Wednesday, September 30, 2009


back on the map + step on it, 1986/1988
sudden death overtime, 1990
live at so36, 1993
unconsciousness, 1994
16 valve hate, 1995
old tyme hardcore, 1996
digital warfare, 2003
Zer and re-zer, after the demise of Negative FX and Last Rights, Slapshot slow things a bit down, add some great groove and overall control of the square hardcore deluge and here we go with a bunch of solid classic albums. There is the straight edge thing but light up a fat joint and you won't care. All their records are great pieces of zerness, my personnal highlights being the darker, dirtier "unconsciousness" (which hosts an excellent Negazione cover) and above all the super hot and energetic "live at so36", a monument of burning live punkness. The stage does smell like the best setup for Slapshot and their FIRE BREATHING HARDCORE CATAPULT OF ZERRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R R!R!R!R!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ! !RR !!!!!!!!!!!!R!RR! !R!RR!R! R!! RR RR !! ! ! ! !
CD rip. No I don't have the eps, check the other blogs and post the links, zer.
Slapshot on MySpace

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Negative FX | Last Rights

government war plans, 1982 (demos)
last rights ep + neg fx album, 1982 (Neg Fx) / 1984 (Last Rights)
For a long long time (at least four months), this was the fastest music I knew, until I got the 1st DRI lp. Zer. Short, precipitated blasts of urgent hardcore, with Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagn covers, come on, what else do you need ? Note that the reissued demo has almost the same tracks as the album, but worse sound and execution (that's funny), yet both SCREAM AND SWEAT OF CULT THRASHING BLASTING RAW KILLER ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RR! RRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!R!R!RR!R!R!R !!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !RR!R! !RR! !R!RR! !R!R!R!R ! !!RR!R !!RR ! !!!!!!
CD rip. It's amazing how many records Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan released. Someone should start a blog to list them all. Great artists!
Negative FX on Wikipedia
Negative FX on Myspace
Last Rights (fan page) on Myspace

Monday, September 28, 2009

Capital Scum

clutch the flag 7", 1985
tsjerno kills, 1987
Ultra massive thrash punk in the vein of heavier and darkened early GBH and faster Discharge!!! The 7" is a killer piece of plastic that you need to own, and the album follows closely with a very slightly more metal approach. ANOTHER DELIVERY OF CLASSIC HARDCORE RAVAGE OF ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R!R RRR! !R!RR! !R!!!! R!R! R!R! !!!!!RRRR !RR!! R!R R!R! R!R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!RR!R! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !R!RR!R! R!RR! !!!!!!!!!
vinyl rip:

clutch the flag:
A1 Prison Life
A2 Target
A3 Clutch The Flag
B1 Final Nail In My Coffin
B2 Slavery
B3 (Deadly Laugh)

tsjerno kills:
A1 Tsjerno Kills
A2 Slit My Wrists
A3 Grasp All, Lose All
A4 Asphalt Jungle
A5 No Fire Escape
B1 Losers & Sinners
B2 Black Market Girls
B3 Side By Side
B4 Ride To Nowhere
B5 Tsjernokill

Ach! They also reformed! A 7" came out in 2003 and an album in 2005... let's see if I can find these. Zer and more zer!

