Sunday, March 31, 2013


Realm - Endless War 1988
Realm - Suiciety 1990
01. Realm - Endless War, 1988 LP
     Roadracer Records - RO 9509 1
02. Realm - Suiciety, 1990 LP
     Roadracer Records - RO 9406 1
When you listen to Holy Terror, Agent Steel or today Realm, you realize Metallica and Megadeth only succeeded out of their second rate cafeteria thanks to the gods of chronology. Holy Terror and Realm should have dominated the charts, not bands having ridiculous singers like Mustaine and Hetfield or parody of drummers like Lars Ulrich. Why is it that the worst standards always win? VHS over Betamax? DOS over Unix? Mötallidäth over Realm? Realm are the ultimate metal fantasy: the velocity of Hirax and the class of Mercyful Fate combined into an invincible speed metal force with the wingspan of Toxik and Watchtower. Talent, writing and intensity, Realm were masters. They didn't sell millions but will always be bigger than the aforementioned gas-station dropouts. Realm of zer!
PS: Stark Raving Mad "Amerika" reloaded with correct song order... sorry.
!ZER Realm ZER!
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stark Raving Mad

Stark Raving Mad - Amerika 1984/1985
Stark Raving Mad - Social Sickness 10'' 1985/1986
01. Stark Raving Mad - Amerika, 1984/1985 LP
     Nuclear Blast - NB 008, Compilation
     1988 reissue: 1-15: Amerika, 16-32: MX
02. Stark Raving Mad - Social Sickness 10'', 1985/1986 10''
     Nuclear Blast - NB 017, Compilation
     1-5: studio 1985 (not from Amerika), 6-15: live CBGB 1986
Strangely not requested, reloaded anyway because Stark Raving Mad deploy more exemplary classic pissed off too-good-to-be-true hardcore of the early M.D.C. | D.R.I. branch, which is in the mandatory daily diet for the healthy ape. Short, intense, fast, killer! Thrash til zer!
PS: this time I didn't rip the CD reissue because it sucks.
!ZER Stark Raving Mad ZER!
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Time to dance!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

White Cross

White Cross - Deaf, Dumb, And Blind 1982/1983
01. White Cross - Deaf, Dumb, And Blind, 1982/1983 CD
     Grand Theft Audio - GTA 004-R#053, Compilation
     1-12: unreleased 2nd LP, 13-24: What's Going On? LP, 29-36: Fascist EP, 25-28 and 37-41: live
Requested rezer of the classic australopithecus raw hardcore template, up the branches we've loved to hang from for over three decades. Bring out the flint!
!ZER White Cross ZER!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy Terror

Holy Terror - Terror And Submission 1987
Holy Terror - El Revengo (CD 1) 1987/2006
Holy Terror - El Revengo (CD 2-Live) 1987/2006
Holy Terror - Mind Wars 1988
01. Holy Terror - Terror And Submission, 1987 CD
     Roadrunner Records - RC 9582
     From Blackend T&S/MW double CD reissue
02. Holy Terror - El Revengo (CD 1), 1987/2006 CD
     Blackend - BLACK104CD, Compilation
     First grade 2006 remix of 4 tracks from Mind Wars and the entire Terror And Submission album
03. Holy Terror - El Revengo (CD 2-Live), 1987/2006 CD
     Blackend - BLACK104CD, Compilation
04. Holy Terror - Mind Wars, 1988 CD
     Under One Flag - FLAG 25
     From Blackend T&S/MW double CD reissue
Tonight I will gladly submit to this mighty reload request and rezer the cream of the elite of thrash metal - and metal in general. Terror & Submission dominates the best of Abattoir and co, but Mind Wars is the cultosaurus multidimensional metal supremacist album in composition and writing, execution and passion, energy and modulations, that deserves the humble worship of all generations until the sun becomes red and fat. Power, speed, melody, addiction. It is the final refined metal masterpiece. Let's not waste anymore electrons and let the sound live. Amen Holy Terror forever rezerRrrRRrrrRRRrRRrrrrrRrrRR!R!RRR!Rr!r R R! !R!R R!R! R!RRR !RRRrrrrrRR!R !RR!r R! !RRR! R!rR!R !R! R! ! !!R!R !R!R! R! RR!R!R! R!R !Rr RRrrRRrr!R R!RR!R RrRRR! !RrR!!R !RR!R !R!R rR!R !RR!R!R!R!RR RRrrrrrrrrrrRRR !R!R! R!R! !! ! !!R!R !! ! ! !
RIP Keith Deen, the incredible voice, the universal talent, the class of many giants.
!ZER Holy Terror ZER!
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If you don't watch this to the end, you are monkey number 6:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spermbirds + 2Bad + Steakknife

