Sunday, August 31, 2008


two tribes, 1984
noise, filth & fury, 1984
this machine kills, 1984
pure filth, 1984
total death, 1985
metal anarchy, 1985
mayhem, fuckin' mayhem, 1987
a conflict of hatred, 1988
hammer horror, 1990
deathcharge (live), 1991
decade of decibels, 1993
Here are most Warfare records. Missing: RADIO HELL (split w/Venom and Raven) and a full rip of "deathcharge". "Metal City" does not provide any alternate version of either Venom or Warfare songs so I won't waste bandwith.
Anyone selling "radio hell" or "deathcharge" should get in touch ASAP.
Fun facts: most records done at Impulse by Keith Nichols (like Venom). "Pure Filth" was produced by Algy Ward, who plays guitar on "Hammer Horror". "Metal anarchy" was produced by Lemmy. Cronos plays bass on "Mayhem, fuckin' mayhem" (and sings on the "You're really got me" cover). Mantas plays guitar on "Decade of decibels" and a "conflict of hatred". Evo (main man, drums & vocals) had previously played in several cult bands such as Chaotic Dischord, Angelic Upstarts and the Blood, and many others. And I'm sure we can find more exciting trivia (like: yes, "Two Tribes" is a Franky Goes to Hollywood cover, zer).
Thank you Evo for this amazing collection of 80s thrash metal punk, at the zenith of which "Mayhem, fuckin' mayhem" shines in all its splendid putrefaction. There was Venom, Tank, Bulldozer, Backwater, Sodom, Bathory, Celtic Frost - and WARFARE !!! ZERRRR !!!!
Metal anarchy, hammer horror & decade of decibels : CD rip.
Everything else: vinyl rip.
The "pure filth" rip contains both last songs : UK version with "rose petals fall from her face" (w/Venom) and Canadian version with "noise, filth & fury".
I still do not own a copy of "deathcharge", I found this rip on a torrent. It is pretty bad, with incomplete songs and changing sound levels.
Warfare on Encylcopaedia Metallum w/complete discography listings

Venom - burried alive

Venom - burried alive, UK 1984
This record sounds like the source of many "assult" mini LPs, and probably matches (same show ?) most of the "official bootleg", although it sounds better... Really cool Venom, especially if you're a bit disappointed with the new album "Hell"...
The typo in the title is intended, the LP is printed like that. Zer best Venom bootleg.
Vinyl rip.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kilslug - answer the call

Kilslug - answer the call, USA 1985
More slow death from Boston. This pile of zombie sludge will sure drown you to download the Upsidedown Cross stuff as well. Total ZER!
Vinyl rip.
I saw the 7" on another blog, get it too.
Buy the Kilslug records
Kilslug on MySpace

Upsidedown Cross

s/t, 1991
evilution, 1993
I've been hooked on this repulsive US doom sludge for the past 15 years. UDC came to "life" after Kilslug disolved, also with members of Anal Cunt, Dinosaur Jr. and the currently active stoner band Witch.
With time I could convert my wife to the Melvins or Khanate, but not to Upsidedown Cross. UDC sound like a rotting elephant corpse processed by drunk obese vultures. Both album rip from start to finish, especially the doom hit "Don't think about it". GRAVITY DEATH ZER!
CD rip.

I TOTALLY NEED TO BUY THIS, send me a link or anything, thanks :
Sloth/Updsidedown Cross Split, 2002
Witchcraft EP, 1997

Buy their records now!
Upsidedown Cross on Wikipedia

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

S.D.S. (Japan)

ameber, 1998
past and future, disc 1, 1999 (compilation 1989/199?)
past and future, disc 2, 1999 (compilation 1989/199?)
Like Força Macabra, you can use S.D.S. to waste 5 hours debating the true meaning of words like "thrash" and "hardcore", and who is actually playing what, because you know, we're all experts and crossover pHDs. S.D.S. deliver some of the very best worldwide metallic crust ever, so put them in whatever category you like! Anyway such an orgasmic molotov cocktail of Extinction of Mankind | 3 Way Cum | Bastard (Jpn) | Disgust (UK) can only blow you away.
I need real copies of these records, tell me you want to sell:
Must Get To The Power Of The Defence For... Split album, 1989
Never Arise EP, 1990
The Future Stay in the Darkness Fog/Pain in Suffering Split, 1992
In To The Void Full-length, 1992
Scum System Kill EP, 1996
Rock 'N' Rool Show!! Split album, 1999
Digital Evil In Your Life EP, 1999

CD rip.

