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Mardi : Rock’n’roll is here to stay

Lonesome Crow, 1972
Fly To The Rainbow, 1974
In Trance, 1975
Virgin Killer, 1976
Taken By Force, 1977
Tokyo Tapes, 1978
Lovedrive, 1979
Animal Magnetism, 1980
Blackout, 1982
Scorpions are retiring while Black Sabbath are coming back, zer. Yeah Scorpions became that poultry radio thing with that mare of an album Love At First Sting in 1984, but let's not forget that the first fourth of their discography is a shining diamond in the sky. These 9 albums are as hot as the Judas Priest and Black Sabbath of the same era, especially Lonesome Crow and Fly which are totally amazing psychesabbathdelic records. Tokyo Tapes is another cult live album of the stature of Made In Japan and Live At Last. Anyway I'm joyfully biased, the first distortion show I ever attended was a Scorpions concert in 1981 à Grenoble, ach! Monumental rocking zer!
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lundi : l'album le plus craignos, mais ah que je l'aime

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Lio - Premier Album, 1980
Aujourd'hui nous redécouvrons avec bonheur le premier album de Lio. On sent bien l'absence totale d'influence de Slayer, et pour cause, Slayer n'existait pas encore, c'est peu dire. Pourtant, en tant qu'oeuvre maîtresse, voire formative, du mouvement post-neo industriel d'outre-ici, Lio sut s'imposer dès le début de son orbite. Des riffs inoubliables, un rythme précis et fougueux, des paroles inspirantes du 13e type, des solos impeccables, une dentition irréprochable, une esthétique du rayon slip de la Samaritaine - en un mot comme en cent, c'.

chanteuse en slip

La Boum - Reality 45t, 1980
En cadeau bonus, un ep absolument résolu de Richard Sanderson alors qu'il faisait vibrer nos jeune âmes fébriles à la fois sur le plan émotionnel (Reality, face A) et corporel (Gotta Get A Move On, face B). La Boum est la réponse à la Petite Maison Dans la Prairie version dentiste, c'est le Gros Appartement Dans la Ville. Ce film francophone magistral au contenu infini et sa bande sonore anglophone pour des raisons d'ouverture à la culture d'autrui rythment encore la nostalgie de l'acné après Cannibal Holocaust et avant Welcome To Hell. C'est magnifique, d'autant plus que cette oeuvre supérieure permit à Sophie Marceau d'entamer une carrière riche en succès puisque l'on vit ses nichons quelques années plus tard (pas dans La Boum car elle n'en avait pas encore, ou pas assez, ou ils ont oublié). Les gens qui n'ont pas vu La Boum sont démunis.
Je n'ai jamais su qui était la plus bonne entre Sophie Marceau et Lio (à âge équivalent, sinon c'est Lio).


Old Head - Maximum Rock

Maximum Rock, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah! This is a hidden treasure of thrashing hard rock from the best manufacture, featuring the bass & drums of Total Fucking Destruction, the guitar of Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and an excellent singer that reminds me of the guy from Holocaust. This album is just awesome. It looks like yet another 80s retro things, and in a way it is, but it's by far the best I've heard in that department (except if you count in the equally killer album from Proudflesh). The execution is stellar, the production shines with the right amount of dirty butter and the songs are just fantastic, hit after hit! It's like a male version of Rust/Business Megadeth with a great singer, a few Maiden riffs, crazy leads and several excellent covers. All songs stick to the brains for weeks, awesome album with no filler!! Another entry in the 2011 Zer Top 5!!! !!! Bang that head til ZERRRRRRrrrrRR!RR!R!rRR R!r! rR !R! !RR!R! rR! R!R!RRR!R !!RR!R! rR !R !RR!rR !R !R! RR! !R RR!R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !R!R R! !R!R!R ! rr! !R!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !!R!RR rRRR !R !R! ! !R!RR!R ! ! !!RRR rRR! ! ! ! ! !RR!R ! ! ! !!RR!R! !! ! !
CD rip, no tags:

Fat Man
Kill, Kill, Kill
Almost Cut My Hair
Rock'N'Roll Doctor
Stoner Grind
Ballad Of Old Head

