Monday, February 9, 2015

Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan - Adolf Satan - 2004 01. Adolf Satan - Adolf Satan, 2004 CD Album
     Bestial Onslaught Productions - ONSLAUGHT 012
Absolute consumption of thy last synapse into frozen fried living death! This is Larry Lifeless & co upgrading the Kilslug / Upside Down Cross sonic butchery to the level of grand art. It is all delicious and disgusting, a performance in evil of UDC's 1st album intensity, with that slightly more metal riffing, It is the sound of fucking a couple of dead sows in a sludge swamp full of bloated dead draft horses and half snakes. The tar sticks to your mucous membranes and you enjoy it so much, so much. I say "you" because you and I merge into the eternal continuum of rotting meat. We are the intestine of eternity with no disconnection. You enjoy it so much. I beg thee, Larry, please forward more wet death and gloom blood in our general direction. Please.
Remove brackets and unzip: [vomitstellar]
!ZER Adolf Satan ZER!
What do I do in a 11 hours flight with 27 screaming babies that forbid concentration on book reading? I watch a stupid movie that requires no brain. What movie do I choose, as a brave meat packet? I take my chances with Interstellar. And now I have to retroactively modify my 2014 Top -1. Interstellar easily beats all the other craps, Interstellar is the absolute 2014 Top -1 winner. It looks nice, but its pretentiousness buries the easy farces Lucy and Transcendence, which everyone already forgot anyway. Interstellar is so indelibly stupid I have not enough disk space to review all the hilariously killer shit it contains (light-emitting black holes anyone? self-cycled time-travelling agency? 'nuf said), the unbelievably dreadful acting, the half chicken/half slug-written script, the infinitely 2505ish plot and the general & complete sinking into new age brain-murdering anesthesia. But it worked, I watched the entire 3 hours, I could not believe how deep it was digging into the desperate attempt to be the new 2001. Jaw-dropping Olympic-level achievement. I had to eat it until the priceless end. It beats Prometheus big time. The imbecility-fan runs at 11. It is so refreshing. Thank you Interstellar! You are the new largest diamond marker of manly comparison. The Hollywood wankers outdid themselves! Grand megabravo! I dedicate you every second of the Adolf Satan CD with love and passion. But now I am afraid I have a brain tumor.
Let's be serious:
A pretty cool remake of the classic Last Night:

A doomy take on the dome setup:


  1. Hello again, hope you're having a goo time in Chile.

    As promised, here are the first two links.
    I hope you don't already know this.

    OK, here we go.
    Starting off with some nice and crazy metallic Crust from Germany, ABC Diabolo.

    The first one, Last Intoxication of Senses contains the EP from 92 as well.

    Give Rise to Doubts:

    Let me know how you like them when you find some time.


  2. Thanks a lot! Downloading now.


    ......enjoy you young punx........

  4. i'm in awe, my ears face musical perfection now
    owing it to you again and again and again

    now jumping on the phobia jumbo jet post
    how's weather in chile !?

    1. Amazing! 60 degrees hotter than in Montreal!

  5. hot !
    i continue not to vote, forever, but i'll be back to click the ZER button every time i listen to this

  6. Adolf, mon amour ; Satan m'habite.
    Ainsi soit-il :




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