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Warfare - Noise, Filth & Fury, E.P. - 1984
Warfare - Pure Filth - 1984
Warfare - Pure Filth - 1984
Warfare - Two Tribes (Metal Noise Mix) - 1984
Warfare - Total Death EP - 1985
Warfare - Metal Anarchy - 1985
Warfare - Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem - Hardcore 87 - 1986
Warfare - Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem - 1986
Warfare - A Conflict Of Hatred - 1988
Warfare - Deathcharge - 1991
Warfare - Deathcharge - 1991
Warfare - A Decade Of Decibels - 1993
Warfare - Hammer Horror - 1993
Warfare - Metal Anarchy: The Best Of Warfare - 2002
Warfare - Metal Anarchy: The Best Of Warfare - 2002
Warfare - Metal Anarchy - 2007
Warfare - Metal Anarchy The Original Metal Punk Sessions - 2015
Warfare - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos) - 2015
Warfare - Pure Filth From The Vaults Of Rabid Metal - 2015
Evo / Algy - Damned Unto Death - 2015
Evo - Warfare - 2017
01. Warfare - Noise, Filth & Fury, E.P., 1984 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM 45 RPM EP
     Neat Records - Neat 41
02. Warfare - Pure Filth, 1984 Vinyl LP
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9815 , Compilation
03. Warfare - Pure Filth, 1984 Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition, Vinyl 12" EP
     Banzai Records - BBRC 1923
     Banzaï Records version, slightly different track list than the Neat or RR version, and includes the Two Tribes 12''
04. Warfare - Two Tribes (Metal Noise Mix), 1984 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM
     Neat Records - Neat 45 (12")
05. Warfare - Total Death EP, 1985 Vinyl 12" EP 45 RPM
     Neat Records - Neat 49-12
06. Warfare - Metal Anarchy, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Neat Records - NEAT 1029
07. Warfare - Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem - Hardcore 87, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Neat Records - NEAT 1040
08. Warfare - Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem, 1986 CD Album Limited Edition Partially Unofficial
     Toxic Records - Toxic 099
     Reissue from 0
09. Warfare - A Conflict Of Hatred, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Neat Records - NEAT 1044
10. Warfare - Deathcharge, 1991 Vinyl LP Album
     R.K.T. Records - CMO 198
11. Warfare - Deathcharge, 1991 CD Album Partially Unofficial
     Toxic Records - TOXIC 100
     Reissue from 0
12. Warfare - A Decade Of Decibels, 1993 CD Compilation
     Bleeding Hearts Records - CDBLEED 8
     Rerecodings of 12 classic songs
13. Warfare - Hammer Horror, 1993 CD Album
     Silva America - SSD 1027
14. Warfare - Metal Anarchy: The Best Of Warfare, 2002 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music - CMDDD446
     Released in 2002, compiles songs from all records (too few from Mayhem!)
15. Warfare - Metal Anarchy: The Best Of Warfare, 2002 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music - CMDDD446
     Released in 2002, compiles songs from all records (too few from Mayhem!)
16. Warfare - Metal Anarchy, 2007 CD Album Remastered
     Castle Music - CMRCD 1536
     2007 reissue with 7 bonus tracks
17. Warfare - Metal Anarchy The Original Metal Punk Sessions, 2015 CD Album
     High Roller Records - HRR 453 CD
     1984 demos for Metal Anarchy
18. Warfare - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos), 2015 CD Album Compilation
     High Roller Records - HRR 444 CD
19. Warfare - Pure Filth From The Vaults Of Rabid Metal, 2015 CD Album
     High Roller Records - HRR 452 CD
     1983 demos for Pure Filth
20. Evo / Algy - Damned Unto Death, 2015 CD Mini-Album Limited Edition
     High Roller Records - HRR441CD
21. Evo - Warfare, 2017 CD Album
     High Roller Records - HRR 534 CD
Almost a reload, but expanded by 50%. The classic evil twin of Venom is still up and screaming, yes, Evo's 2017 release aptly titled Warfare is just like the missing Warfare album we all waited for for all these years: heavy, catchy, plain rocking metal punk thrash - one excellent object that features contributions from pre-demise Fast Eddie Clarke and still-alive Lips from Anvil. Just skip the useless, way too lengthy self-flattering intro. This album buries the tedious Evo/Algy mini CD. I am also adding a couple of CD rereleases from the master albums Mayhem Fucking Mayhem and Deathcharge. None more classic! Also embedded in this post are the High Roller releases of demos for Pure Filth and Metal Anarchy. I had feared very low-fi rehearsal crap, but these recording are actually excellent, rough but powerful and clear, one amazing job. Of course you already know all the songs so it is not as if you need these recordings, but they are very much fun and bring another ton of nostalgia upon the oldest among us because I still clearly remember where, when and how much I bought the Pure Filth ultra classic LP, the album that I rank as highly as Kill'em'All, Show No Mercy or Black Metal. Fucking Warfare forever triplazering cult classics everywhere in the zeriverse!
Remove brackets and unzip: [taxation is theft]
!ZER Warfare ZER!