Old Head on MySpace

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Total Fucking Destruction

demo2000, 2000
mp3.com demo, 2000
V.3.0beta Non-demo, 2001
We Don't Need Society - Tribute To D.R.I. (Yes Ma'am), 2002
Compact Disc Version 1.0, 2004
Split 7" w/Brutal Truth & Narcosis, 2006
Zen and the art of Total Fucking Destruction, 2007
Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction, 2008
Hater, 2011
Ubi Nihil Vales, Ibi Nihil Velis split 7'' Skat Injector, 2011
MONSTER ZER MEGAWAR!!! When Brutal Truth went into the fridge in 1998, drummeranderthal Rich Hoak fed the grindcore fire with TFD. The sound is more straight forward than BT, and the lyrics more John Cleese oriented, which is great. The result is a growing storm of amazing bulldozethrashing grindcore with many hooks and sticks in the class of DRI and Japanische Kampförspiele. Hater and Peace Love are especially recommended by Grindcore Doctor for the true zerist. Hater in my 2011 top 5 rezer!! THRASH TIL ZER!
CD rip with or without tags + vinyl rips:

mp3.com demo:
6.5 Billon Po.s
Attack of the supervirus
Magdeleine Albright is Sexy
Super Virus part 2
Metal Emergency
Super Virus 3
Fear of a Black Metal Planet
Pig's Head
this is the CD that you could order from the TFD page on the mp3.com website in 1999/2000. Back then mp3.com was the ancestor of myspace and bandcamp.

1. 6.5 Billion (Pieces Of Shit) 03:13
2. Magdeleine Albright is Sexy 02:15
3. Pig's Head 01:47
4. Metal Emergency 00:57
5. Attack of the supervirus v1.0 00:19
6. Attack of the supervirus v2.0 00:20
7. Attack of the supervirus v3.0 00:19
8. Fear Of A Black Metal Planet 00:31
9. Boxcutter 00:10
10. Bio-satanic Terroristic Attack 00:49
11. Jesus! (Feederz cover) 01:23
12. Goatlord 04:21

Total Fucking Destruction / Skat Injector – Ubi Nihil Vales, Ibi Nihil Velis split 7"
A1 Total Fucking Destruction – Human Is The Bastard (Live) 1:39
A2 Total Fucking Destruction – Monster Earth Megawar (Live) 1:27
A3 Total Fucking Destruction – Wounded Unit (Live) 0:23
A4 Total Fucking Destruction – Youth Apocalypse Right Now (Live) 0:47
B1 Skat Injector – Anal Suicide 2:50
B2 Skat Injector – Sworn To Sodomy 2:19

Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction CD:
Bio-Satanic Terroristic Attack 0:52
Monsterearth Megawar 1:33
Non-Existence Of The Self 1:25
Grindcore Salesman 0:25
Fuck The Internet 1:08
Boxcutter 0:09
Nihilism, Emptiness, Nothingness And Nonsense 0:25
Doublespeaker 1:11
Grindfreak Railroad 1:05
Electromagnetic Pulse 0:44
Let The Children Name Themselves 2:21
Anyone But Me 1:16
Total Fucking Destruction 0:12
Wounded Unit 0:27
Let's Fucking Do This!!! 0:12
Seth Putnam Is Wrong About A Lot Of Things, But Seth Putnam Is Right About You 0:36
Antidecompartmentalization 0:58
Necro-Anarchist 0:43
Trilogy On The History Of Strongmanism 0:10
Bio-Satanic Terroristic Impulse 0:36
Youth Apocalypse Right Now 0:45
Pig Of Knowledge 1:05
Last Night I Dreamt We Destroyed The World 7:06

Hater CD:
Weaponization Of The Mega-Self
Crypto Apoptosis
Hate Mongering Pig Pandemonium
Everything You Need But Nothing You Want
7 Billion Imaginary Deaths
It’s Only Attitude
I Not Pose
If 9 Became 6
Repeat Repeatedly
Green Fire
Time Theft
The Sunrise Is A Lie
Meat Without Feet
Attack Of The Supervirus 2049
Attack Of The Supervirus 4863
Attack Of The Supervirus 33A.D.
Tony Hung Himself
Battle Command In Future War
A Cold And Lonely Place
Farewell Kiss
Human Is The Bastard

