Friday, July 30, 2010

Razor Of Occam

Homage To Martyrs, 2009
More metal for those who gave bad votes to the Bathory thing! Razor Of Occam is the best moniker I heard in years, and the music is an intense festival of straight forward thrash and black metal - there is no reason not to support this excellent album! He that will not reason is a bigot, he that cannot reason is a fool, and he that dares not reason is a slave.
Sure, it's nothing you haven't heard before in the Bathory|Slayer department/Australian war metal subsection, but this is masterfully executed and produced - and features the nasty people of Deströyer 666. Killer!
CD rip.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scandinavian Metal Attack 1 & 2

Scandinavian Metal Attack, 1984
Scandinavian Metal Attack 2, 1984
Once upon a time, it was the summer vacations in Germany and there was a supermarket with a small records section. Along Apocalyptic Raids (yes, in a supermarket, Noise Records used to be well distributed!), a compilation caught my eye because it had "metal attack" in the title, had guys in dresses fighting with hammers on the cover and featured bands with logos in gothic fonts, like Motörhead (and Hellhammer, zer). That's a sale. The disc starts with some excellent, fierce and catchy 80s heavy metal. Then I was simply floored by that track in 3rd position that sounded like a heavier Venom. That was my first encounter with Bathory, awfully great experience! The comp ends with the first monumental version of The Return Of Darkness And Evil, something I never really got over with. The 2 songs on the first SMA are different versions than on the first two albums and are even better than the official versions. Shortly after, a second SMA volume was released, again with terrific hard rock - and two Bathory tracks (this time from the first album). I was totally launched on the Bathory-record-hunt orbit and the first legendary LP was soon my precious precious. And they lived happily ever after.
CD rip.
1. OZ - Fire in the Brain
2. TRASH - Watch Out
3. BATHORY - Sacrifice
4. SPITFIRE - Eyes of Storm
5. ZERO NINE - Under the Sun
6. TRASH - No More Rock Tonight
7. ZERO NINE - Walk Away
8. OZ - Search Lights
9. SPITFIRE - Crazy Living
10. BATHORY - The Return of the Darkness and Evil

1. OZ - Third Warning
2. BISCAYA - Howl in the Sky
3. BATHORY - Hades
4. MENTZER - Voodoo
5. HIGHSCORE - Knock the Boss
6. TRASH - Bombay-Mail
7. BISCAYA - Rockin' Vehicles
8. OZ - Turn the Cross Upside Down
9. TRASH - Drop and Die
10. BATHORY - War
11. HIGHSCORE - Power of Drinks
12. MENTZER - Russian Roulette

Monday, July 26, 2010

Psycho - 7" 2010

the new saw-shaped 2010 7" ep!!!, 2010
Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!! An adolescent dream that came true: attending a live show of Psycho! I had waited for 25 years until last Saturday, and it was amazing. They're as fast & intense as I had expected, and here is their new 7": raw attack of 80s fast hardcore (new songs and rerecording of "Animal") and a GG Allin cover. Totally abrasive thrashcore on a SAW-SHAPED PIECE OF VINYL!!! You can't live without it.
After one medium sized joint outside the club, the info slipped that there is a new full length album in the works to be released later in 2010. Also Charlie Infection said a Cancerous Growth discography CD is also being prepared. At last!!!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010


History of a Time to Come (+ live tracks), 1988
Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) (+ live tracks), 1989
Mourning Has Broken, 1991
British metal legend alert! Two albums of intense world class thrash metal that reminds me of Onslaught, Artillery and the first Holy Terror, plus Mourning Has Broken with its epic doom metal approach not unlike Solitude Aeturnus, still with a thrash edge in the riffing. Killer stuffffff!!!!!!!
CD rip.
Sabbat website
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broken Bones - Fuck You And All You Stand For

Fuck You All All You Stand For, 2010
Arrrrrhhhh they're back with a monster!!! New and amazing attack of heavy crossover thrash punk - and way superior to the latest Discharge "Disensitise" if you ask me. Génial!
CD rip with no tags:
1. Death By Demand
2. Enemy Within
3. I.E.D
4. Persecution
5. Hells for Heroes
6. Minimum Wage
7. House of Frauds
8. Stop Em Now
9. Torture
10. Downfall
11. Brainwashed

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all Broken Bones

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Distressed + Dr. Aids

Distressed, 2010
My brother Max cannot really play chess but he drums in this awesome doom death battalion from London, UK. If you're into "Gothic"-era Paradise Lost and such classic putrefaction of groove, you will be floored by this super excellent 4 tracks demo. The end is near, have sex.

