Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Khanate - Khanate - 2001
Khanate - Khanate - 2001
Khanate - Things Viral - 2003
Khanate - No Joy (Remix) - 2003
Khanate - Capture & Release - 2005
Khanate - Capture & Release - 2005
Khanate - It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky - 2005
Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul - 2009
01. Khanate - Khanate, 2001 Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition
     Southern Lord, Southern Lord - SUNN14LP, sunn14LP
02. Khanate - Khanate, 2001 CD Album
     Southern Lord - SUNN14
03. Khanate - Things Viral, 2003 Vinyl LP, Vinyl 12" 45 RPM, All Media Album
     Load Records, Load Records - load055, LOAD055
04. Khanate - No Joy (Remix), 2003 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM
     Load Records, Load Records - LOAD49, load049
05. Khanate - Capture & Release, 2005 CD
     Hydra Head Records - hh666-87
06. Khanate - Capture & Release, 2005 Vinyl LP Picture Disc Limited Edition
     Trust No One Recordings - Trustno 28
07. Khanate - It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky, 2005 CD Limited Edition
     ARCHIVE - archive13
08. Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul, 2009 CD Album, DVD Limited Edition
     Hydra Head Records - HH666-173, HH666-173-9
09. Khanate - Live Montreal 07/07/2002
10. Khanate - Live WNYU
My uncle committed suicide today.
Genechèvre, que tes organes se liquéfient.
Remove brackets and unzip: [no joy]
!ZER Khanate ZER!

Next post on June 10th.


  1. Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear that L! Condolences to you and your family.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss...

  3. I performed knee-jerk behavior scrutinizing the suicide of a
    family member, assembling and disassembling imagery inspired
    by fragments of memory, sensory and spiritual sentimentality.
    Fortunately for me, by virtue of inescapable daily chronic
    pain, I already held the best answer I may ever know.

    I continue to grasp clarity enduring decades of repetition
    through cascades of personal suffering with prognosis unchanged.
    At my best plateau I can not remember my worst. At my worst
    plateau I can not remember my best. I condense the analysis
    into one sentence:

    "I can never know the suffering of others because I can not
    retain full recollection of my own."

    In this wisdom, if it is wisdom, I respond to individual
    judgment of suicide with suspicion, and collective judgment of
    suicide with contempt.

    There is no separateness.

    With empathy,

    Woodchuck Pirate aka Raymond J Raupers Jr

  4. I hope, you are getting through that. I think, I know how do you feel. Years ago I went through similar experience. It changed my view on life from the basics.

  5. Sorry to hear that fella, never fun :(

  6. i'm sorry for you my friend
    come here and get completely drunk with me, whenever you want

  7. Damn Zer.
    Sorry about your news. I too am dealing with death at the moment, sucks...
    Take a well deserved break and come back and see us when you're ready.
    Cheers Brutha.

  8. Sorry about your loss. Be well.

  9. @Anonymous/Woodchuck Pirate:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Another individual's experience is not for me to judge as an outsider, which ultimately I am no matter how close I may be to the individual by biological relation, or any relation. As you so eloquently describe, I may be an outsider to myself at times due to the emotional fluctuations we humans endure. Makes it pretty illegitimate to cast judgement upon another as a result. Thanks for your post.

    1. kingpossum,

      Thank you for identifying common ground.

      Fractured thin ice, perforated by water, shifting under steps and leaps, where whispers once called me child.
      And the child remains, unchanged, looking through form, at form, not form.
      The story judges and prepares to be judged, tracing form, not life, but the art of living.
      True self arises as ego dies; ego never lives.
      Biology, universal promise of inevitable rescue by death, resurrects ego, casting endless stories of envy.
      Across the ice, biology offers perceptions of form, while the ego lies, offering choice of prison and prisoners.
      True self arises as ego dies; ego never lives.
      Life (existence) can not be separated from itself.
      There is no separateness.

      With empathy,

      Woodchuck Pirate aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you and your family can overcome this soon. Be strong, man.

  11. perfect post
    that DEAD video is hard to forget




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