Monday, November 29, 2010


A Sound Like Shit (Colonized & more), 1993
Control, 1994
Your Chaos Days Are Numbered, 1998
Fucked Up Mess, 1999
Cheerleaders For Imperialism, 2000
Dynamite Up Your Ass, 2002
Thrash Wave (36 tracks version), 2002
split with Capitalist Casualties, 2008
Those who liked the Tumult post should enjoy this bunch very much. Hellnation were the undisputed kings of terminally pissed off grinding hardcore destruction from the 90s as in Heresy meets S.O.B. 10 years later. More hate than in 21 black metal albums combined! Maximum earslaughter and bleeding eardrums for everyone! Blast this shit at 11 all night long and fight your neighbors with kitchenware!!! MEGA BASHING THRASHING BLEEDING ARMAGEDDON PANIC OF ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R RRRRRRRRRRR R R R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R RR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R !R! !R !RR !R! !! ! ! ! ! R!R!R ! !
CD rip except LP rip from:

Cheerleaders For Imperialism:
Barricade 0:35
Against The Grain 0:20
Charged Up 0:36
Not Free From You 0:24
Your A Joke 0:39
Punk Or Cop 0:33
Selfish Shit 1:15
I Live My Life 0:33
No Truth 0:34
Politics 0:38
Nightmare 0:24
Fucked Up Mess 1:08
Greedy Motherfucker 0:31
Aaron Pryor 0:31
No Fan Of Cops 0:57
Not Laughing 0:39
College Town Revolutionary 0:29
Fuck The Kids 0:28
Shut Up 0:29
Shit Society 0:33
No Minion 0:33
Cheerleaders For Imperialism 0:28
Tunnel Vision 0:19
Scared Fuck Up 0:41
Pave Your Grave 0:35
Consumer Might 0:41
Advice 0:28
Economic Survival 0:35
Kiss Of Death 1:03

Yes 29 tracks for 24 mp3s, I forgot to split a few songs... sorry, but not guilty.

A Sound Like Shit compiles:
Tracks 1-17 entire Colonized LP.
Track 18 unreleased.
Track 19 from Bloodless Unreality compilation 7".
Tracks 20-26 from Suppression 7".
Tracks 27-28 from Aussie 7".

Thrash Wave compiles (and has two S.O.B., one Comes, one Warhead, one Lip Cream, one Damnable Excite Zombies and one fucking Outo covers zerrrrrrr!!!):
Tracks 1-6 taken from the split EP with Merda.
Tracks 7-12 taken from the split EP with Sink.
Tracks 13-20 taken from the At War With Emo 5".
Track 21 taken from the Homeless Benefit compilation EP.
Tracks 22-28 taken from the Tomorrow Will Be Worse 4xEP.
Tracks 29-36 taken from the Thrash Or Die EP.

Hellnation's own label Sound Pollution closed this month after over 20 years of sonic warfare, so click now and buy Hellnation noise and other Sound Pollution releases before they reach $249.99 on ebay!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

New, old and reload: Rotten Sound, Tank, Raw Power, Overkill, 3 Way Cum, Flotsam And Jetsam, Anthrax, Death Angel

New & old releases and a CD reload:

Rotten Sound - Napalm, 2010
New obliterating mcd with 3 songs plus 3 early Napalm Death covers, and a terrorizing live DVD. More grinding madnessssssssssssssssss!!!

Tank - War Machine (digi w/2 bonus), 2010
Unbelievable! A new Tank album in 2010! Unbelievable! Without any original member, not even Algy Ward (but the 2 guitarists from the This Means War era)! It's like Motörhead without Lemmy, and it does not sound like Tank but like Saxon! That said, what an awesome heavy metal record! The singer is Doogie White from the 90s version of Rainbow. It just does totally sound like Saxon, so if the 20 Saxon albums are not enough, get this one!

