Thursday, August 8, 2019

Unseen Terror

Unseen Terror - Human Error - 1987
Unseen Terror - The Peel Sessions - 1989
01. Unseen Terror - Human Error, 1987 CD Album Remastered Reissue
     Earache - MOSH 4CD
     Reissue from 2001
02. Unseen Terror - The Peel Sessions, 1989 CD EP
     Dutch East India Trading - DEI8337-2
     Reissue from 1992
Heartbreak motel 1987: the ape has been subjugated by the likes of Heresy, Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Atavistic, Cryptic Slaughter et al. for a year or two. That accelerated intensification in the sonic attack was another step after the eruption of Bathory | Septic Death | Siege, which itself was a terrorification of the Venom | Discharge era, and all was perfect bliss to the point of blindly buying any release from that scene, especially from that new indie label Earache Records. Error and submission! The LP of Unseen Terror ("with the dudes from Napalm Death and Heresy!!!" == MUST BUY ASAP!!!) shows up in the record store, heartbeat acceleration, pumping up of hot sweat, skip test listening, jump to cashier, run home, feverishly put record on turntable, sit down with a big smile of expectation - and cry larger and larger chunks of vomit as the songs run their sad course. Abandoned erection! Total flaccidity of the meat! That record sucks donkeys! Fuck I hated it. I sold it a week later to a weak friend with no taste in music. 30 years later, that album still fucking sucks, I can't understand how it became such a "classic". The worst Heresy demo is 666 times better than that lifeless, impotent crap. Sure, there are blast beats and basic riffs and all, but in the end, you get a bland, insipid album that you never return to. Why listen to that bore when you can self-abuse your auditory canals with Repulsion?
No, I did not buy the remaster CD, I fucking downloaded it for the sake of this blog - and it features at least a few bonus tracks that are ok, i.e. way better than the main course. But yes, that Peel Session release is good, even great at times (Voice Your Opinion is a ripper). Anyway, the 80s could not always win, and I`ll stick to Heresy and ND.
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!ZER Unseen Terror ZER!


  1. Now I have one question: why post (and torture us with) it if it's THAT bad ...?

    Btw I love "Burned Beyond Recognition"

    1. Because I love to spit my venom, because the Peel Sessions MCD is good, because it is popular and I am a clickbait whore.

  2. i've always liked this album. i don't know. it's fun.

  3. The performance and mix is just too casual for this type of music. Needs more distortion, vocals far too soft, guitar lacking power. Cryptic Slaughter on Xanax.

  4. My dear friend, (I am gettin kinda gay on you because I am shittfaced beyond recognition atm including that double t), I still have to endure that Unseen Terror treatment, because I have never actually have managed to listen to their music, and I am talking TIMES here, I purchased their first album back in '88 and I can tell you when. There was a HUGE Metal event in our soccer stadium (I say soccer, because it is that kind of sports that is for girls and not football, you know Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady and stuff) in Bochum with the likes of Testament, Iron Maiden yeah well I forgot about the rest, pretty good line-up but not for me because I was totally into Hardcore Punk back then, but it was a good event to meet people, hang around and get drunk. Yeah well, I didn't pay one cent, but in the run they opened the gates so more people could pour in to give a better audience for their video recordinds. Kinda made me sick but so what. Yeah well, somewhere outside of the stadium was one of my favorite no profit record dealers (K.C. - you rule and own a place in my heart) and I bought that record among others which I have no recollaction of. Just remember that one. Why I am telling this? I have no fuckin idea... Cheers dude, love ya. R

  5. This just further proves the theory that anyone's Peel Sessions are always better than their albums. Unseen Terror is a very low bar but it's still accurate.

  6. I like it (always have) because it's weird as hell.




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