Monday, August 30, 2010

Ugly Americans

The Dream Turns Sour, 1984
Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed, 1985
Philadelphia Freedom 7", 1986
Punk rock it is today! US brand, family of DI, Adolescents and so on, although they were not from the West coast. Good melodic and energetic stuff. Their singer did the vocals on C.O.C's awesome Technocray!
CD rip and vinyl rip of:

The Dream Turns Sour:
A1 Twisted Cross
A2 Masked Minds
A3 Sleepless Nightmare
A4 Dance Of Death
A5 Smurph Song
A6 Young Businessman
A7 Night On Redneck Mountain
B1 The Bad, The Worse, And The Ugly Americans
B2 Unrequited
B3 Fearchild
B4 Criminal Justice
B5 Shadows, Shadows
B6 Bob's Beach
B7 Keep On Shooting

Philadelphia Freedom:
A Philadephia Freedom
B1 Blacklash
B2 Sleepless Nightmare

Friday, August 27, 2010


Possessed By Fire + Rising From The Sea, 1986/1987 (Brazilian reissue with both albums on 1 disc)
All right, to amend the comments about Exumer in the previous post, here are the two albums. More good German 80s speed metal! This sounds a LOT like Destruction's and Kreator's first albums. To justify my previous remarks, for me these records came out just 2 years too late: by the time the 1st Exumer came out, Onslaught, Dark Angel or Sacrilege BC (and Ludichrist!!!) had already matured to invincible beasts and it was hard for new releases to compete. But Exumer did a lot better than others, like Mayhem's 1987 Deathcrush which had generated its fair share of laughter... Anyway, these two albums are very enjoyable, bang that head!
CD rip.
Exumer on MySpace - they're back!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Speed Revolution, 1985
Rules Of Mystery, 1986
Ah, German 80s speed metal! This is good speed metal influenced by Destruction and a bit of the early Helloween stuff on Rules Of Mystery. The 1st album is more intense and rougher and just better than the second, on which they try several improbable melodic riffs. Speed Revolution is actually quite fun, if not a revelation. Like Necronomicon, Darkness or Exumer, Vectom are clearly for the speed metal completist, as this is not in the league of the German masters (Assassin, Living Death, Backwater, Protector... you know what I mean). Great nostalgia anyway!
CD rip with no tags (track lists here).
Track 12
PS: try what I just did - switching from Vectom to Ludichrist... argh zer zer zerrrrrRRrrrrRrRRRRRrrrrr Ludichrist

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Living For Someone Or Living For Myself, 1998
Ego And Desire, 2000
Why Do You Live?, 2002
Barabara [Reason For Being], 2009
If you've not been eaten by a bear this week-end, you might as well experience the sonic rendition of such an experience thanks to the mayhem of Shikabane. The Crazy Japanese Thrash Factory delivers another beast of major ferocity: the first two records concentrate some classic Japanese sounding grinding 80s hardcore à la S.O.B. | Rose Rose with some juicy slabs of Extreme Noise Terror | Heresy with the relentlessness of Unholy Grave. Yes I heard all this. Then the agonizing meat of Darkthrone and a generally black metal sauce of crude livers and poisonous fish enter the recipe on Why Do You Live, an amazing nightmare with longer songs (up to 6 minutes!). And now, you die: Reason For Being is THE ULTIMATE MONSTER. I'm not sure of the title of the album, Reason For Being is the only track name in English (first or last track). But I'm sure this is a masterpiece of Eternal Zer Top Ten proportions, it's more disgusting than any GISM, it's haunting and terminally grinding at the same time, and the production is much heavier than on any of the previous releases. The thrashing alternates with awesome melodic parts that remain carved into your skeleton through groovy, long-range song structures with psych-ward vocals. They really surpassed themselves on this one, at all levels!!! It's like the most voracious parts of Abscess, Neurosis, Oxbow and Unholy Grave had a bbq of living animals in a minefield. MEGA ARMAGGEDDON ZERRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!R!R!RRRRRR R!R!R!R RR!R !RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R!R!R !RR! !R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !R!R !R!R!R!!! R!R !R! R!RRRRRR !R!R !!R !R R! !R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R! R!R! !R! R!R !R!!!!!!R !RR! ! !! !!
CD rip and vinyl rip of:

Why Do You Live:
1 Ash - Bone
2 Why Can't Obstacle Disappear In This Society?
3 Nihilism
4 Coming Apart ...
5 Break Down Of Mental Balance - I Dive In A Foward Looking Attitude -
6 What Do You Take Responsibility This My Suffering?
7 I Can't Try
8 The Last Myself
CD tracks:
Living For Someone Or Living For Myself:

Ego And Desire:

Barabara [Reason For Being]:

Why Do You Live:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Word Salad

Punk In Drublic 7", 1993
s/t 7", 1997
Electric Funeral 7", 1998
Death March 2000, 1999
split 10" w/Hellchild, 2000 (Hellchild side)
Back to something dirty with the nasty feedbacks in the thrashcore and sludge
of Word Salad. This is fast hardcore with some metal in the slit vein of classic Electro Hippies through the blender of power violence plus a subtle dose of Eyehategod mayhem. Corrosively insane zeristic screaming attack of the eardrums!
CD rip (Deathmarch 2000) and vinyl rip of:

Punk In Drublic 7":
A1 Portrait Of A Submissive Christian
A2 Sunday Hymn
B Bloody Eye

Electric Funeral 7":
A1 Electric Funeral
B1 Welcome To The 3rd World
B2 Perverting My Retardation
B3 The Pills

s/t 7":
A1 Faction of Dystopia
A2 Overfed Politician
A3 Indiscriminate Murder
B1 Blister Blight
B2 Sex = Death
B3 Burn Your Family

Split 10" with Hellchild:
A1 Hellchild - The Movement Outward
A2 Hellchild - Human
B1 Word Salad (2) - Death Is Our Hero
B2 Word Salad (2) - Simulated Telepathy
B3 Word Salad (2) - Emotional Bondage
B4 Word Salad (2) - Untitled

Friday, August 20, 2010


Recognize No Authority, 1986
History 1 (demo '85 + Catalepsy demo '88), 1985/1988 (2008 CD reissue)
Decline, 2010
Thrash metal über classic! This stuff has the rage of Raw Power with the metal toolbox of early Megadeth | Exodus. They were one of the few speed metal bands with a woman singing, at this time it was pretty much Acid, Holy Moses, Znöwhite and Détente (yeah, Nuclear Death and Witches too, but they came out later and Warlock or Bitch where just not fast/heavy enough :-) - rare but KILLER! The new album Decline, just out 24 years after the first one, is another attack of ferocious, intense and plain excellent thrashing metal featuring a new and young but very, very angry lady on vocals. Nothing groundbreaking but everything skull-smashing! Do not miss the demo CD, the Catalepsy demo is just AWESOME!
CD rip. I didn't really enjoy Fear Of God (post-Détente, not the Swiss thing) and do not have the CDs anymore, sorry.

Buy Détente CDs!!!
Détente website
Détente on MySpace

Saturday, August 14, 2010


No More Pain + Go Mad Yourself! e.p., 1986/1987 (1989 reissue)
Complicated Mind, 1988
Killing Field + 4 tracks, 1988
Incompetent..., 1989
Human Noise, 1991
Illegal Soul, 1992 [LINK NOW REALLY FIXED]
Where Your Life Lies, 1999
Corpsepaint-wearing Japanese music godsssss!!!!!!!!! In the upper crust of the Eternal Zer Top Ten, this heavenly place where reside such entities as Eisenvater, Bad Brains, Holy Terror and Victims Family (and Die You Bastard! and Rose Rose!), Doom have a big nice shining throne too. Each and every Doom release is a complete masterpiece from start to finish. Any description will fail to pay enough tribute to their greatness. Their discography starts with a with a heavy, nasty piece of thrash-metallic rock with GISM, Celtic Frost and Voïvod influences. From Complicated Mind on, you could hear Victims Family mixed with Holland's God playing voïvodish music with a touch of Coroner. It's twisted while maintaining absolute groove, thrash beats surface when they need to and the level of experimentation is so fucking well adjusted, it's perfect. The vocals are a bit like Tom Warrior and Snake full of THC arguing about the best way to stare at a goat. And the musicians are just masters, infinite supply of incredible guitars, beyond great drumming and some of the craziest bass lines in metal and rock history. Then let's mention the last album Where You Life Lies and its radical shift to highly saturated industrial metallic death that makes Ministry sound like the Shadows. I'm usually not very much into machine-sounding music, but THIS is AWESOME. It is impossible to say which album is the best, maybe Human Noise and No More Pain ? No, this is too reductive and the Church Of Zer makes it a sin not to inject very often all these discs in your audition canals. I can spend 12 minutes selecting which Doom album to play. I need six more brains. DOOM TIL ZERRRRRRRRRRR!R!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R! !!RR! !RR !R!R!R!RR!R!R R!RR!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R !R!R!R!R! RR!R!!!!!!!!!!! R!R !R!R! R!R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R! R!R !R!RR !R!R!! R! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.

Doom on Wikipedia
the Doom FAQ

Friday, August 13, 2010


To Be A Real Terrorist (demo) + live Mtl 1987, 1986/1987
Have A Good Time, 1989
Among the cohorts of bands that built the legend of Canadian metal, Soothsayer was one of the most amazing, and they still are. These 2 CDs are the hottest, most intense straight-forward thrash/crossover recordings to ever surface in the province of Québec and one of the best Canada-wide, at the level of the best of Razor. This is like hearing Wehrmacht in your right ear and Dark Angel in the left. Add a layer of the Accüsed and dismember your family! MEGA THRASHING ZERRRRRR!RR!R!R! !R! R! !R! R!R! R!R !R! R!R!!!!!!!!!!!!! R!R!R !RR !!!!!
CD rip.

