Monday, May 21, 2018

Acid Bath + Agents Of Oblivion

Acid Bath - Edits - 1994
Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops - 1994
Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics - 1996
Agents Of Oblivion - Agents Of Oblivion - 2000
01. Acid Bath - Edits, 1994 CD Promo
     Rotten Records - none
02. Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops, 1994 CD Album
     Rotten Records - 2095-2
03. Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics, 1996 CD Album
     Rotten Records - 3000-2
04. Agents Of Oblivion - Agents Of Oblivion, 2000 CD Album
     Rotten Records - CD-3005-2
Classic of classics! In the highest galaxy of the EZTT shine these unmatched marvels of rocking sludge hypnosis. The Kite incarnates the perfection of harshness in heavy duty mesmerizing sludge thrash that combines the best of Eyehategod with the best of Soundgarden, only 9287 times better than the best of both: sweetness and destruction, black fairy tales and endless corrosion. This album forever sits in my desert island top 5 - the unparalleled output of a unique sound of composition genius with more feeling than a Bad Brains classic. You will also cry with the incredible Tactics that focuses on the more subtle and lighter side of their craft. Another stellar perfection that is the seed of the equally amazing Agents Of Oblivion album. That singer is just one of the best voices in the entire rock music industry (while the other brain of Acid Bath went on with the black metal thrashing of Goatwhore). I'll just stop typing pointless words now because only your aural orifices can accurately conduct the über greatness deployed at every second of these gems. Zer, rezer, triplazer and eternal intensification of all zerification.
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!ZER Agents Of Oblivion, Acid Bath ZER!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Concrete Sox - Whoops, Sorry Vicar! reissue

Concrete Sox - Whoops, Sorry Vicar! - 1987 01. Concrete Sox - Whoops, Sorry Vicar!, 1987 CD Album Reissue
     Speedstate Records - SSR-004
     Reissue from 2003
So as not to slow down my cheese & saucisson consumption, here is a quick and easy post with this excellent reissue with many bonus tracks of this minor UK crossover classic. Moustache!
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!ZER Concrete Sox ZER!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Cretin - Freakery - 2006
Cretin - Stranger - 2014
01. Cretin - Freakery, 2006 CD Album
     Relapse Records - RR 6685-2
02. Cretin - Stranger, 2014 CD Album
     Relapse Records - RR7266
All right, I am taking off for a vacation, so I will just leave the Cretin here to entertain your lust for dirty, sleazy, nasty, brutish and short grindcore. Priceless stuff that any fan of Rupture's Cunt Of God or, of course, Repulsion already worships. Freakery has more of the Rupture punk feel, Stranger has a slightly more polished production - both deliver AAA straightforward neck-bending 80s-resuscitating megathrashing grindcore. Complete triplazering terrorizer megazer!
Next post no sooner than in a full week of at least seven days.
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!ZER Cretin ZER!