2bad - Get Fat And Die 1988
2bad - Idiot Tree 1988
2bad - Answermachine 1993
2bad - Long Way Down Rock
Spermbirds - Something To Prove 1986
Spermbirds - Something To Prove + Nothing Is Easy 1986
Spermbirds - Nothing Is Easy 1988
Spermbirds - Common Thread 1990
Spermbirds - Common Thread 1990
Spermbirds - Eating Glass 1992
Spermbirds - Joe 1992
Spermbirds - Shit For Sale 1994
Spermbirds - Family Values 1995
Spermbirds - Get Off The Stage (Disc 1) 1996
Spermbirds - Get Off The Stage (Disc 2) 1996
Spermbirds - Set An Example 2004
Spermbirds - A Columbus Feeling 2010
Steakknife - Stuff 1991-2004 1991/2004
Steakknife - Godpill 1995
Steakknife - Songs Men Have Died For 1997
Steakknife - Plugged Into The Amp Of God 2000
Steakknife - Parallel Universe Of The Dead 2007
01. 2bad - Get Fat And Die, 1988 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM013
02. 2bad - Idiot Tree, 1990 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM021
03. 2bad - Answermachine, 1993 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM039
04. 2bad - Long Way Down, 1993 MCD
     X-Mist Records - XM043
05. Spermbirds - Something To Prove, 1986 LP
     We Bite Records - WB 011
06. Spermbirds - Something To Prove + Nothing Is Easy, 1986 CD
     Boss Tuneage - BTRCRS001, Compilation
     1-14: Something To Prove, 15-24: from Nothing Is Easy, 25-30: bonus from split Walter 11 & Live
07. Spermbirds - Nothing Is Easy, 1988 LP
     We Bite Records - WB 031
08. Spermbirds - Common Thread, 1990 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM-022CD
     with 3 bonus tracks
09. Spermbirds - Common Thread, 1990 LP
     X-Mist Records - XM-022
10. Spermbirds - Eating Glass, 1992 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM-032CD
11. Spermbirds - Joe, 1992 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM-034CD
12. Spermbirds - Shit For Sale, 1994 CD
     GUN Records - GUN041
13. Spermbirds - Family Values, 1995 CD
     GUN Records - GUN 064
14. Spermbirds - Get Off The Stage (Disc 1), 1996 CD
     GUN Records - GUN 087
15. Spermbirds - Get Off The Stage (Disc 2), 1996 CD
     GUN Records - GUN 087
16. Spermbirds - Set An Example, 2004 CD
     Common Thread Records - CTR 01
17. Spermbirds - A Columbus Feeling, 2010 CD
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC054
18. Steakknife - Stuff 1991-2004, 1991/2004 CD
19. Steakknife - Godpill, 1995 CD
     X-Mist Records - XM 052
20. Steakknife - Songs Men Have Died For, 1997 CD
     Semaphore - CD 50584-422
21. Steakknife - Plugged Into The Amp Of God, 2000 CD
     Nois-O-Lution - ELDO-3280
22. Steakknife - Parallel Universe Of The Dead, 2007 CD
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC010
The numerous requests for a Spermbirds reload are now satisfied. The essential punk rocking hardcore of the supremely classic Spermbirds dissolves in its own cherry coke the entire SoCal pop punk industry. Common Thread is probably the superior achievement, at least for me, but all the complete Spermbirds catalog deserves complete allegiance. If you don't like Spermbirds, you don't like punk rock.
And no-one is allowed to be an atheist: we must have the universally supreme 2Bad, the marvelous avant-punk-post-zer of the 90s, I'm still drooling for a reunion. 2Bad were more or less like the burning acid of Fugazi and NoMeansNo in a Spermbirds armor. With saxophone, ach ja. Idiot Tree forever shines in the Eternal Zer Top Ten. With Common Thread.
And then Steakknife cannot be ignored either, more punk rocking high greatness from M. Hollis! Steakknife also draw on a few 2Bad strings, zer yeah.
For those who wonder, the three giants in this post share the same unique singer Lee Hollis.
Don't have the Walter 11 records, sorry.
!ZER Spermbirds! 2Bad! Steakknife! ZER!
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Friday, March 22, 2013


