Friday, June 24, 2011

Damnation AD

No More Dreams Of Happy Endings, 1995
Misericordia (+ full radio live set), 1996
Kingdom Of Lost Souls, 1998
In This Life Or The Next, 2007
Damnation AD or the ultimate groove machine! Excellent to amazing metallic hardcore that I ran into because initially on Jade Tree (home of the superior Swiz and Fury), this stuff rocks your depressive tendencies, especially my favorite Misericordia for its awesome opening track Addiction: 90s "post-HC" of the Mind Over Matter | Die 116 sort with wagons of Neurosis tar and crushing metal riffing not unlike early Life Of Agony.
In This Life is a pretty solid comeback, featuring good new songs, but the best parts is the rerecording of old tracks (Addiction!!!). And I can't listen - extract from couch, walk to cd player, press skip - to the abominable track 7 If you could remember, ach nein. Other than that, addicted to the Addiction of ZERRRRR!RR!R!R! !R! R!R!R R!R! R! !! ! !R!R !R!R R R rRRrR !R R! !R rRR R! !R !R! R!R rrR R! !R! RrrR !R !R! R! RR! R! !RrRr R! ! !R! !RR !RR ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Nuclear Assault

Update! Demos and missing EPs uploaded! Zer!
Merci Dom pour les Eps !

The Early Demos LP, 1984/1985
Live, Suffer, Die (demo), 1985
Brain Death 12", 1986
Game Over + The Plague 12", 1986/1987
Fight To Be Free EP, 1988
Good Times, Bad Times EP, 1988
Survive, 1988
Handle with Care, 1989
Out of Order, 1991
Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1992
Something Wicked, 1993
Alive Again, 2003
Third World Genocide, 2005
Back to the meaning of life: 80s thrash metal. Featuring the iron man/human smoke machine with the most cult albums under his belt Dan Lilker (from Anthrax in 1983, S.O.D. and the beast Brutal Truth, not forgetting his classic stunt in Holy Moses, among many things on top of other things), Nuclear Assault deploy first grade classic thrashing metal with a very distinctive sound. Fast, loud and incisive, and also full of memorable hooks and amazing melodies. I worship the entire discography and my favorite is Game Over for vivid nostalgia reasons. This is one album that Reign In Blood did not eclipse. MELTING CORE LEGEND OF THE RADIATION SICKNESS OF ZERRR!RRRRR!RR! !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RrrRrrRRrR!R! !RR!R!R! !RR! !RrrR R!RR! !R !R R!rrRRRRRRRRrRRR !R !R! !RRrrRR R! !R R!R! rr R!R!RR! !R! R! RrrR R! !R! R rR R!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrRRRRR !R! r! R!R R!R! !R !R! ! ! R!R !!! ! ! !RR!R !! ! ! !
CD rip and vinyl rip of Brain Death (with tags).

The Early Demos LP:
Demo 1984:
1. Stranded in Hell 03:53
2. Nightmares 04:31
3. Cold Steel 03:14
4. The Plague 04:08
5. Cross of Iron 03:43
6. Vengeance 03:03
7. Hang the Pope 00:50
Live, Suffer, Die:
9. Live, Suffer, Die 01:07
9. Betrayal 03:07
10. Hang The Pope 00:38
11. Radiation Sickness 02:40
12. Demolition 04:00
Rehearsal 1985:
13. Butt-Fuck

Allow me to repost one incredible side project of John Connelly (NA's guit & voice). This Theory album is full of fantastic hard rock, it's an amazing 24/7 Nuclear Purple gem. The last song Long Haired Asshole also appears on Third World Genocide.

John Connelly Theory - Back To Basics, 1990
Awesome CD rip.

Nuclear Assault website
Nuclear Assault on MySpace

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Fuck Fest, 1989
King Of The Jews, 1991
Let Me Be A Woman, 1995
Serenade In Red, 1997
An Evil Heat, 2002
Love That's Last, 2006 (compilation CD only - live DVD not ripped!)
The Narcotic Story, 2007


Among the brightest stars of the Eternal Zer Top Ten, Oxbow share the largest torch with a select few of the Eisenvater caliber. Of course Oxbow sound nothing like Eisenvater, the armored divinity of exoskeleton alpha metal, although there is a tangible spiritual connection between both worlds. Oxbow be crazincredible twisted heavy torture rock as in the Melvins on drugs wearing Shellac's underwear to have fun bulldozing Sonic Youth: I'm all wet already. It's hard to select a favorite in their discography, but An Evil Heat seems to be the most effective in the quest for brain-tattooing 4-dimensional soul-marshaling hyper songs. Some of these riffs never leave, never, petit poney de chevalier blanc. Once you've been hit by Oxbow, you cannot turn back and pretend they don't exist forever. Exist to resist and resisting success! Bow to Oxbow!!! Stronger than Satan! More haunting than Jesus! The power of TRUE LOVE!!! THE SOUND OF ETERNAL LIFE!!! OXBOW FOREVER ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R! !R!R! R!R!RR!rRrRr rRRrrR!R!R !R !R !R! RrrrRR !R !!R! R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RrRR !R !R! !R! R! !R !R! !R !R!R RRRRRRR r r R!R!R!R R R !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!RrrrrRRR!R !R!! RR!R!RRRR!R!R!R!RR!R!R R!R!R! rr R rR !RR!R!RR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R! !R !R r R rRRRrR !R!RR! !! ! ! ! !
CD rip.

