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G.B.H. - GBH Live At The 100 Club 24th November 1981 - 1982
G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats - 1982
G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys... - 1982
G.B.H. - Drugs Party In Tinsletown (Cathay De Grande Hollywood Usa 11th March 1984) - 1984
G.B.H. - Midnight Madness And Beyond....... - 1986
G.B.H. - No Need To Panic - 1987
G.B.H. - A Fridge Too Far - 1989
G.B.H. - From Here To Reality - 1990
G.B.H. - Church Of The Truly Warped - 1993
G.B.H. - Live In Japan - 1993
G.B.H. - Punk Junkies - 1997
G.B.H., Billyclub - Punk As Fuck !!! - 1999
G.B.H. - Ha Ha - 2002
G.B.H. - Cruel & Unusual - 2004
G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings - 2007
G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings - 2007
G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings - 2007
G.B.H. - Perfume And Piss - 2010
G.B.H. - Momentum - 2017
01. G.B.H. - GBH Live At The 100 Club 24th November 1981, 1982 Cassette Limited Edition Numbered
     Chaos Cassettes, Chaos Tapes - LIVE 007, LIVE 007
02. G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats, 1982 Vinyl LP Album
     Clay Records, Clay Records - CLAY LP 4, CLAY LP4
03. G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys..., 1982 Vinyl LP Compilation
     Clay Records, Clay Records - CLAY LP5, CLAY LP 5
04. G.B.H. - Drugs Party In Tinsletown (Cathay De Grande Hollywood Usa 11th March 1984), 1984 CDr Album Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
     Reissue from 2020
05. G.B.H. - Midnight Madness And Beyond......., 1986 CD Album Reissue
     Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 193
     Reissue from 2002
06. G.B.H. - No Need To Panic, 1987 Vinyl LP Album
     Combat - 88561-8184-1
07. G.B.H. - A Fridge Too Far, 1989 CD Album Reissue
     Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 289
     Reissue from 2006
08. G.B.H. - From Here To Reality, 1990 Cassette Album
     Restless Records - 7 72525-4
09. G.B.H. - Church Of The Truly Warped, 1993 CD Album
     Futurist, Futurist - FS 1015, FD 1015
10. G.B.H. - Live In Japan, 1993 CD Album
     Dojo Limited - DOJO CD 112
11. G.B.H. - Punk Junkies, 1997 CD Album
     We Bite Records - 51211-2
12. G.B.H., Billyclub - Punk As Fuck !!!, 1999 CD EP
     Idol Records - IR 018 , Compilation
     Contains 6 songs by: G.B.H., Billyclub
13. G.B.H. - Ha Ha, 2002 CD Album
     Go-Kart Records - GK 089
14. G.B.H. - Cruel & Unusual, 2004 CD Album
     Idol Records - IR 044
15. G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings, 2007 CD Compilation x 3, Box Set
     Castle Music - CMETD 1455
     EPs (Sick Boy, No Survivors etc.) + City Baby Attacked By Rats
16. G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings, 2007 CD Compilation x 3, Box Set
     Castle Music - CMETD 1455
     EPs (Give Me Fire, Catch 23, Do What You Do) + City Baby Revenge
17. G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings, 2007 CD Compilation x 3, Box Set
     Castle Music - CMETD 1455
     No Survivors (Live 1989)
18. G.B.H. - Perfume And Piss, 2010 CD Album
     Hellcat Records, Hellcat Records - 80512-2, 80512-1
19. G.B.H. - Momentum, 2017 CD Album
     Hellcat Records - 0532-2
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  1. Awesome, thank you! Definitely need a separate entry for their best album City Baby's Revenge -

    1. I see 2 more Captain Oi! releases ... YAY!!!

    2. I wish you would add a full Captain Oi post!

  2. Thanks so much for all the awesome music. Link Exchange? i added yours to my linklist already....

    1. Sick site, Zombie! First thing I see is a Napalm Death Bootleg! Hell yeah! Just saw them live. Amazing show!

    2. Too bad comments are disabled on your site! Do you by any chance have Resistors – Tiny Scars ... Been looking for it for years, as well as their other two albums!

    3. If i can find a better version will upload

    4. That's amazing! Thank you! They released 3 albums and 1 single. I used to have all of them but now I can't find them anywhere!