Monday, May 7, 2018


Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac - 1983
Exciter - Violence And Force - 1984
Exciter - Long Live The Loud - 1985
Exciter - Unveiling The Wicked - 1986
Exciter - Exciter - 1988
Exciter - Kill After Kill - 1992
Exciter - Better Live Than Dead - 1993
Exciter - The Dark Command - 1997
Beehler - Messages To The Dead - 2011
01. Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac, 1983 CD Album Reissue
     Rock Brigade Records, Die Hard Records, Voice Music, Rock Machine Records - EHMM 001, EHMM 001, EHMM 001, EHMM 001
     Reissue from 2005
02. Exciter - Violence And Force, 1984 CD Album Reissue
     Steamhammer - SPV 076-18452 CD
     Reissue from 1999
03. Exciter - Long Live The Loud, 1985 CD Album Reissue
     Megaforce Records - MEGA1986
     Reissue from 2005
04. Exciter - Unveiling The Wicked, 1986 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Megaforce Records - MEGA1987
     Reissue from 2005
05. Exciter - Exciter, 1988 CD Album
     Maze Music - MMACD 6000
06. Exciter - Kill After Kill, 1992 CD Album
     Noise International - N 0192-2
07. Exciter - Better Live Than Dead, 1993 CD Album
     Bleeding Hearts Records - CDBLEED 5
08. Exciter - The Dark Command, 1997 CD Album Promo
     Osmose Productions - OPCD 059
09. Beehler - Messages To The Dead, 2011 CD Album
     High Roller Records - HRR 200 CD
Speed metal hell! On that day of 1983, I bought in the same store Kill'Em'All, Court In The Act, Forged In Fire and Heavy Metal Maniac, and I have spent the past 35 years trying to figure out which one I liked the most among these legendary records - because everyone knows lists and ranks must be kept up to date. That first Exciter album is a milestone in the saga of speed metal, it is a complete masterpiece. The roughness of the production adds to the meanness of the chainsaw songs, and unstoppable headbanging ensues. This was the beginning of a new era in heavy metal - right before Show No Mercy, a step up in heaviness from Judas Priest and co. Absolute first class! The following two albums are almost better, especially the super classic Violence And Force, then up to the vicious and raging Kill After Kill they recycle with great inspiration and energy their own formula, but the established fan does not feel the breeze of novelty anymore, and then there is that amazing live release featuring all the best songs. After the mid 90s, variable line ups (which often included only the original guitarist)  released albums that were less to my liking, but I have not given these enough attention to really know. Let us concentrate on their first decade of aggression, these albums are as awesome as their artwork is horrible. Extra triplazer cult of speed metal! Long live heavy metal force and violence until everything becomes nothing!
The original trio is touring!
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!ZER Exciter, Beehler ZER!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Noise Annoys - Third Try

Noise Annoys - Third Try - 1991 01. Noise Annoys - Third Try, 1991 CD Album
     Virgin - 261 698
Punk rock, remember? From the rocking, catchy, radio-friendly branch of the punk family tree came Noise Annoys, and then they were gone. This is party background material, you may even sing a chorus or two,  raising your lukewarm beer while cruising that blue-haired non-binary person. While I can be easily irritated by this harmless kind of punk, I have always loved this album, maybe because of my positive bias towards any noise coming from Germany. This album actually rocks!
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!ZER Noise Annoys ZER!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Impetuous Ritual

Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence - 2009
Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence - 2014
Impetuous Ritual - Blight Upon Martyred Sentience - 2017
01. Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence, 2009 CD Album
     Profound Lore Records - PFL-53
02. Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence, 2014 CD Album
     Profound Lore Records - PFL-131
03. Impetuous Ritual - Blight Upon Martyred Sentience, 2017 CD Album
     Profound Lore Records - PFL-185
After two war metal posts, let us conclude with a I-don't-know-how-they-call-this metal. It is like death metal, war metal and funeral doom metal all rolled up into one machine of complete annihilation. Some of these guys also fuel the engine called Portal and we find here numerous similarities in sound and style. The heaviness is equivalent too, but for some reason, I find Impetuous Ritual more oppressive and darker, as if the crust was thicker. Being a fan of Portal and Nuclear Death helps digesting this lot, but the listener still has work to do. It is more about waves of moving sonic menaces and relentless percussive assaults than riffs and headbanging. One does not merely listens to this music, one submits to it. Play it loud on a big amplifier and observe the fissures in your surroundings. Perfect brilliance of the suffocating attack of triplazering gigadeath from the deepest caverns!
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!ZER Impetuous Ritual ZER!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War 'Till Death - 1994
Bestial Warlust - Blood & Valour - 1995
Bestial Warlust - Satan's Fist - 1996
01. Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War 'Till Death, 1994 CD Album
     Modern Invasion Music - MIM 7316-2 CD
02. Bestial Warlust - Blood & Valour, 1995 CD Album
     Modern Invasion Music - MIM 7321-2CD
03. Bestial Warlust - Satan's Fist, 1996 CD Reissue Limited Edition
     Hells Headbangers - HELLS 084
     Reissue from 2012
Bathory can be proud. A whole subgenre defined by one song, just like Venom a couple of years before. In this war metal week, let us consume the second most renowned name in this game. These not-very-nice Aussies use the same basic poisons and machines as Blasphemy to concoct a similarly sounding assault on the senses : more recycling of the early Sodom | Bathory madness, more merciless blasting, more primal riffing, more vocal hostility, more war metal ! This is just great and definitely a big black hole in the black death segment of the EZTT. Triplazering eternal war!!!
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!ZER Bestial Warlust ZER!

