Sunday, November 20, 2016

Novelty & complements: Jingo De Lunch, Hirax, Warfare, Attitude Adjustment, Totenmond, D.R.I., Gargoyle

Jingo De Lunch - Live In Kreuzberg - 2011
Hirax - Immortal Legacy - 2014
Warfare - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos) - 2015
Attitude Adjustment - Terrorize - 2016
Totenmond - Der Letzte Mond Vor Dem Beil - 2016
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - But Wait, There's More! - 2016
Gargoyle - 誑 ~Taburakashi~ - 2016
01. Jingo De Lunch - Live In Kreuzberg, 2011 CD Album
     Nois-O-Lution - 96000-2
02. Hirax - Immortal Legacy, 2014 CD Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 265232 CD
03. Warfare - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos), 2015 CD Album Compilation
     High Roller Records - HRR 444 CD
04. Attitude Adjustment - Terrorize, 2016 CD
     Beer City Records - BCR217-2
05. Totenmond - Der Letzte Mond Vor Dem Beil, 2016 CD Album Limited Edition
     Massacre Records - MAS DP0951
06. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - But Wait, There's More!, 2016 CD EP
     Beer City Records - BCR212-2
07. Gargoyle - 誑 ~Taburakashi~, 2016 CD Album
     First Cell - fccd 0045
Time for a reinforcement of the aural conduits with complements of past posts - new or missed releases. All excellent: Jingo rock like hell, an amazing live recording from the hard rocking Germans on fire. Hirax reiterate the aggressive and compact style they've been known for the past albums, nothing new but high density super efficient old school thrash metal. That Warfare demo CD is for very old fans who miss the very old days of Pure Filth, lots of bulldozing archeo-fun with a lo-fi attack. Attitude Adjustment return with a new blitz of angry crossover that matches No Way Back in quality, however there are two flaws: it is way too short (I expected more volume after a 5 years long wait), and the best songs are the three covers from American Paranoia and Out Of Hand. Totenmond are back to crush things and bodies with a new delivery of their very heavy crust sludge of Eisenvater proportions, awesome bone-cracking! But wait... there's D.R.I. and their three new songs (not bad for a 21 years long wait!!!), plus two covers from Dealing With It! in slow motion. I expected to be more excited by this new D.R.I. release, but am I not blaspheming?? And last but not least, the superstar release of this post, the new missile from Gargoyle! Pure and perfect gargoylism is deployed on this magnificent album, with the traditional two almost-cheesy ballads, and of course the high level, super sophisticated, killer thrashing of the rest of this gem of an album that navigates in Super Battle Gargoyle territory. Thrash til rezer!!!
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!ZER Warfare,Jingo De Lunch,Gargoyle,Hirax,Totenmond,Dirty Rotten Imbeciles,Attitude Adjustment ZER!

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  1. hail lord ZER --je vais me servir le Terrorize de AA si cela vous derange pas - Hirax je trouve meilleurs les lps a partir de 2000 que les annees 80 !un cas assez rare,un peu comme Killing joke --et DRI ,ben DRI c'est DRI, ----- merci----

    1. Ah quand meme, D.R.I. c'est surtout Dealing With It! Là on en est un peu trop loin...

  2. ouais assez loin ,une trentaine d'annees -moi c'est surtout le four of a kind que je trouve aussi genial,je l'ai toujours en cassette avec les Circle one sur l'autre face--et le Dealing en vinyl ,je ne suis fan pas des dessins sur les pochettes ,mais dealing j'adore,tu sens vraiment le mec fatigue de vivre

  3. ARRRGHHH!!!! The new Gargoyle is SICK! Love it1
    Thanks again!

  4. Gargoyle released a 4 disk compilation of rerecordings, called Best 30 Years...i know it's only a rerecording, but i fuckin love this band, so if you can find it, that'd be a cool novelty post




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