  1. You know the first 4 have been officially re-released, right?
    Not much in the way of bonus material, but proper master tape reissues of MFM and ACOF - about time!

    1. Thanks for the link. The reviews on Amazon (linked to from the Dissonance page itself!)) are rather disastrous:
      "As what others have been saying, these are poorly done reissues. Pure Filth has a messed up track listing and all of them are using poor vinyl copies or cd masters. So they are not remastered at all. Some don't even have a booklet with pictures. Stick to the original vinyls but I will say if you can't get those and you're a new listener than show support and pick these up. The Pure Filth is getting repressed with the correct track listing but still the source of the tracks are badly reproduced here."

  2. this is a great fuckin post, though i think the evo - warfare link is broken. everything else works, and you're right about this being venom's twin!!! thanks!!

    1. "Evo - Warfare" worked for me, just downloaded it to confirm.

    2. odd, it's stuck at Initializing. maybe downloaded a bit too much, i'll wait a few hours.

  3. awesome, one of my all time favourite bands, only have a couple of comps on cd these days, none on vinyl :(

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    1. You don't understand because you have the IQ of a small chair.

    2. ... not of a small chair but of a civil engineer :-)

    3. Oh, we're playing the paper contest. I am a civil engineer AND a software engineer. And a CTO, at the company I co-founded.
      Maybe reading a couple of books could help improve your understanding.
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      Taxation is theft,
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    4. Sorry, it seems i was to fast in replying. And thanks for the links, i will read it carefully and i will just reply again when all is read. Hint: to get personal (the small chair, you know...) is never a good idea for a productive discussion.

    5. You are right and I apologize for my own quick explosion. I am a snowflake, I was triggered by your public utilities / Somalia fallacy that I heard so many million times that I thought you were only into plain provocation, not actual conversation.

  5. This band couldn't possibly sound more like VENOM …. love it!!! Especially the play on other bands in album titles.

    Thank you for another great share!!!

  6. Here is one of my favorite compilations for you: A Vile Peace compilation Lp 1987
    I pretty much lover everything that was ever released on PEACEVILLE, especially Doom, Anathema and My Dying Bride, but this is the first compilation they ever released, and it's hard to find, especially in FLAC!haIFlCwT!eEuPozGX9oW0tx7J2QTJTZ6c2zw80g9dyFDkBgeNM4g

    1. You are missing an important CD in this collection: Evo's one-off project with Wurzel from Motorhead!!!

      Here is "Warhead -1995- Warhead" in FLAC!EfhBCACa!Oy8VW4cW7gWDVA4J2YU14doAZjxvLsJzuue6Pt3Ie9g

  7. I have another comp cd, made in USA (1991 Maze, CD 3275 11087 2) Crescendo Of Reflexions, was gonna rip it but its the exact same track listing as a decade of decibels

    1. It's not all that common. Don't sell it, You have a pretty neat collector's piece. You lucked out there.

  8. The first pressing of the
    Pure Filth cd was a disaster. Apparently it was BMG that screwed up. The disc's were missing jackets
    trax were out of sequence & worst of all was,the press was warped. Evo ordered all
    Of these disc's destroyed & all people are entitled to a replacement for the second press. Evo
    said that the first pressings may be valuable some day,jokingly of course. I'm curious,how many would keep the first press?

  9. Does anyone have Evo/Algy:
    Damned Unto Death? I can listen to track samples but,I don't know what the disc jacket is like. Does it have much info or lyrics printed?

  10. Al Warfare links have become casualties, just when I start to get an interest in this band, too bad, too bad....




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