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Armagedom - Sem Esperanças

Armagedom - Sem Esperanças - 2008 01. Armagedom - Sem Esperanças, 2008 CD
     Absurd Records - 034
     Absurd Recs.
This world is unfair, some requests have been sitting for 2 years on the list, and yet I am today fulfilling a request made yesterday. Unjust! Armagedom thrashes the crust until it fries. Good dirty hardcore, not the highest peak of punk mountain, but abrasive enough for a Winter day.
This is the only album I have, don't bother requesting more Armagedom.
Remove brackets and unzip: [zermagedom]
!ZER Armagedom ZER!
And a very, very special and loud thank you to Elliot for pointing to God's Not Dead! I had such a busy weekend, I watched Dracula Untold, Exodus and... God's Not Dead. Had it been compiled a couple of days later, Dracula and Exodus would have bravely fit in the top -3, because these two little turds are true first grade pieces of ultracrap of Transcendence / Lucy density, but nothing special: we are now used to the excruciating unquality of movies. Dracula is just the usual, long, disjoint, incoherent diarrhea with romance syrup and blond Turks. Exodus was as fearless - gOd as a young chemotherapy boy, and Batman as Batman. It does not even feature the opening of the Red Sea, and drags on forever with its chair-IQ-level characters. Brilliant! However, no stone-robots like in Noah, disappointing.
I wanted to see this! Give me my Old Testament back!
Ok. But God's Not Dead...
God's Not Dead sits on a whole new level, a luminescent place of its own, an entirely new territory of shining perfection. Words are weak, words would only betray the essence of this movie, you can only watch it to understand. Thank you Elliot! For adults only!

My immune system is now boosted to 11 for a couple of months. Cheers!


  1. Thank you for posting the artform "God is not dead". I watched it in its entirety and decided to speak my mind, rather than praise the fraud. I'm limited by post system so I'll compose in multiple posts.


    He that comes into equity,
    must come to court with clean hands.

    The history of the church is the history
    of the state.

    The underlying assumption, the propaganda, the lie,
    at the core of the artform "God is not dead",
    is seamless poseurism that the history of the church
    is not the history of the state, and therefore the
    present fundamental conflict facing each individual
    is a simple choice between belief or not belief in
    God, in the present moment.

    An individual can only be imprisoned in the boxes
    they choose not to see. The "box" presented by the
    artform "God is not dead", is the false choice
    between Church and State. It is a false choice
    because neither church nor state have ever, nor will
    ever allow separation. There are always lies about
    the money trail, but the money trail never lies.
    Every christian lives and dies a thief.

    Taxation is theft. The history of the church is the
    history of the state. The history of the church and
    the history of the state is altruism sacrificing the
    individual to the collective, through violence. The
    artform "God is not dead" attempts to obscure the
    mutual interdependence of age old archetypes
    witchdoctor and tyrant as described by Ayn Rand.

    Ayn Rand while writing about free markets, personally rejected
    anarchy, choosing instead to invoke pragmatism
    (aversion to principle) in order to embrace an invalid philosophical
    vision of "limited" government. While the artform
    "God is not dead" defined Ayn Rand as atheist, Ayn Rand expressed
    a position of differentiation between God and spirit. Pragmatism
    (aversion to principle) is of no utility in the search for infinite
    truth. Appeals to ignorance are homogenous behavioral evidence found
    where no honest search for truth exists. Ayn Rand did not search
    for God any further than she searched for freedom (anarcho-capitalism).

    Ayn Rand chose not to believe in real freedom for the same reason she
    chose not to believe in God. That reason is because the history of the
    church is the history of the state, and at best society might choose to
    blind itself to either witchdoctor or tyrant, but never both. The
    artform "God is not dead" reveals base desperation in pragmatically
    settling to obscure both witchdoctor and tyrant not as statism but as
    philosophy. The artform "God is not dead" presents "God" as pragmatism
    (aversion to principle), while posturing that any and every philosophy
    can never be practiced to the nth degree, rationalizing this as default
    to "altruism equals reality".

    The logic of the artform "God is not dead" is artfully displayed
    by its scripted use of an underlying assumption that valid
    philosophy can not exist. This creative license suggests that
    the pursuit of infinite truth (through philosophy) can not exist.
    Appealing to the faith of their target customers, the final conclusion
    is offered that "God" must exist because valid philosophy can not exist.
    Such fraud can not be obscured to sell the notion of omnipotence.
    Neither is it intended to. The fraud being sold by "God is not dead"
    is the notion that every individual must recommit to their slave master
    of choice. The fraud is enhanced by suggesting current environment(s)
    characterized by hostility and suffering are venue to find the word of God
    (witchdoctor tyrant alliance). It doesn't conflict the mission of the
    artform "God is not dead" whether viewers reject witchdoctor or tyrant.
    As long as they choose to remain dependent upon one they get sliced, diced,
    and consumed by both. That's diabolical, not omnipotent.


    1. Part2:

      The most embarrassing moment of the film may be when having satisfied
      the democratic process (a construct of invalid philosophy) it is assumed
      that all corners of the prison "box" are emotionally sealed with vindication
      against caricatured behavior that in no way shape or form resembled adherence
      to the non-aggression principle or corresponding voluntary relationships. No,
      the artform "God is not dead" literally commands that you are owned by God,
      as proven by invalid philosophy. But surely even the dullest of useful idiots
      might question why God needs invalid philosophy to dissuade pursuit of infinite
      truth. Perhaps the dullest of idiots are perceived as the worst threat by the
      witchdoctor tyrant alliance?

      The same base desperation is exhibited by statism around the globe as invalid
      philosophy and Keynesian monetary policy is postured as omnipotent. Limits are
      actively enforced on an individual's pursuit of infinite truth,freedom, as
      dissidents are labeled "extremists" for having no aversion to principle. The
      fraud to be sold is the same, only the semantics change shouting "Statism is not
      dead". The command is that you are owned by the state, as proven by invalid
      philosophy, enforced by construct whereby two wolves and a sheep vote about what
      to eat.

      When presented with the opportunity to study enemies of freedom, a conscious
      individual invokes the clean hands doctrine to judge church and state alliance.
      He that comes into equity must come to court with clean hands. The artform
      "God is not dead" is a witchdoctor tyrant alliance production. No clean hands.
      Every christian lives and dies a thief. The artform "God is not dead" has
      nothing to do with spirituality, just as altruism as nothing to do with selflessness.
      Judge and prepare to be judged.

      "Goodness lives where god is dead." - Roy Harper

      Anarcho-Capitalism or else.

      Woodchuck Pirate
      aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA




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