Thursday, June 29, 2017

Artimus Pyle

Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead - 2001
Artimus Pyle, Crow - Release From Agony - 2001
Artimus Pyle - Fortress - 2002
Artimus Pyle - Fucked From Birth - 2003
Artimus Pyle - Black Shroud EP - 2006
Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way - 2007
01. Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead, 2001 CD
     Prank - PRANK 035
02. Artimus Pyle, Crow - Release From Agony, 2001 Vinyl 7"
     Mangrove - ROOT-033 , Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: Artimus Pyle, Crow
03. Artimus Pyle - Fortress, 2002 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM EP
     Prank - PRANK 055
04. Artimus Pyle - Fucked From Birth, 2003 CD Album
     Prank - PRANK 069
05. Artimus Pyle - Black Shroud EP, 2006 CD EP
     Missing Link Records - ERGH009
06. Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way, 2007 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Insane Society Records, Too Circle Records - IS 080, TCR-022
Dark aggressive hardcore is always a treat. AP play fast, pissed and vicious thrash of the caliber of World Burns To Death. Non-stop barrage of destruction at the speed of Siege, yes! Bleed and smile!
Remove brackets and unzip: [zerred from birth]
!ZER Artimus Pyle ZER!


  1. Yo L., another great release!! THX a bunch. Btw...I got the songs somewhere else, so no biggie, but you probably intented to include the Crow-songs with the split. But it's only the AP-songs. ^^ While we are talking Crow...any chance for a reload? Last release was more than 5 years ago (June '12, I checked). Pls bare with me and DON'T send me ahead to that year of blatant stupidity. But considering recent political events and choices, you could consider both 2016 and 2017 as a year of blatant stupidity. You don't have to take that far into the future to see how low people can stoop. ;-) But I guess that doesn't/didn't surprise you in any way. Be cool, bro!! Cheers from Germany R.

    1. Crow tracks: it is an old rip and at this time I was dividing split releases sides in separate folders. Yes it was stupid...
      As for the whole Crow reload, mh... let's say maybe. Still the same old problem of limited server space, a reload prevents a new load.

      Ah yes we are living truly amazing times! Each day a new low, and there is no end in sight. Until Satan swallows them the whole political lot up.

    2. First off, THX for not teleporting me. ;-) And of course I am aware of the limited server space problem since the Opendrive-rip off and the new "fast in fast out" policy. I am a regular for more than 4 years now. ^^ I've seen the good old times and I am still pissed off about any piece of music I didn't manage to download in time. :-) So your "maybe" is more than I was hoping for. Doesn't need to be next week, not even next month, but maybe this year, that would be awesome. And in the meantime let's hope Satan doesn't wait too long having a feast... Bfn R.

  2. Thought he was the drummer for lynryrd skynyrd

  3. Zer...have you ever listened to ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER?....quite different from this but you might enjoy it if you are a fan of ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY or HAILHORNET!, etc.....kind of a southern redneck vibe mixed with sludgy core spices....cheers man!!!!

    1. I`ll check them out, thanks for the tip!

  4. Artimus Pyle was a beast of band. Hard to find a pure hardcore band that can do what these guys did in this day & age. The kids just don't know...

  5. hello , is possible reupoad ? thanks in advance




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