Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Novelty post: Rose Rose, Gargoyle, Raw Power, English Dogs, Mayhem

Rose Rose - Fucking Crap Fucking Chaos 2013
English Dogs - The Thing With Two Heads 2014
Gargoyle - Geshiki 2014
Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare 2014
Raw Power - Tired And Furious 2014
01. Rose Rose - Fucking Crap Fucking Chaos, 2013 CD Album
     Bang The Head Records - BTH-55
02. English Dogs - The Thing With Two Heads, 2014 CD Album
     Candlelight Records - CANDLE 458CD
03. Gargoyle - Geshiki, 2014 CD Album
     First Cell - fccd-0043
04. Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare, 2014 CD Album
     Ward Records - VQCD-10376
05. Raw Power - Tired And Furious, 2014 CD Album
     Beer City Records - BCR172-2
Welcome to 1987! The time masheen strikes back and brings us the new releases from these ancient bands, and it's all great or awesome. Raw Power return with a superb onslaught of classic hardcore by a brand new lineup (young guys with Mauro), in my opinion better than the previous album and anything they have released for the past 15 years. However, do not expect Screams from the gutter, Wop hour or, what I was led to believe by the marketing, the maximizer Mine to kill. This is the new Raw Power, fast, loud, punk and shining with impeccable production, maybe too impeccable for its own good as some of the songs could be NoFx with Lemmy... but no Mine to kill level crossover thrash. Enjoy the new Raw Power, it is better than great. In the category of double bands (Tank, Cro-Mags etc. who exist in two distinct concurrent forms who use the same name & logo), the metal English Dogs are back with this marvelous speed metal attack. I haven't heard the new release by the punk English Dogs, but I doubt it can compete with this beast with two heads. So here we get the Forward into battle lineup putting out an intermediary between Forward and Where legend began. Metal constructions with the British punk layer, not as intense as Forward, but more subtle and musically more advanced. Another extra great piece of work. Black metallists rejoice with the new Mayhem monster, except for true black metallists (read some of the expert reviews and have a good laugh). As a little poser who loves everything they released after the Deathcrush disaster, including the monumental Grand declaration of war, I find Esoteric warfare larger than grand, brilliant, awesome and killer: it's fast and doomy, tortured and black, evil and hypnotic like Ordo ad chao with better production. Zer. The experts can continue to mutually explore their anal cavities while I get my daily fix of new untrue Mayhem. Satan overwhelms and commands! And now, you mosh: the newest Rose Rose is another crossover bomb and I can`t believe I have waited so many months to get it. But the privately owned intercontinental systems of communication, music retail, remote payment and motored delivery finally materialized a copy of this awesome CD on my office desk and my satisfaction punctured the roof. This album is a touch better than the previous one, I am impressed. I think Cheaper dream or Neo unknwon trance slayers were maybe a little hotter, but I'm not sure. Rose Rose are among the bands who age very well, and actually improve like a great Scotch whisky. Awesome thrashanese killer zer! And last but not least, the greatest piece of this lot, the new fucking Gargoyle!!! To me the best and the worst of Gargoyle are separated by a very tiny interval, it is very difficult to select a favorite release, but Geshiki firmly sits somewhere in the top 3 of their massive discography. Here they outdo their last three albums or so. This is decade wide peak-level Gargoyle. This is pure Gargoyle-sounding metal thrashing mastery and perfection! This is complete gargoylogasm!!!
!ZER Rose Rose, Gargoyle, Raw Power, English Dogs, Mayhem ZER!
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  1. Wow... except for Mayhem I didn't even know all those bands have new releases out.
    The pretentiuos Asshole says thanks for the Dogs and the ultrazer Gargoyle!

  2. can you PLEASE one day upload the ROSE ROSE albums again? They are impossible to find!

  3. Please would you consider re-upping the Japanese Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare CD? I need the bonus track Into The Lifeless.
    Thank you




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