Friday, September 30, 2011

Ohuzaru + L'Amico Di Martucci

Ohuzaru / L'Amico Di Martucci - discography cd, 1998/2005
Ohuzaru, 2005
People who are not fans of Indigesti should just hang themselves and will be deprived of dessert and of L'Amico Di Martucci (best band name ever!!!). The same band is also Ohuzaru : these guys are fucking awesome. Ohuzaru delivers more evil in the form of a hardcore brand that is darker & heavier than L'Amico's. Both bands do rip without falling into the breakdown-ridden vegan-redneck Earth Crisis-derived "hardcore" that plagued the 90s (check the Floorpunch song :-) and there is a life in Italy after Negazione, Declino, CCM and Raw Power after all! No fault killer zer discography!!!
Merci Étied.
Discog CD rip (includes the best Milk (SOD) cover!) and Ohuzaru LP rip :

A1 Icon Part 1
A2 Black Drop Overall
A3 These Needles Hurt
A4 Who Let The Snake Bite?
A5 Icon Part 2
B1 Dunes
B2 Fall To Your Knees
B3 Ghost Of Deconstruction
B4 Flames Of The Weeds
B5 Mirror (Death Side cover)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Denial Fiend

They Rise, 2007
Horror Holocaust, 2011
An underground super-group of top-shelf zerism: the first album gathers ex people from Nasty Savage, Death, Massacre, Obituary and sounds like heavy groovy thrash of the Massacre sort with the Kam Lee voice of death. The second also features ex members of D.R.I. and the Accüsed with Blaine Cook vokills for a great Accüsed-like crossover thrash impersonation. Both records are killer releases of compact no-nonsense old-school thrash metal that no serious thrash lover can avoid. Mandatoramazing!
CD rip.

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Mallet-Head, 1988
Yeah Yeah Yeah, 1989
The people from Gang Green's Another Wasted Night era came up with these two excellent records of classic hard rock. It's like enhanced AC/DC and a bit of punk rock, perfect soundtrack for party or chess playing. Great singer, great riffs, great everything if you're up for 70s hard rock from the 80s. Highway to zer! Let zer be rock!
CD rip and LP rip of the 1st album:

1. Spoon Fed 03:41
2. Killer Pussy 03:57
3. Tear Down the Walls 02:10
4. Don't Look Me In 01:37
5. It was Blasphemy, was it a Blast for You? 00:50
6. Fight 02:27
7. Die for my Soul 02:51
8. Duel 05:59
9. Blinders On 01:20
10. Sic my Duc 00:38

Mallet Head & Gang Green website

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Epistemological Despondency (CD 1), 1994
Epistemological Despondency (CD 2), 1994
The Pernicious Enigma (CD 1), 1997
The Pernicious Enigma (CD 2), 1997
Metamorphogenesis, 1999
Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum, 2004
The Maniacal Vale (CD 1), 2008
The Maniacal Vale (CD 2), 2008
Paragon of Dissonance, 2011
ARMAGGEDDON!!! When you need a lesson in doom and death, pull out any Esoteric record and bow down. Swim the oceans of black bile, ride the zombiplodocus, stare at Mount Improbable, caress a turtle. The here layers of spaced-out psychedoomelic conspirations bring much rejoicing to the drug user. The funeral pace conspires to make this morbid stack of albums a very favorite doom machine of mine, mixing up the cadaveric condition of Skepticism with the splattering heaviness of Disembowelment and the craziness of Bethlehem, plus some Neurosis under the joyful, rope & chair My Dying Bride approach, but slower and more musically advanced than any of the above except Bethlehem because nobody beats Bethlehem. Take your clothes off and set your anti-photon detector to 11. It won't get any darker, the end is near, don't be late.
CD rip.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


We Came For The Dead!!! + Maniaxe, 2002/2003 (2008 reissue)
Splatterthrash, 2006
split EP with Brody's Militia, 2008
Another Ghoul, from the USA this time. Excellent grinding death thrash of the Carcass sort on the first two albums, yet my favorite is the awesome rocking Splatterthrash. This is the winner of the lot, an extra big ass crossover of Venom | Amebix | Gwar | Carcass with a touch of Macabre. These dudes do know how to write songs, it's simply an immensely great greasy-groovy-heavy-classy album, much more than a plain tribute to 80s thrash. Can't wait for the new album to come out!
CD rip.

Ghoul website
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Ghoul - Fox Machine

Ghoul - Fox Machine, 1989
Yes, I had feverishly ordered this on the Funhouse mailorder thinking it was a new 12" by the Japanese Ghoul, and I watched the mailman everyday. What an enorrrRRRrrrRRrrRRrrRrrrRRrRRRrRrrRRrrrrRRRrRRrmous disappointment to discover this was some female fronted German hard rock. Well actually it is pretty good, classic heavy rock with the right amount of dirt!
Vinyl rip.

