Monday, May 2, 2022

Crypt Sermon + Unrest

Crypt Sermon - Demo MMXIII  - 2014
Unrest - Grindcore - 2015
Crypt Sermon - Out Of The Garden - 2015
Crypt Sermon - De Mysteriis Doom Sathanas - 2017
Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light - 2019
01. Crypt Sermon - Demo MMXIII , 2014 Cassette
     Dark Descent Records - DDR092CS
     Not a cassette rip.
02. Unrest - Grindcore, 2015 CD Album Stereo
     Unspeakable Axe Records - UAR014
03. Crypt Sermon - Out Of The Garden, 2015 CD Album
     Dark Descent Records - DDR129CD
04. Crypt Sermon - De Mysteriis Doom Sathanas, 2017 Flexi-disc 33 ⅓ RPM Single Sided Single Limited Edition
     Decibel Flexi Series - DB077
     Not a vinyl rip.
05. Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light, 2019 File FLAC Album x 10
     Dark Descent Records - none
Epic doom metal til zer! The slow tide of heavy riffs with the dark flavor of Black Sabbath's Dio era is doing its tectonic work once again. After Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Solstice and other black knights of the very massive heavy metal, Crypt Sermon contribute their share of molten lead to the crusade of the twenty first century legions of doom metal along with Procession, SuuM or Age Of Taurus. Crypt Sermon shine as much as any of their peers or ancestors, the music is absolutely first class, written by true believers in doom and perfectly executed. This type of doom works only with a great singer, but Crypt Sermon actually have a magician who could replace Robert Lowe. Nothing short of fantastic! Now one might wonder what the Unrest album is doing here: its title is not lying, it is unadulterated teeth crunching grindcore of the best sort for Primate and Venomous Concept fans, only with better riffs. The hardcore punk hate with no speed limit vs. classic doom metal to haunt the ruins of cathedrals? Two members of Crypt Sermon are involved in Unrest and both do hard work on your cranium, only through different paths. The Church found it relevant to nurture the love for contrasts. It's like cows and sheep, you need to eat both for a complete diet of zer. Triplazering doom til grind forever!
Remove brackets and unzip: [into the crypts]
!ZER Crypt Sermon, Unrest ZER!

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