Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bad Brains - live 1981 + Amebix - live 1983

Bad Brains - live U.K., 1981
Amebix - live Fullham, 1983
Here are 2 nice bootlegs, raw but clear. All the classics...
Did the Bad Brains really tour the UK in '81 ?

Bad Brains

Monday, June 28, 2010


s/t 7", 1999
Source Of Confusion 7", 2000
Confined 7", 2000
Malignant, 2002
Nothing 7" (split with Reason Of Insanity), 1999/2002
If you liked Deathtoll, you can't miss Otophobia. This is the essence of pissed fast ugly raging hardcore! Totally killer thrashing crust of death mix of Warcollapse | Septic Death | Terveet Kädet | Electro Hippies | GISM, fuck yeah!!! We need more bone-breaking bands like that.
CD rip of Malignant and vinyl rip of:

s/t 7":
1 A Special Message
2 Flags
3 Everybody's Working For The Weekend
4 Future Offered
5 The More I Make
6 Savior
7 Rust
8 You Bought It
9 Ripped
10 Paul
11 Autonomy
12 A General Fuck You
13 Jesus Slaves
14 Lyyke Faken
15 S.G.W.
16 Bridge Of Death

Source Of Confusion 7":
A1 Whore Of Progress
A2 Distrust
A3 Rape Gaia
A4 Buzzards
A5 Detention
A6 Mush
A7 Dehumanized (Written By Void)
B1 Honky
B2 Mind And Voice
B3 Otophobia
B4 Source Of Confusion

Confined 7":
A1 Shed My Skin
A2 Desperate Eye
A3 Come Along
B1 Crow
B2 Smallpox Blanket
B3 Chum
B4 Devastate
B5 Terminal Asshole

Split 7" with Reason of Insanity:
A1 Otophobia - Brief
A2 Otophobia - Stare
A3 Otophobia - Mumia
A4 Otophobia - Blue Polyester
A5 Otophobia - G.D.F.O.
A6 Otophobia - Mullet
B1 Reason Of Insanity - Hauling Ass
B2 Reason Of Insanity - Dependency
B3 Reason Of Insanity - Not So Fucking Brite

Otophobia website

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Why Play Around ?, 1988
Ugly, 1993
Fireball (Deep Purple cover + Dreadnaught Day + 4 live tracks), 1994
Suicide Notes, 1995
The first Wargasm album came out on Profile Records, like the Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law or Leeway, so I really had to hear this new band. It was heavy metal! But some amazingly groovy and catchy thrash metal with immortal choruses and 329 tons of stamina. All their records are prime-time thrash to storm your living room to! Wargasm rocks like Deadspot and Raven in a overheated blender with Motörhead and the first Anthrax, yesssss!!! Stunning thrashing rocking zerrrrrrRRrRRrRRrRr!!!rRr!Rr!RR!

CD rip.

Wargasm website
Wargasm on MySpace

Friday, June 25, 2010

Deviated Instinct

Welcome To The Orgy + Rock 'N' Roll Conformity LP + Guttural Breath LP, 1986/1988/1989 (2006 reissue)
If I ask Discharge + Hellhammer, the answer might be Hellbastard, but today it is Deviated Instinct, co-originators of the British crust|thrash metal sound that we all worship every morning. The first 7" has a great title but the music is very "amateur" to say the least, however the next two albums are killer bombs of disgusting death, like early Hellbastard but maybe faster and with a nice stinking stain of early Carcass, with the Oscar of evil going to the last album. Amazing thrashing soundtrack to the black plague!
CD rip.

Welcome To The Orgy 7"
1 Scarecrow 3:17
2 Cancer Spreading 2:35
3 Disciples Of The Storm 4:10
4 Despair 1:58
Rock 'N' Roll Conformity LP
5 Pearls Before Swine 2:21
6 Laugh In Your Face 2:05
7 Conquest For Eternity 2:44
8 House Of Cards 2:28
9 Putrid Scum 1:16
10 Through The Looking Glass 2:58
11 Time And Tide 2:30
12 When The Chapter Closes 2:28
13 Return Of Frost 2:37
14 Mechanical Extinction 3:29
15 Rock 'N' Roll Conformity 2:18
16 Doomsday 2:03 (Discharge)
Guttural Breath LP
17 The Resurrection Encore 5:45
18 Void 3:29
19 Beyond Pain 3:13
20 Dripfeeder 5:00
21 Molten Tears 3:54
22 Domino Syndrome 2:25
23 Aqualung 3:51
24 Delirium Carnival 3:51
25 (Behind) The Scaffold 4:56

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yellow Machinegun

Father's Golden Fish, 1996
Spot Remover, 1998
Build & Destroy, 1999
Split with Abnormals, 2000
Bean Ball, 2001
Yellow Bucket, 2002
Need a concrete facelift ? Try Yellow Machingun's abrasive punk thrash! Loaded with crossover sections, the albums of the legendary Japanese trio are like pizza: rather linear but always good if you like it heavy and simple. Big fat thrashing hardcore!
CD rip. No I don't have the split with S.O.D.

