Friday, August 30, 2013


Rajoitus - Discography 1995/1999
Rajoitus - Hat Mörker Amfetamin 2005
Rajoitus - Maailman Hautajainen 2008
01. Rajoitus - Discography, 1995/1999 CD
     Hardcore Holocaust Records - HHR005, Compilation
     1-12: Hardcore Attack 12'', 13-20: Historia Kusessa 7'', 21-32: Nyt On Kuolemaa Täällä 7'', 33-41: Systeemiin Naulittu 7''
02. Rajoitus - Hat Mörker Amfetamin, 2005 CD
     Hardcore Holocaust Records - HHR033
03. Rajoitus - Maailman Hautajainen, 2008 LP
     Putrid Filth Conspiracy - PFC 052
Let's get kicked in the teeth and eat mashed potatoes, because we love fast and mean hardcore thrash of the Swedish sort with a Raw Power propeller. Like a two-headed snake attack, Rajoitus brighten your evening and make you turn the other cheek. Rajoitus, sweat and tears!
!ZER Rajoitus ZER!
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Into Cronenberg? Try this:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rest In Pieces

Rest In Pieces - My Rage 1985/1987
Rest In Pieces - Under My Skin 1990
01. Rest In Pieces - My Rage, 1985/1987 CD
     Blackout! Records - BLK-20, Compilation
     1-11: My Rage, 12-18: The Nose demo, 19-25: Rest In Pieces 7''
02. Rest In Pieces - Under My Skin, 1990 LP
     Roadracer Records - RO 9510-1
Per request, today we are pumping the wonderful Rest In Pieces motorizer. From basic but great NYHC to advanced late Cro-Mags | semi Suicidal Tendencies rocking zerism, this satellite of the Sick Of It All rhythm section kicks major ass. Classy thrash and groove!
!ZER Rest In Pieces ZER!
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mudlark - 7'' 2007
Mudlark - LP 2007
01. Mudlark - 7'', 2007 7''
     Schizophrenic Records - #48
02. Mudlark - LP, 2007 LP
     Schizophrenic Records - #48
Let's enjoy one more time the thrashing sludge attack of Mudlark, the swampy grindosaur. Listening to Mudlark is like being assaulted by a giant zombie jackhammer while drowning in a pool of very hot tar. It intense and crushing, don't play after a full sauerkraut.
!ZER Mudlark ZER!
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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Alehammer - At War With Straight Edge Split 12'' Tyrant 2009
Tyrant - Reclaim The Flame 2007
Tyrant - Go Ahead, Raise The Dead Split 12'' Alehammer 2009
01. Alehammer - At War With Straight Edge Split 12'' Tyrant, 2009 Split LP
     Agipunk - AG62
02. Tyrant - Reclaim The Flame, 2007 CD
     Listenable Records - POSH096
03. Tyrant - Go Ahead, Raise The Dead Split 12'' Alehammer, 2009 Split LP
     Agipunk - AG62
Among the half-billion bands named Tyrant, here is a Swedish one. In a world in bad need of black green energy, it's nice to see someone entirely recycling Hellhammer, and the first Venom and Bathory - with the mid-era Darkthrone angle (post is coming very soon btw). Dirty, saturated and over-compressed black rocking metal covered in ashes! It's zerbanging time!
!ZER Tyrant ZER!
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Saturday, August 24, 2013


M.I.A. - Murder In A Foreign Place 1984
M.I.A. - Notes From The Underground 1985
M.I.A. - After The Fact 1987
01. M.I.A. - Murder In A Foreign Place, 1984 LP
     Alternative Tentacles - Virus 35
02. M.I.A. - Notes From The Underground, 1985 LP
     National Trust Records - NT885
03. M.I.A. - After The Fact, 1987 LP
     Flipside Records - FSR 011
It was requested, it is rezerred. The previous MIA post did not feature the last two albums because I've always thought they were flacid. I still think so, but someone might like them, and we enjoy being anal completists, so today we have the three pieces of plastic uploaded. Actually, after a more careful listening session, they're not that inedible. Poppish punky sweet rock is not always bad. You can even hear some of the mellower Die Kreuzen thing. Of course, the real thing here is Murder In A Foreign Place, the top excellent maxi zer punk rock masterpiece for DI | Adolescents fans. What a great rocking record! Still has not aged, swings like a drakar and makes all your three neurons sing along. Majestic punk rock mastery!
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fear Of God

