Saturday, December 31, 2011


Black Future, 2009
Outer Isolation, 2011
Cheers with the amazing Vektor who sound like the future of the Sadus | Atheist | Voïvod tree. Vicous, complex, melodic and dynamic metal with the right balance of darkness and groove within 10 minutes long incredible songs, that's what you get. The composition, execution and production are world class category, this is a lesson in advanced, epic thrash metal! Gesundheit! REZER!!!
CD rip.
Buy both CDs for $19!
Vektor on MySpace

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Forgotten Sunrise mcd, 1991
Hatred And Disgust + Forgotten Sunrise, 1992
With all this foie gras, the best option is to remain still and get a heavy massage from Sorrow. This awesome amount of fat thrashing doom death reunites layers of Winter under influence of Show No Mercy with peaks and pits of Paradise Lost and Autopsy. Abolutely fabulous!
CD rip.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Out Of Tune

Discontent Producers, 2007
Hasta la Victoria, Discordia!, 2009
Über wunderbar marvel from punk rock planet! These Finns diverged from the national industry of funeral doom to offer us some of the very best punk rock of the past decade. This is simply at the level of Bad Brains 'Rock For Light' | The Futures, with a touch of much improved NoFx on turbo. I will never thank enough CD Baby for this random discovery. No punker gourmet can avoid this rocking perfection of very intense, melodic, punchy, groovy and totally miraculous punk rock monument of complete zerRrrR!R!RR! RR!r! !RRrRR!R !R!R!RR !R!r r R!R!R! R!R !R rrr !R!R !R!R !R !R!RR!RR!R! RRRR! !R !RrR RR! !R!R !R!RR!R! !R !R! !
CD rip (Discontent) & official mp3s (Hasta). Yeah these guys, unlike Corrosion Of Conformity (all my C.O.C. files were terminated this week, sorry), are giving their music from their website (see link below), punk's not dead.

Discontent Producers (not tagged):
1. Copyleft Notice 1:38
2. Left Hand Dialectics 2:14
3. Technocracy 2:36
4. Dissident's Anthem 1:27
5. Deadline 2:10
6. Mimosa 1:52
7. Nothing 2:47
8. Desperate Measures 0:48
9. Call of Duty 1:21
10. Black Bloc Party 2:08
11. God Is a Coward 1:59
12. Eat Your Leaders 2:26
13. 56 Seconds 1:53
14. Dreamgrinder 1:51
15. Damaged Cybernetics 5:14

Buy Discontent Producers!
Out Of Tune excellent, non-blinking website with complete downloads = music, artwork, liner notes with CC license!!! Fuck yeah!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


12", 1986 (2010 reissue)
7", 1987
Pusmort sampler 7" + bonus flexi 7", 1987
Split 7" w/Mission Of Christ, 1990
Pusmort View compilation, 1992
Once upon a time, Pushead announced a 12" large release, featuring Fratricide and Neuroot, and then we waited, and dried. Before we all died, Schizophrenic records finally did half the job 25 years later through the Fratricide side! But what a killer release with some great, faithful artwork, loaded with ripping thrash. This 12" is as short as amazing for all Attitude Adjustment | Accüsed maniacs everywhere. The 7" are also primary examples of classic 80s hardcore, the kind you bring on the desert island, the (tagged!) M.o.C. split having the best production of the lot. At the same level of soundgasm, here are two Pusmort compilations featuring Fratricide and many of their legendary peers. 80s thrashfest heaven rezerRrrrR!RR!r !R R!r !RR! rR!r!R !Rrr rrRR !r! R!R!R !R! !RrRRRRr rRRR R!R!R! R!r Rr! !r! rRr !RR!!! !R!R!Rr RR!R! !!R! !R rR! R!R! !! ! !!R!R!R ! !! ! ! !RR!R !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Vinyl rip. Order the LP reissue!

A1 Blind Faith
A2 Rip Wide The Sky
A3 Blood Red Dream
B1 Going Under
B2 Grave
B3 Final Solution
B4 Beaten Senseless
Originally planned as a split LP with Neuroot (Netherlands) on Pusmort Records with ref. 'Pusmort 0012-12' which reached test pressing stage but was never released.
Recorded in June 1986 @ Studio 525, New Westminster, B.C., Canada.
Released the same year as a demo tape.

