Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sore Throat / Saw Throat

Sore Throat - Abrahams Ear 1987
Saw Throat - Inde$troy 1989
Sore Throat - FOAD [bootleg] 1990
Sore Throat - And We Don't Care 1990
New York Against The Belzebu / Sore Throat ‎– Victims Of Human 2004
Sore Throat ‎– Death To Capitalist Halmshaw 2006
Sore Throat / Bizarre Uproar / Facialmess ‎– Collaboration EP
Sore Throat ‎– Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid 1989
01. Sore Throat - Abrahams Ear, 1987 7'', EP
     Ecocentric Records - E.R. #109 EP
02. Saw Throat - Inde$troy, 1989 LP
     Manic Ears Records - ACHE 019
03. Sore Throat - FOAD [bootleg], 1990 EP
04. Sore Throat - And We Don't Care, 1990 CD compilation
     Weasel Records - Grrr 12
    1-16: Never Mind The Napalm... Here's Sore Throat, 17-68: Unhindered By Talent, 69-112: Death To Capitalist Hardcore
05. New York Against The Belzebu / Sore Throat ‎– Victims Of Human, 2004 split CD
     Power It Up ‎– P.I.U. #25
06. Sore Throat - Death To Capitalist Halmshaw, 1987/2006 CD compilation
     AreaDeath Productions ‎– ADP 011
     1-27: Aural Butchery Demo 1987, 28-68: Death To Capitalist Hardcore EP 1988, 69: Live Birmingham 1987 (30 tracks), 70-76: Noise Annoys Demo 1988, 77-79: Poison Idea - No Handle Beer Demo 1990, 80-83: Some Rare Bonus Tracks From Sampler LPs
07. Sore Throat / Bizarre Uproar / Facialmess ‎– Collaboration EP
08. Sore Throat ‎– Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid + Unhindered By Talent, 1989, 2010 reissue
     Earache ‎– MOSH010CD
Oï! This was a request I could not fulfill, so many extra big zer thanks to Soulseek for this big contribution. I was never a fan of Sore Throat, but nobody cares. So here you get substandard typical British crust that does not rival Extreme Noise Terror or Electro Hippies and before-Mortician sleepy machine-grind with electro-doom and all sorts of rectangular noises. Of course, ridden with Olympic level lyrics, for example thesis about how much DRI or MDC are sellout capitalist hardcore bands. This is a bit too stupid for me, I'd rather hear Autopsy's stories about eating smoldering excrement from an open corpse. Now, if I had, a gun to my head, to choose between listening to 90 minutes of Sore Throat and watching Prometheus or Gravity, I think I'd select the Sore Throat option, still, because the Sid album becomes rather hypnotic with the first 90 "songs", while Gravity only makes you think about buying toilet paper. Good luck.
NB: mp3s except FLAC for the Sid album.


  1. My apologies for anyone expecting high quality flacs, those MP3 rips were the best I could find as Sore Throat releases are really rare.

    (Hell, why should I even apologise? You are getting this for free!)

    By the way, Zer, here's another noisewall Sore Throat release, they were under the moniker Soar Throat (or Outside Of The Skull). MP3@128kbps, but you won't need high quality flacs to hear all the blips and zanny anti-musical mess you're gonna face if you play it on your media player. I didn't post it before because I discovered it like half an hour ago and rushed to slsk to get those files. No tracklist, sides A and B:

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to tell, this EP was recorded somewhen probably in 1996 or 1997

  3. Bravo for this post! I had a bunch of their stuff at one time, during my 'quantity over quality' phase. Sold them years ago on eBay for nice $$. Will be nice to take a stroll down memory lane. I remember Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid being atrocious. I anticipate listening and scratching my head, thinking WTF??? As musically challenged as Sore Throat was, still better than Kanye West. Keep up the good work, friend!

  4. Indestroy is fucking classic, period! Zerrred! :)

  5. It's all dead Church!

  6. dead as can be! would've liked to get the F.O.A.D. - LP, as there's the pretty rare SLUDGELORD - demo included. so, maybe you could...

  7. RELOAD PLEEEEEEEASE! So damng good, especially the SAW THROAT album

    1. It is here. The rest is not available.

    2. Too bad! the SAW THROAT - INDE$TROY album is actually really good! I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    3. there is actually a decent copy of it here: but I can't download torrent files because they are blocked by my ISP

    4. If you're still looking for these records, they were recently added to the streaming services ... and the new Sore Throat record "Starving Wolves Stand & Fight" sounds surprisingly good! They also added the Saw Throat record as Indestroy II (allegedly remastered)

    5. Man, the internet is a wondrous thing ... the last track on the new Sore Throat album (Grand solar Minimum) is an 8-minute sludge metal masterpiece! And I never realized these were the same guys as SLUDGELORD:




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