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Blasphemy - Fallen Angel Of Doom - 1990
Blasphemy - Gods Of War - 1993
01. Blasphemy - Fallen Angel Of Doom, 1990 CD Album
     Wild Rags Records - WRE/901-2
02. Blasphemy - Gods Of War, 1993 CD Album
     Osmose Productions - OPCD 008
War metal, I said! Chainsaws and cannibals! Somewhere at the barycenter of the most corroded engines of early Sodom | Bathory with a bit of Repulsion, shaken by all the confusion and the frenzy, there is this noise factory that bites the carnivorous death metal meat with the primitive black metal teeth. It all bleeds very well into the crypts of Zer, having made the zeriverse safe for zerocracy. The best, most vicious section is the bonus demo on Gods of War. War metal til triplazer!
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!ZER Blasphemy ZER!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

World Burns To Death

World Burns To Death - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock + Human Meat... Tossed To The Dogs Of War - 2003
World Burns To Death - No Dawn Comes... Night Without End - 2003
World Burns To Death - Totalitarian Sodomy - 2006
World Burns To Death - The Graveyard Of Utopia - 2008
World Burns To Death, Slang - Our Gray Earth / Babylon Endures - 2010
01. World Burns To Death - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock + Human Meat... Tossed To The Dogs Of War, 2003 CD Compilation
     Hardcore Holocaust Records - HHR009
02. World Burns To Death - No Dawn Comes... Night Without End, 2003 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM EP
     Hardcore Holocaust Records - HHR-014
03. World Burns To Death - Totalitarian Sodomy, 2006 CD Album
     Hardcore Holocaust Records - HHR 037
04. World Burns To Death - The Graveyard Of Utopia, 2008 CD Album
     HG Fact - HG-218
05. World Burns To Death, Slang - Our Gray Earth / Babylon Endures, 2010 Vinyl 7" EP Limited Edition
     Prank - PRANK-114 , Compilation
     Contains 2 songs by: World Burns To Death, Slang
Scream and burn! Since the late 90s, the term "hardcore" has taken a different meaning from the one us thrashosaurs from another era were used to, aka fiery punk-influenced thrash. The young generation likes to tag baggy-pants jumping metal as "hardcore", but World Burns To Death know not to do that and instead act as the official reincarnation of Poison Idea, especially the (favorite of mine) War All The Time era - fast, loud, mean punk-influenced thrash. They also run on open source tactics shared by the darker side of the crustcore aristocracy. We defenseless listeners end up with a smoldering output of virulent seminal hardcore, expertly delivered - easily in the hardcore top 10 of the century if you ask me, they are so good they could be Japanese (and the GISM singer did that Sodomy cover art). While not renewing the musical spectrum, it is exactly what the doctor recommends when yet another war is all our enlightened democratic "leaders" can think of. The leeches never cease to amaze - and you still vote, LOL. I'd rather become deaf blasting World Burns To Death at 11 into my poor eardrums than hear another pro-democracy argument. I think I'll be posting war metal for a while now. Triplazering thrash til the end of the fucking world!
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!ZER World Burns To Death ZER!
And now a little taxonomy.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Encoffination - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh - 2010
Encoffination - O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres - 2011
Encoffination - III: Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) - 2014
01. Encoffination - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, 2010 CD Album
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG 068
02. Encoffination - O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres, 2011 CD Album
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG 080
03. Encoffination - III: Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs), 2014 CD Album
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG122
It has been a while since we were crushed under layers of terminal doom. Let us thank Encoffination, who despite their parody of the Incantation logo, deliver the goods through hours of funeral marches. Do not expect fast death metal paces here. This is sick stuff, very oppressive, very raw and very impenetrable. Absolute delight! The morbidity is at 11, and is is all much less friendly, clean and sad than regular funeral doom. Neanderthalizer of the macabre! Flattening slab of all things! Doom terror of the irreversible!
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!ZER Encoffination ZER!