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En guise de complément supplémentaire, voici le Roger numéro 3 de Juin 1989.
Pour le consommer, clitorise l'image ci-dessous et utilise l'électricité du PDF approprié :

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reload & novelty : Beowülf, D.O.N.D.O.N., Autopsy, Beyond Description, Thrashgrinder

CD rips to compete with previous vinyl rips and mega armaggeddon zer new releases!

Beowülf - The re-releases (Bw7 + Lost My Head + 1 track), 1986/1988 (2007 re-release)
At last! Eat the first two magnificent albums by the masters of metallic punk thrash Beowülf on one cd, plus another song. On the minus side, this is a vinyl rip too, and not from very clean records... But you get a bonus song and these 2 AWESOME albums are still the reference in Dr Know | Suicidal Tendencies crossover genius!
All Beowülf

D.O.N.D.O.N. - Last Warning, 1991 (2008 reissue)
Reload of this japcore über classic!!!! Totally thrashing liquefactorizer faster than GISM and Crow, one of the very best releases from this scene!!!
Buy this MONSTER!!!! À poil!!!!

Autopsy - Macabre Eternal, 2011
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition and I didn't expect (well, sort of) such a monster from Autopsy in 2011!!! Outstanding 1988-sounding death metal better than sex and chocolate!!! And than the latest Abscess. Now let me commit to blasphemy: this is my favorite Autopsy album! Heretic, burn! Insane!!!
Buy Macabre Eternal!!! À poil!!!
All Autopsy

Beyond Description - Proof Of the Truth, 2010
Ach!!! The new masterpiece by Japan's masters of crossover thrash! It's old-school as fuck (Attitude!) but way too short!!
Buy this AMAZING CD from Crime Against Humanity, one of the very best labels around!
All Beyond Description

Thrashgrinder - Seeds of Revolution, 2010
With such a moniker, here is an album you cannot not listen to at least once to check if they do what they say. And they do! Totally unoriginal and totally raging 80s crossover thrash by young dudes from Finland, this is an amazing record for S.S.S. | Blunt Force Trauma | S.O.D. fans!
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Thrashgrinder on MySpace

For colleagues Java programmers:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Adolescents + Welcome To Reality 7" + All By Myself, 1981 (1990 reissue)
Brats In Battalions, 1987
Balboa Fun Zone, 1988
The bottomless pit of classic US punk rock delivers here another jewel of the crown. Totally rocking punk rock from the D.I./T.S.O.L. family, this sounds less like diabetes for teens than Bad Religion and much more rocking than Sex Pistols and it makes you sneeze! Fuck yeah! Brats! Brats! Brats! Brats in battalions!
CD rip.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Gloom + Grim Reality, 1989/1987
Sinister Slaughter, 1993
Behind The Wall Of Sleep mcd, 1994
Dahmer, 2000
Murder Metal, 2003
Human Monsters mcd, 2010
Grim Scary Tales, 2011
Bow down to the kings of murder metal!!! The usual factoïd about Macabre is their steady longevity: the same trio of freaks has been doing their thrashing metal madness since 1984, this is a great marriage. I can't think of another band with no line-up change in 27 years, can you? Beyond that, they simply released a unique catalog of crazy records, of which my favorite is still the flabbergasting Grim Reality - still as fucking awesome as day one!! Fierce wild super fast screaming metal mayhem even by Reign In Blood and Darkness Descends standards! AWESOME!!! Nobody sounds like Macabre, and not many can match the intensity and tightness of a Macabre live performance. A former band of mine opened for them in 2000 on a few shows and I'm still scarred and humiliated. Don't miss them tomorrow in Montreal for a full gig of BLASTING MURDER METAL ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRrRrRR!R!R!R! R!R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R!R!R !R !R! RRrrrRRRRRRRR !R !R!R!RRRRrRRRRRRRRRRRRrrRRRRRrrrr !RR!R ! !R !R !R !R! !RRRRRRRrRRrRrRRRRRRRrRrRrrrrrRRRRR !R !R! R! !R!RR!RR !R !R! rRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRRRRRRRRR r !R!RrrRRr r rR r R!R R!R R R rRR !R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip from original releases (not remastered reissues). Don't miss the live in Holland DVD, killer zer!!!

Come bleed tomorrow with Macabre live at Foufounes Électriques!

Macabre website
Macabre on MySpace
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