Sunday, December 28, 2014


Spunk Bubbles - Metal Wench - 1986
Spunk Bubbles - Speak Lebanese Or Die - 1987
01. Spunk Bubbles - Metal Wench, 1986 Vinyl 7" Single 45 RPM
     Waterfront Records - DAMP 38
02. Spunk Bubbles - Speak Lebanese Or Die, 1987 Vinyl 12" Mini-Album 45 RPM
     Waterfront Records - DAMP 59
Rolling punk rock for a Sunday evening! Fans of Adolescents and UK riffage of the GBH sort will have a good time with this Australian lot. Rock til zer!
Remove brackets and unzip: [zperkbubbles]
!ZER Spunk Bubbles ZER!
I don't know how true is the assertion that Michel Houellebecq is the most famous francophone author in the world. For those who care about his written production, I just finished his Goncourt-winning novel. I needed to check why he was awarded this prestigious prize, because the first three books I read from him were very dull in style and content. This one is a little less... useless, It is a text that opposes no resistance, it has the consistency of Schlagsahne, it slips down your neuron like a charm, It does not consume much time. That's the good part. Now for the down side, either I am still that smelly mammal that is unable to grasp the subtleties of our friends the artists, or this book really is another harmless spoonful of white cheese supposed to denounce the quietly vicious evils of desensitization and individualism in modern society - capitalism no good, where be happiness, and so on. Ooooooh man, what a powerful suppository. Literary prizes are as despicable and corrupted as music or cinema prizes. Maggots.


  1. Aristotle explained that it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to consider an idea without accepting it. Congratulations to yourself for the education of your mind, an individual goal achieved by individual strategy implementation. Collectivists have no such goal, as by definition they seek the diametrical opposite, achieved by collective devolution. It will always be the goal of collectivism to bring the best of men down to the level of moron, never to raise men up. Art is the antithesis of collectivism.

    Pity the self-professed anarchist (non-anarcho-capitalist) whom implements socialism, parading cognitive dissonance, convinced of his/her differentiation, reinforced only by aversion to principle. Judge and prepare to be judged. Anarcho-capitalism or else.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  2. If anything, true anarchy should be the first response when you read the news about the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS (France just voted, with much discretion, a law that allows any government agency to spy on any citizen for any reason, without any open criminal investigation or acknowledgment from the department of "justice").
    Vite ! Vote !

    1. Yes.

      Gov't has never existed to establish freedom, nor sustain freedom. Gov't is the enemy of freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting about what to eat. The homogenous behavior of gov't(s) around the globe, attempting posture at controlling everything, including the impossible destruction of unalienable rights, speaks to the desperation of psychopaths clinging with terror in knowing they control nothing.

      Economics (not Keynesian statist religion) is based in mathematics. Mathematics, specifically the law of exponents, can not be escaped, as the laws of physics are not suggestions. Statism is truly dead. Regarding the democratic process of statists, knowing the truth doesn't matter. Only the truth matters. To observe economics devour the corpse of statism, as demanded by the livestock, is retribution no revenge plan formulation could surpass. Beware the silent ones, they are tomorrow's zombies. Unforgiven.

      Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else.

      Woodchuck Pirate
      aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

    2. freedom?? what is that?? can you explain??

  3. Thanks Zer.
    Never really gave these guys a listen until now. Pretty rawking stuff.




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