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Reload: The Exploited

The Exploited - On Stage - 1981
The Exploited - Punks Not Dead - 1981
The Exploited - Live And Loud!! - 1981/1987
The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow - 1982
The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow - 1982
The Exploited - Computers Don't Blunder - 1983
The Exploited - Let's Start A War... ...Said Maggie One Day - 1983
The Exploited - Let's Start A War... - 1983
The Exploited - Horror Epics - 1985
The Exploited - Live At The Whitehouse - 1985
The Exploited - Horror Epics. - 1985
The Exploited - Death Before Dishonour - 1987
The Exploited - Death Before Dishonour - 1987
The Exploited - The Massacre - 1990
The Exploited - Live On Stage / Live At The Whitehouse - 1991
The Exploited - Live In Japan - 1993
The Exploited - Beat The Bastards - 1996
The Exploited - Don't Forget The Chaos - 2002
The Exploited - Fuck The System - 2003
01. The Exploited - On Stage, 1981 Vinyl LP Album Partially Unofficial
     The Exploited Record Company - EXP LP 2001
02. The Exploited - Punks Not Dead, 1981 Vinyl LP Album
     Poko International - SECRET 1
03. The Exploited - Live And Loud!!, 1981/1987 CD Album Reissue
     Harry May Record Company - MAYO CD 533
     Reissue from 2004
04. The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow, 1982 Vinyl LP Album
     Carrere, Secret Records - 67886, 67886
05. The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow, 1982 CD Album Reissue
     Roadrunner Records, Secret Records - RR 9981 2, RR 9981 2
     Reissue from 1992
06. The Exploited - Computers Don't Blunder, 1983 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Single
     Carrere, Carrere - 13.096, 13096
07. The Exploited - Let's Start A War... ...Said Maggie One Day, 1983 Vinyl LP Album
     Pax Records - PAX 18
08. The Exploited - Let's Start A War..., 1983 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 603
     Reissue from 2001
09. The Exploited - Horror Epics, 1985 CD Album
     Dojo - DOJO CD 184
     Reissue from 1994
10. The Exploited - Live At The Whitehouse, 1985 Vinyl LP
     Rival - RIVAL 403002
11. The Exploited - Horror Epics., 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Konexion, Konexion - 788012, KOMA 788012
12. The Exploited - Death Before Dishonour, 1987 Vinyl LP Album
     Combat - 88561-8185-1
13. The Exploited - Death Before Dishonour, 1987 CD Album Reissue
     Rough Justice - CD JUST 6
     Reissue from 1990 - 13-16: Jesus Is Dead 12'', 17-19: War Now 12''
14. The Exploited - The Massacre, 1990 CD Album
     Rough Justice - CDJUST 15
15. The Exploited - Live On Stage / Live At The Whitehouse, 1991 CD Compilation
     Dojo Limited - LOMA CD2
16. The Exploited - Live In Japan, 1993 CD Album Reissue
     Dojo Limited - DOJO CD 109
17. The Exploited - Beat The Bastards, 1996 CD Album
     Rough Justice - CDJUST 22
18. The Exploited - Don't Forget The Chaos, 2002 CD Compilation Repress
     Cleopatra - Clp 1253-2
     1-2: studio 1984, 2-18: live at Leeds 1983
19. The Exploited - Fuck The System, 2003 CD Album
     Spitfire Records - SPT-15233-2
Requested: rezerred.
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  1. Thanks a lot a lot! I've been hoping for a reload of The Exploited and 3-Way Cum for a long time now. Not on any social media, and I couldn't make a request. This is great. Does anyone have a link for the Troops of Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour 81 2CD from 2008? It's said to have the original edit of Troops that can't be found on the other CD issues.

    1. That's just the "RADIO EDIT" or "12" EDIT" of Troops Of Tomorrow, edited down to 3:11 minutes for radio play (hard to imagine that they were that popular at some point .... lol). It's also included in their 1980-1983 box set and various "Singles" collections, e.g.: Punk Singles Rarities:

    2. "...this is exactly how the album sounded when it was released with no cut out at the beginning of 'Disorder' unlike other discs..." This is why I was looking for Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour 81 2CD from 2008.

    3. I'll look through my older harddrives to see if I have that one... I thought I had EVERYTHING by Exploited, but I can't find that one. (Let me know if, in the meantime, you want the singles collection in FLAC)

    4. Fukk me sideways ... EXPLOITED just released a 3-track EP ... the first release in 20 years!

    5. I think I have the CAPTAIN OI reissue of TROOPS OF TOMORROW, whcih might also be what you are looking for:

    6. Thanks for offering the singles collection. I have a couple versions of those, so I'm good on that one. If you find a version of TOT that might fit that bill, I'd appreciate that though.

    7. Here you go! This is definitely the CD you're looking for ... same track listing, times, etc.:

    8. Admin, you should add the 19-track version to your main page, as it's rather rare. Otherwise, I can leave my version up for a while.

    9. Thanks for that 19er. I appreciate you going through the trouble to match it up to my request and for uploading it.

    10. Thanks for the upload. Also stored here.

    11. Thank you for the 19-track Captain Oi Remaster!!!

    12. yes, thank you for all the different versions. Often "remasters" are a joke, but in this case, they really do sound better, especially for HORROR EPICS; the CD sounds much clearer ... and thank you for the bonus tracks versions, especially the 19-track Captain Oi!

    13. and I agree with everyone else. It would be nice if we could track down that 3-track EP from earlier this year!

    14. AMAZING!!! Thank you for another complete collection! and thanks for all the bonus tracks editions.

  2. All-time favorite punk band ... THANK YOU!!! I feel like Nuclear Blast has been teasing us for almost a decade now with "remastered/expanded" reissues of their albums! So, this is highly appreciated! I mean highly azerrrrrred!

  3. Looks like that "new" EXPLOITED EP actually contains 3 unreleased tracks that were originally recorded for THE MASSACRE. Can someone PLEASE share that EP?

    1. was anyone able to find that new 3-track EP?

  4. glad I was able to help. I get soooo much from this site. Now I just have to find that new 3-track EP with the old Massacre bonus tracks and I my life will be perfect (as I listen to old hardcore/crossover music while ignoring the reality out there ... lol)

    1. Thank you for the Captain Oi Remaster... been looking for it for ages! All the Captain Oi reissues are usually great, but this one (and the one for The Blood) is the best!

    2. Thank you! Best X-mess gift ever!

  5. Probably the most amazing post all year .... and still the greatest website ever! Merry Whatever and Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for reupping this great collection! Clearly one of the greatest, most influential bands of all time!

  7. Massive thanx for this insane upload!!

  8. AMAAAAAZING! Thank you so much for this complete package!




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