Split 7" with Narcosis and Brutal Truth:
A1 Brutal Truth - Everflow
A2 Brutal Truth - Sympathy Kiss
B1 Narcosis - Ode To A Worthless Fucking Piece Of Shit
B2 Narcosis - A Nod, A Wink And A Pain Filled Smile
B3 Narcosis - A Work Related Killing Spree
B4 Total Fucking Destruction - Let The Children Name Themselves

Compact Disc version 1.0 contains:
TFD v3.0Beta Non-Demo
Demo v2.0 Grind Over Europe 3 Edition
Demo v1.0
Live At The Balcony, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Buy the albums for $6.66!
TFD website

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brutal Truth - End Time

End Time (LP), 2011
End Time (CD), 2011
split 7" with Spazz, 1996


The Brutal Truth offering for 2011 disinfects any living organism in a 666 km radius. This thing is too awesome in its inline process of body parts liquidation, brain functions swapping and neck breaking to waste time over words. LISSSSSSSSTEN NOW TO THE MOST EXTRA BIGGEST ASSKICKER ALBUM OF THIS YEAR AND THE NEXT!!! BUY IT !!! CONSUME TIL YOUR DOOM !!!!
CD rip : edition with 6 extra tracks including Swift & Violent (Violent version) + covers from NYC Mayhem, S.O.B., Napalm Death, D.R.I. and Discharge.
Marbled Baby Blue vinyl rip:
A1 Malice
A2 Simple Math
A3 End Time
A4 Fuck Cancer
A5 Celebratory Gunfire
A6 Small Talk
A7 .58 Caliber
A8 Swift And Violent (Swift Version)
A9 Crawling Man Blues
A10 Lottery
A11 Warm Embrace Of Poverty Synthesizer [Analogue Modular], Electronics – Robert Piotrowicz
B1 Old World Order
B2 Butcher
B3 Killing Planet Earth
B4 Gut-Check Electronics – Winters In Osaka
B5 All Work And No Play
B6 Addicted
B7 Sweet Dreams
B8 Eco Friendly Discharge
B9 Twenty Bag
B10 Trash
B11 Drink Up

Split w/Spazz:
Brutal Truth – Pork Farm
Brutal Truth – Rumours (Die Kreuzen)
Brutal Truth – Foolish Bastard
Spazz – Spazz Vs. Mother Nature
Spazz – Nuge On A Stick
Spazz – Donger

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Ainsi le Roger mag numéro 5 de Septembre 1990 est désormais lisible grâce à la puissance de l'électricité sous-jacente le clic de sa couverture ainsi représentée :

Friday, November 18, 2011

War Dance

Monkey See, Monkey Do, 1989
With such an excellent front cover, one could not not possess this record. More underwear, less corpses, zer. The music is excellent melodic punk rock of the DI | Snuff | Dag Nasty family, with motörizing shades of the Beowülf sort. Nothing new even at the time, but a great Christmas present to any Hard-Ons fan.
LP rip:
A1 Always Never
A2 What You Sayin'?
A3 Ghosts Of Empire
A4 Teenage Heart
A5 Hours Of Sunday
B1 Idols
B2 Righteous
B3 99 Ways To Die
B4 What Now
B5 Monkey See, Monkey Do
B6 Who Cares

Sunday, November 13, 2011


War.Cult.Supremacy, 1999
The very nasty people behind Canada's most biggest evil, ie. Sacramentary Abolishment | Axis Of Advance, also did this. The amount of chainsaws in the mix enhances the sledgehammer barbarism to its greatest effect of Bathory on 45 RPM. Conqueror is an adventure for both eardrums, this record being the official hymn of the cannibals of the future when they take over the global wastelands of world war V and VI. Die til death!
Vinyl rip:

.Side War.
A1 Infinite Majesty
A2 Chaos Domination (Conquer The Enslaver)
A3 Age Of Decimation
A4 Kingdom Against Kingdom
A5 Bloodhammer
A6 Hammer Of Antichrist
.Side Cult.
B7 The Curse
B8 War Cult Supremacy
B9 Domitor Invictus
B10 Command For Triumph

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Speaking of war and cults, do not miss Four Lions!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Agent Steel