Ugly nasty fat Chaos Uk-sounding-with-some-Hellhammer-and-United-Mutation d-punk made in 4 hours, this shit will burn your knees! Excellent 5 tracks demo from last Saturday, send in the next chapter!
Check out Dr Aids from the source!

Psycho are touring!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reload: Outo, C.C.M., Spermbirds, Dehumanizers, Amebix, Militant Mothers, Wretched

Welcome into another orgy of reloads! CD rips to replace previous vinyl rips, plus reload of "The Power Remains" from Amebix which mysteriously disappeared, and better re-rip of the Militant Mothers superb live record, zerrrR!rrR!rR!RrRR!Rr!!!RRRR!r!RRr!RRrrr!RrR!!RR!

The Incredible Outo CD!!!, 1982/1988


Outo or the perfection of the mean 80s iconic Japanese hardcore thrashing! This is a mandatory CD from an all-time favorite of mine, as satisfying as GISM!
Hardcore Unlawful Assembly Compilation LP
1 I Like Cola
2 U.K.
Many Question, Poison Answer 7"
3 Frog Song
4 Death Of Victims
5 No Future
6 Jason
Half Wit Life 7"
7 Skate To Hell
8 Half Wit Life
9 Junk
10 Crazy Mom
Thrash Till Death Compilation LP
11 Slang
12 Risky Risky
13 Rise From The Dead
14 Leather Face
15 Warriors
16 Ending For Slag
正直者は馬鹿を見る LP
17 正直者は馬鹿を見る
18 Free Man
19 Mt. Osabishi Broken Fuckers
20 I Can Say
21 Risky Risky
22 Not Worth Damn
23 Lost Of Words
24 My Revenge
25 In My Head
26 British Bulldog
27 Cops
28 Last Countdown
My Meat's Your Poison Compilation LP
29 Rise One's Fist
30 Take Humanity Back
31 Believe In Oneself
32 Rise From The Dead (Muties Version)
No Way Out 7"
33 Fall Down
34 Never Win
35 No Way Out

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers
Early Discography, 1981/1984
The Italian hardcore gods' first releases, I could not resist. Their best stuff is not on this CD (Into The Void, the live album and the awesome tracks from the legendary compilation What Does Not Hurt Us), but this is mandatory anyway.
CD rip made from vinyls

400 Fascists 7":
1 Four Hundred Fascists 01:21
2 Tellyson 01:21
3 Akool 04:31
Furious Party 7":
4 Easy Targets 01:53
5 Frustration II 01:34
6 Frustration I 01:13
7 Furious Party 01:47
Permanent Scar split 12" with I Refuse It:
8 Voice of the Blood 01:11
9 Barbed Wire World 01:14
10 (Right to Be) Italian 01:09
11 Nation of Fire 01:25
12 Envy (I'm a Mess) 01:19
13 Foe or Friend 01:40
14 (We're) the Juvenile Delinquency 01:14
15 Work (Means Death) 01:18
16 400 Fascists (in Town Tonite) 01:03
17 Best Party Ever - No Bore 01:07
18 Alkool 01:00
19 (Everyday's a) Reagan Day 01:44
20 Bendix Power-Secret Hate 02:13
21 Addiction 02:05
22 Camp Darby Blues 01:29
23 Any Sacrifice 01:29
Last White Christmas tape:
24 Need a Crime/Ultracore 01:26
25 Mercenaries 02:04
26 Brand New One #2 13:40
Senza Tregua tape:
27 Terminal Fun 02:43
28 Commandos 02:55
29 Mad Race 02:53
from We Can Do Whatever We Want compilation:
30 Friend or Foe (live) 01:44

Something To Prove + Nothing Is Easy + My God Rides A Skateboard 7", 1985/1987
Yes yes yes! Classic classic classic German hardcore! Total headbanger!

