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Long version: see this.
Short version: make a request on the Zerbook.

NRAR = Not really A Reload
AAR = Almost A Reload
EZTT = Eternal Zer Top Ten

FLAC Rips:
* All rips are in the FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec), FLAC offers light data compression (20% or less - produces files 5 to 10 times larger than the best quality MP3), but NO LOSS OF QUALITY. I won't do MP3 anymore, except for a large sum of money or if I repost an archive made by someone else when I do not have the original record, like the first Mind Over Four mini LP, which will be the rare exception.
* Vinyl records and tapes are recorded in WAV format into Steinberg's Wavelab via the S/PDIF output of the Stanton T.92 turntable to the S/PDIF input of the M-Audio Firewire 410 sound module. These wave files are then manually cleaned-up from the loudest pops & cracks (yet many of those still remain) and manually separated into individual songs in FLAC format. No automation is used in this process, I fully keep control on song separation and crackles removal (no usage whatsoever of blank finder or decliker/denoiser plugins).
* Vinyls and tapes are processed (encoded to FLAC and tagged) with the Tagger Of Zer.
* CDs are ripped direct to FLAC with Foobar2000, then tagged with the Tagger Of Zer. Foobar's ReplayGain function is NOT used.
* Neither vinyl nor CD rips are processed in any way: no sound compression, eq, filter, reverb (!!), Nothing that would alter the original mix.

Files are encrypted: the pissword is the last thing between brackets in each post at this line: "Remove brackets and unzip: [THIS IS THE PISSWORD]". Copy what stands for "THIS IS THE PISSWORD" without brackets and paste it into the pissword field when unzipping the archive. Again, the pissword changes on every post and it is not the dummy phrase "THIS IS THE PISSWORD". If you don't understand, touch a monolith.

Extracting Asian files
If the rar from Asian albums rips don't extract, it is probably due to character encoding (song & album titles contain Asian characters). I recommend the first 4 steps of : Install Asian character sets

* When available, a page is linked with the corresponding rip. Click it to buy the record of a rip you liked.
Ripoff Discogs seller:
Cassettekult ships defective items and does not refund.

* I have CDs & records for sale
* Recommended mail order distros (fast, honest): Crime Against Humanity, Boss Tuneage, Red Stream, UnUnDeux, CD Baby, Marquee Records, Toys Of Disharmony, Relapse Records, Century Media, Interpunk, Alternative Tentacles, Dischord, The Omega Order, Prank Records, Profane Existence and many others.

*** Note to e-monkeys *** Hard-Ons and Porno Coma are rock bands. You can now stop clicking these posts hoping to find free viagra or free porn.

Complaint department and communication blob: Zerbook.

Foobar config:

Window title: [%album artist% - ]['['%album%[ CD%discnumber%][ #%tracknumber%]']' ]%title%[ '//' %track artist%]
Status bar: %codec% | %bitrate% kbps | %samplerate% Hz | %channels% | %playback_time%[ / %length%]
Zer foobar theme
I do not use ReplayGain.


  1. What do you use to rip cd's?

  2. Foobar 2000 to rip CDs and convert WAV to FLAC. It's also my music player. It's become my favourite for its highly customizable interface and scripting capability (and built-in scrobbling with no need for the Last FM exe).

    1. And one feature that few players seem capable of : gapless playback (a key point for me).

    2. Hi Zer, do you mind sharing your foobar customization? Like your interface, plug-ins, etc...

  3. Your blog is fuckin awesome!!!
    My only doubt is wich's the password?

    1. It's the thing between brackets at the end of each post, appearing like this : "Remove brackets and unzip: [THIS IS THE PASSWORD]"

  4. What do you recommend on windows to listen to FLAC files?

    1. Foobar because it handles gapless transitions. Winamp and VLC play FLAC but do not manage gapless playback, or I was too stupid to configure them.

  5. Check out my foobar skin ZER. It's on my deviantART.

  6. Amazing blog you have here, I'm very new to all of this and I have tried to use a dl of a flac to put on my Ipod but it wont work for me. I assume since it's not a mp3 file etc. it wont work?Can you help me and/or explianwhat I need to do .Thanks so much in advance

    1. On any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux...), standard media players such as Foobar2000, Winamp or VLC play FLAC files without any configuration. I would avoid Windows Media Player.
      If it does not work, you might simply need to install the FLAC codec.

      I don't know what portable devices can do. If yours does not play FLAC and you need to convert the files to mp3, use Foobar2000, it is free and reliable.

    2. Thanks for your help, I have my Ipod classic that i use for all of my music.I'll give the Foobar200 a shot.There's sooooo much great stuff on here I would love to listen to .




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