Friday, June 27, 2014


Mindwar - Mindwar 1992
Mindwar - Degeneration 1994
01. Mindwar - Mindwar, 1992 CD EP
     Mindwar - none
02. Mindwar - Degeneration, 1994 CD Album
     XNO Records - XNO 94-07-1
Previously posted 5 years ago, long requested, finally rezerred with much rejoicing. The EP is still good, but the Degeneration album is greater than ever, it seems to get better and better with age (mine or his?). This is indeed one incredible release for fans of Bl'ast! and Rollins Band, and to some extent Damnation AD. But it's much greater than the mere digestion of influences, it is a true 90s hardcore masterpiece, even by 80s purists standards. It is massive and incisive, groovy but dark (no jumping Biohazard shit), and extremely well executed and produced. It deserves a full auditorium in Eternal Top Ten Zer City, and if you allow me a little blasphemy, it is much greater than the unreleased parts of the triple LP reissue of the first Bl'ast! album (which I will post soon, yes). Now get trampled by the Mindwar hammer, zer!
!ZER Mindwar ZER!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Geriatric Unit

Geriatric Unit - Life Half Over EP 2007
Geriatric Unit - Nuclear Accidents EP 2007
Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage 2008
Geriatric Unit - Permethrin Blues 2009
Geriatric Unit - Audit Of Enemies 2010
01. Geriatric Unit - Life Half Over EP, 2007 CD EP
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC020
02. Geriatric Unit - Nuclear Accidents EP, 2007 CD EP
     Social Bomb Records, Violent Change - SBR-010, VC006
03. Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage, 2008 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC027
04. Geriatric Unit - Permethrin Blues, 2009 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC043
05. Geriatric Unit - Audit Of Enemies, 2010 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage, Social Bomb Records - BTRC055, SBR020
!ZER Geriatric Unit ZER!
Another old request refilled: the hardcore all-star band that involves ex Heresy and Iron Monkey personnel. The result is an array of Ripcord sounding discs, without the frantic speed of Heresy nor the sludge avalanche of Iron Monkey. It totally sounds like Ripcord. Are you a Ripcord fan? You are a Geriatric Unit fan. Are you not a Ripcord fan? WHAT?
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PS: as a follow-up to previous remarks about the economically impaired, if interested in the nature and mechanics of money and banking, this is very interesting.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


OVO - Cicatrici 2004
OVO - Miastenia 2006
OVO - Crocevia 2008
OvO - Cor Cordium 2011
OVO - Abisso 2013
01. OVO - Cicatrici, 2004 CD Album
     Bar La Muerte, Ebria Records - bar27, Bronto - 002
02. OVO - Miastenia, 2006 CD Album
     Load Records - Load 091
03. OVO - Crocevia, 2008 CD Album
     Load Records - Load 120
04. OvO - Cor Cordium, 2011 CD Album
     Supernatural Cat - CAT 010
05. OVO - Abisso, 2013 CD
     Supernatural Cat - CAT 016CD
Yesterday was Swans day in Montreal. Noisy abrasion and bleeding eardrums, great evening! So, since I'm too lazy to post the Swans themselves, it seems relevant to pump some OvO today. This Italian duet purveys all the delicious cerebral fix you'd expect from the doom workshop of the asylum for schizophrenic black metal Martians. No, it's not metal at all, but it is as evil as anything metal. I don't want to waste your time and mine trying to describe their sound, just listen to the albums, especially the last 3, and experience aural astralsturbation. OvO are insane and a constant spin at the Church, an awesome monster predominantly über zer. Buy their stuff, smoke uranium, eat tomato sauce. Trivial Pursuit: Alan Dubin appears on the new album, on the most Khanatesque part. Now listen to their newest release:
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Continue with more neurotic short-circuits:

And now for something completely different: Body Count Tendencies!

PS: shit! This is post #1313! What do the stars say? Is it bad luck or good luck?

Monday, June 16, 2014


Various Artists - Impact / Questa E' La Loro Speculazione Di Morte! 1983
Impact - Solo Odio 1985
Impact - Attraverso L'Involucro 1986
Impact - Tutto Tace 1990
Impact - Inganno Senza Fine 1991
Impact - 80 - 87 2004
01. Various Artists - Impact / Questa E' La Loro Speculazione Di Morte!, 1983
     Not On Label, Not On Label - none, none, Compilation
     Contains 12 songs by: Impact, Eu's Arse, The
02. Impact - Solo Odio, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Chaos Produzioni - 4
03. Impact - Attraverso L'Involucro, 1986 Vinyl 12" EP 45 RPM
     Blu Bus - BLU BUS 06
04. Impact - Tutto Tace, 1990 Vinyl LP Album
     TVOR On Vinyl - TVOR 012
05. Impact - Inganno Senza Fine, 1991 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Circus - CIRCUS 04
06. Impact - 80 - 87, 2004 CD Compilation
     E.U. '91 Produzioni - E.U. 022
     1-10 from "Solo Odio" LP 1985, 11-17 from "Attraverso L'Involucro" 12" 1987, 18 from "P.E.A.C.E." international comp. 2xLP 1984, 19-24 from Impact / Eu's Arse - Split 7'' 1983, 25-34 from Demo 15-3-1982 (unreleased), 35-36 from pre-Impact - Rehearsal 1980
An old, old request finally rezerred! Extra classic Italian 80s hardcore, what else? Indigesti and Wretched fans are also Impact fans and vice-versa. The last album & 7" are more polished and metallized, but the early stuff is 150% of the essential Roman Empire thrashosaure we've always cherished. Impact til zer!
!ZER Impact ZER!
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Monday, June 9, 2014


Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed 1986
Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed 1986/1987
Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed 1987
01. Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed, 1986 CD Compilation x 3
     Marquee Records - MR045
     Reissue from 2008 - Live
02. Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed, 1986/1987 CD Compilation x 3
     Marquee Records - MR045
     Reissue from 2008 - Demo A Creation Of Ripping Death + Demo Re-Creation Of Ripping Death + LP Dispensible Bloodshed
03. Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed, 1987 CD Compilation x 3
     Marquee Records - MR045
     Reissue from 2008 - Live
Another death thrashing zerness day! By request, here is the other Devastation, the one it was fancy to prefer to the "regular" Devastation. This Devastation is a bit more death metal according to 80s standards, and surely one of the pioneers of the genre. Their discography is so short that there are two live CDs in this box set (bootleg sound quality), but the demos/LP CD is what you need most. Enjoy this fast and raw thrashing death all the way to final zerification!
!ZER Devastation ZER!
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More devastation:

Now, for our positively anti-money friend from the comments of the Unholy post and like minded people, the Gapminder website could be useful starting points to understand why Walt-Disney-Marxism is not an interesting option, excerpts:

Friday, June 6, 2014


Bloodcum - Debut E.P. 1987
Bloodcum - Death By A ... Clothes Hanger 1988
01. Bloodcum - Debut E.P., 1987 Vinyl 12" EP 33 RPM Reissue
     Wild Rags Records - WRR-002
02. Bloodcum - Death By A ... Clothes Hanger, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Wild Rags Records - WRR008
Maximum triplazer for today is the NATIONAL DAY OF SLAYER! It is therefore very appropriate to have some Bloodcum (featuring Tom Araya's brother as you all Slayer experts already know). We're in for a short blast of furious crossover thrash mixing early Slayer (yes) with D.R.I. and/or Wehrmacht and Subvert. Even if Bloodcum are not as great as any of the aforementioned knights of eternal Zerism, these tunes are refreshing kicks in the butt in this hot Spring day. NB: all the songs of the 12" appear with a better mix on the Clothes Hanger LP. Also, the two sides of the 12" are identical, please do not leave a comment to ask for side B. About begging comments, I am flabbergasted by the never ending stream of visitors asking for reloads despite the explicit directives displayed on this page. To all apes: RTFM, NOT YOUR ASTRAL THEME! Or buy the hard drive with 5000 FLAC rips, or invoke the spirit of your favorite magician. Anyway... THRASH TIL ZER!
C'est la Saint-Slayer! SLAYER! SLAYER! SLAYER!
!ZER Bloodcum ZER!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Iceburn Collective, The - Burn - Fall 1991
Iceburn Collective, The - Firon 1992
Iceburn Collective, The - Hephaestus 1993
Various Artists - Split 1994
Iceburn Collective, The - Poetry Of Fire 1995
Iceburn Collective, The - Meditavolutions 1996
Iceburn Collective, The - Land Of Wind And Ghosts 2002
01. Iceburn Collective, The - Burn - Fall, 1991 Vinyl 7"
     Victory Records - VR06
02. Iceburn Collective, The - Firon, 1992 CD Album
     Victory Records - VR08CD
03. Iceburn Collective, The - Hephaestus, 1993 CD Album
     Revelation Records - Revelation: 27
04. Various Artists - Split, 1994
     Revelation Records, Revelation Records - REVELATION:34, Rev:34, Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: Engine Kid, Iceburn Collective, The
05. Iceburn Collective, The - Poetry Of Fire, 1995 CD Album
     Revelation Records - Revelation:36
06. Iceburn Collective, The - Meditavolutions, 1996 CD Album
     Revelation Records - Revelation: 49
07. Iceburn Collective, The - Land Of Wind And Ghosts, 2002 CD Album
     The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd. - MTNCIA-24
The awesomeness in the first two Iceburn albums reaches downtown Eternal Zer Top Ten City. Somewheretime in the tesseract of Melvins and Into Another evolves this creature of large haunting heaviness. Then things degrade a bit (or a lot) in my opinion. The noisy improvisation of the following releases never worked for me. I keep these CDs because I like to have Iceburn discs on my Iceburn shelf, but I never listen to them. Firon and Hephaestus are way too great in comparison. Fire zer on!
!ZER Iceburn Collective, The ZER!
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