Friday, August 15, 2008


Eisenvater I, Germany 1992
Eisenvater II, Germany 1994
Eisenvater III, Germany 1995
This band resides forever in my lifelong top 3 or maybe even in the top 1, zer. They are the ultimate kings of massive doom/death with an industrial vibe, yet they are so much more than this dry description (and without synths/machines - they're Germans). In short, picture a mix of the Melvins, Prophecy of Doom and Carnivore/early Type O Negative, and even some good old Sepultura 'roots', but only the very best, very heaviest and very deadliest of these bands. Eisenvater's music reeks of mechanical feeling, speed, heaviness, I don't know, it is just the perfect recipe for my neuron. They use simple stuctures and riffs, haunting melodies and deadly grooves, it is dark, cold and greasy with a lot of humour, so much so I would use the term 'genius' if I dared to. Sleazy music with all qualities. Zer. Fleisch. Never tired of Eisenvater! Listen where the excellentissimest Totenmond took the bulk of their inspiration. MEGAZERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
The good news: they're preparing a 4th album, preview on their website.
Eisenvater official website


  1. great post, thank you!

  2. excellent idea because people hardly know about this band who deserves eternal praise. someone should reissue those 3 albums. III especially is a total evil german masterpiece!!!

  3. Cheers from Chicago! Thanks for the Eisenvater albums; I foolishly sold my cds years ago and have been searching for them for a long time. Great to hear these again!

  4. Yeah this is the most essential piece of recorded metal ever... zer !!! none so dark ! their humor makes the Eisenvater experience all the more remarkable. Freak music !

  5. I was the metal director at college radio station WXOU (Oakland University/Auburn Hills, Michigan) during 1995-98 when "III" showed up in my box along with the Slapshot CD We Bite released at the same time I think (which was good too). I'm not sure if at the time I was familiar with Eisenvater or not, but I definitely had not heard them. I was totally blown away by their dirgy heaviness, and the raw pissed German language vocals. In talking to We Bite's radio rep, he said Eisenvater were going to be playing in Chicago or something as part of a cultural exchange deal— some arts group in the US would send someone over there to play, and they would send over Eisenvater. I don't know any more details than that or if it even happened. I always felt they should be way more popular than they were, so whenever I made tapes of heavy stuff for friends, I usually included tracks from III. I'd been looking for their first two for over 12 years! Thanks!

    Royal Oak, MI USA

  6. The thank-list in NOOTHGRUSH's "Embraced by the anti-self" 7"EP is my endless inspiration. In this list I saw for the first time the name of this awesome band from Germany but I wasn't able to get any of their records nor any people who know EISENVATER here in my country. And trust me, it's really funny because Germany is neighbouring country. :-) Few years ago I get all their three albums from soulseek and after that I bought "I" LP and two pieces of "III" CD on ebay straightly from We Bite sellout. So if here's anybody interested in buying one piece of "III" CD write me on my e-mail adress.
    Zer also mentioned another awesome band from Germany called TotenmonD. I have four their CDs and must say I love the old stuff of this band! I think this is the only one band on the whole planet which was able to play their own kind of music with the esence of godly NY WINTER! So if you are interested in EISENVATER I really recommend TotenmonD.
    Back to EISENVATER. Few months ago they've released split EP with another German band JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE and must say this record is much softer and bad in my eyes and I'm really sceptical about their new "IV".

    mulla Karel

  7. I beg to differ ! I just got the Eisenvater IV CD and yes, it has more subtleties and melodies, but it is still SICK MUSIC and 100 % EISENVATER ! ZER !

  8. Somebody should really reedit these albums, I would sell my grand-mother's corpse for it. I don't know exactly why this band is so attractive, but it is and everybody who do not worship it must be hung by the intestines over a pool full of Lars Ulrich's egos.

    And by the way, Totenmond is fucking zer too. Lichtbringer has the biggest über-monster sound i've ever heard!

  9. Sorry, I meant "Fleischwald" from Totenmond.




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