Buy the AMAZING terrorist CD!!!
Soothsayer on MySpace

Monday, August 9, 2010


Severed Survival (11 tracks version) , 1989
Retribution For The Dead mcd, 1990
Mental Funeral (+ 3 demo/live tracks), 1991
Fiend For Blood mcd, 1992
Acts Of The Unspeakable (+ Fiend For Blood mcd + 10 live tracks taken from "Live from the grave"), 1992
Shitfun (+ 10 live tracks), 1995
Torn From The Graves (27 tracks compilation including live & demo tracks), 2001
From the very depths of the swamps of advanced putrefaction, Autopsy!!! The kings of sludge death returned last year and released a couple of eps, here are their earlier legendary material that carried on the torch of Post Mortem | Hellhammer. Is it Darkthrone's and Coffins' main influence ? Let's drown in a slow horrible death zerrRRrRRrRRRRrrRRR!!!RrRR!RrR!RR!R!RRrRR!!!!!RrR!R !R! R! !R!!!
CD rip.

Autopsy website
Autopsy merch

Friday, August 6, 2010


Metal Inquisition (censored version), 1984
Metal Inquisition + Stay Ugly, 1986
Metal Manifesto, 2009
Canadian metaaaaaaaaaaal!!! I've been a PileDriver fan since I bought Metal Inquisition strictly because of the cover "artwork", I could not not own this. Then I heard the music and banged my head against the nearest anvil. Amazing shit! It's a festival of cheesy speed metal that works amazingly well, it's like a mix of Venom, Anvil and Twisted Sister and it grooves to death. Against all odds, after 23 years of silence, the legendary and exalted PileDriver strikes again with last year's excellent Metal Manifesto, a loud brick of heavy grooving thrash metal. The CD comes with a DVD with nice and raw live footage, but with too many useless airport and off-stage scenes. Anyway the album itself is a must have! Old fans will rejoice, it is as catchy and juicy as the masterpiece Metal Inquisition. Amazing show with Razor, Exciter and Anvil in 2005! Heavy Metal is the law!!!!

CD rip and vinyl rip of Metal Inquisition censored version:
1. Metal Inquisition
2. Lust (replaces Sex with Satan)
3. Twister (replaces Sodomize the Dead)
4. Witch Hunt
5. Pile Driver
6. Human Sacrifice
7. Alien Raid (same song as "Alien Rape")

Piledriver website (with a ton of videos)
Piledriver on MySpace

I don't know where you can buy the Metal Manifesto (I had got the last copy on the Century Media distro!), but watch their website, it is announced to be rereleased with this artwork:

Fan video of the year!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dead Entertainment, 1981
Conquer, 1983
The Price Of Being Young, 2005
Brand New, 2008
'Conquer' was already posted in the very beginning of this blog, because it is a fantastic album. Now here comes the rest of Vopo's production, and a new/better (louder) re-rip of the masterpiece Conquer. Yes the cover art is ugly, but the music rips and it was my first experience with what would be called crossover - before Broken Bones, before any other HC/punk band turned metal. I remember buying it because it received very very bad reviews in the metal press as well as in the punk zines. Too punk for the first and too metal for the latter, it had to be great - how would you dare going against the dominant orthodoxy! Red or long hair, you had to choose. And this is the only record I know with a song called Nuclear War that has accordion in it, and it works so well! Conquer is like the perfect mix of English Dogs and Warfare with better guitars. Groovy, heavy, with 12 fists in the air! I was floored then and today this record is still amazing. I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about Dead Entertainment, a collection of below-average-to-tedious basic '77 punk rock... And then they came back in 2005 with a re-recording CD with most of Dead Entertainment and 5 songs from Conquer. This CD RIPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! They turned the early songs from D.E. into high octane punk anthems and the Conquer tracks into bombs of mid-paced thrash - the guitar picking is INTENSE!!! One of the most AMAZING re-recoding albums ever. If only they had redone the whole Conquer album... The song "In the book" is simply outstanding and sits in all my home made mp3 comps. Then the 2008 Brand New album demonstrates further the power and experience of these guys in the bone-crushing punk department. This is not Green Day! GENUINE KILLER PUNK THRASHING ZZEERR R RRR zerRRrrRrrRR!R!RRrR!Rr !R !RrRR RRRRRRRRRRR! r RR! !R!R!! !!!!
CD rip and vinyl rip of :

Dead Entertainment:
A1 You're Gonna Miss Me Baby
A2 God
A3 Dead Entertainment
A4 Picture
A5 Commercials
A6 Unifil Soldier
A7 Zwolle
A8 Uniforms
A9 Bathroom
A10 Let Them Look at Themselves
B1 A Light
B2 Communist Rules
B3 Friday Till Monday
B4 Television Sensation
B5 School
B6 I Don't Care What People Say
B7 City Destroyers
B8 We're Gonna Do What We Like
B9 E-38

1 Hard and Loud
2 Tonight
3 In the Book
4 Nuclear war
5 Warrior
6 Conquer
7 Get me
8 Speedbanging Babies
9 007
10 Short Joy

Buy the two AMAZING CDs directly from their website!


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