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Reload: Artimus Pyle

Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead - 2001
Artimus Pyle - Fortress - 2002
Artimus Pyle - Fucked From Birth - 2003
Artimus Pyle - Black Shroud EP - 2006
Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way - 2007
01. Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead, 2001 CD
     Prank - PRANK 035
02. Artimus Pyle - Fortress, 2002 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM EP
     Prank - PRANK 055
03. Artimus Pyle - Fucked From Birth, 2003 CD Album
     Prank - PRANK 069
04. Artimus Pyle - Black Shroud EP, 2006 CD EP
     Missing Link Records - ERGH009
05. Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way, 2007 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Insane Society Records, Too Circle Records - IS 080, TCR-022
Requested: rezerred. For the split EP with Crow, go to the Crow post.
Remove brackets and unzip: [taxation is rape]
!ZER Artimus Pyle ZER!


  1. "My friends will tell you to move to Somalia." Hi Zer, I like sarcasm and cynism, 'cause maybe in my youth i read too much books from Mark Twain. Seems that I'm affected you with my Somalia referral. Sorry once again, I have a very different point of view about libertarianism (and it takes months to read all of the sources you recommend). Why? Because we live and we've grown up in different societies, but thus makes our conversation exciting. Both 1st world, but I'm in 'bad old europe' (salute to Donald Rumsfeld, ironic) where libertarianism is currently not the most urgent challenge but the open-door immigration caused by the chancellor of my country. Taxes is not the problem but usage of taxes is it (so we are associated). And to make it clear, i'm rightwinged (for german purpose) and i don't want to spend my taxes/money for all those people who come to my country knowing nothing about our life, our bahavior, our ethos of vocation. But that's not your concern.

    1. Yeah I find the Somalia cliché genuinely funny.
      Sure taxes could be better spent, but even then they would be unjustifiable and still the product of armed robbery.

      I don't think you have a different point of view about libertarianism, I think you are not a libertarian as long as you promote state-funded programs and government-made laws, whatever they are.

      The leftist wants to forcibly extract money from innocent people to pay for schools and health care and subsidies and whatever "social justice" requires. The leftist wants to use government violence to impose top-down regulations, obligations and restrictions like minimum wage and censorship and intellectual property.

      The rightist wants to forcibly extract money from innocent people to pay for border maintenance and infrastructure and military intervention and whatever nationalism and (an arbitrary set of) morals requires. The rightist wants to use government violence to impose top-down regulations, obligations and restrictions like anti drug laws and immigration laws and intellectual property.

      The leftist and the rightist are two different kind of statists - those who worship the state - neither is a libertarian, they do not believe in individual self-ownership, the non-aggression principle or voluntaryism. They believe in coercion, the use of threats of violence on innocent people, to force on other what they think (what they know!) to be better.

      Yes it takes time to undo the brain damage caused by years of state "education" and mainstream media & entertainment, it requires reading and thinking, but it is worth it. I did it, I was like you not ten years ago, a confused statist who tried to rationalize the use of state control. But it only takes one book to reverse this state of mind, the rest is about refining your thinking and knowledge.
      The non-aggression principle is key.

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