Monday, May 26, 2014


Unholy - From The Shadows 1993
Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power 1994
Unholy - Rapture 1997
Unholy - Gracefallen 1999
01. Unholy - From The Shadows, 1993 CD Album
     Lethal Records - LRC 003
02. Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power, 1994 CD Album
     Avantgarde Music - AV005
03. Unholy - Rapture, 1997 CD Album Reissue
     Peaceville - CDVILED345
     Reissue from 2011 - includes two live bonus tracks
04. Unholy - Gracefallen, 1999 CD Album
     Avantgarde Music - AV036
It is disappointing, the turnout to European elections was slightly higher than before (%43.1). Poor bastards. What does it take to stop this voting circus? More corruption, war and poverty? A trip to 2505? Fucking abstain!!! So the collective neuron shrunk again, and so it is very appropriate to have a funeral doom soundtrack today. Let us get devoured by Unholy's death march. Unholy were the very welcome successors of Paradise lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema at a time when these early heroes of the doom metal aristocracy started to explore lighter things that were not very satisfactory to us, the consumers of death doom in need of more death doom, not less. Unholy were death doom experts and their albums are eternal classics of death and doom, their first two releases closely matching the first two Paradise Lost masterpieces. Thank you very much Unholy for all this doom and all this death. I think Rapture is my favorite for its sheer accomplishment in doom and death, but I am not certain. Only death and taxes are certain.
!ZER Unholy ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [endless ring of zer]

Drop the screen! Read a book!


  1. The political machine is so well fed (at least in Portugal , where I'm from) that there will never be possible to simply not vote, Saramago some years ago suggested that, everyone considered him a lunatic. I've always been an abstentive number, but for the last two elections I vote in the ones that are more against this "Europe" (safegarding my own belifs).
    As always keep on feeding us with your great work.

  2. Indeed, if voting could change anything, it would be banned!

    but at the same time, if you want things to change in France, you gotta have to put Lepen in power. Unfortunatly, it's only way to have real riots that can turn into revolution that will make things change... N'est ce pâââs....

  3. I don't believe in violent revolution (but Kreator are still cool). It only puts new assholes in power and many people die in the process. I believe in Charles Darwin and gradual political erosion: progressively reduce the wingspan of the state until it totally dissolves into real life. No trauma for the people, no bloodshed, no catastrophic bullshit. Mindful and voluntary apolitical organization of society for peace, love and black metal.
    Jean-Marine Le Pen is a communist bitch just like any shithead who salivates for political power and she deserves the same treatment: tar & feathers.
    Stop the madness. Eradicate war and worldwide misery. Pull the plug on political parasites and let them dry.

    1. yeah he is no better and so is his daughter. that why all the idiot who voted for him in hope for a change are going to be really pissed off they will really they are just another ordinary politicians that will change fuck all. but since a good bunch of people are quite stupid, you gotta have to prove them that for them to understand and only way to do so is to put them in power.
      and when people will stop to believe in politician, then we will able to try to talk to them to forget about money because it's just another unrealistic concept, like god and that bank notes are just nice toilet paper.

    2. Money is a practical tool to trade with other people. The alternative is to barter and this way too slow and ineffective.
      The problem is not money but the criminal use of force to control and extort it. This is what politicians do. All of them.

    3. money is an idea of the past, when the world was a big & empty place and goodies were scares & hard to make.
      money is also the nerve of wars and a tool of power.

      if mankind was to become part of Humanity, it gotta have to learn to live without it!

    4. Accusing money is like accusing a hammer. Politicians abuse power and declare wars. Politicians are the thing of the past.
      Things are easy to make today because we have this thing called money to trade rapidly.
      If you have a better idea than money to efficiently exchange value, I'm all ears.