The First Five Years Of Drug Abuse (CD1), 1986/1987
The End of Fucking Time (CD2), 1986
More super classssssssssssssssic hardcore! Nasty smart-ass hardcore does not age, bang that grey head! Disc 1 is a compilation with the Kill Lou Guzzo 7", alternate versions and songs from the LPs, while dics 2 is the entire and uncut fucking End Of Time album! Are you sweating?
You must buy this master piece of legend!

The Power Remains, 1986/1987
Let's ressuscitate this amazing collection of live and studio tracks.
Vinyl rip:
1. I.C.B.M. 05:56
2. The Power Remains 04:35
3. Chain Reaction 05:32
4. Last Will and Testament 07:11
5. Nobodys Driving 05:30
6. Fallen From Grace 04:45
7. Arise! 03:19
8. Drink and be Merry 05:05

Militant Mothers
Dream Trash Live, 1991
Fuck yeah, the AMAZING live record of Germany's kings of rock - Bad Brains style. MM are also on a prominent position on the Eternal Top Zer, this stuff is just world class. And yes, this vinyl comes in a metal 12" cover, I mean true printed and embossed metal (and larger than Slayer's Decade Of Aggression!), the thing must weigh a pound. Unique packaging! FANTASTIC RECORD!!!
Vinyl louder and track separated re-rip:
Intro/Something's Wrong
From Island To Island
My Decay
I'm Eighteen
The Strange Journey Of Killing Yourself
The Acid Of Life
A Gun Or A Brain
Sailin' On
Different Souls

Vivi Ogni Momento, 1986/1987
More of the Italian cream of hardcore! Totally dark raging noisy thrashing zer! This superb digipack CD contains only two of the studio records, but maybe with a better remaster than on the Lotta Per Vivere CD (which you still need in order to get the early skin-burning material). The live tracks of their last show make this CD definitely mandatory. THE CULT IS ALIVE!
La Tua Morte Non Aspetta - 12" LP 1986
1 Senti Il Richiamo
2 Sezionati Vivi
3 Verso Il Tuo Orrizonte
4 Angosce
5 Vivere Nell'Incubo
6 La Tua Morte Non Aspetta
In Controluce - 7" EP 1987
7 In Controluce
8 Libero E Selvaggio
Live In Padova, 1987 - Last Show Ever !!!
9 Genti Il Richiamo
10 Sezionati Vivi
11 Finira' Mai
12 Disperato Ma Vivo
13 Angosce
14 Come Un Cappio
15 Troppo Facile
16 Verso Il Tuo Orrizonte
17 Solo Guerra
18 Muori Per La Patria Muori Per Niente
19 Non Ingannarti
20 Vivere Nell'Incubo
21 Mai Arrendersi
22 La Tua Morte Non Aspetta
Extra Interactive Part With:
23 Wretched - Videos (Mostly Unreleased) & Photogallery !!!

You should now go to the Sludge Swamp and send them your own summer compilation! It's reader's submission time. Here is my big ass beach music collection.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Peggio Punx

Discography - CD 1, 1981/1989
Discography - CD 2 (live), 1982/1989
There is a big DKs influence in all this! These records still deliver some excellent and classic 80s Italian hardcore punk. Not as dark or intense as all our Italian eternal heroes (I'm thinking about the stuff of legends: C.C.M., Negazione, Indigesti, Raw Power, Wretched, Declino... you know the list), but still very enjoyable on a rainy day between two 80s German speed metal albums and 3 hours of Japanese thrash.