Monday, April 9, 2018


Vendetta - Go And Live......Stay And Die - 1987
Vendetta - Brain Damage - 1989
Vendetta - Hate - 2007
01. Vendetta - Go And Live......Stay And Die, 1987 CD Album Remastered
     Metal Axe Records - MA 013
     Reissue from 2007 - 2 bonus tracks
02. Vendetta - Brain Damage, 1989 CD Album
     Noise - WK 44272
03. Vendetta - Hate, 2007 CD Album
     Metal Axe Records - MA 014
Requested, zerred. 80s Teutonic thrash metal always provides great vertebral trauma and Vendetta do not break this law of Nature. The first two albums are an efficient derivative of the early Metallica | Destruction formula with a tangent to the trajectory of Deathrow and Exodus. Mean and rough, yet fairly technical and melodic, this is the stuff for fans of the Holy Decade. The return of 2007 is pretty good too, maybe too Hetfieldesque in the vocals, and I have not heard the last two. Vendetta belong to the sub-galaxy of acts such as Meliah Rage, Vectom, Exumer, SDI and the likes : a not too eccentric nor extreme take on the thrash style developed by more successful bands. Bang that head!
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!ZER Vendetta ZER!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Deviated Instinct

Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy - 1987
Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy - 1988
Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy - 1989
Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls ... To The Sanctuary Of Slaves - 2012
01. Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy, 1987 CD Compilation
     Peaceville - CDVILED126
     Reissue from 2006 - Welcome To The Orgy 7''
02. Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy, 1988 CD Compilation
     Peaceville - CDVILED126
     Reissue from 2006 - Rock 'N' Roll Conformity
03. Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy, 1989 CD Compilation
     Peaceville - CDVILED126
     Reissue from 2006 - Guttural Breath
04. Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls ... To The Sanctuary Of Slaves, 2012 Vinyl 12" Limited Edition 45 RPM
     Profane Existence - EXIST 130
Back to the stinking 80s! Deviated Instinct were swimming in the cesspool of sleazy crust thrash punk metal crossover that had been ignited by Venom, Amebix, Antisect etc. They were not the biggest fish in my pond - in this category I found Concrete Sox, Heresy or Hellbastard more satisfying - but that's only personal preferences. The EP is almost ridiculously not listenable for all the sloppiness but the two albums are great, fast. pissed, metalized crust thrash. And then they came back with the 2012 mini LP and this is were things get dead serious: this is a masterpiece of super crushing sludge compression. The heaviness is exemplary, the production is stellar-yet-still-dirty, the hate oozes by every pore, this is the perfect weapon of defenestration. Are they still active? I hope so, I want more of this deadly crust attack of triplazeristic death metal sludge!
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!ZER Deviated Instinct ZER!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Teeth Of The Hydra

Teeth Of The Hydra - We Are The Fantasy - 2002
Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland - 2006
Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland - 2006
01. Teeth Of The Hydra - We Are The Fantasy, 2002 CD Album
     VolumeHammer - HAMMER 01
02. Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland, 2006 CD Album
     Tee Pee Records - TPE-071
03. Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland, 2006 Vinyl LP Album
     Tee Pee Records - TPE-071
Slow down, wait. The beasts with many teeth are always a lot of fun when they deliver such amounts of sludge and doom. The first fantasy is great nutritive fat for those who do not have enough of Ramesses with more sludge than stoner, all chewing doom. The second greenland adds sophistication in the composition and production and the Teeth become more flexible without losing strength, as if input from the darkest lair of Mastodon had been digested. This is a superior album, full of things to remember and to come back to. It is a minor classic, I would have loved to hear what could have been released next. Massage of doom!
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!ZER Teeth Of The Hydra ZER!

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Malfas - Ritual To Kingdom Of New Legion - 2013 01. Malfas - Ritual To Kingdom Of New Legion, 2013 CDr
     Metal Blood Producciones - M.B.P.009
Very primitive death attack from the bowels of the Chilean desert: Malfas. Noisy, fast and super raw, this is your new treat when you have already heard all the Norwegian demos from 1991. Not very nice, very much zer!
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!ZER Malfas ZER!


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