - Damage Control, 1994 CD EP
     Wreck-Age - WAR017-2
02. Die 116 - Dyna-Cool, 1995 CD Album
     Wreck-Age - WAR020-2
Typically 90s sounding rezer. Die 116 are one of my very favorite bands from that era in this style that should not be called "post hardcore" because usage of the word "post" is either hipster or a reminder of the unbelievable rates of Canada Post (can't wait to see that bunch of leeches go out of business). So in short, fans of Mind Over Matter, Mindwar, Orange 9mm and all that sort of heavy catchy dissonances should enjoy Die 116 a lot. I do. If you don't, try again. If you do, try again too. Brilliant detonating riff orgy!
!ZER Die 116 ZER!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

My Minds Mine

My Minds Mine - Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet 2002
My Minds Mine - 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet 2004
01. My Minds Mine - Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet, 2002 Vinyl LP
     Amenta Records - AR 004 LP
02. My Minds Mine - 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet, 2004 CD Compilation
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG 008
Another old request finally rezerred through the ear splitting grinding damage of My Minds Mine. Do you want to bleed through excruciating short noise attacks? Do you need an extra dose of Hellnation at Heresy speed? My Minds Mine!!!
If like me you've become addicted to 2048, try the grindcore edition!
!ZER My Minds Mine ZER!
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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Bonesaw - Written In Stone 1993
Bonesaw - Abandoned 1994
Bonesaw - Shadow Of Doubt 1995
Various Artists - Abscess / Bonesaw 2008
Bonesaw - Sawtopsy 2009
Various Artists - Split CD 2009
Bonesaw - The Illicit Revue 2013
01. Bonesaw - Written In Stone, 1993 CD
     Nemesis Records - NEM-049
02. Bonesaw - Abandoned, 1994 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 099/CD
03. Bonesaw - Shadow Of Doubt, 1995 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 189/CD
04. Various Artists - Abscess / Bonesaw, 2008
     Aphelion Productions - AP041, Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: Abscess, Bonesaw
05. Bonesaw - Sawtopsy, 2009 CD Album
     Aphelion Productions - AP044
06. Various Artists - Split CD, 2009
     Aphelion Productions - AP052, Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: Bone Gnawer, Bonesaw
07. Bonesaw - The Illicit Revue, 2013 CD Album
     At War With False Noise, Unholy Anarchy Records - ATWAR138, UA009
A request for Bonesaw has been logged a long time ago. Here comes its satisfied fulfillment. There are many bands named Bonesaw, but I only have these two. The first one is a hardcore band from the 90s, playing the accelerated Cro-Mags classic 80s style. Their first two albums are excellent, the third one is amazing - sharper, faster, meaner, with an Adrenalin OD cover, maxitriplazer! Then they apparently disbanded, too bad. The second Bonesaw play dirty death metal from the dark caves of Scotland and feature the guitarist from legendary Korpse. So you'd expect classic sludgy rocking vomiting death metal in the vein of Autopsy, and it is exactly what you get. All their recordings are brilliant assemblies of Korpse-like barrels of tar, maybe not as classic, but not far. Korpse were very special, Bonesaw have less of the psychedelic influences and more of the fun of gore and dismemberment. Both Bonesaw rip! Zersaw!
!ZER Bonesaw ZER!
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Monday, May 5, 2014


Agression - Agression 1985
01. Agression - Agression, 1985 Vinyl LP
     Mystic Records, Mystic Records - MLP 33136, MLP 33 136
Aha yes, at last comes the Agression LP. In 1985 I thought it was sounding a little old already, but it was because of D.R.I., Raw Power and C.O.C. who had just released you know what. So anything punk rock in the Dead Boys vein was not hip and zer anymore. Not fast enough, not abrasive enough. But I'm glad I've kept this record (with limited resources as a teenager, one had to resell average records to buy new, hotter (= faster) stuff) because since I got rid of acne, I've liked it a lot. Agression is completely US punk rock with great hooks and a dirty guitar sound. It is very excellent medicine for the Adolescents / Powetrip crowd. Salty leather!
!ZER Agression ZER!
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