Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mind Of Asian

Chinmoku no kiri no naka, 2006
大きな森の小さな象 / A Small Elephant In A Large Forest, 2008
Split 12" w/Straight Edge Kegger, 2008
Split 7" with Vöetsek , 2008
When you are addicted to the mega exellent female Japanese thrash trio Yellow Machinegun, you are naturally drawn to the mega amazing female Japanese thrash quatuor Mind Of Asian, which may be shortly described as YM on 45, or 78 RPM. Mind Of Asian play bunring raw, basic and very fast in your face hardcore thrash not unlike 80s S.O.B. with a formidable catchy vibe. The way too short album Chinmoku no kiri no naka is the masterpiece of the lot, insanely hot JAPANESE THRASHHHHHHHHHHHH!
CD rip (albums) & vinyl rip (splits).

Chinmoku no kiri no naka:
01 - chinmoku
02 - no kiri no naka
03 - no rain no rainbow
04 - nights with out a noise
05 - yourself
06 - seifu meigetsu
07 - notarejini
08 - dreames realities
09 - i feel the earth move
10 - aoi shima

大きな森の小さな象 / A Small Elephant In A Large Forest:
1 この国の行く末は
2 Dear Love
3 地球上のどこかで
4 いつもこころに
5 探しているものは何だろう
6 偏見が人を左右するのか
7 Get Back Green
8 大きな森の小さな象
9 Natural
10 祈りよ
11 Life
12 We Are Asian
13 Let's Go
14 Beer Beer Beer
15 スタートラインは目の前だ

Split 12" w/Straight Edge Kegger:
A1 Mind Of Asian - I♥XXX
A2 Mind Of Asian - 理想⇔現実
A3 Mind Of Asian - 青い島
A4 Mind Of Asian - Satisfaction!!!!!
A5 Mind Of Asian - 艶
A6 Mind Of Asian - 音のない夜
A7 Mind Of Asian - こんな世の中
A8 Mind Of Asian - 清風明月
B1 Straight Edge Kegger - Advice
B2 Straight Edge Kegger - Potheads Anonymous
B3 Straight Edge Kegger - #1 Hit Hip Hop Bullshit
B4 Straight Edge Kegger - Government Mandate Dance Party (Un-Safety Dance)
B5 Straight Edge Kegger - Sleeping Pills
B6 Straight Edge Kegger - Zero x Infinity
B7 Straight Edge Kegger - Hurry Up And Wait
B8 Straight Edge Kegger - Arnie Speaks

Split 7" with Vöetsek:
A1 Vöetsek - Completing The Trilogy Of 666
A2 Vöetsek - Immoral Majority
B1 Mind Of Asian - Song 1
B2 Mind Of Asian - Song 2
B3 Mind Of Asian - Song 3

Mind Of Asian on MySpace

Friday, January 28, 2011


Demonstrations In Chaos, 1983/1987
Energetic Disassembly, 1985
Control And Resistance, 1989
Another amazome band in 'Watch', yet in a totally different style. This is some of the hottest recorded metal you can find, especially if you consider the release dates. Nobody in the metal scene was playing such an advanced music in 1983, forget Iron Maiden. It is super technical without obfuscation, the melodies stay in your head for hours and then you hit PLAY again until your brain understands or escapes. The song 'Asylum' is the classic of classics. Watchtower have that jazzy Victims Family approach but with the thrash metal vibe. Actually, Watchtower are to Metallica what Victims Family are to the Dead Kennedys : an infinite progression. Some might cringe at the high pitched vocals that almost attain Mercyful Fate altitudes, but after some adaptation, you won't regret the time invested in this beyond brilliant super-powered prog thrash metal sculpture. Don't miss the demo CD, the demos sound greater and are simply better than the albums...
CD rip.