CD 1:
EP "Disastro Sonoro" 1982
EP "La Città E' Quieta... Ombre Parlano" 1983
EP 12" Ci Stanno Uccidendo Al Suono Della Nostra Musica" 1984
LP "Cattivi Maestri" 1989
Demotape "The Peggio Punx" 1981/82
Tape "Peggio Punx" 1982/83

CD 2:
Live @ "Giardini" (Alessandria) 05/1982
Live @ "Virus" (Milano) 10/09/1983
Live @ "Virus" (Milano) 05/05/1984
Live @ "Virus" (Milano) 04/04/1987
Live @ "Spazi Metropolitani" (Torino) 16/12/1989

Peggio Punx website

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just Need It 7", 2006
Monopolized 7", 2004
Louder Than God, 2008
Nothing Will Change, 2004
No (Since - 1991), 1991/2002
Believe Only For Itself
More Japanese hardcore to break your neck to! Chainsaw should be displayed at the universal expo as the prototype of Japanese thrash. Fast, loud and full of teeth, they're just awesome! 937% hardcore zerRrRrRRrrRRRRrrrRrRRRR!RR!!R!!!R!RR!R!!
CD rip and vinyl rip of

Monopolized 7':
A1 Monopolized
A2 No Meaning For All
AA1 Hit The Road
AA2 Live For Life

Just Need It 7":
A1 Just Need It / Hypocrite Goes On
AA1 Warning
AA2 Rudie Way

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ümlaüt - Total Disfückingcography

Today this blog is 2 years old, happy zerday! How long will it last? Not over yet...
I won't bore you with the usual Church Of Zer top 50, and the financial crisis isn't over so let's save electrons, so here are the current top 6 downloads from this blog:
Faith + Void - split CD
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk
Suicidal Tendencies - Join the army
Final Conflict - ashes to ashes
Heresy - 1985-87
Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It
Read this list 3 times and you have the top 6|6|6.

Let's celebrate with the monster cool discog CD by Ümlaüt, the Finnish biker bastard masters of everything grinding dbeat metallic hardcore destruction! 35 songs (including 3 or 4 "intros") in 22 minutes, that's a discography! With micro-covers of D.R.I., Carcass, Bad Brains, S.O.D. and Bette Midler. On top of this they have very memorable song titles, e.g.:
Gas Chamber of Commerce
Killed By Sürvival
Ümlaüt's 5 Demands Presented to the Hardcore Commünity International at the Beginning of the 21th Century
and this one takes the cake: Ü.S. Out of North America
The lyrics are well worth reading for once. "No arms" looks like a hippie peace song, yet it goes like "No arms, no legs, no torso", fucking zer.
Ümlaüt - Total Disfückingcography, 2002
Also this CD does not come in a jewel box but in an excellent and thick BOOK which contains lyrics, graphics, interviews and very ironic explanations of the lyrics. Amazing!
Buy this CD!

Et maintenant, pour faire couleur locale et célébrer l'été, je vous reproduis un joli texte débordant de finesse et d'esprit de la part de Sophie Durocher, le cerveau municipal disponible entre 2 pubs de shampoing le plus habile à l'Est du McDo le plus proche:
Y a-t-il un groupe Facebook pour les gens qui détestent le jazz? Si oui, je m’y inscris sur le champ. Et je suis sûre que je ne serai pas la seule. Le Festival de jazz est commencé depuis une semaine et déjà, je commence à faire de l’urticaire. Dire qu’on en a encore pour quatre jours. Hé, misère.
J’aime des trucs que bien des gens ne peuvent pas supporter : le mime, la danse moderne, la poésie. Mais je déteste cette musique sans mélodie, ces chansons sans refrain et ces exercices de style prétentieux.
Chaque année, des fans essaient de me convertir et me parlent avec condescendance comme si j’étais une béotienne : « Le jazz c’est comme la peinture abstraite, il ne faut pas essayer de trouver un sens, il faut se laisser envelopper et lâcher prise. » Fais-moi jouer du John Coltrane, et tu vas voir une fille incapable de lâcher prise.
Quand un animateur radio fait jouer du Marie-Mai, il dit « et maintenant on va écouter Emmène-moi de Marie-Mai ». Mais quand un animateur de radio fait jouer un morceau de jazz, at-ten-tion, c’est une autre paire de manches. Typiquement la présentation ressemblera à ceci : « Et maintenant on écoute Bring It On Home, enregistré à New York le 24 avril 1945, avec Miles Davis à la trompette, Herbie Fields, saxophone alto, saxophone ténor, Terry Brannon, piano, Leonard Gaskin, contrebasse, Eddie Nicholson, batterie, Rubberlegs Williams, aux voix. » Mazette! C’est tout juste s’ils ne nous disent pas le nom de la fille qui était au vestiaire ce soir-là, son signe astrologique et ses mensurations. C’est pas compliqué, le temps qu’ils nomment le lieu, la date, l’heure, et tous les musiciens qui ont joué ce soir-là, j’ai déjà eu le temps de m’endormir ou de changer de poste.
Dans un concert de jazz, toutes les pièces se ressemblent (« Ils viennent pas juste de la jouer celle-là? »), on ne sait jamais comment les pièces vont finir (quand elles finissent par finir) et on sort de la salle incapable de fredonner un air mémorable. Je ne sais pas si je déteste plus le jazz ou tout le discours qui entoure le jazz. Ces comparaisons entre tel et tel enregistrement, ces batailles futiles entre les différentes écoles...
Si vous êtes comme moi, ça vous dirait d’être mon ami Facebook?