Capital Scum website & MySpace

Excellent! Amen! Zer!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


the shadow of death (first demo + Foxhole demo + Shadow of Death demo), 1983
power from hell, 1985 (powerage reissue)
the force, 1986 (powerage reissue)
let there be rock (mini lp), 1987
hell in copenhagen (live), 1987
in search of sanity, 1989
killing peace, 2007
live damnation, 2009
Another pillar of my all time favorite speed and thrash metal bands, zer! Frontally hit by "power from hell" in '85, I still spin the lot at a compulsive frequency except maybe for the softer "search for sanity" which I was never able to like. In a poll I'd rank Onslaught as high as both Sacrilege, Celtic Frost or Dark Angel. Now the totally punk "The shadow of death" reeks of super juicy early GBH and Discharge to complete the circle (of hell) with the newer "killing peace" and live albums which too are again enormous stockpiles of CLASSIC THRASHSING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!!RR! !RR!R!R!R!R! ! ! ! !RRRR !R!R!R!R ! R!R!R !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! RRR!R!R!RR!!R!RR R!RR! ! ! !R!
Thank you Onslaught for a lifetime of pentagrams.
CD rip except
let there be rock mini lp:
1. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover) 05:03
2. Metal Forces (Live) 06:11
3. Power From Hell (Live) / Angels Of Death (Live) 04:11

Onslaught on MySpace
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Onslaught website

Metal Massacre - VI

Metal Massacre VI, 1985
Discovering on the same record Possessed, Nasty Savage, Hirax, the Obsessed, Dark Angel, Hallow's Eve and Hades was sure a traumatic experience at the zerrest level! Zer, zer and re-zer. Other metal Massacre volumes graced us with Slayer, Metallica, Cirtih Ungol and more zer, but none has THIS HIGH DENSITY OF CLASSIC HEAVY METAL ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!RR!RRRRRRR !RR! !RRRRRR R!R!R!R ! !!!R!R !RR!RR! !R!R!R!RR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!RR!R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RRRR !RR!R!R !RR R!R! ! !!!!!!
Vinyl rip:
"Swing of the Axe" - Possessed – 3:50
"XXX" - Nasty Savage – 5:26
"Executioner" - Steel Assassin – 5:02
"Tear Down the Walls" - Mayhem – 5:44
"Easy Way Out" - Hades – 4:46
"Metal Merchants" - Hallow's Eve – 4:27
"Bombs of Death" - Hirax – 2:01
"Fountain Keeper" - Pathfinder – 3:52
"Welcome to the Slaughterhouse" - Dark Angel – 5:22
"Concrete Cancer" - The Obsessed – 3:16
"En Masse – Stand or Die" - Martyr – 5:10

Metal Massacre 1 - 12 from Bounded by metal zer! merci!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jabara - why we wish

split w/Messed up + split w/Evance + And now and... (ep) merci Dundy!!! ZER!!!
Jabara - why we wish, 2000
After 20 years of R&D, the secret Japanese laboratories of advanced punkess finally came up with this little perfection of maximum hardcore. If Gauze, Lip Cream, Bastard, Outo and Systematic Death are your favorite breakfast, you just can't die before you heard Jabara, the synthesis of all that has nervous nerve and bloody blood. It's generic but IT WILL VAPORIZE YOU TO ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!RR!R!R!R!R !R!RR!R!R !R!R!R ! R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!RR!R!R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R !R!R!R! R!R R !R!! ! !
CD rip. Any info on the band appreciated, zer in advance. All other releases wanted!!!

Salmon Run

Zer! Isn't that vastly superior to "vocal cover" bedroom videos ? ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! R!RR!R!R! R!RR! !R!R!RR! RRR!R! R!R!R!R!RRRRR RR!R!R RR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R!RR!R! R!RR!R!R!RR R!R!R ! !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zero Defex (0DFX)

zero defex - 0dfx, 1984/2008


Those antique enough to have bought the '84 legendary P.E.A.C.E compilation recognize that scream of total zeritude. This comp was a wet dream full of GISM, MDC, DRI, BGK, SCUM, CCM, Articles of Faith, Wretched and many more unmovable monuments of the 80s, and then 15 seconds of 0DFX! I had been so impressed by the rage and chaos and shortness of the song I did cut the 0DFX page from the compilation booklet (yes... heretic ! burn !) to stick it on my bedroom wall next to a photo of Cronos (Cronos has always looked awesome in red and black leather bathing suits, manipulating the invisible oranges with a frown). Zer. And that's the only 0DFX song I ever heard until last year when they reformed and re-recorded most of their stuff - and here it is in a superb digipack. I'm proud not to have died during this 25 years waiting period until I could find new material by this MYTHICAL COMMANDO OF PUNK THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!RR!R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! !R!RR!R!R!!!!!!!!!!!!! R!R!R!RR!R R!R!RR!R!R RRRR !RR!R !!RR! R!R!R!R! RR!R!R!R RRRR !! ! ! ! ! RRR !! ! R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip. If anyone knows where to find a copy of their demos CD, I want it!!!!!
0DFX on MySPace