Raw Power - Resuscitate, 2010
ARGH! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition and nobody ever expected a new Raw Power studio album! Yet here it is, the great follower to "Still screaming after 20 years". It's not as intense as the classic trio of Screams From The Gutter-Wop Hour-Mine To Kill (one of the greatest crossover discs of all time!!!), but very enjoyable indeed. Plenty of old school hardcore punk and 3 re-recordings of old songs (find out which ones !) plus a "I wanna be your dog" cover, nice job!
All RAW POWER (dead links reloaded)

Overkill - Iron Bound, 2010

Feel The Fire, 1985

Fuck You And Then Some, 1988
Overkill are among the classic bands whose first releases I loved, and then I lost interest in their following output, and then they come up with and incredibly strong metal attack - Iron Bound!! Feel The Fire is the eternal thrash classic, and Iron Bound is a groovekillmachine of similar facture, just louder!!! OVERKILLLLL!!! I shall now try again all the albums in between these two masterpieces...

3 Way Cum - Killing The Life + Battle Of Opinion, 1995/1996

Classic 90s crust thrash! When you heard too much Warcollapse in one day, 3 Way Cum let you pursue the death tar diet.

Flotsam And Jetsam - The Cold, 2010

Flotsam And Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver (+ 2 demo tracks), 1986
Flotsam And Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver 20th anniversary edition (+ 5 demo tracks), 1986/remixed in 2006
Same remark as Overkill. Completely forgot about them after the classic Doomsday, and then BAM! they hit you behind the skull with a monumental 2010 album. The Cold is a tour de force of catchy yet dark metal that rocks from start to finish. With the feeling of Life Of Agony's latest rocking studio record from 2005, a lot of up to date thrash metal and a host of melodic hooks, MASTERPIECE!!!!
Oh yeah this is the band that Jason Newsted was extracted from to join Metallica. The Cold buries any post-1986 Metallica, nothing else matters.

Death Angel - Relentless Retribution, 2010
Oh yeah c'est the new Death Angel! They're back with the fire and class of the last two studio albums, huge groove, lots of thrash, top notch musicianship and brain-engraving hooks. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to hear more old guys doing new records (instead of new guys trying to do old records). Amazing!

Anthrax - Fistful Of Metal, 1984
Aaaah yesssssss, the classic of classics! I never really liked their other discs, but this one is the ultimate ripper!!!

CD rip of everything.

Sorry for the slow posting these days, there are many other things going on... but no, no zertirement in sight! Too old, too cold!

Par exemple le nouveau Roger Mag dont la ponte est prévu avant Noël - et en attendant voici Roger Mag TV en internexclusivité!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Piece Of Time (+ From beyond demo + Hell Hath No Mercy demo + R.A.V.A.G.E. - On The Slay demo), 1989
Unquestionable Presence (+ 9 pre-prod tracks), 1991
Elements (+ 6 tracks live radio broadcast from 1992), 1993
Live At Wacken (CD 1, live show), 2006
Live At Wacken (CD 2, compilation), 2006
Jupiter, 2010
Mega armaggeddon zer!!! The masters of super technical thrash and death are back with a bomb after a 14 and 17 years long hiatus. The first three albums are still the burning classics they always were, this stuff sounds as amazing as 20 years ago. Even more so when you think about it. The dexterity and versatility of Victims Family with a Bunglesque turn and the heaviness of Death and Sadus, aaaaaarghhh!!!!! Now you might have read horrible reviews about the new masterpiece Jupiter, and I don't understand statements like "this is Atheist's Cold Lake / St-Anger". Don't believe this. Yes, Cold Lake and St-Anger are truly horrible bowls of diarrhea, and no, Jupiter does not even begin to fall in this category. On the contrary, repeated listens of this (too short) gem on a daily basis hooks you 'til zer! It is more straight forward and focused on the heavy and aggressive than Elements, it is truly an amazing release, Atheist is an eternally awesome band, thanks for resuscitating the legend!!!
CD rip. CD 2 of the live album is useless, with no unreleased version of any of the songs nor outtakes etc.