Skeptics Apocalypse, 1985
live, 1986
Unstoppable Force + Mad Locust Rising EP, 1986/1987
Swarm Over London (with James Murphy on guitar), live 1987 & 1983/1984 demos
Omega Conspiracy, 1999
Order Of The Illuminati , 2003
Alienigma, 2007
80s SPACE INSECT SPEED METAL!!! One day of 1985, I went into a record store and got out with Bathory's The Return, English Dogs' Forward Into Battle and Agent Steel's Skeptics Apocalypse. That day was a holy day of the zerrest sort. Yes, Skeptics Apocalypse is one of those legendary records, a pillar of creation of the 80s, a complete masterpiece of Slayer | Abattoir speed metal with a big lump of Iron Maiden | Judas Priest classic twin guitars and glass-shattering vocals. Mandatory super metal for the Toxik fan!!! Since their return in 1999 with another (excellent) singer, they put out three excellent albums that match the class of what Death Angel or Forbidden achieved. 80s SPEED METAL FOREVER ZER!!!
CD rip & tape rip (live 86).

Swarm Over London bootleg CD (live + demos):
1 Unstoppable Force
2 Guilty As Charged
3 Indestructive
4 Taken By Force
5 Nothin' Left
6 The Unexpected
7 Day At Guyana
8 Never Surrender
9 144, 000 Gone"
10 Evil Eye, Evil Minds
11 Agents Of Steel
12 Guilty As Charged
13 Taken By Force

1986 live show taken from audience tape, no tags, DIY.

Agent Steel website

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ratos De Porao + Looking For An Answer - split 10"

RDP side, 2010
LFAA side, 2010
Looking For An Answer - Buscando Una Respuesta, 2003
Killer crossover rezer! RDP strike back with a short surface full of Brasil-caliber material, totally awesome up to date 80s thrashcore. You can feel in your gums the triple-decade mad riffing expertise. Hope the new Attitude Adjustment can match this!!! Now LFAA deploy a full blasting battery of grindcore of the Carcass | Phobia family and it kicks ass too. Attached is another of their ripping 12" EPs. Fast and loud, faster!
Vinyl rip :

Split 10":
Ratos De Porão
Exercito De Zumbis
Paradoxo De Soberbia
O Martello Dos Hereges
Politicos Em Nome Do Povo
La Matanza (LFAA cover)

Looking For An Answer
No Dioses,No Posers
Bombas Para La Paz
Seven Cunts Into God's Throat
Rito De Muerte
Paranoia Nuclear (RDP cover)

LFAA Buscando Una Respuesta 12":
Mas Allá De Su Razón
Caminando En La Dirección Equivocada
Cerrojo Por Cerebro
Excluidos Por El Sistema
Genocidio Educativo
Verdadera Amistad Falsa
Habláis De Solidaridad
Los Olvidados
Medios De La Mentira

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Filth, 1982/1983
Cop + Young God, 1984
Public Castration Is A Good Idea, 1986
Greed + Holy Money, 1986
Real Love, 1986
Feel Good Now, 1987
Children Of God, 1987
The Burning World, 1989
Body To Body, Job To Job, 1982/1985 (1991 release)
Soundtracks For The Blind (Copper disc), 1996
Soundtracks For The Blind (Silver disc), 1996
Die Tür ist Zu, 1996 FIXED
World Of Skin, 1997
Swans Are Dead (Black disc), 1998
Swans Are Dead (White disc), 1998
Forever Burned (The Burning World extended), 2003
Neurosis & Jarboe, 2003
My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky, 2010
Reactivated last year! Here comes a section of the Swans' very large output. From very heavy industrial machinery to the ballads that would fit an Irish film about a dead mother in 1927, Swans built a sonic legend for the true zerist when he needs less metal and more reptile poetry. The early stuff is the potent infection germ of the drone doom that would make us bleed in the 90s. Also, the 80s metalhead is informed that Ted Parsons from Prong is the drummer on the 86/87 recordings, rezer.
The new album is classic Swans of the most elaborate dimension with some of their best material to date, the wait is well rewarded. Mesmerizing dark light! Masterpiece!
Magnificent satellite: the amazing Neurosis & Jarboe album.
CD rip.

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