Thursday, March 30, 2017


Despite - The Last Breath.. - 1999
Despite - The Destroyers Will Be Destroyed - 2000
Despite, Hellbound - Bloodshed - 2002
Despite - No Promise Of Tomorrow - 2004
01. Despite - The Last Breath.., 1999 Vinyl 7" EP
     Diabloarchy Records - DR 002
02. Despite - The Destroyers Will Be Destroyed, 2000 Vinyl LP Album
     Six Weeks - SW-33
03. Despite, Hellbound - Bloodshed, 2002 Vinyl LP Album
     Civilisation Records, Powerblast Records, Tobacco Shit Records - CR 019, PBR 001, TSR 17 , Compilation
     Contains 12 songs by: Despite, Hellbound
04. Despite - No Promise Of Tomorrow, 2004 CD Album
     Crimes Against Humanity Records - CAHRECS021
Crust til death! Vicious, primitive dis-thrash that resonates like a faster Disgust and thus delivers the entire spectrum of variations of how to be pissed off with amplifiers. Relentless triplazer attack of short blasts of Extreme Noise Discharge worship to fry the interior of the skull!
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!ZER Despite, Hellbound ZER!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ten Years After + Ten Years Later

Ten Years After - Stonedhenge - 1968
Ten Years After - A Space In Time - 1971
Ten Years After - Recorded Live - 1973
Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green - 1970
Ten Years After - Watt - 1970
Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music To The World - 1972
Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations - 1974
Ten Years After - Ssssh. - 1975
Alvin Lee - Pump Iron! - 1975
Alvin Lee, Ten Years Later - Rocket Fuel - 1978
Alvin Lee, Ten Years Later - Ride On - 1979
01. Ten Years After - Stonedhenge, 1968 Vinyl LP Album
     Deram, London Records - DES 18021, DES 18021
02. Ten Years After - A Space In Time, 1971 Vinyl LP Album Reissue
     Columbia - WKC 30801
03. Ten Years After - Recorded Live,1973 Vinyl LP Album Reissue x 2
     Columbia, Columbia - C2X 32288, C2X32288
04. Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green, 1970 Vinyl LP Album
     Deram, Deram - DES 18038, DES. 18038
05. Ten Years After - Watt, 1970 Vinyl LP Album Stereo
     Deram - XDES. 18050
06. Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music To The World, 1972 Vinyl LP Album
     Columbia - KC 31779
07. Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations, 1974 Vinyl LP Album
     Columbia - PC 32851
08. Ten Years After - Ssssh., 1975 Vinyl LP Album
     Chrysalis - CHM 41083
09. Alvin Lee - Pump Iron!, 1975 Vinyl LP Album
     Columbia - KC 33796
10. Alvin Lee, Ten Years Later - Rocket Fuel, 1978 Vinyl LP Album
     RSO - RS-1-3033
11. Alvin Lee, Ten Years Later - Ride On, 1979 Vinyl LP Album
     RSO - RS-1-3049
Hippie day, happy day! Classic blues & rocking nut restrained psychedelia for you,your grandmother and me. Absolutely brilliant and sweet, extremely recommended to pause between five-hours-Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu marathons. Some cheese may surface on the last two records but the classy instrumentation, especially in the pristine guitars department, is always succulent, This is one amazing trip to the future of the past. Ageless music, drugs put to good use!
If anyone has FLACs of the first two LPs, I am interested.