    5. things are easy to make today because we have efficient tools to make them and we have organize ourselves.

      so let's be even smarter... since we will always have to work to build ourselves what we need, simply make mandatoryfor eveyone to work the number of hours per week or day to build the goodies that we need, let's mecanized work as much as possible so it is not physically a pain in the ass to do the job and in return let's the people have all they want in the world. give them a house, the food, a car, etc. grant them their basic needs. which shouldn't be that hard to fullfill since once you have a car, a tv, you don't need one anymore (of course until it broken) so you won't have to waste that much of a workforce building those so plenty of workers will be there to be used for the real basic need which is why i'm quite confident this way should work.
      right now we're only thinking locally (in terms of country) and act globally to reach our goal. let's think globally (the world have that amount of natural resources, we can exctract that much per year, grow that amount of grain etc) and act locally so that the main goal of giving everyone what they need to live can be reached.

    6. "things are easy to make today because we have efficient tools to make them and we have organize ourselves."
      All this thanks to money that allowed to quickly exchange value. If we were still bartering, we'd be 10,000 years behind.

      "simply make mandatory": this is were everything goes wrong. Who decides and enforces what, when and how to produce?

    7. so you're saying that if we have powerfull computer or the internet, it is because we have money???
      those things were invented because at one moment in time we needed machines to calculate things for us and internet was just a quicker way to communicate things. so nothing to do with money. and actually money is more than a drag. you can have the workforce to built things, the priamr matter to build them but if you don't have the money or if it cost too much (especially if you have to sold what you built), you do fuck all! you have also forgotten that industrial revolution occured during XIX th century, before than the tool/world we
      had was quite rudimentary. especially if you think that money was invented (sorry don't know when it was invented) at least 2000 years before than... money was just convinent because it allow you to get that corn despite the guy having it wanted something you didn't have.
      who decided what is built?? for the system to work, you will need people doing statistics & maths so you can allocate primar matter to different sector (just like we do right now expect now it's the one that have the most money that get the most of goodie). for the rest, it will basically the same as now, people organizing factory, thinking on how to best produce goodies, etc. the only difference is that you don't have to think in term of rentability but only have to think about avoiding waiting people time, avoiding wasting primar matter & the environmental impact.
      what to built??? what the people need of course. the most needed 1st, then according to whats left, a fair percentage of the rest.
      something i keep forgetting about (and so you do), thing about what 3d printer are going to be to do and how it will help us building things.

      "this is were everything goes wrong".... thats quite a surprising sentence for someone wanting to live without politicians!

    8. You are describing the central planning of the USSR. NB: the iron curtain fell and the Eastern bloc collapsed.
      I visited East Berlin in 1988, it was ridiculous. Stores with nothing to sell, restaurants who refused customers because they had no incentive to work, but a strong and kicking black market were people were bartering tires for furniture and shoes for food.
      "Math & statistics" are not magic, neither is the software programming that would make the calculations (believe me, I am a software engineer, it is just a dumb tool like a hammer, or money) you need to feed this with premises and criteria, chosen by whom? And what if this calculation decides that guitars and records must not be made anymore? You nod in agreement and start reading astrology books? What if books are banned too?
      Central planning is a failure. You need a lot of police to tame that crazy population who would naturally divert form the plan and politicians to brainwash them. This is where everything goes wrong.
      Please describe a day in this happy life without money.

    9. coud look like USSR but you forgot something, USSR used money!!!!! heres the whole fucking difference. when you use money, it's not really what you do that is important, it's only the fact to own money that is. this is why you always ends up with corruption, criminal gangs like the mafia and forced prostitution.
      without money things like that are more likely not to happen as people will be free to have all they want from what is produced in the world (ok for some things you might had to wait up to some weeks to get them).
      for it to work, the system has to use on the whole planet, not at country level, this is also why USSR was a fail.

      math & statistic are not magic, but it's the only way to have things done. according the number of tons of lead you can get each year, you can built that number of car each year using that workforce. the aim being the number of car you have to built so eveyrone can have one. and you do that for each sector. you mechazine things to the extreme cuz working sux but as i said you want goodies, you have to built them so??? i still think it is smarter for each individual to do his fucking job with the idea that if every one is doing the same thing we can all we need and want for free instead of doing it only for the money so if you're lucky to have gather enough you can hope to buy what you need.