Watchtower on MySpace
Great Watchtower biopsy

Energetic Disassembly :
Violent Change 3:22
Asylum 3:48
Tyrants In Distress 5:59
Social Fears 4:41
Energetic Disassembly 4:39
Argonne Forest 4:38
Cimmerian Shadows 6:35
Meltdown 3:59

Demonstration In Chaos :
1-7: The Boss Tapes 1983
8-11: The Control Demos 1987
12-13: Rehearsal 1986
14: Live 1985
15: Hardcore Compilation 1983

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Kill.Crush.Destroy, 2001
Kill.Fucking.Everyone, 2003
Erased from the Memory of Man, 2005
Need some violence? Watchmaker!!! This is another one of my favorite 21st century acts. Watchmaker is like Golers, Hellnation, Darkthrone and the first two Voivod mixed in the eye of an exploding nuclear warhead, this is just AMAZOME (AMAZING and AWESOME) grinding thrash metal of death for the degenerate satanic masses and dentists everywhere!!! They came to play in Montreal in 2004 and the live rendition was also very meat burning, very nice people on top of that. Kill.Fucking.Everyone is an instant unbeatable classic, SO MUCH TOTAL FUCKING HATE AND TORTURE! And on top of all that sonic intensity, they deliver some of the best song titles you can find, it is refreshing and very welcome. Some of my favorites: Conference Call Immolation, Wallet Sized Dental Records, Civic Bloodlust, Infidelity's Eyestabbing Unease, Teleprompted Apocalypse, Mourning Breath, Gunscope Transplant and the unmatched-by-anyone

Multitask Suicide

CD rip.

Watchmaker on MySpace

Pour ceux que ça titille, une trrrrrrès intéressante conférence sur l'Union Européenne :

Monday, January 24, 2011


Death Squad, 1987
Bocholt Live Squad, 1987/rel. 2005
Defenders Of Justice, 1988
Conclusion And Revival, 1989
Back to some classic 80s German Thrash Metal! In the league of Vectom or Exumer, Darkness was another heir of the early Kreator | Destruction dynasty. I can almost hear the 'Mad Butcher' riff in a couple of songs. Not as essential as other equally obscure but killer German bands like the awesome Backwater or the flabbergasting Protector, but still good solid stuff with a more melodic direction on the 3rd album, thrash 'til Aperitif!

Darkness website
Darkness on MySpace

CD rip.

Bonus on Death Squad:
Track 10: Eure Erben promo demo 2005.
Track 11-14: "The Evil Curse" demo 1985.
Track 15: New Renaissance compilation 1987.
Track 16: "Spawn of the Last One" live tape 1989.

Bonus on Defenders:
1. Wir Brauchen Krieg (from Eure Erben Promo Tape 2005)
2. The Evil Curse of Darkness (from "Titanic War demo 1986)
3. Hear the Cry (from "Titanic War" demo 1986)
4. Iron Force (from "Titanic War" demo 1986)
5. Torment Declaration (from "Titanic War" demo 1986)
6. The Kingdom of Death (from "Titanic War" demo 1986)
7. Armageddon (compilation track 1987)
8. Detroit Rock City (from "Spawn of the Last One" livetape 1989)

Bonus on Conclusion:
1. Faded Pictures
2. Armageddon
3. Asche und Staub (from Eure Erben promo tape 2005)
4. The Gates/Beyond the Gates of Death (from "Spawn of the Dark One" demo 1986)
5. Deathsquad (from "Spawn of the Dark One" demo 1986)
6. Legacy of Blood (from "Spawn of the Dark One" demo 1986)
7. Titanic War (from "Spawn of the Dark One" demo 1986)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Roger Mag numéro vingt (Zwanzig)

[English subtitle: Roger Mag is the zine I've published since 1988, and we just released a new issue. Don't speak French ? Babel Fish will turn it into Polish from Uranus for you, or check out Dave Mustaine vs. the wolves !]

Il est là, il est très très joli, il sent le poil, il est orange (malgré la blancheur du prototype sur la photo), c'est le Roger Mag numéro 20 (Zwanzig) !

Roger Mag numéro vingt (Zwanzig) sur mediafire si ça fonctionne pas en direct ci-dessus
D'autres plissures d'arbre rapé sur
Il est gratuit à Montréal chez Millenium (BDs sur Rivard/Marianne), Profusion (CDs sur Ontario/Papineau) et à l'Échange (Mont-Royal). S'il en reste.
20 numéros depuis 1988, ça sent l'arthrite, l'incontinence et le sapin.

Pour étendre son bien-être, l'e-primate peut continuer son voyage en slip sur Singe-Matin grâce à qui Roger ne serait pas ce qu'il est, et pour cause, comme son nom l'indique.

