Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CortisoL - fleischkraft

CortisoL - fleischkraft, Canada 2008
Zer. Record seeking label for release. Please comment. Zer.

the Blood

false gestures for a devious public, UK 1983
smell yourself, UK 1995
"false gestures" is maybe the very first punk/metal crossover record ever released, with nasty bits of Motörhead and Fear (featuring Evo from Warfare/Chaotic Dischord on drums, and some saxophone). It is also an exceptionally exciting headbanger zer!! Awesome melodic hooks aptly stick to the head for the whole day while the greasy riffs never leave you quiet or still. Total masterpiece!!!! No wonder why it topped the UK charts for weeks - forget the plastic-MTV-kindergarten-unzer-unpunk of Green Day, Lag Wagon or Blink 182 and all this lame diabetic shit and get ready for TRUE ASS KICKING ROCKING PUNK ROCK!!!! Rocking punk rock, I'm pretty proud of this one. ZERRR!!!
"smell yourself" isn't as great, but still cool natürlich.
CD rip.
the Blood on MySpace
the Blood on Wikipedia

Skink - 7"

Skink - 7", UK 1992
More industrial-machine-metal, this time strongly influenced by Prong. This is totally heavy and headbanging, get this bass sound into your skull!! ZERRR!!! I'll scan the cover artwork later.
Vinyl rip.

Candiru - disadvantage of surprise 7"

Candiru - disadvantage of surprise 7", USA 1991
Contrary to all previous posts on this blog, this is machine music - or industrial metal like Pitchshifter, Godflesh or Meathook Seed. Solid. morbid and dirty, this rocks while they do not try to sell us the computer for a human drummer. Excellent induszer!!
Vinyl rip.
Candiru on Spirit of Metal

Melvins - your choice live series

your choice live series 12, USA 1991
I thought it was hard to find but it seems a billion copies are floating around. Get one because this is the best live Melvins I heard from the era of the first 3 albums. This is doom. ZERRRRAAARRRGHHHHH!!!
CD rip.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sacrilege BC

party with god + too cool to pray, USA 1986/1988
live, USA 1985
Along with the Accüsed did Sacrilege BC fill my endless craving for fast and abrasive thrash metal. Some Slayer, some DRI, some Exodus, all cooked up to break your neck, this is beyond great, this is ESSENTIAL THRASH ZERRR!!
albums: vinyl rip.
live: tape rip
Sacrilege BC on Encylopaedia Metallum (with titles)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raped Teenagers

kalaspuffar + your choice live series, Sweden 1987/1989
High speed Swedish hardcore with unique melodies and the above excellent Rhythm Pigs / Victims Family touch, humour and skills. Absolutely ZERRRR!!!!
Vinyl rip. Any CD reissues available ?
Raped Teenagers on MySpace

Powertrip - when we cut, we bleed

Powertrip - when we cut, we bleed, USA 1984
Legendary band with Jeff Dahl from the Angry Samoans (up to 1982). The LP backprint says "LA hardcore speed metal 1984", so I bought it hoping to find the new Slayer or something, yet this is more like punk rock with a heavy metal edge - and awesome at it!! Echoes of Scream and Motörhead make this totally ZERRR!!!
CD rip with bonus tracks on top of the original LP.
Powertrip on MySpace


end of time, USA 1987
go hollywood, USA 1990
A prayer to Zer is answered, and ZER!
The Dehumanizers defy any feeble attempt at description: punk, metal, rock, tv commercials, prog, false ballads, zer. Genuine rampant genius and non-stop rocking fun at its zerrest! It is highly recommended to do drugs while listening.
I'm about to win a copy of "Here's To You" on ebay, will be posted soon. My copy of "go hollywood" has no artwork, just a red vinyl in a white sleeve, and I could not find any on the web, so I guess there was no artwork after all.
Vinyl rip.
Dehumanizers on MySpace

Saturday, September 27, 2008


message understood, Germany 1990
japanese mondo bread, germany 1992
deepshit, arkansas, Germany 1993
Another monster from the German scene. The 1st album sounds something like No Pigs mixed with an angrier Verbal Assault. Then things become drastically dirtier and nauseous as we try not to drown in their über heavy load of tar and lead: the next two albums are something like a metalized mix of the heaviest early Melvins, Urge and Rollins. Arghhhh sludge doom ZERRRRRRRRRR!
CD rip.
Sell me your copy of their Your Choice Live Series Vol.11 LP.


x 7", UK 1993
pull the flood, UK 1994
revirgin, UK 1996
The question is still why did not Korpse get bigger than anything else. This is better than Autopsy and Entombed combined. Stellar execution of ultra groovy 70s influenced death metal of hypra ZERRRR quality! ZERRRRRR!!!
x: vinyl rip, albums : CD rip.
I need to buy "Mirror Distance ". Where ?

Friday, September 26, 2008


Fellow Zerists, please take a moment to mourn my friend Stéphane's Warfare "Two Tribe"'s demise. Such a tragic accident deserves our deepest condolences and a minute of ultimate noise.


Now eat something and go listen to his DCHC inspired band: Crippled Old Farts! ZERRRRR!!!
And also soon on the new Porno Coma album, which is in the latest production phase.