      we want a world without politician, so how in your world is going to make decision, says people have to be paid this. do you want to have that decision in the hand of bosses??? since you use money, you'll need to have banks and bankers. don't you know that those people are worse than politicians since they are the one pulling their string. since people will not want to do shit low paid job, nobody will be a sweeper so your world will be a dirty stinking shitty places like most third world crowntry. criminally will be high since was matter is money, not working so you will need cops to tame that population and what will you get, basically the same crap world we live in right now!

      describing the day in a free money world?? basically the same as you do right now unless if you're a lucky one that can offord to only work a few hours a week and still make a living, because at least at the beginning, i think we're going to be a bit short on workforce to be able to built everything we need (i'm not speaking of the mandatory, house, food, clothes but rather of the object we used to have fun)
      the main difference with the world we have right now is tha fact you won't have plenty of brand of car (for example) to choose from. you 'll only have a few different model that will fit some type of use. sure people with shitty ego (ya know those one that need to be above everyone, like politician) will hate that but hey this time it's them that will have to grow instead of inforcing their shitty world upon us.

      in the msg before this one you said that money make thing go ahead, do you really thing that curious minds, people like tesla, einstein copenic were driven by money to do what they did or they only did it because they were curious of how things worked.

      there is a big difference between a hammer and money.... hammer is a physical object with a real function. money is imaginary (or if it not, please tell me where does it grow except in the head of those nutcased so called human being) whose function is only to trade goodies. it does not help create thing, it's pure concept.

    10. Yes Copernic, Victor Hugo, Slayer and Isaac newton did their things out of pure lust for knowledge and art, not money.
      The fact that we benefit from their genius is thanks to the market economy. Who said money is or should be the only incentive?

      For the rest, I strongly suggest that you watch the pencil movie and read the Market Anarchy book. In this book you will learn who make the decisions: all of us. Evil bosses and gang banks are only a nuisance because of the political power they have though government corruption. The global elite will disappear when it dissolves into Anarchy.

      Central planning is giving all the power to a handful of greedy bastards who think they know what's best for you. Central planning, like religion, makes good people do evil things. Central planning, with or without money, is a mental fallacy that inevitably leads to coercion, extortion, violent police state, military dictatorship and ultimately the bloodbath of civil war and revolution, just to start over with a new leadership.

    11. i totatly agree with what you say in 2nd paragraph, but not really with the last.
      no matter what you still to plan things, the thing is do it smartly if you want a society to fonction and give equality, respect, peace & freedom. those people planning thing in my conception, they ain't got no power, they only do the math & statistics, they only says car industry will have x ton of lead and x numbers of cars are needed. since you want equality, you know that workers have to do a certain number of hours of work per days, so some other people will says either we need some more people to built car or we have to much people to built car or even that will take that amount of weeks/month to reach that number. you set priority, food, housing, etc (what is most needed for people to live decently) 1st, then the toys to have fun second with what we have left of workforces and primar matter.
      it's the people that decide what they want but you need people to organize things so that equality is respected, otherwise you get a chaotic world like the one we live now everyone is doing his own little in his own corner. what do you get with that, crisis, war, anger, frustation....
      either people are intelligent enough to behave themselve and live together repectfully and then i'm convince that then we can get rid of money. (as i said money was only useful to get some grain when the guy having them didn't want any of the things you have, the rest is mainly just a drag. why some people should be paid more than other for the same amount of worktime??)
      either they cant, then money will be neccessary but in that case, we will still have politician cuz people will want politicians to lead them.

      by the way, my vision of society, it's not communism, it's humanism!

    12. Whatever you -ism, this is central planning through the use of force. Without coercion, nobody will follow your plan. Central planning is inherently evil and it is doomed to fail because no matter the amount of "maths & statistics", prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. On the other hand, the market attributes resources to what people want and gets rid of the superfluous. There is much less waste through the market than through central planning.
      "people are intelligent enough to behave themselve" then why not leave everyone conduct his own business without external interference, aka Anarchy?
      "why some people should be paid more than other" right, why should Slayer be paid more than Discharge? Maybe because of the mechanic of offer and demand?