    5. Resistors-Pain & Passion(1991) FLAC ---!ZJWwLwR2AwyuMTEuAGuvLmSyBGt0BIEEpUuDGRbjn2AAIzV1ZD==

    6. That's amazing, Zombie! I agree with the person above. I've also been looking for their records forever. In fact, I requested it here at the Church several years ago! I saw this band several times in the 90s ... live, they sounded a lot like The Misfits, and the singer looked and sounded like a mix between DANZIG and Pete Steele (Type O Negative). THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these two records. I hope you also find ALPOW and the first album in better quality!

    7. Sadly, I still have the case for ALPOW but can't find the CD anywhere. So, I can't help you out, but definitely also interested!

    8. Thank you, Zombie! Pretty legendary band (like most Subway Records bands) and hard to find!

    9. Pretty spot-on description 3 comments above: Resistors were like the perfect mix of Misfits, Danzig and Type O Negative! (too bad the rip of tiny scars is pretty bad; sounds like somebody held a walkman to a record player, so it ends up sounding like "true Norwegian Black Metal" ... Ha Ha. I used to have it on LP and it was definitely a perfect recording.)

    10. lmao yeah terrible rip...Zombie and i are looking for a better one

    11. Katrina, that would be amazing! Thank you in advance!

    12. I love your site by the way, especially the Bootleg Compilations (Napalm Death, Vader, etc.) and thank you for the remastered Metal Massacre!

    13. Yeah, We Bite Records was one of those labels where you could blindly buy any new record they released, and you just knew it was gonna be amazing! Spermbirds, Emils, The Idiots, Schliessmuskel ... and the best Hardcore/Crossover at non-import prices!

    14. Thanks for the new Compilation Bootlegs for Sabbat (all-time favorite), Sacred Reich, and Voivod!

    15. Can you please also upload Die Krupps Feat. Accuser – Metal Machine Music

    16. Thank you, Zombie/Katrina

    17. Zombie/Katrina/Anonymous, I found this copy of "Resistors -1990- Tiny Scars" on one of my hard drives. Unfortunately, it is only 192K and the rip itself is not very good (lacking bass), but better than nothing. Hopefully Zombie or Katrina find a better copy of it (and ALPOW)... anyways, here is my copy for now:

    18. Thank you for the 192K copy. I still hope for a better rip of this classic!

    19. Good News, Zombie has located Vinyl Rip FLAC Version of Tiny Scars... going to be uploading and posting it on our Blog soon.


    21. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! I already saw it on your site (which I visit every day now along with the Church)!!!! You are the best! Thank you both tremendously!!!
      👿⛧🤘⚝ ✪⛤🤘⛥ ⸸ 🤘 ⚝ ⍟ 👹⚝ 🤘⚝

    22. and please thank Jason Silence from me!!! (p.s.: that album also came with a 2-track single [at least my copy did back then]; maybe he has it: Force Of Habit / Ride To Get You]

    23. Zombie/Katrina, Thank you again for finding this file. I split the 2 image files into individual tracks (and fixed one skip/glitch in "I Don't Need Your Hate" at the 4:08 minute mark)... and tagged the files. Here is the archive, if you want it:

    24. My Friend Jason had it on his Hard Drive so i was grateful for that....Thanks for making it even better. I am actually going to update the Download links on our Blog in a minute.

    25. Thank you, guys. I'v e also been looking for Resistors for quite some time, and I see that you already posted 2 of their albums!

    26. Thank you for Resistors, Z&K. A lot of us have been looking for their albums for quite some time. Love your site. Now there are 2 sites worth visiting daily in this infinite mess called the WWW. Millions of Pop and EDM sites and only 2 good Metal/Punk sites!

    27. Zombie, I don't know if you noticed, but your site is no longer accessible. It says "Sensitive Content Warning" and then prompts to sign up, but then just goes into a loop. So you may just want to remove whatever you added today (February 15, 2023) since the message did not appear yesterday.

    28. I have solved the problem, thank you for letting me know

  3. Exploited, Destruction, Cryptic Slaughter,... Makes sense to now add GBH! You are on a roll... nothing but the BEST on this site! Thank you!

  4. I thought I had all their albums, but you just added some rare live recordings/demos and the outstanding Race Against Time box set. THANK YOU

  5. and this Teutonic Mega-ZERness: German Thrash Metal - The Ultimate Oldschool Tracks




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