Fear Of God - Split Deathnoise 1987
Fear Of God - 7'' 1988
Fear Of God - As Statues Fell 1988/1992
Fear Of God - Pneumatic Slaughter 7'' 1992
01. Fear Of God - Split Deathnoise, 1987 Split LP
     Sound Ist Scheiße Records - SIS Records 001
     released in 1997 - FoG: rehearsal 1988, Deathnoise: demo & live Marseille 1987
02. Fear Of God - 7'', 1988 7''
     Temple Of Love Records - TOL 001
03. Fear Of God - As Statues Fell, 1988/1992 LP
     Farewell Records - FWR #8
04. Fear Of God - Pneumatic Slaughter 7'', 1992 7''
     Atrocious Records - A-001
You requested Fear Of God, you get Fear Of God. Now you listen to the whole thing thrice in a row without crying. Distortion, more distortion and more distortion! One of the noisiest section of the zerollection! More or less the epitome of 80s grindcore, this mountain of filthy Swiss noise has aged very well, it is even refreshing in our era of septic, computerized, bit-optimized, hospital-oriented blast beat music. Tod und wahnsinn! Evil has no boundaries! Fear of triplazer!
Et encore toutes mes condoléances à Deathnoise, Massimo Iorillo, Hervé & Gilles Geuggis (et Crash War et Dead Krazuckys et Eat Yourself!) pour l'horrible soirée du 12 décembre 87 à Grenoble. Merci à la police et ses quadrupèdes caninosaures pour leur participation bénévole.
!ZER Fear Of God ZER!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Scam

The Scam - Sic World 1985/1988
The Scam - Everything Ends In Rot 7'' 1986
01. The Scam - Sic World, 1985/1988 CD
     Welfare Records - WEL040, Compilation
     1-9: Unreleased Sic World LP 1987, 9-13: Everything Ends In Rot 7'' 1986, 14-15: Welcome To Ax/ction + Method To Our Madness comp. 1986, 16-21: 1st demo 1985, 22-26: live 1988
02. The Scam - Everything Ends In Rot 7'', 1986 7''
     Ax/ction Records - ACT 7
No bastard requested a reload of the Scam! I'll do it anyway. Thanks to the masters at Welfare Records, we can now enjoy 24/7 the unreleased Sic World album, plus demo/live tracks. Welfare Records rule! This is insane. The only flaw of this otherwise magnificent CD is the failed rip of the 7" tracks (a couple of songs have bad noise / gain level drops).
Now, none of you have any excuse to ignore this sick sick sick delivery of megazerism. Is it metal or hardcore? Is the singer dying or cursing you until the tenth generation? What about the sludge swamps that the Scam seems to have emerged from? The Scam is a bit like the pre-reincarnation of Upsidedown Cross shocked by a taser gun into the body of the grandmother of Post Mortem (which the singer ended up joining) taking a mud bath with bits of pig carcasses. Fucking amazing and awesome avalanche of thick carnal juices! Megatriplazer scamthology!
!ZER The Scam ZER!
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No scam here, this is a great read for a sluggish Sunday afternoon in your favorite deckchair:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cancerous Growth