    13. "why not leave everyone conduct his own business without external interference"
      because of money, mate. if you use money, the aim is to get more, so you don't get in trouble in the future, because your job/factory could become obsolete and you're not sure you're going to get another job that pays as good, because some people need to be above the rest and have to buy things more expensive than others... etc.
      i don't really understand where you see the use of force in my planning. it's more about gathering the info about all the raw materials (what i called erounously primar matter) we can extract and confrom the number with what the people need (that bit isn't guessing the future. car are needed, people that have one don't need one for a while, some need to change it, you need to built car, since you smart, the aim is to have a stock so you can provide it without delay. you then need to know how that number vary so you can anticipate. you know that if the stock don't get used for a while, suddenly you will have a big surge in demand, or if that number remains stable, theres a good chance is doen't not vary much.)
      the market still dictate things, no need to build things people don't want, but the 1st here, 1st served rule only lead to chaos. if you want society to function, you know you have to set priority, printing the latest slayer album is less important that building car, but ya know people as soon as they will heard there's a new slayer album, they all will want to get it and will want it as fast as possible . but it's not a good idea this happen if it slows down the production of you need someone to say, sorry folks but for the moment only 100 cds a month can be made. of course you can also say hey guy, the new slayer album is made, let's work 10 hours building car instead of 6 so some people building car and go to the cd factory so that in 2 month time we all have our copy of the cd. but in the end, we still need someone that know the number because the guy making car, they cant know what is needed to made those cd, either in raw materials or work time.
      i heard that amazon is going the mecanize its service and are going to fired 10000 person, in a society that use money, thats a disaster, cuz if these people don't get a job fast, they're fucked!
      without money, that a very good news, since that make 10000 person will could be used to built either something else which mean more goodies available or less working time for workers.

      why should Slayer be paid more than Discharge? Maybe because of the mechanic of offer and demand? yeah but here it is a bad example.... why do people that make nke shoes have to paid less than the guy desigining it??? sure without the latter, nike shoes won't sell, but without the 1st, they won't be made....if you pay them more, the final price will rise and less people will buy the shoes and if people stop making them becasue of the pay, no more nike shoe. and what if if thats the only job available in the area, you basically have to forced to get that job, if you want to continue to live here, you will still be forced by the system to take that shit job with low pay.
      hence why its better to get rid of of money, you only need people designing shoe and people making them, money is superfluous

    14. We are running in circles and getting nowhere!
      Your proposition is deeply flawed by the assumption that we, as individuals, all agree on the same priorities. But I do not care about cars, I don<t have a car, and to me Slayer albums are much more important than cars. So in your world, if I decided to start a factory to make Slayer stuff, I guess I would either be forbidden by force to do so, or your system would collapse.
      You Nike shoes example fails too because the designer and the makers offer different competences and the variations in scarcity makes their values on the market different (please do watch the I, Pencil short movie, see youtube link above). If it wasn't for political coercion, people living in Nike factories areas woul dbe better off, not treated as slaves or could leave to better places. Not beacause of money.
      You system works nicely in an anthill or with robots, not with conscious mammals.

      Last question, just for the sake of it: we are in your world without money and I go to the grocery store to get some food for my whole family. How much food can I take and what can I select? Can I take 2 kg of almond chocolate and 2 salmons? Who decides? When the new Slayer album comes out, I'd like to have all versions of the LP (the splatter red vinyl, the picture disc, the double 12" 45RPM) and of the CD (the digipak edition, the Japanese edition with 12 bonus tracks, the bloodpack edition), can I do that? There are only 500 picture discs made, who can get one?

    15. i just talk about car as an example, there are plenty of others things we have to built. you don't care about cars cuz you have a need for one, and??? do you use the software you help creating?? do you care about them?? i guess the only important is that you create them and that they work

      yep your slayer factory would somehow not be allowed if the basic need for the whole population isn't fullfilled. sorry you got more needed things to produce before. but if those needs are and there's a demand for it that is not fullfilled, why would it be banned??

      what you say about designer and makers of nike is valid in the world we live in, but to me that notion of value is bullshit. it basically only create tension, hate, jealousy etc.
      you seems to forgot that capilatism is about making money and neo slave labors making nike shoes is a very good thing for capitalists. and if those people were to work according to our standard, the price of nike shoes would not be the same and they would cost much more which means that leass people will be able to buy them which is plain stupid as what is important is that people have shoes that fit their need!
      you say it is because of political coersion, sorry but i don't see how your world of anarchy, things would change as since people use money, their aim in life is having at least enough money to life their life with a good number of people with aim of having always more money so they can be seen as better than the others. thats basically exactly the same world we are in.