Deadfood - me time

Deadfood - me time, USA 1998
They say their influences are John Zorn, MR. BUNGLE, MELT BANANA, SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, James Brown, THE RESIDENTS, BOREDOMS, BRUTAL TRUTH, the movie GUMMO. I totally believe that! Weird punk-rock-electro-noise-whatever with trumpets 100% ZER!!! Please do drugs before listening. Mh, an upload of the Samus CD will fit after this.
CD rip.

Erosion - III + Down...

III, 1992
Down..., 1995
ZER ! ZER ! ZER ! The last 2 albums of the German thrashcore monster weigh 2.7 tons each. "III" brings out some ultra heavy, dark thrash of classic wingspan, the song "70th floor" being one of the very best headbanger in the history of metal. Condense Exodus, Cro-Mags, Carnivore and Prong and you're not there yet. "Down" has an additional late Attitude Adjustment / Excel vibe and is also the hammer of the week. I am still amazed 15 years later. Zer. Speaking of German killer thrash, I'll have to upload the Warpath discography too.
CD rip.
The first 2 Erosion albums are available here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Broken Bones - without conscience

Broken Bones - without conscience, UK 2001
And if you need an introduction to this band, you will be forced to listen to the new Metallica 6 times.
This album is their second masterpiece since "Dem Bones", according to none other than myself. Better than "Time for anger not justice". Zer. Awesome fucking punk metal crossover that will help your digestion in these difficult times (read: new Metallica album coming out soon).
CD rip.
Buy it from Relapse

Excel - live 1987

Excel - live 1987, USA
The crossover kings live at a great performance. Sound quality is bad but better than the average 80s bootleg and actually a lot of fun to listen to (I did a bit of mastering to enhance it).
Tape rip.
I'm not planning to upload the 3 albums except if requested. Meanwhile go buy them from Rotten Records.
Excel official Website

Agent Steel - live 1986 in Berlin

Agent Steel - live 1986 in Berlin
If you're nostalgic, this is going to make you smile (remember that tour with Overkill and Anthrax?). Old classics with high pitched vocals! The sound is very lo-fi, ie. pretty bad.
Tape rip.
official Agent Steel Website

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mob 47 + Protes Bengt - garanterat mangel

Mob 47 + Protest Bengt - garanterat mangel, Sweden 1983/1986
If you need an introduction to this band, you will be cast to a heavy metal forum forever. Sweden's all-time hottest export! The redefiniton and acceleration and radioactivation of the Discharge attack ! ULTRA ZERRRRR!!!!
CD rip (2 billions songs w/the legendary 7", the legendary live album and the legendary 32 tracks 7" "in bengt we trust" of the side-project Protest Bengt). Maybe I'll also upload the Filthy Christians, their death metal post-project.
I need to buy the 2008 CD and the BACK TO ATTACK relesed in 2008, ULTIMATE ATTACK released in Japan 2004 double-CD and STOP THE SLAUGHTER bootleg LP, anyone ?
Official Mob 47 website - they are back!!!

Muzza Chunka - fishy pants

Muzza Chunka - fishy pants, USA 1993
Mega excellent "alternative" rock with a metallic edge (why do I hate the word "alternative" ?). This record is a hot thing almost better than Skinyard with a touch of Die 116 and Fugazi (the heavier parts). Great melodies and hooks, nice crunchy sound, and fishes. Zer.
CD rip.

Mayhem - burned alive

Mayhem - burned alive, USA 1986
Let's admit this one is here more for the fun of the record collector than for its inner qualities. Here you have half of Poison Idea playing some ugly Motörhead/Venom metal. It is actually a very cool headbanger but the production is horrible. There are a couple of "ace of spades covers" as well.
CD rip.

Die Kreuzen - s/t + october file

Die Kreuzen - s/t + october file, USA 1984/1986
If I had to pick one of these killer records from the 80s for a one-way trip to Jupiter with a crazy computer that would suffocate me after beating me at chess, I would seriously hesitate between the first MDC, DRI's "dealing with it!", CCM "into the void" or Die Kreuzen's first album. This is a total monster of an album, still as twisted and poisonous 24 years later. "october file" is different and marks their turn to a softer Cure-influenced path, still very good. Toxic hardcore ZER!!
CD rip.

Buy all CDs from Touch&Go!
Die Kreuzen on Wikipedia
EDIT: link repaired, fresh file uploaded

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Militant Mothers

the acid of life, Germany 1989
different souls, Germany 1990
mand-made mad clones, Germany 1992
Germany's answer to the Bad Brains, no less! From the ashes of Morbid Outburst comes this seriously grooving thing that puts a huge smile on the avid disciple of "rock for light", "I against I" and "quickness". Of course they develop their own thing, but you see what I mean, and I mean complete satisfactory rocking ZER!!!
CD rip.