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!ZER Ten Years After, Alvin Lee, Ten Years Later ZER!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Ramesses - Ramesses II / Master (Your Demons) - 2003
Ramesses, Negative Reaction - Ramesses / Negative Reaction - 2003
Ramesses - The Tomb - 2005
Ramesses - We Will Lead You To Glorious Times - 2005
Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy - 2007
Ramesses - Take The Curse - 2010
Ramesses - Possessed By The Rise Of Magik - 2011
01. Ramesses - Ramesses II / Master (Your Demons), 2003 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM
     PsycheDOOMelic - PSY 006
02. Ramesses, Negative Reaction - Ramesses / Negative Reaction, 2003 CD Mini-Album
     PsycheDOOMelic - PSY 007 , Compilation
     Contains 4 songs by: Ramesses, Negative Reaction
03. Ramesses - The Tomb, 2005 CD Album
     Invada - INV018CD
04. Ramesses - We Will Lead You To Glorious Times, 2005 CD Mini-Album Enhanced
     This Dark Reign Recordings - TDR-17
05. Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy, 2007 CD Album
     Feto Records - FETO 005
06. Ramesses - Take The Curse, 2010 CD Album
     Ritual Productions - RITE001CD
07. Ramesses - Possessed By The Rise Of Magik, 2011 CD Album
     Ritual Productions - RITE010
Day of doom, day of sludge! Ramesses was formed by members of Electric Wizard (and then With The Dead). They deliver a darker, more morbid and a little less stoner version of the sludge doom avalanche. It is very raw, very suffering and very creepy, like a Cathedral show at a lepers convention in 1990. But it is not the funeral doom of the Mournful Congregation sort. It sounds more like disgusting slow sickness than about being already dead. There are too many smoldering variations and sonic angles to fit a procession to the cemetery. The bodies in the basement are still moving. Some calculation elevated Take The Curse to the highest position in this arsenal. Awesomeness in the slow dirge of decaying triplazer hopeless maladies!
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!ZER Ramesses ZER!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Uncle Slam + Oncle Slam

Uncle Slam - Say Uncle - 1988
Uncle Slam - Say Uncle - 1988
Oncle Slam - First Attack - 1989
Uncle Slam - Will Work For Food - 1993
Uncle Slam - When God Dies - 1995
01. Uncle Slam - Say Uncle, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Caroline Records - CAROL 1354
02. Uncle Slam - Say Uncle, 1988 CD Album Reissue Remastered Enhanced Limited Edition
     Divebomb Records, Tribunal Records - DIVE007, none
     Reissue from 2010
03. Oncle Slam - First Attack, 1989 Vinyl LP Album
     Jungle Hop International - JH 116
04. Uncle Slam - Will Work For Food, 1993 CD Album
     Restless Records - 7 72718-2
05. Uncle Slam - When God Dies, 1995 CD Album
     Medusa Records, Restless Records - 7 72773-2, 7 72773-2
Fans of Suicidal Tendencies and Excel wake up! Uncle Slam shared many members with ST and they sound like an extension of the Join The Army / Laugh Tomorrow era. And a lot like early Excel too. And at times a bit like Beowulf and Re-Animator. Did I forget anyone? Ah yes there are accents of 24/7 Spyz on When God Dies. Great crossover from start to finish, especially the first classic album. Crossozer maximumizer triplet of rezer!
Oncle Slam are a completely separate band, only crafted here for poetic reasons. They operated in the NYHC sub-division, and they were from France. Excellent male energy, fast & raw sounding hardcore, obviously influenced by early Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All. This album is surprisingly good if you know the crap that was released in France at this time and more than matches what the NYC scene was doing at the same time.
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!ZER Oncle Slam, Uncle Slam ZER!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Embalmer - There Was Blood Everywhere - 1997
Embalmer - 13 Faces Of Death - 2006
Embalmer - Emanations From The Crypt - 2016
01. Embalmer - There Was Blood Everywhere, 1997 CD Compilation
     Relapse Records - RR 6970-2
02. Embalmer - 13 Faces Of Death, 2006 CD Album Limited Edition
     Pathos Productions - PP 013 CD
03. Embalmer - Emanations From The Crypt, 2016 CD Album
     Hells Headbangers - HELLS 166
Grinding gore fest! Requested, zerred. From the deepest innards of grindcore emerge Embalmer and we must follow their trail of flesh and blood every 10 years. The frontal aggression is always welcome, we gladly receive in our general direction these symphonies of thickness while the ancient ghosts of Repulsion and General Surgery hover at a reasonable distance. Emanations is the most formidable monster among this trio of sonicannibalism. A true red dripping diamond of blasting horror and juicy chainsaws! Sanitize your aural conduits right now, welcome to the Embalmer dashing flesh feast!
