Tuesday, January 12, 2016

7 Seconds

7 Seconds - The Crew - 1984
7 Seconds - Walk Together Rock Together - 1986
01. 7 Seconds - The Crew, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Better Youth Organization - BYO 005
02. 7 Seconds - Walk Together Rock Together, 1986 CD Album Reissue
     Better Youth Organization - BYO 10CD
It was the epoch of minor threats against society system decontrol and of toxic reasons to have fun, when the government was already a big issue because of their bad brains of dirty rotten imbeciles. The battalion of saints were overwhelmed by the stupids, the bastards and all the stalins in a major chaotic discord. We were wishing for millions of dead cops while fearless Iranians from hell and other zero boys were discharging their raw power and bad religion in a loud blast against unsuspecting electro hippies. It was the epoch of poison ideas that have flourished until today, the surrender of common sense and basic thought to heresy- we said no means no, but they never care, the victims families can just go fuck themselves and die in the global inferno. But had it really degenerated? The prophecy of doom has never been wrong, the atavistic always wins. It is sad to think that the kings of oblivion seem to rule and the only spunk bubble of relief comes from music seven seconds at a time. But there might be hope outside warfare, genöcide and sabotage organized barbarians. Let's not have the terrorizers produce more carcasses and pools of blood for a devious public. No permanent damage nor systematic death will be allowed! Nurture nostalgia and tax evasion! Let's give up on voting and let's rock together until the leeches dry up and fall apart!
Remove brackets and unzip: [777 zer]
!ZER 7 Seconds ZER!
Yeah, whatever you say. Now the fact is that a few days ago I finished the Koran (Qu'ran?). You know, that book. It is a surprising text. The Bible was already a boring string of crappy tales with dubious philosophy, although the second part traded the gore and the violence for more sophisticated claims - although none of these ever reached the level of the lowest Greek philosopher.
But the Koran single-handedly defeats the Bible in the stupidity department. It is a fucking gallery of doom. It has absolute zero philosophical value, it is lower than a Star Wars movie. It is shockingly empty of any scenario, any tale, any parable or even the simplest smart one-liner. It is an endless litany of threats of violence, murder and eternal torture, from the great and loving god or from his true followers. It is fucking evil. It's all in there: hate, scorn, abject submission, murder, genocide, slavery, rape, ablation, mutilation, decapitation, in this world and in the next. I am not interpreting, the plain, explicit words are all there, verse after verse. The Koran is the best black metal and goregrind source of lyrics ever. My version is the French 80s translation edited by Bordas. I checked the worst paragraphs on other languages versions (English, German) and they are all there: I am not interpreting or misreading. I am truly horrified, and the most horrifying is to understand that most followers of that is called Islam have obviously not read the Koran. Just like most Christians never read the Bible from cover to cover. Otherwise they would have all rolled their eyes, facepalmed in exasperation and picked up some Aristotle, if they truly wanted to absorb antique wisdom that still applies today.
Read the Koran and be stunned. It makes me cringe but I must admit it ranks much lower than other superstition sources. Long live Hare Krishna and the reincarnation booth.
Now I started another superstition book: Thomas Piketty's lastest brick of propaganda (an easy brick, I went through half of it in a few hours). Try it, you won't be disappointed. Another few weeks of great toilet-sessions reading.
We must read books, especially the worst ones. The Koran is the worst thing I ever read. EVER! THE USER GUIDE FOR CRAZIES!


  1. Great review of Koran and yes, you are right, we should read this shit to make our own picture what is islam about. Maybe I will find courage to get through it too. Today I lent Philippe Ariès´es L'Homme devant la mort from library, translated to my native language, of course. My next weeks are dedicated to Death Karma and to The Hour of Our Death.

    1. Thanks for the pointer, looks very interesting.

    2. 7 Seconds were great until they went reggae in the late 1980s. I think they are heavy again?

      I read the Koran back in the early 1990s. When I asked a Muslim at work about certain passages , like killing all the guilty blue-eyed, he then said I did not have a correct version !

      as for the Holy Bible, the book itself is hard to understand without also understanding the original meanings of translated words and the history of the times when each book was wfritten.
      I suggest using this site as a reference - http://christogenea.org/

    3. Muslims have a habit of saying non-Muslims can not properly read the Koran because their language won't translate correctly into ours (no matter what that language might be) which is just a poor excuse to blame our interpretation of that book on our inability to comprehend it (as the sad little infidels we are) rather than the reality that it is just a twisted version of the Judaeo-Christian mythology.

    4. It is the same tactic used by marxists (eg. rejecting any opposing view as "bourgeois ideology" without addressing the content).

  2. Liked the revue effort.
    So many good books, so little time, why spend it reading garbage, the same applies to all aspects of life.

