Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rezer: CortisoL - Roger 21

Status : 99% of the Church of Zer is definitely deleted (100% of MediaFire links). Previous posts remain for decoration and archeology.
Reboot, rezer, with probably a change in strategy due to storage and paranoia constraints (files rotation, obfuscation, passwords, shit like that). While this is set up, smoke a good one and check out CortisoL's new album Miss Trauen. Recorded last year, fresh from the press, zer. We'll release a new 6 songs/25 minutes mini album next month.

CortisoL - Miss Trauen
, 2011

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Dorénavant, le lecteur et la lectrice ne sauront manquer de se tenir informés sur les dernières découvertes mises à jour dans les pages du nouveau numéro de Roger Mag, le seul magazine qui. Church Of Zer prosélytise activement la lecture de ces informations car elles apportent soutien et cheminement aux gens qui s'en souviennent. Nous notons au passage que si Maître Capello pouvait nous arbitrer, nous pourrions établir la liste suivante : a, ra, ars, sera, sarde, sandre, sardine, Sandrine, deux qui la tiennent, trois kilos de mandarines.
Ne manquez pas de lire autre chose ci-dessous. La version papier est encore en circulation. Un véritable lecteur de Roger utilise la version papier.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Probably as a consequence of the MegaUpload hysteria, it looks like my Mediafire account was wiped out. If this is true and permanent, this entire blog just dried. It may go on and start over... Stay tuned.

PS: a list of CDs and records I have for sale

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Acid Drinkers

Are You A Rebel?, 1990
Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks, 1991
Strip Tease, 1992
Fishdick, 1994
Vile Vicious Vision, 1994
The State Of Mind Report, 1996
Infernal Connection, 1997
High Proof Cosmic Milk, 1998
Varran Strickes Back - Alive!!!, 1998
Amazing Atomic Activity, 1999
Broken Head, 2000
Acidofilia, 2002
Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal!, 2004
Verses Of Steel, 2008
Fishdick Zwei – The Dick Is Rising Again, 2010
Amazing zerrest activity! From Poland comes the most excellent groovy heavyrockthrashpunk tornado of zer, the ultimate rock machine, the π of metal, the sparkling decimals around Suicidal Tendencies, Motörhead, Gwar, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Lard, Helmet, Rage Against The Machine, GBH, Metallica, Gang Green... It's a major festival of everything else, with its own sound, by awesome musicians, zer. All the albums are great, some are totally amazing. They cover classic songs on each release, anything from Frank Sinatra to NoMeansNo to Slayer, mostly in the holy spirit of Monty Python, like the first class artwork would suggest. It's just a killer band! Acid Drinkers REZERRRrrrrRR!!RR!rR!Rr!R!R! !R! !R !R!R !R!R!RRrRR!R !R! RrR!R! R!R!RRRr !R!R!RR!R! !r!R!R!RRrRrrr !R! !R !R!R!RR! !R!RR!R!R !!R!R!RR! !!!RRRRRRRR
CD rip.

Magnificent Acid Drinkers website
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Sunday, January 8, 2012


To The Memory Of The War Victim... (Double LP), 1987/1991
To The Memory Of The War Victim... (CD), 1987/1991
Agonized Cry, 1996
The Path To true Independence (Beyond Description + Asbestos + Totsudeki Sensya + Destruction), 2005
It's been a while since the last Japanese hardcore serving, let's have large quantities of Asbestos today. Everybody loves classic sounding venomous 80s thrash from Japan, so get quick to the 80s stuff with the Ghoul | GISM mark of excellence. For more crossover sounding satisfaction, select the 1996 release which is not quite as powerful if you ask me, but still very good. Yet let me replay the Final Solution tracks, that's what I'm talking about, ach ja!

To The Memory Of The War Victim...:
Anarchy And Chaos Tape 1987
A1 Nothing
A2 Extermination
A3 Worst Your Life
A4 Born To Kill
A5 Atomic Bomber
War Crisis EP 1988
A6 Asbestos
A7 Burning
A8 Fight Back
A9 Born To Kill
A10 Atomic Bomber
The Final Solution... LP 1989
B1 Ash Of Death
B2 Destroy Control Destroy System
B3 Hate War
B4 An Eye For An Eye
B5 Real Now
B6 No War No Nukes No Violence
B7 Resistance
C1 Nightmare
C2 Pressure
C3 No Escape From Reality
C4 Criminal War
C5 The Final Solution - Dooms Day
V/A The Bottom Rise Up The Top 8" Flexi 1990
D1 In The Death Agony
D2 Demilitarized
V/A Go Ahead Make My Day - Smashing Odds Ness 2 LP 1991
D3 Zangai
D4 Over The War
V/A 革命 Kakumei - Best Run Fast LP 1991
D5 Killing Field

Agonized Cry:
1 Fatal Pollution
2 Corporate Religion Systems
3 Something To Say
4 Restless And Breathless
5 Free And Accepted Economically
6 Train From Narita
7 PHS Control
8 Another New Convenience
9 428 Paradise
10 H.I-R.A.F
11 Our Battle Continues
12 Recycle Or Be Buried
13 731 Green Cross
14 Out Of The Dark

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cultes Des Ghoules

Häxan, 2008
Spectres Over Transylvania, 2011
The end is near! Bring out your dead! 2012 it is. Let's start with cannibal black metal from Poland. I must admit I bought these albums solely because of the superior moniker and because the single-sided 12" Spectres Over Transylvania looks awesome, without having heard one second of the music. And this was a very satisfying black metal blind date: for those into Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and the ugliest of Darkthrone, doctor Satan recommends large doses of Cultes Des Ghoules and their raw and putrid and grim and gloom and crawling lo-fi black metal delivered in extra long songs with a lot of class. The don't reinvent the sharpened flint, they use big ones to harvest your meat for the sacrifice to the monolith and you will cry for more. So much that Spectres is one of my favorites 2011 releases, ah yes I almost forgot the Church Of Zer top 2011: Old Head, Brutal Truth, Bulldozer, Vektor, JaKa, Attitude Adjustment, Origin, Zeni Geva, Saxon, Artillery, Articles Of Faith and so on. Rah Jah!
CD rip (Häxan) & 12" rip (Spectres, with the tag, yes).

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