1. Fox Machine
2. Sacrifices
3. Fox Machine (Extended)
4. Immigrant Song

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Death Side

Wasted Dream, 1989
Bet On The Possibility, 1991
The Will Never Die CD1, 1988/1994 (2002 reissue)
The Will Never Die CD2, 1988/1994 (2002 reissue)
If this lot were not the über best hardcore band on the planet, they were close. My pants are still drying. There are not enough exclamation marks in the universe to faithfully translate the power of Death Side, who steal the crown of Crucifix | Crow | Attitude Adjustment | Slang. Featuring the amazing guitar works of the late Chelsea (later in the awesome Paintbox), this sockingly exciting discography is a pit of addiction. It's fast, sharp, dark and high on the Japanese sound, when I grow up I want to be in Death Side.
CD rip. Chelsea RIP.

The Will Never Die CD1 contains the tracks from
Satisfy The Instinct 7" EP
Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla compilation LP
Smashing Odds Ness compilation 8" EP
Game Of Death compilation LP
Hang The Sucker Vol. II compilation LP

The Will Never Die CD2 contains the tracks from
Starving Dog Eats Master compilation LP
Death Side / Chaos UK Split CD
The Will Never Die 7" EP
All Is Here Now 7" EP

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ghoul - 1984-1989, 2004 reissue
A Farewell To Arms - stunning compilation with The Execute, Gauze, Gastunk, Lipcream, Outo and Ghoul, 1988
From the family of Japanese punks possessed by GBH and Venom, I want the grand-mother. Ghoul sound much like GISM and The Sexual with more Venom (Teacher's Pet!), or vice-versa. Ghoul even have that 1st Bathory LP edge, this is some seriously killer classic zer. The metal influence growth chronologically to make too short of a discography of AWESOME THRASHING PUNK BULLDOZERRRRRRRRRRRRRrRR rRRR rrr R Rr RRRRRRRRRRrRR! R!R! !rRR !R!!!! RR RRr !R! R ! !! R r !R !R! RRR !R! rr R!R! ! ! !RRRRR! ! !R! !R !R !R ! !R R!R!R!RR!R ! !!! !RRrrrRRrrrR !R!R! ! !RR RRRRrrrrRR ! ! ! !
Untagged CD rip + vinyl rip of the legendary comp A Farewell To Arms (Nuclear Blast version) which I forgot to post in the Execute thing

1 Goddamned
2 Dance & Fight
3 Street Gangs
4 Carry Out Fucking
5 Question
6 Jerusalem
7 Intro
8 Gate Of Black Child
9 Be Alive Or Dead
10 Oi! Oi! Oi!
11 ? (Live Version)
12 Death City
13 Flash Back
14 Take Care Of Yourself
15 The Game Of Death
16 No Slave On Earth
17 Goddamned

Tracks 1-5: Carry Out Fucking EP
Tracks 6-9: Jerusalem EP
Track 10: Oi! Oi! single
Track 11: Live Hold Up Omnibus compilation
Tracks 12-13: Hold Up Omnibus split
Tracks 14-17: Game Of Death split

A Farewell To Arms:
A1 Lipcream – Kill Ugly Pop
A2 Lipcream – Back In The Anger
A3 Lipcream – No Rule
A4 Outo – Cops
A5 Outo – Junk
A6 Outo – Distortion Faith
A7 Outo – I Like Cola
A8 Gastunk – The Eyes
A9 Gastunk – Alfa In 2001
B1 Gauze – 言いなり
B2 Gauze – パッパッパ
B3 Gauze – Shot
B4 Gauze – Pressing On
B5 Ghoul – Judas
B6 Ghoul – Jerusalem
B7 The Execute – Angel Bitch
B8 The Execute – Ghost Candle