    1. This is valid. But to discuss and criticize any idea, you have to know its basic tenets. It is wise to get the big picture and levitate above the propaganda level. Then exchanges of platitudes and insults can turn into real conversations.
      I read Karl Marx, Proudhon, Plato, Keynes, astrologists and other magicians before I could decide it was garbage. This is how I changed my mind about economics and politics: I read things that were apparently garbage. I am a chess player and a software maker, I need strategy and analysis to clear the fog in this world of chaos.

    2. I understand your points and views and have also done it for much of the same reasons but as much as you read about religion and politics you won’t be able to understand the mind of a racist or a religious fanatic, so discussions are just wasted time or alternatively a lot a fun depending on the intervenients and the subject being discussed.
      I know that it may sound like a lazy attitude but nowadays I leave to some good journalist/analist (the ones I’ve grown to trust) to investigate the "garbage ideas" and "summarize" them to help me have a grasp on the subjet. You can’t, by any means achive the knowledge that we have accumulated so far so why waste your time with something that won’t make you a better person. I don’t believe that you spend time hearing bad music just so you can discuss it, books take a far greater amount of time to digest, so I try to choose wisely.
      I’m an architect by trade and a mechanical designer by passion and my sources are everywhere, from physics to bothanics, from biology to psychology I just have to let my senses misguide me. ;)

    3. The thing with books like the Koran, the bible or the works of Karl Marx is that they've influenced billions of people for hundreds of years, most of the time for the worst. I have a morbid curiosity to check out the texts that can produce so many millions of dead people, wars, slavery, oppression and all kinds of atrocities. It represents far less than a percent of my reading, it is not really eating up my reading time (and still better than watching Game of Thrones). Of course I do not read unimportant crap like chakra healing books, flat earth treatises, 9/11 theories or Tom Cruise biographies.

    4. :D I'm totally with you on that again. I wasn't calling garbage to the Quran per se, just religion and political tomes of all sorts. Maybe I'm too political or too religious, I don't know, but I find also very interesting to understand what type of ideas people need to hear which trigger some innate program that leads them to be so irrational - collective sports can do that too. But I'm getting better, this christmas saw the raising of the authorial rights of "Mein kampf and the first reedition in many years (in Portugal at least), although my curiousness bit me very hard, I left it there.

  3. I've observed 3 universal truths regarding collective ego (politics, religion etc):

    1) True self does not speak to ego.
    2) Ego does not speak to true self.
    3) There is never dialogue (flow of meaning) between ego and true self, as true self arises as ego dies.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  4. kick em while they r down !

    but seriously r v even talking about the same book.....

    This is how the book starts :
    "In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
    [All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds
    The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

    Thats a lot of mercifuls thrown about in the first three sentences....later on there are stories as well as threats and promises etc ....a lot of otherworldly philosophy ....but your analysis seems to be more of a knee jerk reaction / sign of the times rather than an actual critical or literary review...

    and yes, in its original classical arabic, all the verses rhyme and have a distinct poetic meter / rhythm which would be something you would appreciate as a musician... that fact itself is amazing....the whole thing rhymes !! in its original language it is a masterful epic poem / song basically...reading it traditionally is a beautiful powerful artform called qira with various styles and intonations / melodic context.

    but yeah im probably not really reaching you at all...because you apparently saw red only

    and thanx for the cro-mags, nasty savage and 7 seconds stuff.....cheers

    1. Agreed, I did not do a thorough study or literary analysis. I am a reader, not an expert, and this is certainly valid for most people on this planet. My point is that if a random human like me must work very hard to understand the "true philosophy" that hides behind the horrific threats and incantations of violence and submission that can be found page after page in this text, this is a little twisted. Antique philosophers like Aristotle did not use convolutions and obsfucated reasoning to make their point, on the contrary they tried to be as clear and readable as possible.
      Yes, the beauty of the text in its original form totally escaped me. The French translation does not carry it at all and I am sorry about that. If I could read Arabic, I would certainly appreciate the beauty, the flow and the poetry of the Koran. However, the beauty ot the text is certainly not an argument for its philosophical content - artistic form does not assert content validity. The lyrics of Macabre also rhyme and are very poetic, and I hope nobody acts on them or find them a source of real world inspiration.
      If the Koran was regarded a pure form of art and fiction, I would have no problem with it. War, authority, genocide and threats of eternal torture in hell are plentiful in the death metal albums I listen to all year long. I just don't want anyone to act on them. When the black metallers of the 90s killed homosexuals and burnt down churches, everyone was justly horrified.

  5. do you by any chance also have the newest REMASTER of their first album

    1. Sorry, this post is the extent of the 7 Seconds available here.




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