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!ZER Embalmer ZER!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hell No

Hell No - Skin Job - 1992
Hell No - ¡Adios Armageddon! - 1995
01. Hell No - Skin Job, 1992 Vinyl LP Album
     Wardance, Wardance - WAR 005, WARDANCE 5
02. Hell No - ¡Adios Armageddon!, 1995 Vinyl LP Album
     Reservoir, X-Mist Records - RSVR 007, none
Excellency from the 90s, hell yes we can! Add to a slab of Swiz the vibe from early Fugazi and cook twice: zer! NYC-made DC-sounding hardcore tastes great and rocks to reach out to fans of anything from the Rollins Band to Die 116 to Beefeater. Zer again!
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!ZER Hell No ZER!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Big fat novelty post: Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu, Nuclear, Bethlehem, Tetsu Arrey, Birushanah, Razor, Darkthrone, Onslaught, Putrevore, OvO, Power Trip, The Levitation Hex, Acid Drinkers, Cultes Des Ghoules

Nuclear - Jehovirus - 2010
鉄アレイ - IV - 2014
Birushanah - Makyo - 2015
Putrevore - Tentacles Of Horror - 2015
兀突骨 - Where Warriors Once Dreamed A Dream = 兵ドモガ夢ノ跡 - 2016
Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder - 2016
Bethlehem - Bethlehem - 2016
Bethlehem - Bethlehem - 2016
Onslaught - Live At The Slaughterhouse - 2016
Acid Drinkers - Peep Show - 2016
The Levitation Hex - Cohesion - 2016
OVO - Creatura - 2016
Razor - Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪最高 - 2016
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic - 2017 Cultes Des Ghoules - The Rise Of Lucifer - 2015
Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love - 2016
Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love - 2016
01. Nuclear - Jehovirus, 2010 CD Album
     Australis Records - AUS007
02. 鉄アレイ - IV, 2014 CD Album
     Break The Records - BTR-028
03. Birushanah - Makyo, 2015 Vinyl LP x 2
     SuperFi Records - none
     CD rip!
04. Putrevore - Tentacles Of Horror, 2015 CD Album
     Xtreem Music - XM 193 CD
05. 兀突骨 - Where Warriors Once Dreamed A Dream = 兵ドモガ夢ノ跡, 2016 CD Album
     B.T.H. - BTH-061
06. Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder, 2016 CD Album
     Peaceville, Peaceville - cdvilef568, CDVILEF568
07. Bethlehem - Bethlehem, 2016 CD Album, CD, Box Set Limited Edition Special Edition
     Prophecy Productions - PRO202LU
08. Bethlehem - Bethlehem, 2016 CD Album, CD, Box Set Limited Edition Special Edition
     Prophecy Productions - PRO202LU
     Bonus CD
09. Onslaught - Live At The Slaughterhouse, 2016 CD Album, DVD DVD-Video
     AFM Records - AFM 516-7
10. Acid Drinkers - Peep Show, 2016 CD Album
     Makumba Music - MAKUCD 004
11. The Levitation Hex - Cohesion, 2016 CD Album
     High Roller Records - HRR 471 CD
12. OVO - Creatura, 2016 CD Album
     Dio Drone - DIODRONE040
13. Razor - Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪最高, 2016 CD Album Limited Edition
     Rock Stakk Records, Rock Stakk Records - RSRCD 0011, RSRCD0011
14. Power Trip - Nightmare Logic, 2017 CD Album
     Southern Lord - LORD236
15. Cultes Des Ghoules - The Rise Of Lucifer, 2015 CD EP
     Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions - none
16. Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love, 2016 CD Album x 2
     Hells Headbangers - HELLS 190
17. Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love, 2016 CD Album x 2
     Hells Headbangers - HELLS 190
At last! Exceptional crop of new or complementary meganoise today! I am acquiring the Nuclear oputput in reverse chronological order, here comes the penultimate album Jehovirus, as much a Slayer clone as the ripping Formula For Anarchy, maybe a little less intense, still absolutely headbanging, great stuff! Now for the new stuff: Tetsu Arrey were already back in 2014 with another load of their juicy hardcore punk, still very much under the umbrella of Poison Idea, Nippon style - to be consumed avidly. More Japanese destruction with the latest Birushanah: I might say "more doom", but it would put an unfair limit on what they do. it is slow and mesmerizing, and also very intensely engaging through their trademark cyclone of burning sounds. Perfection in the doomnado! NB: I was too lazy to enter the CD version on Discogs, this is not the vinyl rip. Time for total death: Putrevore attack the meat with a successor to the merciless Macabre Kingdom of 2012 with these awesome Tentacles Of Horror. Complete crushing in true Grave format! Complete winner of straightforward dirty