Humour ? Ironie ? Nenni! Idiocracy!
PDF de l'"article" original tel qu'imprimé dans le papier-toilette 24H:
WonderSophie Durochette contre le Jazz!
Allez Sophie, courage, et pour te consoler de l'oppression du jazz (et aussi à l'attention de Dutrizacamerde et Martineaubénite pour les soulager de leurs falulences à propos du heavy metal):

On a side note, The Human Centipede - First Sequence is the unzer movie I watched yesterday night. I usually like horror and gore, but the Human Centipede is in the sad, useless, plotless category of torture flicks like Hostel or Martyrs. Painful to watch with no story, even if the centipede "concept" is original. Ok, not a bad work of cinema (although the plot itself is utterly dumb and cliché), but very very unpleasant... I will NOT watch "Full Sequence" (prequel to be released in 2011).

If you need to spend an evening with something bloody and terrifying but with a dynamic and original plot, I'd recommend the most brutal film I've seen, À L'intérieur:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Comes

No Side, 1983
Power Never Die, 1986
Live (CD 1), 1982/1984
Live (CD 2), 1982/1984
No, not 80s German speed metal, but yes, Japanese 80s hardcore! Let's indulge. The first album of the Comes lays down the basics of Japanese hardcore the way we love it (they started Lip Cream after the Comes). Excellent hysterical-female fronted punk! But my favorite is the second 6 tracker that has a more metal or hard rock vibe that reminds of the early Plasmatics material and sometimes of Acid. I find this one amazing and can only wish they had released a couple more records. The double live CD released last year is an amazing piece of vinyl ersatz, excellent packaging, get it and smile. Double live CD rip and vinyl rip of : No Side (German bootleg with 3 tracks from the "Outsider" compilation): 1.No Side 2.Case 3.Public Cycle 4. Wa-Ka-Me 5. Sarakedase 6. Kyuukyoku 7.Bakakoke 8.Ningen Gari 9.Panic 10.Koujou 11.Medium. 12. Kane 13. I Love You 14. Dead Body Power Never Die: 1. Brains 2. Take A Step 3. Cockiness Man 4. Power Never Die 5. Dirt Off 6. As A Rabit Of Human

And now, let's watch some black metal from the pits of the forest:

PS: Missing from Ass To Mouth post (track 07)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Chemical Exposure (Illusions) + 2 demo tracks, 1986/1988/1991 (2006 reissue)
Swallowed In Black + 2 demo tracks, 1990 (2006 reissue)
A Vision Of Misery, 1992 Track 05
Elements Of Anger, 1997
Out For Blood, 2006
Back to thrash metal heaven! On their first 2 albums, these guys combined super fast aggression with lots of technicalities. The next two records are more-complex-less-speed masterpieces, and the last one is a bit simpler yet fully loaded with massive groove. Oh yeah they have the Steve Harris of thrash metal, the bass lines are just awesome! But most importantly, the songs are pure killer metal of the thrashiest sort, in the Eternal Zer Top 10, there must be a seat for Swallowed In Black - fiercest maniac thrashing madness among the kings of thrash! Thrash thrash thrash thrash thrash!!!!
CD rip.

Sadus website
Sadus on MySpace

If you know a drummer in the Montreal area available to play that kind of stuff (with the Wehrmacht/Accüsed/Protector touch!), please pleeeeease email laurent at churchofzer dot com


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