      the problem is that you think my world with the look of today world. take what you need but don't take more than needed, yep you can take 2kg of chocolate & the 2 salmons. as i said, the main priority is fullfilling the basic need, food being #1 so if we see that there is a high demand for chocalate, more choclate will be produce. of course you cant produce an unlimited number of chocolate, no matter what. but at the same time, you don't need to take 2kg of chocolate since you should be able to get some everytime you go to the store.
      if the demand is bigger than production, then sure the guy doing the math will say, we can produce more chocolate, so now people will only be allowed to have that kg per week or month. in your world, if you go to the shop and don't find chocolate to buy, what do you fucking do?? but be sure that next time to go there, it price will be up and not sure this time you will have enough money to get it...sorry i still find that it's a better system than having only a few individuals that could get all they want, while a majority can get a bit of most thing (if they succeed into managing themselves into not spending all they money and that nothing bad happen to them) while another minority can get basically nothing at all, despite working their ass off. you know for sure that the one at the bottom will start not to play by the rules by stealing, killing just to be able to get what they want. no matter what system we live by, cops will be needed so lets be smart and built a system that give equality to people. at least they will be more tempted to live by the rules
      yep, with robots, thats the aim i believe so that we don't need to have to do all the shit, boring works that are still needed to be done.

      well i had in mind to have to slayer album be released on their webpage where you could download it in various format but since i know some people want to have it physically, we still can make a page where people could sign in to get a real cd or vinyl version. sorry no more japanese version with 13 bonus tracks but be sure you will be able to get those extra track from their site (of course if they want them to be spread)

    16. "do you use the software you help creating?? do you care about them?? "
      You have no idea how much I care about it, it is as personal as a piece of art. It is my brains in a machine. Then our customers buy it because they love the productivity gains it gives them. Why would anyone (your guy "doing the math") interfere in this process between consenting adults and decide if we should do it or not? How would your central committee of maths even be qualified to understand the complex processes we deal with?

      "the main priority is fullfilling the basic need, food being #1 so if we see that there is a high demand for chocalate, more choclate will be produce."
      All foods are not equal. Chocolate surely is not as important as carrots, or is it? How will your central maths committee be able to calculate this?
      Oh I see... by examining "that there is a high demand for chocalate". But this is exactly what a market is!

      "yep your slayer factory would somehow not be allowed" vs. "slayer album be released on their webpage"
      So, I am not allowed to press Slayer material (because the resources have been calculated to go to cars) but somehow other fields of the Slayer industry will be allowed to have resources allocations. You contradict yourself on so many levels I am leaving the discussion.
      Good luck in your Marxist dream. Be sure to make lots of guns and build many camps. Meanwhile, try to read a bit.

    17. again you miss my point but nevermind.

      it quite curious you send me a link where anarchy is stated to be the opposite of order as it is the exact opposite of what you think.
      on that link, it's one think to say that flase money shouldn't be use, it's be more interested to hear his opinion of why it had to be invented.
      if i have read correctly (and remember well what i have read) he says that making money from money shouldn't be allowed for the simple fact that money itself produce nothing. i'd be quite curious to see how your society could work if you cant borrow money (since you don't want bankers, how could you do this anyway).
      too bad he failed to see that what he call real money is just the same thing as false money, a fucking concept because gold is no money, gold is just a metal and the use that most people have of it is using it for buying things. it could have been something else, we just chose gold for reason since long forgotten. the closest thing we have that could be real money is time.
      money is just like god, something that have proven useful to force people to behave a certain way. and just like god, money is unneeded for the simple fact that as you said as concious mammals.
      we know that some things are scarce in this world. so if ain't able to make available for everyone, it is better to forget about that thing.