Cancerous Growth - Late For The Grave 1985
Cancerous Growth - Today's Society 7'' 1986
Cancerous Growth - Hmmlmmlum... 1987
Cancerous Growth - Live At Last 7'' 1987
01. Cancerous Growth - Late For The Grave, 1985 LP
     Nuclear Blast - 004
     1988 reissue with 4 more songs
02. Cancerous Growth - Today's Society 7'', 1986 7''
     Ax/ction Records - ACT 4
03. Cancerous Growth - Hmmlmmlum..., 1987 LP
     Ax/ction Records - ACT 8
04. Cancerous Growth - Live At Last 7'', 1987 7''
     Ax/ction Records - ACT 9
     bonus 7'' with Hmmlmmlum LP
The rightly requested Cancerous Growth are back on zer in all their splendor. No extravagance here, plain, fast, raw hardcore punk with their very own sound, dare I scream CLASSIC even if they did not have the impact of other staples of the Boston area. Hmmlmmlum is an underrated masterpiece. Awesome stuff all the way, and yes the Psycho post is coming.
!ZER Cancerous Growth ZER!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Warhorse - The Priestess 2000
Warhorse - When Heaven Turns To Ash 2001
Warhorse - I Am Dying 7'' 2002
01. Warhorse - The Priestess, 2000 LP
     Ellington Records - No. 08
02. Warhorse - When Heaven Turns To Ash, 2001 Double LP
     Southern Lord - sunn9V
03. Warhorse - I Am Dying 7'', 2002 7''
     Southern Lord - SUNN15.5
Large doom, slow death, heavy avalanche of zer! What have we here: only good fat things, something like early Electric Wizard with some of the darkness of Corrupted, but not all of it. Warhorse were definitely on the groovier side of doom, there is nothing funeral going on here, no, here we are rather living the catastrophe just before the funeral, like the flattening of your village by the migration of twelve sauroposeidons (three males, nine females), and then the whole mountain slides down to the bottom of the lake, but you don't care as you are already dead. Forget about the flacid copycats polluting the airwaves, Warhorse is the best you can get in the stoner/doom department!
!ZER Warhorse ZER!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Screaming In Churches

Screaming In Churches - Screaming In Churches 1988
01. Screaming In Churches - Screaming In Churches, 1988 LP
     Au Go Go - Sick 001
Requested, rezerred. Nice short sharp hardcore record from down under, totally for fans of D.R.I. and early Massappeal. Very great zerring engine!
!ZER Screaming In Churches ZER!
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Monday, August 12, 2013


Sacrilege - Time To Face The Reaper (The Demos) 1984/1986
Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness 1985
Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness 1985
Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy (Demos) 1986
Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy 1987
Sacrilege - Turn Back Trilobite 1989
01. Sacrilege - Time To Face The Reaper (The Demos), 1984/1986 CD
     Absurd Records - 036, Compilation
     2009 compilation: 1-4: demo 1 (Nov. 84), 5-8: demo 2 (Feb. 85), 9-11: demo 3 (Jan. 86), 12-16: demo 4 (Aug. 86)
02. Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness, 1985 LP
     Children Of The Revolution Records - GURT 4
03. Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness, 1985 CD
     Metalcore - CORE 8CD
     vinyl rip, no synth intro - includes live set with 8 songs in one CD track
04. Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy (Demos), 1986 CD
05. Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy, 1987 CD
     Keltic Records - Keltic 013
     2009 reissue with 7 bonus live & demo tracks
06. Sacrilege - Turn Back Trilobite, 1989 CD
     Under One Flag - CD FLAG 29
Anozer old request finally resent on the orbit of complete victory. Sacrilege have haunted the Eternal Zer Top Ten forever (which means 1985). Behind The Realms Of Madness is one of these magic records from the magic year. It was a fierce competition between this monsterpiece, Forward Into Battle, Morbid Tales and Hell Awaits on my turntable. This is how terminally zer this record is. It is a lesson in heaviosity and in song writing. It is the Everest of darkness thrash metal. I think my LP rip sounds better than the Metalcore CD reissue, which does not contain the intro, but comes with a live set. Download both. And don't miss on the hardcore influenced demos. Within The Prophecy is not as rough, but yet another epic metal achievement. Then Turn Back Trilobite explores the valleys of high class doom metal, Candlemass style. Thank you Sacrilege, forever.
!ZER Sacrilege ZER!
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Napalm Death playing Lifeline in 2012, not bad:

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Scream - Still Screaming 1982
Scream - Still Screaming+This Side Up 1982/1985
Scream - Fumble And Banging The Drum 1986/1993
Scream - Live! At Van Hall 1988
Scream - No More Censorship 1988
Scream - Fumble 1989/1993
Scream - Your Choice Live Series 010 - 1990
Scream - Live At The Black Cat 1998
Scream - Complete Control 10'' 2011
01. Scream - Still Screaming, 1982 LP
     Dischord Records - Dischord 9
02. Scream - Still Screaming+This Side Up, 1982/1985 CD
     Dischord Records - DIS81CD, Compilation
     1-20: Still Screaming (with bonus), 21-30: This Side Up
03. Scream - Fumble And Banging The Drum, 1986/1993 CD
     Dischord Records - DIS82CD, Compilation
     1-9: Fumble (1 song missing), 10-20: Banging The Drum
04. Scream - Live! At Van Hall, 1988 LP
     Konkurrel - K 001/113
05. Scream - No More Censorship, 1988 LP
     Jungle Hop International - JH 113
06. Scream - Fumble, 1989/1993 LP
     Dischord Records - DIS83V
07. Scream - Your Choice Live Series 010 -, 1990 CD
     Your Choice Records - YC-LS 010
08. Scream - Live At The Black Cat, 1998 CD
     Torque Records - TQ011
09. Scream - Complete Control 10'', 2011 10''
     SideOneDummy Records - SD1457-10
In the beginning, there was nothing. It was not enough, so someone said "let there be zer!", and there was Scream. Still Screaming has illuminated the universe with its grandiosity ever since. It was a crazy time when you spent evenings switching from Bad Brains to Scream and vice-versa, in awe. The marvels of classic hardcore never fade. The later records have a magnificent hard rock layer and feature Dave Grohl on drums. And Goatsnake fans must know where their favorite singer comes from. Everything is perfect.
!ZER Scream ZER!
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Friday, August 9, 2013


S.G.M. - Aggression 1988
01. S.G.M. - Aggression, 1988 LP
     Medusa Records - 7 72294-1
Several perverts asked for an S.G.M. rezer. Today's temperature is right for this, let's have it in full. Almost-3D hard rock of the sleaziest sort, this is the super classic. They sound something like the best of Gwar (aka Scumdogs of the Universe) riding the sludge version of MC5 with the Black Alice and Cirith Ungol vocalists turned into a Poison Idea-sized double-headed hag having her periods. This is the ultimate hard rock record. It shuts down the entire industry. Kiss finally hang themselves, aaaaaaah yeah. Sleaze, sleaze, sleaze! S.G.M. eternally!
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More wet females, more sleaze:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Declino - 7'' 1982/1996
Declino - Mucchio Selvaggio Split Declino 1984/1986
Declino - 82-85 Come Una Promessa 1985
Declino - Eresia 1985
01. Declino - 7'', 1982/1996 7''
     Contro Produzioni Records - 06-83
     Ripped from 1996 reissue CD No One Can Decide For You (The Furious Years Of Italian Hardcore-Punk In 7 Inches)
02. Declino - Mucchio Selvaggio Split Negazione, 1984/1986 Split LP
     Children Of The Revolution Records - GURT 7
03. Declino - 82-85 Come Una Promessa, 1985 CD
     SOA Records - SOA.71-2003, Compilation
     2003 reissue - 1-6: split Negazione, 7-8: unreleased, 9-13: Eresia (side A only...), 14-17: 7''
04. Declino - Eresia, 1985 LP
     Belfagor Records - BEL 004
Rarrrrhhhghhhh!!!! More major super classic Italian raging monster hardcore rezerring! It's hard, it's rough, it sounds as abrasive and evil as the other masters C.C.M. and Wretched. The kind of stuff even the most pentagrammed metal bands of the same era had a hard time to match in terms of destructive power. Declino corrode the Eternal Zer Top Ten and bury the rest.
!ZER Declino ZER!
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