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Phobia - Return To Desolation - 1994
Phobia - Means Of Existence - 1998
Phobia - Destroying The Masses - 1999
Phobia - Serenity Through Pain - 2001
Phobia - Get Up And Kill ! - 2004
Phobia - Grind Your Fucking Head In - 2004
Skrupel, Phobia - Another Four Years Of Murder - 2006
Phobia - Cruel - 2006
Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence - 2008
Phobia - Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck - 2010
Phobia - Unrelenting - 2010
Phobia - Remnants Of Filth - 2012
01. Phobia - Return To Desolation, 1994 CD
     Relapse Records - RR 6903-2
02. Phobia - Means Of Existence, 1998 Vinyl LP Picture Disc Album Reissue
     Deep Six Records - DS72
     Reissue from 2008
03. Phobia - Destroying The Masses, 1999 CD Mini-Album
     Pessimiser Records - PESS-32
04. Phobia - Serenity Through Pain, 2001 CD Album
     Disembodied Records - DR 012
05. Phobia - Get Up And Kill !, 2004 CD EP
     Deep Six Records - DS58
06. Phobia - Grind Your Fucking Head In, 2004 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Album
     Deep Six Records - DS49
07. Skrupel, Phobia - Another Four Years Of Murder, 2006 CD
     Crimes Against Humanity Records - CAHRECS043 , Compilation
     Contains 15 songs by: Skrupel, Phobia
08. Phobia - Cruel, 2006 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT043
09. Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence, 2008 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT062
10. Phobia - Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck, 2010 CD
     Deep Six Records - DS-135
11. Phobia - Unrelenting, 2010 CD EP
     Relapse Records - RR7070
12. Phobia - Remnants Of Filth, 2012 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT-105
Grind til zer! Grinding grindcore of the grindest sort. Requested, zerred. What a great service from the Church Of Zer, yes?
Phobia obviously draw from the Rolls Royces of grindcore Napalm Death and Terrorizer, and push it as far as they can. One day, they will explode. I get easily turned on by this kind of machinery, especially with the Cruel album. Unlike Naked City, the repetitive linearity and stability of this grinding grindcore of the grindest sort induces trances of the best quality. Listen to 3 or 4 of these in a row and you will be sitting on a thick cloud of thoughtless happiness. Let Phobia give you this amazing massage. But Phobia also help with  neuron-heating tasks, their rectangular sound makes you focus very strongly into your brain tunnel and soon you see the light of successful achievement crowning all your efforts with joy and pride. C++ + Phobia = rezer.
Sorry about the quality of Means Of Existence, picture discs sound like shit and this one has a couple of uneditable bumps. But my copy of the original LP is even worse, no good to rip at all, I threw it away with rage. Fucking vinyls.
Remove brackets and unzip: [sea, zer and sun]
!ZER Phobia ZER!

PS: to new visitors of this blog, yes I take requests, but not of this kind: "re-up all link's ar dead !!" (see the Força Macabra post).
First, learn to write as a human. Don't SMS like a donkey or I will fart in you general direction. This is not a cell phone, this is the Church Of Zer, you brat. I am an old, easily irritated person who needs to be dealt with softly and gently, with real words and a fresh breath.
Second, If I am in a good mood, if the reup request is well constructed and diplomatic, on the verge of begging, and if I think proselytizing the requested reup improves the universe (eg. Eisenvater), then I might post Mediafire links. But in general I won't reup, biatch.
Third, what is not clear in the highly visible martial order posted in a few places around this page: DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS TO REPORT DEAD LINKS! OR YOU WILL BE TELEPORTED TO 2505.
Too many words? Not enough smileys? 

I am ashamed, I watched Human Centipede 2. Almost more evil disturbance than the Serbian Film!

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  1. HOLY SHIT what a wonderful sea of noize. remants is the best lp of the last ten years




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