      you won't allowed to press your fucking slayer release not because things have been calculated to go to cars but because with what we 're able to get (in raw materials, workforces) it is wiser to use that resource to built some car. thats totally different. i sorry if you ain't able to look and think that car are more needed because they are needed so people can go to work, so the raw materials can be brought to were the factory that will transform them.

      i'd quite curious to learn who is going to pay for the cops in your society. the state if there is still one??? or maybe you'll wait till someone say, i'm going to make a busieness called police. who is going to pay for those camps called prisons. gonna make it a business too like it is now in california??

      no need for camp in mine (you're apparently too brainwashed with west world onlook that communism can only be what staline made of it). people that don't want to play the rules will work for money. of course we'll make sure they don't have enough money at the end of the month so they can learn that if they behave themself, if they act like concious mammals, they can have they fair share of everything, like everybody else.

      no matter what. you can always produce a certain amount of food, that amound being limited no matter what. you can say, 1kg is worth that price or for that price today you'll get that amount or you can say this is what have been produced so you can take that amount.
      i have make my choice i'd rather go with the latter and work for the aim that everybody has their basic need granted, work for the aim that every shit hard work can be mecanized so that we have more time to enjoy ourself & work so we can make society a better palce to live, not the oridinary jungle without tree where human apes roam with the illusion of freedom despite living in chains

  4. to vote or not to vote? I know a lot of anarchist don't vote. I also got the opinion that voting does not chance very much. but not voting chance also nothing. There are people that want to make a difference. I am from the nether lands and i voted for the party of the animals. The can not vote and they are the most victim of the neo - liberal capitalist super state that Europe seems to become. But voting alone is not enough. Keep protesting on fasist laws en rules in Europe. let the elite know not everybody is joining their party

    1. Anarchy and vote are incompatible. Anarchy is order without government, and voting endorses government. So claiming to be an anarchist while voting is like being a vegetarian who eats meat.
      Not voting is the answer to not endorsing mafia-states. If the spirit spreads, if fewer and fewer people play the democratic game, states will lose their (apparent) legitimacy, the system will gradually dissolve and people will gain the freedom to organize and conduct their own business.
      Just to be picky, "liberal" and "state" are incompatible in the same phrase. There is nothing liberal about a government, which is a monopolistic mafia who extorts, kidnaps and kills on larger scales than regular organized crime gangs. Europe is not becoming liberal, it is becoming a larger continental playground for the global elite.

  5. February 12, 2014

    Woodchuck Pirate Productions
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

    Album: Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else

    Song: Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else


    A conscious person realizes anarchy is not a campaign.
    The conflict remains statism versus freedom.
    There is nothing innocent about socialism.
    Why lift a finger to impede the cannibalism,
    of socialist versus socialist?
    No innocence found.

    Reason is not weak.
    Pragmatism (aversion to principle) is defeat.
    No valid philosophy can't be practiced to the nth degree.
    Anarcho-Capitalism or else.

    Choose your words carefully,
    lest you reveal capacity,
    for critical thinking,
    alarming your comrades,
    and raising suspicions,
    of your lack of committment,
    to fight and to die,
    ensuring your slavery.

    Anarcho-Capitalism or else.
    You fucking wolves.

    Collectivist suffering,
    cognitive dissonance,
    implementing socialism,
    while posturing as anarchists.
    Casting aspersions,
    at non-existent capitalists.
    No self respecting anarchist,
    will raise a finger,
    to impede extermination,
    of socialist wolves.

    Anarcho-Capitalism or else.
    You fucking wolves.

    Saving you from yourself,
    I have no volition,
    the architects of faith,
    have accepted your fate,
    unearned and unwanted,
    annoyed and rejecting,
    your pleas of entitlement,
    on your feet or your knees.
    You're all fucking wolves.

    Anarcho-Capitalism or else.
    You fucking wolves.

    Bill Gates can't stop smiling,
    Obama is drooling,
    GMO poison,
    paralyzing vaccines,
    testing the water,
    to gauge the obscene.
    Tyrants and dictators,
    have claims on your spleen.
    Pretend you don't owe it,
    but don't come to me.
    Remember you hate me.

    Anarcho-Capitalism or else,
    you fucking wolves.
    You're all fucking wolves.

    Who's first to use guillotines?

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA




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