Monday, June 23, 2014

Geriatric Unit

Geriatric Unit - Life Half Over EP 2007
Geriatric Unit - Nuclear Accidents EP 2007
Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage 2008
Geriatric Unit - Permethrin Blues 2009
Geriatric Unit - Audit Of Enemies 2010
01. Geriatric Unit - Life Half Over EP, 2007 CD EP
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC020
02. Geriatric Unit - Nuclear Accidents EP, 2007 CD EP
     Social Bomb Records, Violent Change - SBR-010, VC006
03. Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage, 2008 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC027
04. Geriatric Unit - Permethrin Blues, 2009 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC043
05. Geriatric Unit - Audit Of Enemies, 2010 CD Album
     Boss Tuneage, Social Bomb Records - BTRC055, SBR020
!ZER Geriatric Unit ZER!
Another old request refilled: the hardcore all-star band that involves ex Heresy and Iron Monkey personnel. The result is an array of Ripcord sounding discs, without the frantic speed of Heresy nor the sludge avalanche of Iron Monkey. It totally sounds like Ripcord. Are you a Ripcord fan? You are a Geriatric Unit fan. Are you not a Ripcord fan? WHAT?
Remove brackets and unzip: [thrasharchy pour le UK]
PS: as a follow-up to previous remarks about the economically impaired, if interested in the nature and mechanics of money and banking, this is very interesting.


  1. many thanks for this absolute great band

  2. i'll read that pdf, table of content looks interesting.
    but for the moment i'll still say, if you want a system to get on collapsing, built it on something that does not exist!

    recycling an old idea that keep proving itself wrong, can we call that intellectual laziness to find something better???

    1. if you want a system to keep on collapsing..... sorry

    2. People need to trade. We can do so with the old, wrong idea (using a trading currency) or bartering (irresponsibly inefficient). The alternative, the novel, non-lazy, intellectual prowess, is to ban trade and replace it with central planning in a hive-like structure, as you explained in the Unholy post. With armed militias to enforce it and prison camps to remove dissenters. Yeah.

  3. "With armed militias to enforce it and prison camps to remove dissenters"

    lol have you really said that??? don't you feel you have said something absolutly stupid? every fucking system have its police and prisons because some people don't want to play the game, not matter what game it is. you money won't avoid this, just as it has never stop forced prostitution, elephants poaching, sharks mass slaughtering, the destruction of rain forest etc etc.
    what do you want, the illusion of freedom is more important than that!

    1. Indeed I said that, and I will again every time I am served such revolutionary arguments. Of course security agencies are needed, crime is not going to magically disappear. But your very original idea (central planning) is going to create new crime out of thin air by imposing arbitrary rules on top of what we already have, i.e. all the currently non-criminals who will be considered criminals because they do not obey to the new rules. So, in your system, we will still have elephant genocide, rape and insurance fraud, PLUS all the evil minds who do not follow the plan. Remember the gulags.
      You may want to read about medieval Iceland.

    2. Also... please answer to the question of trade. Let's ban money. Then, do we barter ? Or do we use love and understanding ?

  4. no no insurance fraud since you won't have insurance anymore!! way less elephant genocide since people who will want ivory stuff will have to get off their fat arses to kill them themself and not rely on people living in the area to do the job for them against money.

    no bartering. that central planning dispaches the forking force/raw matrials so that what people wants to get is made, with priority to the most needed for society to function (food, housing, clothing, transportations, tools) and them according to what we have built created, you set a limiet to what people can get from these goodies so that everyone can get the same amount. so the thiongs that are built in small quantity, you can only get a very limited amount. we're still under the rule of offer & demand except we don't think in money anymore. everyweeks or fortnight or month, you make a balance sheet, if demand is bigger, you try to improve production be employing more people in that sector or you mechanize to improve output. if offer is bigger, you start making a stock so that less people will be needed to work in that sector and if it's balanced, well you try to improve things so you can be in the position of offering more than needed.
    make society flexible so that it can adapt quickly to the need of people and for sure we won't able to do this by using money

    1. Amazing!
      Still, don't forget your gulags!

    2. if you say so.... but can you ellaborate a wee bit so i can see how valid your fears are




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