Yellow Machinegun on MySpace

Ok now let's play for the 23rd time in 5 days the absolutely incredible live Rose Rose. This is unbelievable.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Contrastic, 2000
Grinding metal attack of zer! In the league of Antigama and other advanced heroes of modern sonic warfare, Contrastic crack your skull open, pour a ton of molten steel inside and seal it back and then go eat some fish. But Contrastic (from Czech Republic) do this with class and detours via the psychedelic road of drugged-up techno (dance ?), this really is a unique album that you should be listening to instead of trying to decipher amateur reviews. Warning: this shit is highly addictive and may be hazardous to your neck.
CD rip.

Contrastic website

And now check out an AWESOME Nirvana cover:

Corrosion Of Conformity

Eye For An Eye + Six Songs With Mike Singing, 1983/1985 Track 1
Animosity, 1985
Technocracy (9 songs version), 1987
Blind, 1991
Vote With A Bullet (MCD), 1992
Deliverance, 1994
Wiseblood, 1996
America's Volume Dealer, 2000
Live Volume, 2001
In The Arms Of God, 2005
Snake Nation, 1989
Highway to hell!! C.o.C. sure is a large teeth in the jaw of 80s US hardcore, their name would always pop up in the same sentence along Septic Death, Poison Idea, The Accüsed, Suicidal Tendencies, Verbal Abuse, DRI, Offenders... Then they released the incredible crossover monsters Animosity and Technocracy, two of the best records on the planet. Blind was disappointing at first, but once you had swallowed the fact it wasn't an extended Technocracy, you got hooked to its amazing grrrrroovy Prong-tallica metal, totally hot! On the following albums they turn to BlackFootSabbatallica southern stoner hard rock which is also excellent and more intense than usual (thanks to the awesome drumming), although I'm not too excited about America's Volume Dealer's exagerated radio friendliness. Also included here is a repost of Snake Nation, a one-album side project of doomy sludge thrash rock with a Clue Cheer cover. Snake Nation feature Mike Dean and Woody W. and the album is a dark rock masterpiece that surpasses all the C.o.C. stoner albums if you ask me.
Worship the kings of crossover!!!
CD rip anv vinyl rip of

Snake Nation:
1. History 04:29
2. This Nation 04:31
3. I've seen the Man 05:49
4. Behind the Flag 03:21
5. Babylon (Blue Cheer cover) 05:29
6. My Head feels like Several 07:05
7. Beautiful Hills 05:43
8. I'll never shake you 05:53
9. Process of the Spiral 04:02

They're touring Animosity and Technocracy with the original line-up!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rose Rose - Dlive Into Mosh Of Ass

Dlive Into Mosh Of Ass, 2009


I awarded the Oscar of Best Thing of the 21st Century in the Die You Bastard! post, but obviously I was carried away by a very understandable enthusiasm and forgot to share the prize with Rose Rose, one of the longest running and best thrashcore bands still in activity (from this generation, there's still the killer Ratos De Porao, Broken Bones, The Accüsed and Lethal Aggression... bits of DRI... sadly not many more). Rose Rose deliver here a performance of world war 666 intensity, this is the epitome of grinding crossover overkill!!!! Filled with 80s classics and more recent ultra killer tunes from their last 3 ripping albums, this live release is a total must, it's super fast and full of the trademark Rose Rose groovy rage, fucking amen! It also comes with the DVD of the show, and it is awesome : pro footage and highly entertaining set, especially the drummer who's in the Iron Fist | Rich Hoak league, a complete poem to watch. Life on Earth without Japanese thrash would be dry and useless.


CD rip with no tags:

1 Glad Hand
2 Born TO Be A Skate Boy
3 Wipe Out
4 Two-Faced
5 End In Smoke
6 Blasphemer
7 Water Of Life
8 I.L.A.
9 Mosh Of Ass
10 Too Much Cyco
11 Your Fate
12 Make Good My Escape
13 Rise Above
14 Under The Dog
15 Funeral Song
16 Death Of Thrill
17 Stop Laugh
18 There's No Realism
19 Skatehead '88

Rose Rose discography

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slaughter Lord

Thrash 'Til Death, 1986/1987 (released 1998)
A great precursor of the Australian "war metal" thing as in Abominator | Atomizer | Destroyer 666, Slaughter Lord is to be used when you've got your daily quota of Kreator | Sodom | Wehrmacht. Nevermind the front photo... Evil thrashing zer!
CD rip.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1, 1999
split with Burning Witch (MCD), 2000
Dog Days (MCD), 2000 Track 2
Flower Of Disease, 2000 Track 4
Trampled Under Hoof (MCD), 2004
Mountain of doom alert! If you want to enjoy more of the amazing vocals of Pete Stahl formerly of the über zerrifying legendary Scream, Goatsnake is IMHO the best choice. Here we get near perfect classic doom in the sense of early Trouble | Pentagram | Black Sabbath, ie. lots of stoner groove with large slabs of gravitation challenging sections. Big greasy production, intense riffing, formidable rhythm section - superior ZER! This here heaviness is of course applied to superb songs that will either haunt or boost you, depending on the current mood. Mood mooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
CD rip. I noted MCD for the EPs, but these discs have longer playing times than most grindcore "full length" albums...