Craft - Total Soul Rape 2000
Craft - Terror Propaganda 2002
Craft - Fuck The Universe 2005
Craft - Void 2011
01. Craft - Total Soul Rape, 2000 CD
     Selbstmord Services - CELLAR 006
02. Craft - Terror Propaganda, 2002 CD
     Moribund Records - DEAD 44 CD
03. Craft - Fuck The Universe, 2005 CD
     Carnal Records - CR-006
04. Craft - Void, 2011 CD
     Southern Lord - LORD145
Black metallurgy dinner time! Catchy, raw and more addictive than your dentist's anesthesia, the infinitely rocking groove of Craft is the zerrest satanic enjoyment of the past decade, especially when you already worship Darkthrone. Killer! Brilliant! Awesome! Crave Craft!
!ZER Craft ZER!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drop Dead

Drop Dead - Discography 1992/1994
Drop Dead - 關ス縺ィ縺呎ュサ 1993
Drop Dead - Drop On -The Bootleg 1996
Drop Dead - LP 1998
Drop Dead - Split 7'' Unholy Grave 2003
Drop Dead - Totalitär Split CD 2003
01. Drop Dead - Discography, 1992/1994 LP
     Flat Earth - FE 16, Compilation
     1-14: 1st 7'', 15-28: split 8'' w/Rupture, 31-36: split 5'' w/Crossed Out, others: comp tracks
02. Drop Dead - 關ス縺ィ縺呎ュサ, 1993 CD
     Selfless Records - SFLS24-2
     contains the 1st LP and tracks from 7'' and split 8''
03. Drop Dead - Drop On -The Bootleg, 1996 CD
     Profane Existence Far East - EASTEXIST6
04. Drop Dead - LP, 1998 LP
     Armageddon Label - Armageddon 001
05. Drop Dead - Split 7'' Unholy Grave, 2003 Split 7''
     MCR Company - MCR-177
06. Drop Dead - Totalitär Split CD, 2003 Split CD
     Prank - PRANK 046
Kings of the chainsaw thrash attack, high priests of the worship of Siege and Cryptic Slaughter and S.O.B., cousins of Hellnation, at long fucking last the massively requested skull fracturing Drop Dead! Feast on the savage smoldering legendary accelerathrashcore!
Yeah, I like it better in two words.
!ZER Drop Dead ZER!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cream Abdul Babar

Cream Abdul Babar - Miscellaneous Debris (Excavation Disc 1) 1995/1998
Cream Abdul Babar - The Backwater Of Masculine Ethics (Excavation Disc 1) 1997
Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst To Ruins 2001
Cream Abdul Babar - Split Cream Abdul Babar 2002
01. Cream Abdul Babar - Miscellaneous Debris (Excavation Disc 2), 1995/1998 CD
     Public Guilt - PG001, Compilation
     2004 reissue: 1-3: Buried In Broken Glass EP, 4-5: split 7'' I Guard The Sheep, 6: live, 7: remix
02. Cream Abdul Babar - The Backwater Of Masculine Ethics (Excavation Disc 1), 1997 CD
     Public Guilt - PG001
03. Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst To Ruins, 2001 CD
     At A Loss Recordings - AAL008B
04. Cream Abdul Babar - Split Kylesa, 2002 Split CD
     At A Loss Recordings - AALCD010B
It was one of those instances of Saturday afternoon record store browsing when an album jumped at me because of the band name. WTF CREAM ABDUL BABAR! Really? I had to buy it, blind test, it had to be great. Return home, press PLAY : it was not great, it was completely zer of the highest magnitude! The most perfect 90s sounding prototype of very heavy, very intense, very crazy metallic experimental mental hardcore rock, sort of condensing the greatest moments of Die 116, Mind Over Matter and Neurosis and - blasphemy - improving the whole thing with those incredible grooves and the formidable brass layer. Awesome, just awesome. Cream Abdul Rezer!
!ZER Cream Abdul Babar ZER!
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