Hirax - live 1984

Hirax - live 1984, USA 1984 (indeed)
Here is a pretty good (sound-wise - their execution is just GREAT!!!) live set with the early classics. THRASHHHH ZERRR!!!
Hirax website - with great distro, just got some English Dogs and Plasmatics awesome shirts! Thanks Katon!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cerebral Fix - life sucks and then you die

Cerebral Fix - life sucks and then you die, UK 1988
After punk and heavy metal, the UK invented grindcore (zer, John Peel himself coined the term). Zer. After Heresy, Napalm Death and Electro Hippies, Cerebral Fix took their turn to ruin our eardrums with this non-stop raging thrashcore assault. Grinding Zer!!
The following albums are cool Celtic Frost tributes, I can upload upon request but I feel it is not necessary due to the Metal Mind box set re-release, and the galaxy of blogs that offer them. Also, I am rather lazy.
Vinyl rip.

No Security - when the gist is sucked from the fruit of welfare

No Security - When the gist is sucked from the fruit of welfare
Almost complete discography CD of the heroes of the 2nd wave of Swedish discharge-core bands. No Security are the missing link between the initial aggression of Mob 47 and the new generation of Skitsystem, Wolfpack, Disfear etc. Which means the true dbeat fan is not allowed not to possess this collection of murderous hardcore attacks. Über ZERRRRR!!!
No Security on MySpace

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the Accüsed

the return of martha splatterhead, USA 1986
more fun than an open casket funeral, USA 1987
hymns for the deranged, USA 1987
martha splatterhead maddest stories ever told, USA 1989
straight razor, USA 1990
grinning like an undertaker, USA 1990
splatter rock, USA 1992
oh martha!, USA 2005
I am trying to remain calm. As the hottest thing since gravity, The Accüsed's discography is like a series of invincible "Bonded by blood" class albums with the Discharge touch. On your knees.


And they're still at it since 1980, now touring with the Dayglo Abortions.

Lyon 1992!! ZERRRR!!
"Hymns" : vinyl rip, everything else : CD rip.
"The return" and "More fun" are ripped from the Combat CD reissues, same content as Subcore and Combat LP.
"The return" was Earache's first release, under license. "Hymns" contains live and studio tracks, including covers of Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

EDIT: more stuff from this awesome blog:

The Accused - Archive Tapes 81-86

Buy their stuff before it's all gone, "Oh Martha!" looks still available, hurry :

The Return of Martha Splatterhead credits (for RG!):

Permanent Damage - end of innocence

Permanent Damage - end of innocence, Australia 1987
This is a forgotten bomb that should explode in the face of all avid disciples of Crumbsuckers "life of dreams", Poison Idea "war all the time" and Agnostic Front "cause for alarm". Another cult release from Reactor Records full of jolly juicy rocking hot hardcore and speed metal with nasty riffing and double-bass locomotives. Shout ZER and bang your head!!! ZER!!!
Vinyl rip. Anyone heard of a discography CD or something ?
Get the zer-excellent 7" from this other amazing blog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Impulse Manslaughter

he who laughs last... laughs alone LP + logical end LP + burn one naked, and nuke it 7", USA 1986/1988
live at WFMU (17 live tracks + sometimes 7" + no war 7" + comp tracks etc.), USA 1988/1993
Who's got the rage of Discharge, the darkness of Siege and the viciousness of Raw Power ? Impulse Manslaughter. This is some really sick thrashcore!! The IM albums were among the very first Nuclear Blast licensed releases, IM also appeared on the Senseless Death compilation (NB's very 1st release, way before they decided it would be fun to become the ultimate cock-sucking-metal supermarket and produce infinite towers of acne music, well yeah except for Death Angel and Exodus, zer). Anyway, submit to the impulse MANSLAUZER!!!
With covers of Discharge, Motörhead and the Rolling Stones.
CD rip.
Impulse Manslaughter on MySpace

The Icemen - rest in peace e.p.

The Icemen - rest in peace e.p., USA 1991
This is NYHC, but not the bad taste, teenager, moralizing, justice-league anal hardcore of Youth of Today, Bold and all the acne-ridden straight-edge crap. Here we go with an excellent Cro-Mags rendering of metal and hardcore (with Mackie from Cro-Mags/Bad Brains on drums, zer!). Too short (4 songs) but most excellent crossover! ZER!
CD rip
More info and dl from this amazing blog
The Icemen on Wikipedia

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Celtic Frost

demos 84/85 CD
live 1985
live 1986
live 1987
live 1989 in London
Here is a collection of bootlegs from the grand masters of death and darkness. Sound quality ranges from very poor to very good. The 84/85 CD contains rehearsals and live tracks with Hellhammer songs. The rest are ripped form bootleg LPs and the Live in London VHS. Zer at the memory of Celtic Frost who just announced they pull the plug for good. RIP! ZER!
Info on the demos CD from a very cool blog with a Bulldozer album (oh yeah and Insect Warfare)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Psycho Sin - forward to the caves

Psycho Sin - forward to the caves, USA 1988
TOTAL FUCKING NOIZZZZZZZZZZ!!! The title is absolutely right: the record contains what a band of creative neanderthals would come out after eating their enemies. Featuring Olivier form Rapt and I think some people from Stark Raving Mad, however it is not musically very exciting... Rawer and more primitive than that might prove impossible.
Vinyl rip.
Buy the CD from Hardcore Holocaust

Negative Gain - back from the dead

Negative Gain - back from the dead, Canada 1986
Typical and super excellent 80s speedcore of the Septic Death and Siege variety with a touch of MDC and Direct Action. Fans of Cryptic Slaughter and Impulse Manslaughter agree on Negative Gain too. Thrash ZERRR!!!
Vinyl rip.
Negative Gain on KFTH

Straw Dogs

we are not amused, USA 1986
your own worst nightmare, USA 1990
The FU's changed their names, became Straw Dogs and released these amazing albums of master punk rock with a metal edge. The power of the melodies and the overall energy are just perfect ! Rock til ZER!!!
CD rip
Straw Dogs on MySpace
YouTube clip


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