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Possessed - The Demos 1984-1992 - 1984/1993
Possessed - Seven Churches - 1985
Possessed - Seven Churches - 1985
Possessed - Seven Churches - 1985/2001
Possessed - Beyond The Gates - 1986/1987
01. Possessed - The Demos 1984-1992, 1984/1993 CD Compilation Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
     Reissue from 2006 - Death Metal Demo Tape 84 + Rehearsal 84 + Demo Tape 91 + Demo Tape 93
02. Possessed - Seven Churches, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9757
03. Possessed - Seven Churches, 1985 CD Album Reissue
     Century Media - 66049-2
     Reissue from 1999
04. Possessed - Seven Churches, 2001 Vinyl LP Album Reissue Picture Disc
     Century Media, Lonely Planet Productions - 66049-1, none
05. Possessed - Beyond The Gates, 1986/1987 CD Album Reissue
     Icarus Music - ICARUS 800
     Reissue from 2011 - Contains The Eyes Of Horror EP
This week, I started to read the Koran. Many months of fun on the throne now. Makes me feel like zerring some Possessed. Over 30 years of worship of the swing of the axe into the seven churches! I attended the Slayer / Possessed show in SF in August 1985. Was anyone at this show? Amazing noisefest! On vinyl, I was first completely mesmerized by their appearance on Metal Massacre VI, then Seven Churches blew me away to a geostationary orbit, I never really came back. Death metal! None more evil! The unstoppable corrosion had begun. Bang your head to the death til thrash til triplazer!
Remove brackets and unzip: [churches of zer]
!ZER Possessed ZER!

PS: the tags & song titles of the demos CD are wrong, but are faithful to the errors on the CD booklet.


  1. I saw Possessed open for Slayer at L'Amour in Brooklyn that year. I too was blown away. Great stuff.

    1. 1985 was probably the hottest year ever! Morbid Tales, Dealing With It!, Hell Awaits, Screams From The Gutter, Seven Churches...

    2. I read about that a few times from different people. The fans were happy to see Slayer, but Possessed weren't overjoyed about loaning their gear and the "surprise" appearance.
      If Slayer was as cool as everybody thinks they were, they would have OPENED for Possessed since they were borrowing stuff and had a shorter set.

  2. Ah. Possessed. The original Death Metal Band! 7 Churches was one of my favourite 80s Metal Albums. I remember a review in a zine where the writer gave it a veeery low rating and compared the sound to a freight train passing by or something like that.
    Of course I bought the record just because of that review :D

    A question: Does the CD release have a better Sound than the LP?
    The songs are great, but, damn I hate that "hollow tincan" production.

  3. Err.. sorry, forgot to write that I'M talking about "Beyond the Gates"...

    1. Beyond The Gates grew on me in the past 10 years, but at the time I was very disappointed and did not even keep the LP more than a year (thus no vinyl rip here).
      The CD is remastered, not remixed, so you get the same uncool vibe. But without vinyl cracks & pops...

  4. Saw them in Mtl at the World War III festival in '85. With Celtic Frost Destruction And Viovod. I still have the concert T-shirt, but it wont fit.Outstanding show!!!

  5. memories. Never was to those shows you mentioned...for obvious 10000 miles away from home. But...I was to a Destruction/Slayer show in the legendary Zeche Bochum in 1985 (never was so drunk before, people had to carry me inside, but I banged and stagedived myself sober in the run) and another unforgettable show (same location) almost a year later...Deathrow...Voivod...Possessed. Will never forget how I almost got paralyzed jumping a gap. Hahahaha. But bruises fuckin what...GREAT a time (1986) when Metal still got attitude. Something I miss nowadays. what...guess that is what all the old folks say... ^^ Cheers folks...btw....Possessed will ever own a seat in my personal temple of eternal depravity...they created DEATH METAL...not only by name but also music-wise. Their first demo changed my way of looking at music forever. Fastest guitars, fastest guitar solos least back then. ^^ "Burning in Hell" (demo version) is my second best favorite song ever (cross genre - actually I am Hardcore punk - NOT a Metal head). Best song ever (again cross genre) being "Angel of Death" by Slayer. Cheers and cheers again

  6. wow - I had no idea! now morbid angel is put in a whole different light. amazing!! thx for this!




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