Software: Tagger Of Zer (version 4.3)

Tagger Of Zer is the utility software used to encode and tag the flac files and generate the HTML of the Church Of Zer posts. It is not a CD ripper, nor a player. It does not handle any video files.

Newest version: 4.3.0 - July 9, 2018 (HTTPS compatibility fix with Java 8)

What it does 
If supplied with wav files, it first encodes them to the flac format. 
If supplied with flac or mp3, it keeps the original audio. 
Then it tags and renames the files with the data pulled from the release page set as reference.
Other utilities that are featured: HTML blog generation with automatic zipping and ftp loading of images; backup of audio collection; update from of previously tagged folders.

Download and install
Download the installer of version 4.0.0 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and run it. The tagger will appear as:
If you are a Mac or Linux user, a Windows virtual machine or emulator will run it.

The file is safe and clean (if downloaded from the above link, without advertisement or any unwanted toolbar or adware shit) but Windows 8 users will very probably encounter the following SmartScreen false alarm
Click More info:

It is a false alarm. Conquer fear and click Run anyway:

I have not found a way around this. If anyone knows how to make SmartScreen happy (without having to pay for a registration into a database of trusted publishers), the information will be greatly appreciated.

Quick user guide
The audio formats that can be processed are wav, flac and mp3.

wav files are encoded to flac (not an option)
A record transferred into a wav file

usually ends up as a bunch of unnamed and untagged wav files:

unless some precious time was wasted manually entering the songs info.

To generate fully named & tagged flac files, launch the Tagger Of Zer:

Load the folder by dragging it from an explorer and dropping it into the green area.

Several folders can be dragged & dropped at once.

You can also click the + button to manually add a folder and use the edition dialog:

Then add the Discogs page URL: drag and drop it to the album, or copy and paste it with the 2 LP button:

Then drag and drop an image from a webpage (not necessarily Discogs):

or from your computer :

When ready, click the button on the right and wait until the green check appears.

The procedure (load folder, set URL, set image) is the same for folders containing flac and mp3 files. The only difference is the bypass of the flac-encoding step. 

The tagging process renames the files as : artist - album title - track number - song title
For compilations, and split releases, the file name is : album title - track number - artist - song title

Post processing
When the tagging process is complete, the folder can be purged (eg. remove all wav files that were converted and are now useless) and the folder name can be capitalized. To activate these options, go to the Setup panel and click the relevant options, then save. The settings are then stored for all future tagging operations.

For bug reports and other inquiries, go to the forum.


  1. Wow, this works absolutely perfectly, thank you so much for making this!

  2. bon bien sur, je teste le bouzin et merdum je peux pas tagger car le nombre de piste dans le dossier est different que sur la page discogs....
    ben pourquoi??? le cd a tagger est:
    il est double, le 2eme cd ne contient que du mp3 et des piste video. si j'ajoute le dossier avec le mp3 dans le dossier qui a les flac, TOZ ne voit pas les mp3.
    un moyen de contourner le truc???

    1. Oui, je viens de te créer un Header sur la page Discogs pour ces pistes bonus. Voir le nouveau paragraphe "Tricks" ci-dessus. Sépare les FLAC et les MP3, déselectionne le header dans TOZ et ça fonctionnera.
      L'ordre de traitement dans un dossier est : WAV, FLAC, MP3. Cela signifie que s'il voit des WAV, il ignore FLAC et MP3, s'Il voit des FLAC, il ignore les MP3, donc tu ne peux pas mélanger les FLAC et les MP3 dans le même dossier (ou alors, tout en MP3).
      Quant aux pistes Video, elles ne seront pas traitées (si tu veux tagger les MP3 pour ce Moskwa, tu dois créer un autre header sur la page Discogs pour séparer les 3 : audio, mp3, video, et choisir la partie correspondante).
      Je vais peut-être rajouter la sélection piste par piste pour simplifier tout ça




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