Friday, February 12, 2016

Big Hair

Big Hair - Big Hair - 1993
Lethargy, Big Hair - Split Ep. - 1994
Big Hair - The Pickle Farm - 1995
Big Hair - Slaphappy - 1997
01. Big Hair - Big Hair, 1993 Vinyl 7" 33 ? RPM EP
     Pokin Records - none
02. Big Hair - Live at PJ's Pig Roast August, 1993
    mp3 bootleg
03. Lethargy, Big Hair - Split Ep., 1994 Vinyl 33 ? RPM 7" EP
     Pokin Records - U-37926M , Compilation
     Contains 2 songs by: Lethargy, Big Hair
04. Big Hair - The Pickle Farm, 1995 CD Album
     Energy Records - NRG 811142
05. Big Hair - Slaphappy, 1997 CD Album
     Pokin Records - POKCD 004
The creamy and uninterrupted pleasure of running this blog after almost 8 years does not only rely on the fun of playing with the glowing computer toy. The best part is to still discover new shit (even from the 80s!) by researching for a new post and then completing my collection. And the best of the best are reader contributions. Hence Big Hair wisely and so charitably funneled in my general direction by Brootlyn Zu, and now in yours. I am almost frustrated for having lived the past 20 years in total ignorance of Big Hair, but now it is repaired at last. For Big Hair deliver some wild, heavy and incisive mix of Victims Family and Primus, with a violin. Essential killer head blower! They rock you to the bottom of your underwear, they shake that spinal cord and then thy neuron is all inverted. This is fucking brilliant and totally in the league of the best crazy bands in that style. Big Hair is a pure product of the experimental 90s and they totally succeeded in their sonic quest. They deserved superstar status, but the children needed to promote Linkin Pork instead. Now is the time to celebrate, let's dance! Rezer til triplazer!
Remove brackets and unzip: [big zer]
!ZER Big Hair ZER!


  1. Wow! I'm blow away to open your blog and find this amazing band that I knew personally back in the day. Thanks for sharing this killer music from Rochester, NY.


  3. I was way into Victims Family and the like back in the 90's so I'm surprised I'd never heard of these guys. Great stuff!

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  5. Members of the band went on to form Girdle, a continuation of Big Hair minus the wild fiddle. I have been working to track this recording down for a while which finds zer sound somewhere between rock and a hard place.

    01 Girdle - Satanic Love Songs, 1997 Cassette Album =>
    Pokin Records ‎– POK 005 =>

    1. Awwww was too slow - cannot download anymore! is the URL still valid?

    2. Sorry try

    3. Amazing album, thanks one more time!

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  6. Coda: In the spirit of completion, Big Hair had an exclusive track on the Inhale. Fig.1 compilation curated in your neck of zer woods by Indica Records. Their drummer went on to MungBeanDemon (a band once presciently described as "completely awesome!!!" then Gaylord, a soulful version of Mr. Bungle, replacing Mastodon's drummer. Gaylord's first 2 albums, 1998's Sparkling Cool + 2003's Drop a Bomb on a Town of Fried Bologna, are near impossible to find...

    01 Various ‎– Inhale - Fig.1, 19 Sep 1997 CD, Compilation =>
    Indica Records ‎– INDCD002 =>
    02 Gaylord ‎– Tsunami, 2005 CD, Album =>
    Jeffcore Records ‎– jeffcore004 =>
    03 Gaylord ‎– Resplendent Locution, 2007 CD, Album =>
    Jeffcore Records ‎– 005 =>
    04 Gaylord - While the Sheep Sleep, Single =>
    05 Gaylord - WXXI Onstage 2008 =>

    1. Arghhh thanks a ton. Yes, MungbeanDemon are zertically supergreat! Consuming this lot now, thanks again!

    2. ZEUREKA!!! Finally copped Gaylord's Drop a Bomb on a Town of Fried Bologna, along with the 2000, 2001, 2006 Demos and a Live Set from '96,
      Included is the Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette, Big Hair and Gaylord's Jazzcore musical cousins,
      Also, here's a bunch of additional Big Hair recordings. What I find particularly interesting is that although they developed as a band in terms of musicianship and composition over time, they had hashed out most of their musical ideas in terms of songs, lyrics, and arrangement between 90 and 91 for the majority of the music they would record for the next 6-7 years...
      Part 1, Part 2
      And as a special treat, MungBeanDemon's 96 Yukmouth demo, and some unreleased tracks from '98-'99,

    3. I almost forgot Pigmaster, their Stinky Acid Drinking Death Funk friends,

    4. Another extra large tank of gratitude is being forwarded in you general direction! Cheers!

    5. You're most welcome. I cannot begin to describe the brutality and bloodshed that was required land these recordings.




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