sleazy catchy deathgasm! Kill again! Now the one that was the most anticipated appearance on this blog is the new deadly, invincible release by the thrash metal masters Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu. This album is the most perfect prototype of modernized thrash massacre one can dig from the bowels of the underground. Incredible energy, addictive monster riffs, relentless pummeling, irrepressible vocal invasion and these unmatched bass lines: it is all there, and more. Another step upward from their previous black diamonds! With the perfect production and artwork, your meat must now surrender. Bow down to the ultimate death thrash FUCK YEAH!!! Darkthrone are also back in great shape. The Arctic Thunder returns to their more primal side, in comparison to the fantastic heavy metal-charged epicness of The Underground Resistance. First class black ashes to ashes, dead dust to dust! However it is eclipsed by the new monument from Bethlehem. This unbelievable thing was totally unexpected from me, and it reaches new altitudes in the zeriverse of evilgasm. This album is only too good to be true : old fashioned Bethlehem rejuvenated by a new line-up surrounding Bartsch with all the incisive riffing, massive tanks of grave rhythms, crazy female vokills into the trademark hypnotism and non-detachable melodies that is Bethlehem's secret weapon. Welcome the return of the mortal heavy blackness ultimatizer!!! FUCK JA!!! And Onslaught grace us with a killer live release that surpasses the previous killer live release of 2009 - old songs, new songs, non-stop thrashing, exponential riffs and thermonuclear devastation of the planet earth! The Poles in Acid Drinkers are back too with a new collection of thrashing metal in their own fashion - it rocks, it rolls and it cancels again any attempt by Metallica to remain relevant (yeah there was new Metallica too, do not waste your time and drink this acid instead). Acid Drinkers party! The Levitation Hex offers us a new and outstanding continuation to their amazing debut, which confirms at the same time the similitude and the departure from a simple continuation of Alchemist. Cohesion is a masterpiece of Voivodian size. I used already too many time the words "awesome" and "amazing" today but what am I supposed to say about such a grand album? It rocks you to death in a desert full of agile scorpions that inhabit dried up skulls of vanquished beasts, this is what it is. Superior and ripe for manic compression. Then there is the new OvO: non-metal noise for lovers of noise that is not metal but still mincing and gritting and possessing. Less doom than before, but more nerve splitting and meat chewing. Their new sonic experiments will only dissolve other parts of thy corpse. Also completely unexpectedly, a live release by Razor just surfaced and those, like me, who feared a crappy bootleg can stop anguishing and start thrashing. This is an official release and it rips from start to finish. You have not heard Razor that fast and furious! Most of the hits are there in such a deadly fashion that you will play the album twice in a row! A-MA-ZING classic thrash attack! 2017 is the return of Power Trip... and it is a trip into the most powerful thrash metal of the new generation! They surpass here the already overwhelming class of Manifest Decimation. This Logic is even more intense and heavier while retaining clear distinctions between songs. Short, sharp, perfect reformulation of the Cro-Mags riffing and hammering from Best Wishes with the heaviness of Obituary and Onslaught and a singer that could fit in Ringworm. Killer thrashing rezer!! And finally, let us welcome the new black monoliths from Cultes Des Ghoules: the mcd features a couple of nasty songs that serve as a great introduction to the incredible extension of the darkness on Coven. First, this spectacular album comes into a fantastic digibook, but more essentially crushes the listener into the crypts of x rays with a truly epic black metal opera. But no, fear not the synths, keyboards and clean, uber produced approach, no, this is Cultes Des Ghoules! This is fucking dirty, bleeding, decaying and haunted by the ghosts of a thousand expert beasts with horns! Possessed by the eternal black death forever corpsezerrer!!!
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!ZER Birushanah,Nuclear,Power Trip,Darkthrone,The Levitation Hex,兀突骨,OVO,Acid Drinkers,Onslaught,Putrevore,鉄アレイ,Razor,Bethlehem ZER!


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