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Youthquake - Quake Dope - 1994
Youthquake - Youth...Mine And The Truth - 1994
Youthquake - Youthquake - 1996
Youthquake - Apocalypse - 2001
Youthquake - Evolution Of New Oriental Metal - 2003
Youthquake - Six Feet Under Is Not Deep Enough - 2008
Youthquake - Beyond The Void Of Black - 2010
Youthquake - Darkness And Light, Strife And Conflict - 2012
01. Youthquake - Quake Dope, 1994 CD Album
     Extasy Records - EXC-013
02. Youthquake - Youth...Mine And The Truth, 1994 CD Album
     Extasy Records - EXC-014
03. Youthquake - Youthquake, 1996 CD Album Stereo
     Extasy Records - EXC-017
04. Youthquake - Apocalypse, 2001 CD Album
     Extasy Records - XXC-1030
05. Youthquake - Evolution Of New Oriental Metal, 2003 CD Album Enhanced
     M & I - MYCP 30216
06. Youthquake - Six Feet Under Is Not Deep Enough, 2008 CD Album
     Bit Organization - BICD-23001
07. Youthquake - Beyond The Void Of Black, 2010 CD Album
     Delivery Of Hell - FUCK-2319
08. Youthquake - Darkness And Light, Strife And Conflict, 2012 CD Album
     Hydrant Music - QIHC-10034
Thrash 'til zer 'til rezer! Another classic discography that deserves much more recognition. One can divide it in two segments: the first four albums develop an incredibly exciting mix of advanced thrash metal that reminds equally of Volcano (or the other way round, considering chronology) | Shellshock | United and Mekong Delta | Death Angel | Crown Of Thorns. Add accelerations into Rose Rose and even Protector territory and pour a few anthemic fist-in-the-air rocking songs that would not be out of place on Yasha, Ezo or 90s Loudness albums. From virulent speed aggression to party headbanging with class without losing focus of their sound. In three words: A-MA-ZING. Apocalypse starts to feature the borderline melodic death metal approach that echoes the first two albums from Sentenced and that dominates the last four albums. These ones are heavier, less friendly, with harsher vocals and less of the Japanese touch. At The Gates fans might want to start with this second half of the discography, while addicts to the Japanese delivery of perfection in the headblast should dive into the first half first. The Church is totally sold to the entire discography because it is a solid mine of triplazering gems of perfect thrashification in the zeriverse!
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