Buy Goatsnake records!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Terroristattack 7", 1997
Maktmissbrukare, 1999
...Och Hotet Kvarstår 7", 2000
Örebromangel, 2001 Track 06
Till Vilket Pris Som Helst, 2006
Mega armaggeddon zer!!! Krigshot are (were ?) one of the very best in the NWOSHC (new wave of Swedish hardcore). This is like accelerated Mob47 at rarely attained levels of intensity like the zerrest sections of Massgrav | Diskonto | Kontrovers condensed into fast fat flesh with seven sets of teeth. Insane Swedish thrash forever zerRrRrRrRRRRRrRR!R!R!RR!R! R!!!!RrrR!R!R!RR!R!R!!!!RRrR!R!!!!!!!!!r!
Vinyl rip:

Terroristattack 7":
A1 Det Oändliga Sökandet 0:58
A2 Styrd Av Överheten 0:51
A3 Lögnare 0:59
A4 Låt Dom Känna 1:02
B1 Hiroshima 0:37
B2 Terroristattack 1:56
B3 Misslyckade As 1:13

I Tryggt Förvar 0:30
Krigsoffer 0:36
Satans Ynkrygg 0:35
Vår Samtid 1:06
Vägen Är Stakad 1:16
Stick Och Brinn 0:57
Marschera Hem! 1:44
En Säker Död 1:12
Spegelbilden 1:02
Nedrusta Nu! 0:42
Stoppa Marschen 1:17
Är Du Beredd? 0:43
Maktmissbrukare 1:25
Stolta Och Starka 0:56
7 Dagar 0:43
Gammal, Tärd Och Sjuk 0:36
Lika Bra Att Glömma 0:34
Asen Ska Bort! 1:10
Jag Är Fri 0:31
Betraktaren 0:46
Storebror Ser Mig 0:38
Blåst Igen 0:41
Dra Härifrån! 0:58
Detta Är Tacken För 40 År I Fabrik 0:20
Kapitalismen Förtär 1:38
Något Måste Hända 1:26
Det Oändliga Sökandet 0:57
Styrd Av Överheten 0:49
Lögnare 0:57
Låt Dom Känna 1:00
Hiroshima 0:35
Terroristattack 1:54
Misslyckade As 2:39

...Och Hotet Kvarstår 7":
A1 Fredsavtal/Fredsfördrag
A2 Spöad (Av Snuten)
A3 Krossa Eliten
A4 Världspolitiken Är Åt Helvete
B1 Knullad Av Knarket
B2 Inför Valet I Östtimor
B3 Förvisad Ut I Skiten
B4 Outro

Tvingad In I Skiten
Sök, Era Svin
Dessa Satans Lögner
Denna Jävla Teknik
Billig Arbetskraft
A-Förmedlingen = Skitförmedlingen
Slanig Snut
Asen Vill Jävlas
Sanningen Om Schengenavtalet
Krångliga Och Jävliga
Ett Jävla Jidder
Dom Asen Glassar - Folket Får Kämpa
Ordning På Torpet
Lagar Hit Och Lagar Dit
Det Var På Tiden!
Multinationella Fittor
Så Jävla Slanigt
Mycket Oväsen För Ingenting
Ingen Förändring
Nyliberalismen Är De Rikas Klasskrig
Vapaa Maa

Till Vilket Pris Som Helst:
Kvar Vid Makten 1:33
Ring Klockjävel, Ring 0:43
Ett Liv I Rampljuset 1:28
Trångsynt Och Tragisk 0:53
Konsumtion 1:34
Samma Skit 1:03
Dags Att Betala! 1:30
A-Förmedlingen = Skitförmedlingen 2 0:39
En Jävla Tragedi 1:06
Valfrihet 1:10
Avstängd 1:59
Slut På Daltet! 1:04
Allt Lidande I Världen 1:22
Blinda Slan 1:32
En Lyckad Karriär 1:23
Raserad Välfärd 0:33
Vidrig Nation 1:12

Krigshot website


The Upcoming Terror, 1986
Interstellar Experience, 1988
The Assassin... Live Forever, 1987 (released in 2003)
The Club, 2005
Yesssssssss another reload and zer agregator of first class 80s German speed metal! The almighty Assassin lives forever as the maker of the incredibly super-powered Holy-Terror-matching zergasmic top thrash album Interstellar Experience, let's proselytize with a healthy CD rip and an added live CD that sounds like a good bootleg (but they're fast!!) Awesome tons of super thrashing zerRrRrRRrrrRrRrR!!!!RrrRR!!R!!!R!RrRRr!!!!
CD rip.

Assassin website
Assassin on MySpace


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