Thursday, September 13, 2018


Doomriders - Black Thunder - 2005
Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive - 2009
Doomriders - Grand Blood - 2013
01. Doomriders - Black Thunder, 2005 CD Album
     Deathwish - DW46
02. Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive, 2009 CD Album
     Deathwish - DWI95
03. Doomriders - Grand Blood, 2013 CD Album
     Deathwish - DW148
Rocking magnificence! That glowing first album is the perfect storm of solid aggressive rock, punk rock and twin guitar riffs. Fans of Annihilation Time should notice - they probably already have. In the mood for a mix of Rollins, Gwar and the non-death metal parts of the Entombed catalog? Blast it to 11! The next two album are shining masterpieces of more sophisticated sounds of fury:  it gets darker, gloomier, more emotional, more hardcore, actually it makes me think I am listening to the reincarnation of Verbal Assault, revamped and modernized of course - especially on Grand Blood. This is just awesome, since everybody has been missing Verbal Assault for so long. A triplet of triplazering winners!
Remove brackets and unzip: [riders of doom]
!ZER Doomriders ZER!

Now this: the EUSSR, aka the European Reich, voted yesterday an interesting piece of legislative sodomy that pushes the internet link tax and the internet upload filter. Read about it here and there.

The core of it: websites will have to pay to post links to copyrighted material, and uploads of any kind (images, sounds, texts, videos...) will have to be verified before publication in order to avoid copyright infringement. Since copyright is theft, this is a chemically pure mix of fascism and communism. That's what you get with democracy. Fuck you, voters.

What it means for the Church of Zer: this site may disappear next year (I understand this law will be enforced starting in 2019). I have yet to understand how this will be implemented, but if it is platform dependent, I guess Google will simply pull the plug on its platform (which hosts this blog) to avoid costly and crippling compliance to this shit.
If it is only visitor-dependent, Google may only block visitors from the EU. In that case, simply use a VPN and position yourself in any country that is not a European Reich member, e.g. Switzerland.
In any case, since I only post copyrighted material here - FUCK COPYRIGHTS - Church of Zer is the exact target for such ridiculous laws.
Wait and see. Burn politicians alive. Fuck them all with chainsaws. Feed them to the hogs.

On a side note, another syphilitic whore in the UK is trying to push a bill to ban private groups on social media.

The rise of the scum is not stopping.

#KillEmAll #BenitoMitUns


  1. Europe is killing itself. 1984 is already happe-

    This comment has been blocked by the new Article 13

  2. Italian here.
    How can I even try to stop all this damn madness?

    1. you can stop anything by VOTING and motivating your like-minded friends to vote. Here is a tip on voting: people / parties that focus on FEAR issues like immigration usually also tend to want to CONTROL YOU!

    2. I beg to differ. This is what you get when you vote.
      Stop voting. When the voting base becomes thin enough, the political machine looses any semblance of legitimacy.

    3. Not to worry about that: I only voted two times 9 years ago (a rigged regional election and some referendum) and then never cast a ballot again.

      And by the way, all politicians/parties/movements in my nation are the pure definition of scum of the earth (and also thieves of the highest order) so supporting them in any way was never an option to me.

  3. politicians must be slaughtered. their families too.




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