Pour davantage de nostalgie, et de la vraie, celle qui sent l'acné pré-internet, la Cicciolina, les deux premiers Venom et Holy Grail, voici tirés du site excellent les scans de tous les Enfer Magazine et Metal Attack, oui !!! Avec plein de Vulcain ! De 1983 à 1987... Deux magazines à la ponctuation créative et offrant une alternative reposante à Newlook et Lui, dont on attendait impatiemment la sortie chaque mois via une campagne incessante de harcèlement de buraliste. Merci Enfer pour tous ces moments de joie épique, grâce à tes articles souvent ridiculement pompeux mais toujours alléchants de nouveautés j'ai découvert Venom, Voivod, Chateaux, Vopo's, Metallica, Vulcain, Hellhammer, Slayer, Raven, Avenger, Satan, Crumbsuckers, Accept, Battleaxe, Tysondog, Mercyful Fate et plein d'autres interdits par la condescendance aristocratique de Maximum Rock'n'Roll et l'incompétence admirable de Best ou Rock'n'Folk. Zer !

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crown Of Thornz

Train Yard Blues, 1995
Mentally Vexed, 1996
It's always satisfying to make fun of proselyte NYHC and black metal (108 vs. Marduk vs. Bold vs. Hecate Enthroned - fight in the mud zer!), but here we get something seriously amazing from the second (or third...) wave of NYHC. Powerful mid-tempo classy, dark, metallic hardcore grooving through sticky riffs, this stuff sounds very close to my heroes the magnificent Mindwar, with some Mind Over Matter | Die 116 | Orange 9mm and a bit of The Icemen with the spirit of Negative Male Child. Yes, only the cream of that post-NYHC crowd!!
Mentally Vexed features a Kraut cover (Unemployed).
CD rip, mcd without tags :

Train Yard Blues:
Juggenaut 5:00
Head Check 3:12
Mental Masquerade 3:02
Crown Of Thorns 4:10
Feelings 5:27

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Alive Autopsy + Trip To The Grave, 1999/2001 (2004 reissue)
Night Of The Ultimate Mosh, 2002
Live @ Giants Of Grind, 2004 (sorry for the typo...)
Mongo Musicale, 2006
The Farmer's Wrath, 2008
Grindcore en slip ! Featuring some of the meat from the almighty Swedish kill machines Sayyadina and General Surgery, Birdflesh deliver top grade grinding thrash metal (the last two albums) and first hand thrashing grindcore (the first two or three). This is of the AWESOME sort, filled with memorable headbangers, catchy grooves and blistering attacks of blast beats. These guys are like the Stupids or A.O.D. of grinding metal : Pythonesque attitude and seriously crafted music, that intensely competes here with Unholy Grave | Macabre. Hard to select a favorite, probably Mongo Musicale, a true masterpiece rich in thrash, blasts and dogs. They also have the best violin track in the history of metal! TOTAL THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRrrRRRrR!R! R!RR!RrrR!RR!R!RrRR!R !R r! !R !rRRR rrRRRRr! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rR !R !!R R r ! !!R !R! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.
Missing tags:

Night of the Ultimate Mosh:
1. Coffinfucker 01:33
2. Master of Violence 01:32
3. Gore In Gore Out 02:04
4. Arabian Psycho 00:30
5. Night of the Ultimate Mosh 01:30
6. The Rolling Massgrave 01:32
7. Above, Where Are You? 01:03
8. Catmouth 00:25
9. Gut To Kill 00:50
10. Bloodshed Attack 01:13
11. Eternal Emotions 01:30
12. Slaughter of Flies 01:21
13. Bowelthrasher 01:31
14. Kid of the Brown Vomit 00:56
15. The Evil Pig 01:03
16. Everything Is Shit 01:23
17. Dance On The Frozen Desert 00:57
18. Crowes In The Nose 01:38
19. Death And Insanity 00:56
20. Carmolesting Dead 01:23
21. Suicide Maniac 01:53
22. Victim of the Grind 00:43
Total playing time 27:26