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Incubus | Opprobrium

Serpent Temptation (first version), 1988
Serpent Temptation (second version), 1996
Beyond The Unknown, 1990
Discerning Forces, 2000
Mandatory Evac, 2008
Ripping 80s killer thrash and death!!! Cultosaurus fierce & very very fast metal for every family member addicted to the mighty early output of Sepultura | Sodom | A.R.G. | Sadus | Wehrmacht | Morbid Angel | Dark Angel, yes, all this and more, greatness included. The first two albums are simply awesome, as in shock and awe. Story of Serpent Temptation: both version feature the same basic tracks, the second version has rerecorded vocals, new lyrics and different song titles, and some new guitar tracks, and better artwork. Both are amazing, the first being more Kreator | Wehrmacht oriented in the vocal department, while the second version sounds more like Sepultura | Morbid Angel. I never found out which one I liked the most, both rip your flesh from your bones and eat it. Then they came back 10 years later under the Opprobrium moniker with Discerning Forces which is another killer album in the brutal thrash style of Chaosfear | Claustrofobia. Unfortunately Mandatory Evac is not that great - could have been but the flat production alters the soundgasm (STOP CRANKING THE ULTRA MAXIMIZER!!! Who fucking cares how loud it is...). METAL THRASHING MAD ZERRRRRrrRRrrrRrrrRRrrrRrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrR !R! !R !rR !R!R RrRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!Rrrrr Rrr r R R!R!RRR! !RrrrR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! R!!!!! RrR!r rR!R !R RRrRrrrrrrRRRRr R! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
CD rip and vinyl rip (with tags!) of Serpent Temptation #1

Opprobriubus on MySpace

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Corrosion Of Conformity - Your Tomorrow 7"

Corrosion Of Conformity - Your Tomorrow 7", 2010
Amazing artwork, thick red vinyl, classic 1985/1986 trio line-up... and mild disappointment. Like the new single-track Amebix EP does not compete with Arise! or Monolith, this C.O.C. ep does not really match their über infernal classics Six Songs With Mike Singing, Animosity and Technocracy. But it's still a very good song, split over the two sides of the record: groovy sabbathism much, much better than the garbage of American Volume Dealers, with the basics of what made Hungry Child or Crawling so great, in a Snake Nation way. Ah yes, this song would have fit on the Snake Nation album. I guess a whole album of this would be more convincing than a single song, and we can only hope it would happen before April 2036. Meanwhile, let's pump fucking Animosity one more time!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Interventiooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vinyl rip (both sides of the record in one mp3).

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All C.O.C.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Execute

Spend Your Money, 1983/1984 (2003 bootleg)
Blunt Sleazy, 1986
An Omen Of Fear 7", 1986
The Antagonistic Shadow, 1988
None more Japanese! Material of legend for all lovers of 80s Japan made soundgasm! The Execute sit among the best, in the court of the Stalin and GISM, ach ja & fuck yeah. From basic punk to mean hardcore & crossover with a strong Poison Idea | Motörhead vibe of grrrrrooooove, it's all crazy good and full of sweat and bones and I want more. But no, they had to make their own Cold Lake, or was it a late Die Kreuzen impersonation attempt: The Antagonistic Shadow is an abomination of a repulsive goth-new-wave thing, eurk. Stick to the awesome Blunt Sleazy and be happy forever zerRrrRRrrR!R!R !r!r !r !R! R!RrrRR!R!RR!R!R!R !Rrrrr R! !R! R!RR r R! !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRrr !R! !R!R !R ! !! !R!r rrRRRR !R!! ! !R!R!R ! ! ! !RrRrrRR RR R!R! !!R !R!R ! ! ! ! !RRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !R!R ! ! !RrRr R!RR! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Vinyl rip. Did never find a decently priced copy of An Omen Of Fear, this is a 128 kbps rip found on an internet. If you have a better rip or want to sell your copy, send me a fax.

Blunt Sleazy:
Nasty Nasty Nasty
Going Back
Penetration (Go To Rut)
Lone Wolf (Pt. 2)
(from the mega legendary superzer thunder & lightning Pusmort split LP Inferno / The Execute)

Spend Your Money:
A1 A-Z
A2 Answer
A3 Laughin' Child
A4 M.O.P.
A5 Go To Hell
A6 Inside Of Human, Outside Of Human
A7 God Damn
A8 Aaaarrrgghhh/Ah
A9 Blood Rain
A10 Peace, Japan
A11 Finale (Final Attack)
A12 Black Water
A13 Spunk Out
A14 A Will Border
B1 Criminal Flowers
B2 Slash
B3 Moron
B4 Voice
B5 Sag
B6 Finale
A1-A10: taken from 1st flexi.
A11-A14: taken from 2nd EP "Hard Core Temptation"
B1-B3: taken from 3rd EP "Criminal Flowers"
B4-B5: taken from V/A LP "Great Punk Hits"
B6: taken from V/A LP "Peace/War'

The Antagonistic Shadow:
A1 The Antagonistic Shadow
A2 Burning
A3 Dead Can Dance
A4 Escape
A5 Kyoto Lover
B1 A Thousand Passion
B2 Mental Play
B3 Angel Moon
B4 The Human Of The Ghoul
B5 Gothic Waltz

Criminal Flowers also available on the second Order Of The Kite:


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