Atheist website
Atheist on MySpace
Buy Jupiter and everything else!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crash Box

Veleno Per Voi (CD1 = .... Vivi! 7" + Finale LP + Nel Cuore LP), 1984/1987/1989
Veleno Per Voi (CD2 = 28 live tracks from the Il Mio Inferno tape) 1983/1987
Back to classic 80s Italian hardcore! The Vivi 7" has a lot in common with Wretched, while the two LPs are going into an excellent metal/crossover direction not unlike late Negazione or Upset Noise. Ilona the very best! Killer!
CD rip.

Buy this discography!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Power Methan (demo), 2003
S12 (2nd press with 4 bonus), 2004
Meat, 2005
Only Meat Israel..., 2006
Fleischkraft, 2007
President Camacho - Zer (3" ashtray MCD), 2008
President Camacho - Libido Of The Living Dead, 2009
Peace Of Meat, 2010 Read a review here
Shameless self promotion post! Spam goes like this: my fortunate position here is head of bone-bass department + some vocals + sound production in the mountain of doom that goes by the name of CortisoL (and September 12, and Dentïst, and by inbreeding contagion President Camacho). We just finished the production and released our very new and very best album Peace Of Meat (this is the result of the Week of Doom).
I'll just reload the whole CortisoL catalog, including last year's President Camacho's piece of zer (because PC = CortisoL + Seb of Quebec's grinders Fistfuck + D7i Records and Max from Montreal's major headache The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch). The first President Camacho release is the legendary 10 songs Zer CD ashtray, totally sold out.
Dentïst is the other name we took to play thrashing metalized punk sludge in '06/'07. The change of band name seems now moot and pointless. We probably tried to be strategists in our marketing... We did Fleischkraft and half of Only Meat Israel... under that name.
September 12 was our first moniker, we recorded the Power Methan demo and then an album called CortisoL, then decided it was cooler to use CortisoL as the name (this is the S12 album).
Peace Of Meat was released this week on Monday as a limited series of 100 digipaks, with the fantastic artwork of Ruedi Schorno - thanks a million times Ruedi! Peace Of Meat conducts 71 minutes and 30 seconds of carnal doom and sludge, including an Eisenvater 'Fleisch' cover. The CD does sound better - larger | heavier - than the mp3s. The doom plague needs more space than the mp3 treatment...
I also just found some more copies (shrink wrapped!) hidden in a hidden box of the other releases so for the plastic junkies, let's make good use of all this solidified petroleum in our supermarket:

CortisoL - Peace of Meat CD - 2010 Digipak - $20

CortisoL - Only Meat Israel... - 2006 CD - $10

President Camacho - Libido Of The Living Dead - 2009 CD - $15

All 3 CDs above - $25

CortisoL - T-shirt (S, M and a very few L) - $20

Dollars include shipping anywhere. The other CDs are out of print but copies are still floating around on various distros. The metal-cases editions of Fleischkraft and S12 are totally not available anywhere.

On MySpace
President Camacho
On MySpace
Also check out Pierre Luc (CortisoL's drummer)'s wacky project Noia

Marielle does the Fleisch chorus and has very nice tits. Bravo Marielle.

Friday, November 12, 2010


8 Convulsions, 1994
Deathshead Extermination, 1996
The Hollowing, 1997
Like Sheep Led To The Slaughter, 2004
Crisis swim in their own industrially polluted lake, they were as unique a band as Acid Bath or Spaceboy. Or Eisenvater. Describing their music would take long sentences, light it up instead. On the menu, violence, darkness and death sludge in a twisted metal form that produced three excellent albums (1st, 3rd and 4th) and one universal masterpiece, the zerrifying Deathshead Extermination, another passenger of the EZTT (Eternal Zer Top Ten). This monster opens your thorax, it's like Voïvod's Killing Technology mixed up with Melvins' Ozma with Wendy O Williams in her periods and Kevin Sharp on drugs (haha) on vocals, or something like that. Aaaaaarrrrrghhhhh!!!!

CD rip.


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