The farmer's wrath:
1. Download Death 01:30
2. External Wounds of Vagina Power 01:34
3. Goatrider 01:56
4. Funny Ice-Dwarf 00:58
5. In the Sickness of the Sea 01:54
6. Our Rice 01:01
7. Payday Mayday 00:38
8. The Flying Penis 00:50
9. I Don't Wanna Live, I Don't Wanna Die 00:04
10. Suffer in the Dark of Darkness 01:24
11. Gorilla Behaviour 01:44
12. The Triumph of Grind 01:32
13. Cake Full of Maggots 01:28
14. Mythomaniac 01:03
15. Leprosy on Jeopardy 02:00
16. Foptbath Fuck-Up 01:21
17. AC/Deicide 01:17
18. Some Kind of Mongo 00:45
19. Organ Smoothie 01:30
20. The Spaghetti Strangler 00:52
21. Eight Legs and a Death 01:03
22. Wrath of the Farmer 01:23
23. Flamencorpse 01:28
24. Swimmingpoop 02:20
25. True Glove and the Purgatory Passion 00:59
26. Wheelchair Impaler 01:41
Total playing time 34:12

Birdflesh website
Birdflesh on MySpace
Buy Birdflesh records and CDs!!

Dare of the day: listen to this video and win a major hemorroïd

Poor kids. Soon to become alcoholics and obese.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls, 1987
Goo Goo Dolls (Metal Blade version), 1987 / remastered in 1991
Jed, 1989
Hold Me Up, 1990
Superstar Car Wash, 1993
A Boy Named Goo, 1995
Time for some classic melodic punk rock - I'm speaking of the first three albums. Then they started to get famous and mellower, the next two albums being totally radio pop rock, not bad, but that was the limit and I lost interest (there are four or five other albums). All that (often very bad) modern pop rock in the radio for the past decade and a half has been stolen from Nirvana and Goo Goo Dolls, except the Goo Goo Dolls did not shoot themselves in the face and are still operating. Focus on these first three records of intense rocking punk that fits an evening of DI, SNFU, Asexuals and the likes. Party time!
CD rip.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Annihilation Complete (demos), 1986/1987 (2009 reissue)
Suffering Hour, 1988 (Axis Records version)
Reason, 1990
Manic Impressions, 1991
Screams And Whispers, 1993
Hindsight CD 1 : Suffering Hour Revisited, 2010
Hindsight CD 2 : Reason Revisited, 2010
Fantastic metal attack!!! Mixing speed/thrash, doom and almost prog, these albums are all masterpieces almost too advanced for their time. It's like having Holy Terror, Candlemass, early Judas Priest and Holocaust and a touch of the amazing Blood feast "Face Fate" all live in your living room. Anacrusis equals AWESOME musicianship and vocals serving anti-linear killer compositions of technical yet groovy, memorable, melodic and violent thrash that is still 4245% relevant today. They just released the re-recording of their first two albums and it is amazing to hear how powerful they still are over 20 years later. Best thrash release of 2010!! Insane!!!
CD rip.

Anacrusis website
Buy the amazing multipanel digipak of Hindsight!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Genocide SS

Hail the new storm, 1997
We are born of hate, 1999
Superstar destroyer, 2002
ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in 2011 !!!! No this blog and I are not dead yet. No posting for the past days as Marielle, my heavy metal wife, and I just spent some hot vacations roasting our lazy asses under the communist sun of Cuba - back in the snow with sunburns and rum bottles ! Awesome beaches, warm ocean, unlimited alcohol, ugly food and not a single advertisement board in sight anywhere, fuck yeah! So - a heavy new year and all the best for this new prime number year to everyone around, cheers !
Speaking of vacations, check out this crazy heavy metal cruise : 70000 Tons of Metal. If you or someone you know does it, please report!

Let's start fresh with the total party thrashing punk of Genocide Superstars and their magnificent 3 albums of headbanging beer'motorcycle'punk'rock'n'roll. The spirit of Turbonegro, the warts of Motörhead and the intensity of Disfear, bang your head on your liver!!! The second album features an awesome cover of the 'hit' from Rogue Male 'Crazy Motorcycle' (which I had the privilege to see and hear live in 1985). If you watch that great show 'Sons Of Anarchy', you must listen to Genocide SS after each episode (mixed with a couple of Rollins Band albums, as Henry plays the neo nazi bad guy in SOA season 2 - and he's awesome, what a FACE!). Speedfreak motherfingering hard rocking punk thrashing ZEERRRRRRRERRrrrRrRrrR!!R R! R! R !r R!R!R!R rrRRRRR rRrRRR!R!R!R!R!R!R r!R !R!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.

C'est l'heure du goûter !


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