Friday, May 26, 2017

Novelty post: Rose Rose, Doom, Shellshock, Autopsy, Full Of Hell, Looking For An Answer

Doom - Illegal Soul - 1992
Full Of Hell - Amber Mote In The Black Vault - 2015
Autopsy - Skull Grinder - 2016
Doom - Instruction Manual... 1988-1991 - 2016
Doom - Instruction Manual... 1988-1991 - 2016
Rose Rose - The Final Sign For Creatures - 2017
Looking For An Answer - Dios Carne - 2017
Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy - 2017
Doom  - No More Pain (rerecorded song) - 2017
Shellshock - Beyond Resurrection - 2017
01. Doom - Illegal Soul, 1992 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     13th Real Recordings - 13RR-1006
     Reissue from 2017 - includes 4 bonus tracks from Freakout 7'' and split EPs
02. Full Of Hell - Amber Mote In The Black Vault, 2015 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM EP
     Bad Teeth Recordings - BTR 009
03. Autopsy - Skull Grinder, 2016 CD Mini-Album
     Peaceville - CDVILEF559
04. Doom - Instruction Manual... 1988-1991, 2016 CD Compilation, DVD DVD-Video NTSC Stereo
     13th Real Recordings - 13RR1004/1005
     DVD soundtrack
05. Doom - Instruction Manual... 1988-1991, 2016 CD Compilation, DVD DVD-Video NTSC Stereo
     13th Real Recordings - 13RR1004/1005
06. Rose Rose - The Final Sign For Creatures, 2017 CD Album
     Bang The Head Records - BTH-62
07. Looking For An Answer - Dios Carne, 2017 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT-146
08. Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy, 2017 CD Album
     Profound Lore Records - PFL-184
09. Doom - No More Pain (rerecorded song), 2017
10. Shellshock - Beyond Resurrection, 2017 CD Mini-Album
     Revontulet - RVR-0007
Mega armageddon zer! A cargo of new extra hot noise for the weekend: first and above all, the new Rose Rose release is an instant classic! Nothing really new if you are already a fan of their killer trademark hardcore crossover: 8 fast, ass-kicking songs of unadulterated Rose Rose, plus 7 ass-kicking live tracks that span 25 years of their career. Rose Rose forever ultrazer! Then we get no less than four entries for the wizards of Doom: one excellent remaster of the classic Illegal Soul with 4 extra tracks which make it a mandatory possession, one useless compilation CD (fake news on Metal Archives led me to believe it was a rerecording album, but it is not) - if you already have their albums, do not bother - plus the soundtracks of the live DVD that comes with the comp, plus the rerecording of No More Pain (the song, not the entire album, it came on a promo CD, people still print promo CDs, amazing, especially with a single song on it). The live stuff is from 1987/1993 and is just amazing. Doomonauts salivate! The Shellshock mini CD is a rerecording and not a compilation, it features 7 songs from early demos, EPS and Mortal Days so expect their 80s thrash metal and not the advanced sonic weapons of ear contortion of their latest masterpiece ~shi~. And more noise from the non-Japanese heaven of burning metal: the latest Autopsy mini album is pure, grand, gruesome, thrashing, blood-dripping, gut-exploring Autopsy. Fans will get addicted, non-fans will be damned. Full Of Hell are back with one monster of a grindcore attack, it is as fast & short as it is ear-splitting and just perfect. The 2015 EP contains a marvelous Melvins cover. And last but not least, the new bulldozer of skull-crushing and flesh-mincing LFAA will do to you what their previous albums did: crush your skull, mince your meat in good old Terrorizer | Brutal Truth fashion. Walking corpses after world obliteration! I don't know who's the more intense between FOH and LFAA, and I don't care, Just line them up in a playlist and bang that head against the wall of noise!
Remove brackets and unzip: [thrashosaurus grindeathonizer]
!ZER Rose Rose, Autopsy, Full Of Hell, Doom, Shellshock, Looking For An Answer ZER!


  1. Rose Rose is zerest of the zer!!!

  2. Thanx a lot L for the Roserose and Shellshock. How did you get your Doom promo CD? I got mine when I ordered a shirt from them.

    1. Same, I ordered a shirt.
      Yes, the Loudness rip is still very welcome, thanks in advance!

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