Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dread - Buried In Narcissism, 2009
This evil piece of noise is mandatory if you're a true zerist:
- you worship the kings of Boston sludge Post Mortem and Upsidedown Cross, whose ex members populate Dread,
- you dig double layers of distortion torture vocals over the slow cadaver of what could be music,
- you think "Ringworm Migration" is the ultimate association of words.
Buried in Narcissism is an accurate title to our super-inflated-ego era, and a soundtrack of choice when you'd rather be drowning in a barrel of maggots than slaloming between the infernal pits of boredom. This is an album that should be forced onto the subhumans of the entertainment industry and software programmers, let them be deathtertained! Slow death and doom for the entire planet!
Untagged CD rip:
1. Contemplating Suicide or Murder 04:45
2. Unrecognizable Weakness 05:25
3. Introduction to Incompetence 03:26
4. Depths of Your Flaws 04:37
5. Ringworm Migration 05:38
6. Repugnant 04:15
7. Buried in Narcissism 04:29
8. Crush My Spirit 03:20
9. Seperate 06:02
10. Premeditated Cruelty 03:01

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Brody's Militia

Split with Widespread Bloodhsed, 2003
The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre, 2005
Instantiated from a Hellnation variable, Brody's Militia shove down your throat and up your ass corrosive missiles of very early Poison Idea | Rupture | Toxic Narcotic and many other things on top of other things. Needless to say this attack of totally 80s hardcore destruction brings major satisfaction to families and friends around the table. The longest track is 1:24 long and we all drool in endless joy. Smoke, thrash, sleep!!! Awesome time masheen!!! There are several millions other BM releases (demos, 7", splits etc.) to collect, rip & sweat, start now.
Widespread Bloodshed kick even more major ass with this faster than fast revival of UK's 80s eternal gifts to the universe, as in Heresy | Intense Degree and so on, or an intense injection of W.H.N. | Mind Of Asian. HARDCORE BLEEDING EARS HAPPINESS ZERRRRrRRrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRR! R! !R !R! R!R R!rRR R! !R! r R! !R!R r rR !R!R !RR!R!R! !RR !R!R!R!R! R! R!! R !R!! ! !! ! !
CD rip.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


See You In Hell (vinyl rip), 1983
See You In Hell + Second Attack, 1983/1985
Sharpshooter + Live Attack, 1986/1987
Heavy metal is the law! Speed metal forever! From the very depths of heaven (the eighties), today is Crossfire reload day. Crossfire cater to all fans of the almighty Saxon | Abattoir | Tank | Chateaux | Ostrogoth with a very Krokus-like singer. Even if not as hot hot hot as the above, their bombastic high drive hard-rock in tight leather pants is a must to alternate with full days of Raven. Moustaches and guitar solos of flying Vs ZERRRRrRRrrrRRRrrR RrR RRr RrRRRRR rrrRR R RRrrr!rrR!R !!!rrr rR R!!!R rr r RrRRRRRr!!!r RRr !r RR!!!!!!!
CD rip (CDs obviously made from vinyls).

See You In Hell LP rip:
A1 Demon Of Evil 3:40
A2 Killing A Cop 4:22
A3 Magnificent Night 6:18
A4 Danger On Earth 4:19
B1 Fly High 5:27
B2 Lover's Game 3:54
B3 Starchild 6:05
B4 See You In Hell 3:19

Friday, August 19, 2011


Do Not Spit + Passive Backseat Demon Engines, 1993/1995
Token Remedies Research, 1997
Purified In Pain, 2000
Post Mortal Archives, 2006
Australian death machine! A few riffs on the first 3 releases are annoying "hardcore" breakdown bullshit (what the youth of today calls hardcore), but the rest is plain overkill thrashing blast-beating mania with Celtic Frost, Terrorizer and Bathory covers and some of the piggiest vocals in circulation. Swine Eyed Sheep (from Token) is some southern hemisphere mean headbanger! My favorite is the war-black-metallist Purified In Pain, still loaded with the deeply thrash metal rooted riffing, and featuring Kevin Sharp on vokills, some kind of cannibal monster! MURDER ZERRRRRRRRRrrrRRRrRrRRrRRRR !R!R !R!Rr!RRrRRRRRrRRRRRRRrRrRRRRr !R! !RR !R!R !RRR !R!R RRrRRRRrRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrRRRRRR! R!rrrR!R!R !R!!RR!r R! R!R !R!R R!Rrr! !R !rR!R! ! !R R!R rrr!R! R! !RRRRRRRRRRRrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R!RR!RrrRrrr RrrRR !R !R! R! rRR R r r R! ! ! ! !
CD rip.

