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Amebix - Beginning Of The End 1982/1984
Amebix - Arise! 1985
Amebix - The Power Remains 1985/1987
Amebix - Make Some Fucking Noise 1986
Amebix - Monolith 1987
Amebix Japan - Tribute To Amebix 2005
Amebix - Redux 2010
Amebix - Sonic Mass 2011
01. Amebix - Beginning Of The End, 1982/1984 CD
     bootleg, Compilation
     1-6: No Sanctuary 12'', 7-10: Who's The Enemy 7'', 11-12: Winter 7''
02. Amebix - Arise!, 1985 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 46CD
03. Amebix - The Power Remains, 1985/1987 LP
     Skuld Releases - SKULD 010
04. Amebix - Make Some Fucking Noise, 1986 CD
     The Only Good Dealer Is A Dead One - 6662/3
     Live 1986
05. Amebix - Monolith, 1987 CD
     Heavy Metal Records - HMR XD 99
06. Amebix Japan - Tribute To Amebix, 2005
     Agipunk - AG32, Compilation
     12 songs from: Zoe - Age - Effigy - Raw Gauge - Acrostix - Life
07. Amebix - Redux, 2010 MCD
     Profane Existence - Exist 116cd
08. Amebix - Sonic Mass, 2011 CD
     Amebix Records - AUREA002CD
No Sanctuary The Spiderleg Recordings
Having been hooked on the last two releases like a glutton tuna, I shall now reload the requested works of the premium druids of metallic punk. Yes yes yes I will bath in blasphemy and say the new album is probably the best thing I got in 2011 but also the best Amebix release to date. You're always a bit skeptical when a band returns after a 25 years long hiatus but here I was just blown away. It is true doomified, blackholified, superior Amebix music - dark heavy heavy metal with a touch of Type O Negative. BUY SONIC MASS!!! Buy Redux too, it features three awesome re-recordings of 80s classics. Go see them live, the show we saw in Montreal in 2009 was an immense sonic mass. Support and worship Amebix. Amen. Zer.
!ZER Amebix ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [Touch a monolith]


  1. Legendary post!! Have you seen the Risen documentary? Check it out if not.

  2. Thanks for the Japanese tribute!!!

  3. Thanks for another great post... =)

  4. Amazing... really great what they did on the new album, reminds me a little bit of "heavified" Killing Joke.
    Seriously Ultrazer!

  5. Thank you, however if you wish to correct your Amebix "Beginning Of The End" archive:

    "Progress" is in reality absent from your archive entirely,
    However you have a track erroneously named Progress.

    I ripped "Progress" from Virus 382 CD Digipack "No Sanctuary The Spiderleg Recordings"
    to complete your archive.

    I discovered several tracks misnamed and/or misnumbered.

    I believe this is a correct analysis of your archive:

    Oddly named title 1.flac is in reality "Sunshine Ward" and should be track #6 of 13

    01.Battery Humans Is Correct and track# is correct
    02.Control is Correct and track# is correct
    03.Progress is in reality "Sanctuary" and should be track #4 of 13
    04.Sanctuary is in reality "The Church Is For Sinners" and should be track #5 of 13
    06.Sunshine Ward is in reality "Moscow Madness" and should be track #7 of 13
    07.Carnage is correct but should be track#8 of 13
    08.Curfew is correct but should be track#9 of 13
    09.Belief is correct but should be track#10 of 13
    10.No Gods No Masters is correct but should be track#11 of 13
    11.Winter is correct but should be track#12 of 13
    12.Beginning Of The End is correct but should be track#13 of 13

    Hope this helps.
    Have a nice day.

    1. I don't have a "1.flac" file. My rip goes like this:

      Battery Humans
      The Church Is For Sinners
      Sunshine Ward
      No Gods, No Masters
      Beginning Of The End

      So if I understand your correction, I should shift all song titles down from Progress, and insert your rip of Progress in 3rd position. Can you put this file on mediafire?
      Thanks for the help. Cheers!

    2. So sorry for my late reply, I've been traveling and off the grid at times. I assume the 1.flac file was the default titling assigned, when my windows XP professional operating system was incapable of handling the extensive file path, designated by your tagging operations. If the tagging requires too long a string of characters the operating system defaults to an abstract abbreviation.

      I'm sorry to say I can't upload to mediafire or other public accessible utilities. However I can send the entire archive (retagged for my simplistic PC needs), complete with "progress", directly to your email address by using The link expires automatically after a number of days, as the service is not designed to share on mass scale. It would be suitable to return the corrected archive to you, ready to be retagged per your preferences.

      I haven't seen an email contact for you on the site here, but I will continue to check back to search. I'm presently 2,500 miles away for access to the archive but should be back to it by Friday Nov 1st. The hurricane approaching east coast USA is playing havoc on my flight(s) schedules.

      Thank you for providing some exposure to hardcore genre(s). It's nearly all new to me. It's very nice to finally find a punk blog with an understanding of the loudness war. Your commentary regarding good/bad masters is very valuable, and of course lossless quality is so very rare in the punk blogosphere. You're simply the greatest!

      Hope to find an email in the comments to send the archive to. Take care.

    3. Please check your email for archive returned.

      On another note, have you heard the 2012 Vinyl release of "Amebix Balkans - A Tribute to Amebix" on PMK Records? It's a must have for me. I'm checking all my USA vendors trying to buy a copy.

  6. ZER - Please go to my website and click on the link "email the woodchuck pirate" for private contact.

    1. I must have the IQ of a chair, didn't find the email link! You could email me at laurent at churchofzer dot com




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