Post Mortem (USA)

ring around the rectum, 1990
seasoned nosalt makes my beef stew taste like my beef stew + the missing link, 1990/1987
coroner's office, 1986
festival of fun, 1991
destined for failure, 1993
Enter a good section of the discography of Post Mortem, the 80s Boston legend. A couple of records are missing, TBU when I can put my hands on some copies.
"coroner's office" and "the misisng link" are pure 80s doom/death classics like the gorgeous Hellhammer, absolutely zer!
The other records are all completely fucked-up sludge-rock-jazzy-death-metal twists of sonic disturbances, with the evil singer from The Scam. Over the years I could never stop listening to this monstrous assault on the drug neurons. ZZZZEEEERRRRR!!!
coroner's office, destined for failure, festival of fun: CD rip
everything else: vinyl rip

seasoned nosalt makes my beef stew taste like my beef stew
the missing link
ring around the rectum
Post Mortem on MySpace

Doctor & The Crippens - turn to gas 7"

Doctor & The Crippens - turn to gas 7", UK 1991
1 weird new wave/metal (yes!) song, actually very good and very different from the albums, and a Clash cover + "blues theme" on the other side. Excellent.

S.O.D. - the 3 EPs

Sound Of Disaster - the 3 EPs, Sweden 1985/1997
The archive contains the 3 7" of the Swedish hardcore bulldozer. Non-stop raging thrashcore zer to the max!
Live LP available here.
Vinyl rip. Is there any CD reissue?
1st ep
speak swedish or die

Friday, August 22, 2008

Reagan Youth

both albums, USA 1984/1990
NY punk legends! No introduction necessary, just one of the finest punk acts of the early 80's.
Vinyl rip.
If you like these 2 records and don't own copies, order them right now!
Reagan Youth label page
Reagan Youth on MySpace
Reagan Youth on Wikipedia

Jim Prentice - honourable minister of ass licking

This neuron-impaired subhuman is trying to enforce a new anti-download law that would put a $500 (up to $20,000) fine on criminal Canadian downloaders/uploaders. I know it is not nice to laugh at retarded people, but what do you expect for an ass that sucks the industry's flacid penises, and swallows ? Buy this walking intestine a brain, please. Nice tie though.
hilarious interview 2008 - mp3
CBC article

Subverse + Desecration - split lp

Subverse + Desecration - split lp, USA 1987
This has always been one of my favorite split lps (along with the Lärm/Stanx... and the Void/Faith... and the Electro Hippies/Generic... and the Distortion X/BSG... zer). You get here 2 sides of heavy hardcore : Subverse were a bit like a meaner and slightly more metallic Negative Approach, and Desecration were not far from a Cryptic Slaughter|Lethal Aggression sound. So yeah this is fast and aggressive and totally ZERRRR!!
Vinyl rip.

Maelstrom - step one + megamorphosis 7''

Maelstrom - step one + megamorphosis 7", USA 1989/1990
This is the superb Boston metallic hc band, not the gay-ass Russian black metal waste. Maelstrom delivered a first class bostonian blend of Suicidal Tendencies rocking metal with the late 80's funk-metal vibe. But Maelstrom are more intense and heavier bordering on thrash: "step one" is somewhat on par with the great Reanimator album "laughing", just better. Top notch sticking songs and choruses, large thrash riffs, fucking ZERRRR! I'll never get it that such an amazing band never dominated the world instead of the legions of the well decorated and makeup'd nu-metal|black metal|pantera metal maybeline adolescents.
The 7" includes a massively energetic and megazerful cover of Void's "who are you?" (yeah I'll post the Void stuff too...).
You can still buy these records from Taang!, Amazon and other distros. Do it.
Maelstrom on the legendary Taang! records page, shit they sell the CD for $6, the LP for $3 and the 7" for $2.50. Buy everything!
step one: CD rip
megamorphosis: vinyl rip
1991 Germany w/NoMeansNo + Paris w/Scat Opera yessssssssssssssssssss

Calhoun Conquer - lost in oneself

Calhoun Conquer - lost in oneself, Switzerland, 1989
Here we go with the full-length of the Swiss masters of technicalities (click here for the mini LP). Very zer!
CD rip
Lyon 1991 avec Victims Family!

Subvert - free your mind + the madness must end

Subvert - free your mind + the madness must end, USA 1988/1990
Excellent fast forward crossover in the vein of the Accüsed and Verbal Abuse. Zer and play it again! "Psychopath" is a fucking hit!!! THRAHSING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip (album and 7")
Subvert on Encyclopaedia Metallum


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