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Damaged great, Rose Rose MEGA ARMAGEDDON ZER!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Singing Shouting Crying, 1999
Earth Ball Sports Tournament, 2000
Relicts, 2009
Trip, Trance & Travelling, 2009
The superior Japanese sonic genius strikes again! From the ashes of Deathside, Paintbox revive the classic sound of Poison Idea and it is a grand hardcore punk marvel of the intensely rocking sort. Incursions from metal to saddened pop augment this discography to the zerrest stage of satisfaction. A megaton of melodic hooks - why isn't Cry Of The Sheeps a planetary hit??? - and first class musicians (crazy bass lines again!!) make this a non avoidable monument of rock music. SINGING SHOUTING PAINTING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!RRrrrR!RR!R!R!RrrR R! !R rrR !R! R r! !R !R! R!RrRR !R !R! !R !R !R! rrr R! !R !R !R! R! rRrr R! !R R!RRrrrRrRR !R! !R R rrRrRrrRR R!RR! R rRR !R!R!R! R! rRR!R! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!
CD rip, RIP Chelsea (unzer guitheart attack).

Relicts CD: contains all the 7" (Paintbox, Black Reporter, The Door, Cry of the Sheeps, ゲンセキ) and many live tracks. AMAZING!!!!!!!
1 炎
2 砂漠
3 The Door
4 Provided Railroad
5 Back Reporter
6 害虫の詩
7 Cry Of The Sheeps
8 Big Ant
9 別未来
10 汚れなき豚友達へ
11 Thorn In My Side (Plastic Pump) - Poison Idea medley
12 Improvisation〜別未来
13 ケモノ
14 猿戦 -サルバトル-
15 刻
16 舵
17 どうしようもねえ世の中
18 Running Step
19 罰災
20 Cry Baby

Singing Shouting Crying:
Oneside Surprised
刻 -Koku-
猿戦 -サルバトル-
Sing A Crying Song
Cry Baby
Instant Make Your Dream
Running In Step
Brimful Feeling

Trip, Trance and Travelling:
Fly On The Ship~Cry Of The Sheeps
ヤマアラシ (Hedgehog)
Mental Picnic
雪解け (Thaw)
大地救 (Daichikyuu = Save The Ground)
音頭 (Japanese Traditional Dance)
Big Ant (70 Km/h Version)
因果応報 (Retribution)
月夜野 (A Field In The Moonlight)
ゲンセキ (Raw Ore)
脳天バップ (The Crown Bop)
Sing A Crying Song
空蝉 - うつせみ - (Utsusemi)
出発 –Travelling– (Departure –Travelling–)

Paintbox on MySpace
Et maintenant, nos lecteurs francophages ont l'avantage de profiter de la version mimétique du Roger Mag numéro 4 de févriyeah 1990 via un cliquètement sur

Monday, August 15, 2011


The Hortator's Lament, 1993/1998 (2003 rerelease)
The mother of gravity is called Toadliquor and it is the soundtrack to the eternal battle between matter and time. Yo. Reeking of the Upsidedown Cross monstrosity, and some 1992 Melvins too, the tons of doom and sludge on this discograpphy make your teeth bleed as efficiently as Burning Witch. It is the slow death of the world and there will be much rejoicing. Alternate with hours of Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine.


CD rip, no tags:

1 (Opening Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space 8:14
2 Gnaw 4:37
3 Charred 7:26
4 Fraatricide: A Requiem 6:01
5 Survival Of The Fittest 1:30
6 Swarm 7:32
7 Tenderloin 3:54
8 Nails 9:39
9 Also Sprach Zarathustra 3:38
10 Tatterdemalion: The Gladiators' Debasement Before Cain 6:10
11 (Second Continuing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space: Love 6:22
12 The Hortator's Lament 6:51
Tracks 1-8 recorded 10/1993, track 10 recorded 04/1996, track 9 and 11 recorded ca. 1997, track 12 recorded 12/1998.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