A1 Scream Bloody Vengeance
B1 Poison Control
B2 Beaten Senseless
B3 Final Solution

Pusmort Sampler 7" EP:
1 Septic Death - Insanity
2 Fratricide - Going Under
3 Corruption Of Peace - Bleeding Children
4 Final Conflict - Constant Fear
5 Negative Gain - No Life At All
6 Ghoul - Jerusalem
Bonus Flexi 7":
7 - Outo - Free Man
8 - Ghoul Squad - Necro Doll
9 - S.O.B - Slap In The Face

One more time, the incredible Pusmort View compilation CD:
1. Copass Grinderz - Monster Zoo
2. Rocket From The Crypt - Cut it Loose
3. Rocket From The Crypt - Glazed
4. Siege - Sad But True
5. Siege - Cold War
6. Siege - Walls
7. Final Conflict - Crucifixtion
8. Final Conflict - Constant Fear
9. Final Conflict - Central America
10. Final Conflict - Apocalypse Now
11. Corruption of Peace - Bleed Children
12. Attitude Adjustment - Grey World
13. Attitude Adjustment - Working Class Pride
14. Attitude Adjustment - Dead Serious
15. Attitude Adjustment - War Fear
16. Attitude Adjustment - Attitude Adjustment
17. Christ on Parade - Lanlord Song
18. Christ on Parade - America the Myth
19. Christ on Parade - Drop Out
20. Exit Condition - Bie Down Hard
21. Exit Condition - Fear of Tomorrow
22. Fratricide - Blind Faith
23. Fratricide - Final Solution

24. Ghoul Squad - Little Wolves
25. Ghoul Squad - Necro Doll
26. Negative Gain - Loss of Self
27. Negative Gain - Psychic Hours
28. Septic Death - Change
29. Septic Death - Kichigai
30. Septic Death - Child
31. Septic Death - Glue Step
32. Part 1 - Black Mass

Split7" w/Mission Of Christ:
A1 Mission Of Christ – Nocturnal Serenade 4:30
A2 Mission Of Christ – Crypts Of Darkness 2:15
B1 Fratricide – Razor Piss 2:28
B2 Fratricide – Our Circled Adventure 3:05

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vital Remains, Jean Paul 2 & Jimmy Swaggart

Jean-Paul 2 - Salut à toi, Québec, 1984
Jimmy Swaggart - The Very Best of Jimmy Swaggart, 25th anniversary, 1981
Vital Remains - Horrors Of Hell, 1989/1991
Vital Remains - Let Us Pray, 1992
Vital Remains - Into Cold Darkness, 1995
Vital Remains - Forever Underground, 1997
Vital Remains - Dawn Of The Apocalypse, 1999
Vital Remains - Dechristianize, 2003
Vital Remains - Icons Of Evil, 2007

Dimanche : le jour du seigneur

Et le 7e jour, Dieu Se gratta les Parties d'un air entendu. Afin de ne pas oublier cet événement libérateur des glaciations de l'ennui, Jean-Paul 2, Oscar du Pape d'Or 1978, nous confirme que l'accent polonais est hypra sexy. Un rythme soutenu, des riffs de plomb et plusieurs passages prog-épiques nous plongent dans l'extase malgré l'absence de rimes dans ses textes dont on regrettera également la profondeur légèrement moins travaillée que celle de Bo le Lavabo. Du côté anglophone, Jimmy Swaggart nous offre un picture-disc fantastique de ses meilleurs titres depuis 1956, Elvis n'a qu'à bien se tenir.
Afin de compléter cet hommage au Seigneur avec un peu de brioche, plongeons-nous dans les Évangiles de la Très Sainte Inquisition selon Vital Remains, orchestre de chambre bien connu de spécialistes du démembrement. Leur discographie ravira les plus exigeants en matière de recueillement sans anesthésie.

Les participants : (vous êtes ici)

Vital Remains hell yeah! Some of my favourite death metal rises and shines from the magnificent Into Cold Darkness (ending in a massive rendition of Dethroned Emperor!!). Amazing album, as well as Forever Underground and the very heavy Let Us Pray. Dawn of The Apocalypse is great too, maybe a little less inspired, but then things seriously start to crumble with the last two records which bore me to tears. Textbook array of accelerated and factory sealed riffs with the Deicide dude having a microphone cancer do not speak to me, but whatever, le us pray into cold darkness forever underground rezer!

Horrors Of hell contains:
Black Mass 7" (1991)
1 Of Pure Unholyness
2 Frozen Terror
Excruciating Pain (1990)
3 Human Sacrifice
4 Resurrected
5 Fallen Angels
6 Excruciating Pain
7 Nocturnal Blasphemy
Reduced To Ashes (Demo 1989)
8 Vital Remains
9 Smoldering Burial
10 Morbid Death
11 Reduced To Ashes
12 More Brains
13 Slaughter Shack

CD rip and vinyl rip of :

Vital Remains - Dawn Of the Apocalypse:
Intro 0:48
Black Magick Curse 8:46
Dawn Of The Apocalypse 8:47
Sanctity In Blasphemous Ruin 8:39
Came No Ray Of Light 0:53
Flag Of Victory 9:10
Behold The Throne Of Chaos 8:46
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 3:43
Societe Des Luciferiens 9:05
Jean-Paul deuze:

Jimmy Swaggart:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Tribute

CD 1, 2011 & CD 2, 2011 too

No I never tire of this video

The nuclear tribute to JaKa is at last out and available for mass consumption!!! FUCK YEAH!!! This tribute is a freaky show of grandeur, every track is a multidimensional ohmage to her majesty JaKa. Styles range from faithful grindpunk attack to electro perversion to church organ conversion and anything in between, AMAZING!!! Congratulation to all particpants of this masterpiece. Kreator and masters of the universe Eisenvater were supposed to be there too, but alas they forfeited, bastards.
As a member of Montreal's schönest viscosity in doomsludgepunkthrash CortisoL, I am delighted to remind our slow audience that our take of Jaka's Lebendgewicht is featured on this monster (track 15 on CD 1, track 2 on side B on the LP). Another version of the same song will be featured on our almost-released new album Miss Trauen. Zer, zer, zer and rezer!

The double digipak CD has 75 tracks, the double LP has 45, but it is natürlich a nicer object.
More JaKa

Samedi : c'est les emplettes, ramène ce qu'il y a de mieux

Aujourd'hui, je ne suis pas allé acheter des disques en ville. VDM. Mais mon ami le facteur a tout de même comblé avec précision et volume l'insatiable voracité de disques neufs en m'apportant une grosse boîte teutonique pleine de tribute à Japanische Kamphörspiele. Le disque est sorti cette semaine, c'est une vraie nouveauté toute neuve que nous attendions en trépignant depuis trois mois, je vois plein d'étoiles par les tympans. JaKa est un des héros morts au combat de la scène allemande (1998 - 2011). Voici le double album hommage dont ils sont l'objet, rempli de 75 groupes du même tonneau (dont mon propre groupe de pop-reggae alternative CortisoL), une pure joie pour accompagner papa dans maman.
Les participants : (vous êtes ici)

No tags on the CD and I'm way too lazy to type it all, so here you go and have a nice week-end:

Last show! Get that DVD too!


Suck On This (live 1989), 1990
Frizzle Fry, 1990
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, 1991
Miscellaneous Debris, 1992
Pork Soda, 1993
Tales From The Punchbowl, 1995
Brown Album, 1997
Rhinoplasty, 1998
Videoplasty, 1998
Anti-Pop, 1999
Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People, 2003
The Green Naugahyde, 2011
The live bootlegs:
Master Of Puppies, 1990
Gone Fishing (disc 1), 1992
Gone Fishing (disc 2), 1992
Does Primus Really Fry ?, 1990
You Can't Party Without Me, 1993
Here Come The Bastards, 1992
Madhöuse, 1993
Back In The Madhöuse (part 1), 1993
Back In The Madhöuse (part 2), 1993
TOO MANY PUPPIES!!! LAST SALMON MAN!!! The Green Naugahyde is as green a come back as you could have wished in this universe. Who would have guessed that from the thigh of Possessed and Blind Illusion would explode the omnipotent soundgasm of the 20th century. I almost ODed on Primus. And now I will shut up and listen to Frizzle Fry and Animals again. Don't forget Animals, it's totally total too (and buy it, it comes with an amazing DVD overloaded with all the clips and some live shows, rezer). Bootlegs: get Madhöuse!!!
CD rip. Rhinosplasty and Miscellaneous Debris are cover EPs (The Residents, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, The Meters, XTC, Police, Stanley Clarke, Metallica, Jerry Reed).

Consume some Primus now!

GCDBMDD #5 : Thème du jour : Thanks God it's Friday ! Funk et soul à tous les étages
Encore pris au piège par le thème du jour du GCDBMDD vu le taux très très bas de funk/soul dans ma maigre discothèque. Ça se limiterait au produit phare de la fin des années 80 : la vague de "funk rap metal" (veuillez noter les guillemets) inspirée de Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suicidal Tendencies et Slayer (j'aime peu écrire le mot "Metallica"). Et mis à part quelques pointures énormes comme 24/7 Spyz, Freaky Fukin Weirdoz, Maelstrom ou Scat Opera, on ne peut pas dire que j'en ai beaucoup mangé, le style de leurs majestés Victims Family ou NoMeansNo étant davantage ma tasse de thé et mon assiette de choucroute. Alors voici Primus, l'un des plus larges dilatateurs de tympans des deux dernières décennies et quart, monument des forêts intérieures et des fumées extérieures, totem de l'amour des vertèbres, chancelier du métabolisme auriculaire. C'est pas aussi funk que James Brown, mais plus que Portal.
Les participants : (vous êtes ici)


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