Monday, September 21, 2009

Toe Tag & World Of Lies - split

Toe tag & World Of Lies - split, 2008
Toe Tag is an Accüsed off-shot with Blaine and other ex-Accüsed guys. If you're nostalgic of the Fartz, Toe Tag will make your day with their non-stop thrashing punk metallic rocking madness. World Of Lies indulge in excellent grinding metallic thrash - both bands rip and deliver studio and killer live sessions for almost an hour of DIRTY RIPPING BURNING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R!RR!R!R! !!!! RRRRRRRR !R!R!R !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R!R!R!R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!!R !
CD rip.
Toe Tag on MySpace
World of Lies website

the Accüsed - the curse of martha splatterhead

the Accüsed - the curse of martha splatterhead, 2009


2009 is a year to rememzer as we got intensely zerred by the return of Stupids, Bulldozer, Sacrifice and now the Accüsed!!!!!!!! It is here and even with only the guitarist as original member, IT IS TIME FOR BOWING TO THIS YEAR'S ACHIEVEMENT IN MAXIMUM SPLATTER


CD rip.
the Accüsed on MySpace
Buy the CD! And the shirt!
complete Accüsed zer

Friday, September 18, 2009


autopsy - part 1, 1989/1993
autopsy - part 2, 1989/1993
close your eyes and see death, live in Italy 1992 THANKS COUNT YORGA!!!
Rorschach is one of these key bands that any sane hard music lover MUST worship or fail to reach the full potential of zer. A destructive mixture of evil Septic Death expert, vicious and grim hardcore with the twisted metal approach on the last releases that will strongly appeal to Crucible and Spaceboy addicts, this cd collects most of their discography. HELL YEAH WE WANT MORE INSANE MONSTER SONIC ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!RRRR !RR!R!R! !! !R!R RRRRRRRRRRR! R! R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !RR!R! !R!RR !RRRR R!R! !!!! ! ! !
CD rip. I can't find the live in Italy cd from '92, but I will.
The best part is they reformed - DO NOT MISS THESE REUNION SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rorschach on MySpace


total dysfunctional collapse, 1995
rodent ulcer, 1996
garden variety manic depressant, 1997
The 90s produced their own particular ton of shit, and also an impressive amount of mega cult masterpieces like the 3 Beanflipper records. This stuff is so good I want to punch a kangaroo : Bad brains hardcore with Extreme Noise Terror abrasion sewn together with Morbid Angel slices and some doomy black metal, fuck yeah !!!!! It all flows and crunches and makes you smile from ass to mouth because you know you have something here OF SUPERIOR TALENT IN THE EXPERTISE OF THE PERFECTLY OVER-HEATED ZERRRRRRR!R!R !R!RR!RRRR! R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R!R ! RR!R! !R!RRRRRR!R !R!R!RR! R!R!R R!R!R! !R!RR !!!!R RR!! ! !
CD rip.
Beanflipper on MySpace

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visual Discrimination

we got the edge (step back and listen + in vain), 1988/1990
serial killers 7", 1997
VD plays unadulterated generic early Agnostic Front | Wrecking Crew style hardcore with a metal edge - and also a straight edge, but it's heavy and fast enough to short-circuit this minor flaw. VD are to music what a great pizza is to gastronomy : nothing too original but really enjoyable - I've remained addicted for the past 2 decades to their HIGHLY EFFICIENT RAGING ZERRRRRR! !R!RR!R! !RR!R! R!R!R!RR!R!R ! R!RR!R!RR!R!R R!R!R ! !! !!
CD rip & 7" rip :