World Without God (+ Resuscitation Of Evilness 1990 Demo + live), 1991 (2010 reissue)
Lost Equilibrium MCD, 1993
Reflections, 1994
Legendary death metal from Finland! The cream of the style: the first album vomits the black intensity of the first Grave album combined with more complexity bordering on early Coroner through classic songs for a heavy mass of deadly death metal of death, while the second album turns to super classy hard rock with death metal vocals - you know the trick from Carcass or Entombed but Convulse do it better, with more class and higher dynamics and Black Sabbath, I say. Fuck I love extra big ass sentences. Convulse could have reached the level of Sentenced if they hadn't aborted mission. Short but exemplary discography of killer ZERRRRrRrRrRRrR!R!R!R! !RRrrrRR!R !R!RrrRrrR!!! rRR!! Rr !R! !R! !R !R!R rR !R !R! !
CD rip. The MCD is quite unnecessary as both songs are on the amazing Reflections album.

World Without God:
I Intro 0:49
II World Without God 4:55
III Putrid Intercourse 3:22
IV Incantation Of Restoration 3:45
V Blasphemous Verses 4:28
VI False Religion 4:46
VII Resuscitation Of Evilness 3:45
VIII Infernal End 3:34
IX Godless Truth 3:00
X Powerstruggle Of Belief 4:01
From 1990 Resuscitation Of Evilness Demo
XI Putrid Intercourse 4:02
XII Godless Truth 4:25
XIII Resuscitation Of Evilness 3:39
XIV Powerstrugle Of Belief 3:06
Live Tracks
XV Countess Bathory (Venom) 4:34
XVI Incantation Of Restoration 3:50

Consume Convulse objects

Monday, August 8, 2011


Siege - Drop Dead, 1984
You don't have a real blog until the Siege post! I'll happily comply as Siege are missing from the root-of-all-evil-in-1984 list from the Bathory post. Shame, shame, shame, as Siege bury everything else from that year, rival with Septic Death for head of cultosaurus department and inspired other noisemakers of legendary proportions such as Heresy and Ripcord. Siege armaggeddon hardcore thrashing terminal end of civilization ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrRRR R !R !rrRR R! !R! RR r !R! R R!R! !! !! ! !RR R R! !R! !R !R !R RrRRrrrr!R !R !R! rrRR!R!R !R! R!R!RrrrR!R !R! Rr RrrRR! R! R! !! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD & vinyl rip. This rar contains twice the 1993 Lost & Found CD reissue (featuring the 7" and the 3 murderous songs from Cleanse The Bacteria) and the 2006 Deep Six reissue (with two more songs). I thought I had ripped the original Off The Disk 7" 1989 bootleg (yellow wax!! zer), but the upload actually contains another (bad, 128 kpbs) rip of the cd. Who cares, the two other rips are very fine.
Presidentist Camacho inhalation!
Do not miss the awesome record from The Spoils (Siege singer + drummer)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bulldozer - Live At Rock Hard Festival, Germany 2010

Bulldozer - Live At Rock Hard Festival, Germany 2010, 2011
ACH! Brand new killer live recording from BULLDOZEEEERRrrRRrrrrR! !RR!rRrR!R!R! rRr !R! R! rRRrr R!R !R RrRrrRRRRR! !RR!RRrrRrR !RR! R! !! ! ! !!

Untagged CD rip:
1. Unexpected Fate 05:07
2. Use Your Brain 02:40
3. Bastards 03:16
4. IX - Desert 03:54
5. IIona the Very Best 03:01
6. The Derby 03:48
7. Minkions 02:51
8. Micro V.I.P. 04:01
9. Willful Death 04:48

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All fucking BULLDOZER!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


No Escape, 1984
Under the Spell, 1986
Quest For Sanity MLP, 1988
Watery graves MLP, 1990
Morbid Reality, 1991
Heavy Metal is the law! The first two albums deliver quality Metal Church | Judas Priest influenced heavy metal, very nice. Then the '88 mini LP took the regular fan by surprise with its excellent thrash metal of the Dark Angel sort, We Have Arrived! This uncommon evolution towards brutality culminated in the amazing last album full of evil Sadus nastiness. Full on Morbid Reality death thrashing ZERRRrRRrRRRR! !RR! ! R R! !R! !R R! RRrRRRrRRR Rr rrr R R! !R !R !R! R! Rr rrRR R! !R ! RRR! !R !R! R! ! ! ! !
CD rip & vinyl rip (with tags!).

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