VD on MySpace

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rotten Sound

loosin' face, 1996
under pressure, 1997
drain, 1999
still psycho, 2000
8 hours of lobotomy, 2001
murderworks, 2002
from crust 'til grind, 1994/2003 (includes sick bastard 7" & psychotic veterinarian 7" + incomplete lossin' face picture 10" + incomplete still psycho ep)
exit, 2005
consume to contaminate, 2006
cycles, 2008
Over the top thrashing grindcore destruction with a tendency to accelerate, zer and rezer!!! All these records flow with their time and cause as much damage as the first Brutal Truth mixed with a bit of every Napalm Death, and yeah, Terrorizer. Favorites of mine are "drain" and "loosin' face" for the integrated thrash and crust not without old-Finnish-hardcore type melodies, yet also "murderworks" and "exit" for the exagerated speed and overkill. In the end, each of them is the ideal experience when you need to stop thinking because you just remain there FLABBERGASTED BY THE NONSTOP SLEDGEHAMMER OF ULTIMATE GRINDING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R ! R!R!RR! !R!R!RR! ! !!!!R !RR!R!RR!RRRR !R!R!R! !RR!R! ! !! !! RRRR !RR!R!R!R! ! ! !! ! ! RR!R! ! ! ! ! ! ! R!

CD rip except vinyl rip from:

loosin' face:
1. Social Rinse 01:58
2. Loosin` Face 01:47
3. Black Rain Of Bureaucrazy 01:30
4. Subordinated 01:01
5. Saviour - Pressurewave 02:03
6. Nerves 01:15
7. I, A Product 01:22
8. The Guard of the Paradise 03:58
9. Renewer 01:26
10. Corporate Fuck 01:19
11. Your Fault 01:58
12. Acoustics Of The Silence 01:29
13. Behind our Backs
14. Veenom 00:05
15. Burtsum 00:05
16. A Religion? 02:46

1 Calm
2 Dirty Currency
3 Bastard Behaviour
4 Alone At Last
5 Drain
6 Braindead
7 Narrow Mind
8 Dark Highway
9 Inversion
10 Vanity
11 Super Satan
12 Cartender
13 Coldvenience
14 Abusement Park
15 Loser

still psycho:
Lack Of Awareness
Reek Of Putrefaction

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dödsdömd - samhällets fiender nummer ett

Dödsdömd - samhällets fiender nummer ett, 2003
More sonic murder under the bulldozing form of savagely mean dbeat crust core. RAW POWER AND DISCHARGE LOADED MEAT-GRINDING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R !R!R!RR!R!RRRRRRRRRRR !R!RR!RRRRRRRRR !R!R!R ! !
Vinyl rip:
1 Intro (1:03)
2 Trendrevolutionär (1:15)
3 Sveriges Maktelit (1:01)
4 De Håller Varandra Om Ryggen (1:07)
5 Vill Du Kasta Bort Ditt Liv (0:42)
6 I Väntan På Socialbidraget (2:15)
7 Vinden Har Vänt Del 3 (0:20)
8 Ja Till Livet (1:31)
9 Stämplad Som Brottsling (1:21)
10 Teknologisk Farsot (1:32)
11 Slut Som Människa (1:14)
12 Våld/Alternativ (0:58)
13 Ge Inte Upp (1:05)
14 Fattig/Rik (1:36)
15 Döda Eller Dödas (1:04)
16 Ansiktslös Och Anonym (1:19)
17 Domedagen (1:19)
18 Säkerhet Och Övervakning (1:27)
19 Vi Hatar Snutar (1:14) Originally By Distract, Exploited
20 Kriget Har Inge Slut (1:15)
21 Ond Bråd Död (1:17)

Dödsdömd on MySpace
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